2. Tidbits by Kalma Shinn

Kalma Shinn has been a member of Roissy Val d'Oise since it's first days in Second Life, back in 2012.  

In Tidbits you will find something for every flavor of D/s and BDSM.  Simple wall hangings and rugs to well scripted BDSM chairs and thrones.   

Everything you need to enhance your RP experience -  Living rooms,  Garden Sets - Benches for every place - Decals - Lamps - Tapestries,  Mirrors,  Rugs , Tables, Bars, Bookcases, Sofas,  Cabinets, Fireplaces, Ponds, Loungers & sits,  houses,  Plants & flowers, Fountains, Gazebos, Armchairs...  and  more!  

Please visit Tidbits in our Town Center.



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