Juelle Robbiani 2017

Juelle Robbiani 2017

April 11, 2018

Ju is managing all four levels (including the roof) of the Roissy Art Gallery, but I catch her between Opening Exhibits for some insights into this beautiful, insightful Sister.


Blue:  When did you get started here at Roissy Val d'Oise and how did it happen?

Ju: uh - I was actually sort of forced to come here by a man i was collared to at the time. I was reluctant to join a community because outside of visiting rp sims I had not been part of a community in years, since one called Iaomai.

That wa back in September, 2016.


Blue: As Curator of the Art Gallery, you must get tons of questions and suggestions every day.  How do you select the artists and what if anything is the main objective you have?

Ju:  Some people contact me requesting to be artists in the gallery, some are artists I have known for a time or members of our community.  Mostly I randomly browse Flickr and choose artists that I find are inspiring or suitable.  The main objective is to bring a variety of art and artists to Roissy that will attract members and outsiders alike... just to increase activity in the gallery and appreciation for the creative talent that exists in SL.


Blue:   We have so many cool places here on the sim to hang out. What are your favorite buildings or locations -- and why?

Ju:  Hah!  I am usually found hiding in the gallery because I am comfortable there.  

I'm not keen on being in a lot of big groups socially and prefer a few intimate number of people instead.  

So I sometimes go to the Chateau to inspire others in rp, but more often i'm hiding on a bench in a corner near the gardens, in the middle of a tree, or here in the gallery.  I would rather people hunt me out than feel I am interrupting their time.


Blue: Without probing into your privacy, tell us what you can about your hobbies, work, activities, or passions.

Ju:  Oh jeeze.  

My current hobby in SL is photography.  I started last year after a 5  year break from anything in sl that could be considered work.   I guess my next big hobby here would be shopping, if you can call that one.

I once had a very popular gorean clothing store and made the first authentic clothing for women slaves.  I made animations and did photography back then too and had my own sim.  It paid for my first degree, but SL became work.  It should be fun, not work.

I'm a painter in rl when i have time.  I enjoy yoga, meditation and I have a very intense travel bug.  I am a psychotherapist and social worker dealing mainly  with trauma, forensics and addiction.  I enjoy giving workshops on issues related to that in rl.   I am the mother of a beautiful 4 year old, and I am an advocate and passionate about my work.  

I'm also pretty passionate about my kinks.  :)


Blue:  Yes! Good answer, especially about your .. kinks.  Okay, moving on... as a sister, what is the number one issue that you try to help new members resolve? Is it accepting polyamory? Is it a dress code worry? Is it something else?

Ju presses lips together.

Ju:  I have found I try to make people feel comfortable but with the mentees I have had the number one issue I have been trying to help them resolve is dealing with the women that are not supportive here on the sim.  Often they struggle with the dynamics here and want to leave.

I always suggest going shopping, taking a breather, and re-centering on what they want to gain from being here, and how the situation they are dealing with can be refocused into some learning for them and growth as a submissive.  I ask, "How can this serve your journey into becoming a better submissive?"

There are  dynamics in every community with personalities, so it's trying to find the positive in that.  Making a decision that is permanent from a temporary emotion will not help with growth.

Blue: I noticed that "Valet Pierre" is one of the "roles" in our group. Should we -- in your opinion-- do anything else to be closer to the original "Story of O" book? Example-- the role of the Valet. Or going back to all males as Dominants, etc.

I think that it may benefit the dominants to have more dominant focused classes, I found them to be usefull at Iaomai for dominants that were newer, and that they became interesting discussions that the more experienced dominants would partake in.

I think we also need to re-evaluate our roles as submissives and how we work towards being pleasing and serving rather than changing and setting out how we see want things.  The more pleasing a submissive is, even if it is just respectful and not necessarily offering herself, the more keen a dominant is going to be to keep returning to discipline and guide.  

As a very general observation, dominant men like to be useful, submissive women like to be used.


Blue: Have you ever pushed (been pushed) to the point of Yellow or Red? Tell me about that.

Ju:    Oh hmm.  Hah.

So, I avoid teaching and discussions that centre around safewords, yet it always seems to come up.

My sl and rl cross, I do not pretend.  So... in full disclosure here, I don't use safe words.  I would like to some day have training on adjusting this.  But early in my submissive training in rl, i was banned in  use of  them.  My body would signify when I had enough, he recognized that and would usually not persist.

However, I'm also trained in communicating my needs - most often.  I am very clear about my limitations.  I am very clear that my hard limits exist because of pain and trauma and must not be crossed.  I am also very careful with regards to who i scene with outside of just basic fantasy rp.  I expect that someone I am with wouldn't just cross my limits.

I have had people push my softer limits, seeking a call on safe words, and I have become uncomfortable to the point where they redirected because they could tell.  But I trusted them to know that and they did.

When someone I was with a long time crossed my hard limit, it was handled very poorly from the time they crossed it... likely until today even as it was never discussed fully, but it ended our relationship and my trust.  

That said - I fully support others in their use of safe words and in communication of these, it is the healthy way to go about doing things.


Blue: What are the 2 or 3 things you like best about being a Sister at Roissy Val d'Oise?

Wow you ask all these questions that could get me in trouble Blue! laughs softly, and Blue laughs too.

Hmm... I will be honest and admit that the first would be no longer having to check through a list of tasks.  It felt like work as opposed to serving.

Another would be the ability to mentor girls, I love to help and support.

And the third, hmm... the time and freedom I now have to help, explore, and just relax.


Blue:  Final Question-- in your experience, what can Roissy do better, to keep and inspire its best people??

Ju's nose crinkles, frowning.

Ju:  Small changes attract people.  They return to see what has been changed.

But I strongly believe that the best thing Roissy can do is to remind submissives how to serve to please, and not serve to find pleasure.

If it were not about self serving and how to direct dominants, and others in doing what we as subs want them to do, but instead about what the dominants needs are it would be improved.  I  do not mean breaking consensual service, but simply in service nonsexual included.  

In doing so more experienced dominants will want to stick around to help mentor the ones that want the experiences, and more submissives will work to be found pleasing, and experience more growth and pleasure themselves.  

Clear, concise communication and direction, combined with people that are passionate about being in the roles   and following these roles that they have chosen on the sim will inspire not only the best people here but more to come, and more to become the best.

Hows that?


Blue:  That's great!  Very perceptive comments.  Thank you so much, Ju.


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