6. Lof


Owner: Lof Nordenskiold

*Lof's Mode  

Design of high quality
which convey elegance
along with a soft sensuality
- from ladylike to sexy
- classy but still a little naughty.
- stylish clothing that's cleverly nude

No Custom Works atm


* Customer Service   

-ALL DESIGNS are: copy only. If you need to buy as a gift please purchase from one of my vendors or on Marketplace.
Be sure to login and activate "adult level".

-ASSISTANCE NEEDED - IM me, I'll be glad to help you.

-MISSING DELIVERY - Please IM me - inform about transaction number and transaction details for a redelivery.



Here you get clothes for
EVE Mesh-Avatar

Avatar fitted mesh EVE


In Second Life please visit Lof  in our Town Center.

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