Marcus BlueSky 2015

Marcus BlueSky 2015

June 1, 2015

A nice  fragrance from the Spring flowers greeted Maitre Marcus BlueSky, one of Roissy Val d'Oise's Dom Supervisors,  as he agreed to sit for Blue Ronsein's interview. They sat in a shady spot near the swimming pool.  Annie BlueSky, his beautiful sub, kneeled in the Chateau patiently waiting for him to complete the interview.

Blue Ronsein: You are so nice to give up your time for this. And it's so great to see you.

Marcus BlueSky: it is wonderful to see you blue

Blue: Let me get out my notebook. Ready?

Marcus:  fire when ready blue

Blue: When did you get started here at Roissy Val d'Oise and how did it happen?

Marcus: I started in March of 2014. A friend of mine who introduced me to bdsm told me about this place

Blue smiles and shoots another question. "Talk about what you like most here. Least? And also, what location you like best in the sim, and why.."

Marcus: For me what I like most are the social dynamics. Many people with different needs, desires, interests coming together in this bdsm blender. You never know what flavor you will get day in and day out. I am fascinated by human psychology. We are rational creatures but governed by passions and emotions.

In terms of what I like would have to be pettiness. Gossip, backstabbing, rumors. Those will never go away and I wouldn't expect them to. But I tend to gravitate toward those who prefer to avoid the drama, and avoid those who thrive on those shallow aspects.

Blue nods in definite agreement

Marcus: As far as location...I spend most of my time in the chateau library. I feel most comfortable there. People come there to scene, or to get to know each other. But there is less chit chat there and I love rp, even just watching is fun for me.

Blue: Okay, good. Another question is ...without probing into your privacy, tell us what you can about your hobbies, work, activities, or passions.

Marcus: I have lots of hobbies outside of sl. I try to limit my time here. I could easily spend many hours here each day but for me it is not healthy. I need the balance. I try to work out every day and spend a lot of time in the gym. I also run and do yoga. I meditate every day and have for many years and that keeps my sanity in this crazy world. I have two dogs that keep me busy running around. I like to travel and recently took a trip to Italy.

Blue: Wow, wonderful. It's good that you keep a perspective between RL and SL. Next question is... What's your opinion about the Valet role (from the film and book) .. the Dom who cares for and whips the girls in training ... are we missing that here? Should we do anything that we're not to be closer to the book's environment?

Marcus: My opinion is we don't need to be closer to the book. I would be open to other roles if others wanted to try them. But I think we have an excellent training program for both Doms and subs. I would like to see Dominants in charge of the House of Samois to have fewer conflicts, as long as the girls are being protected properly. I think this sim does a great job of educating its members, preaching safety, and policing behavior to keep our girls safe from harm. I feel it is an environment where people can explore their bdsm fantasies that is safe and healthy.

Blue: Only 3 more questions, Maitre, and you can walk those dogs.

Marcus laughs.

Blue: Ready? here's one -- You and Annie were both polyamorous at first... maybe you still are. How do you -- or DID you -- deal with polyamory and do you think it is an emotional problem on sims like ours?

Marcus: Great question blue. I think it is an ongoing dilemma that each person has to come to terms with. This is a poly sim. Members are expected to scene with others. The trouble is, when you have an intense scene with someone, or 2 or more, strong feelings can develop. Rightly or wrongly, people fall in love. Sometimes it is lust but seems like love. And everyone has to figure out how to deal with those feelings. There is no right answer. When annie and i first started talking about collaring, our desire was to continue to be polyamorous. But that has proven difficult as we are both extremely jealous individuals. And yes I think it can be viewed as a problem in sims set up like this but I wouldn't have it any other way. I will say that being poly forces you to put aside selfishness and view yourself as part of a larger family. It forces you to be more caring and accepting if you can open yourself to it.

Blue: That's a good "no answer" answer! Well said...okay next to last question. Have you ever pushed (been pushed) to the point of Yellow or Red? Tell me about that.

Marcus: you mean me personally or a girl I was with?

Blue: Either one.

Marcus nods, " I don't see how a Dom could be pushed to use a safeword as they are in control of the scene by definition. As a Dom there are scenes where you are required to push a girl to use a safeword. I can tell you those scenes were the most difficult scenes I have ever done. Even with extensive pre scene planning and negotiation, finding out the girl's limits and explaining what would happen and that we WOULD get to a point where the safeword would be used, the effect was severe. Aftercare was needed for a long time after the scene and the next few days for the girls to recover. I can't imagine the effects if a girl had to use them with no warning. Submissives do not like to use them as they feel like they failed in their submission...and that is a mistake. They are there for their own psychological safety. But I am grateful we have safewords as a safety net whenever needed."

Blue: Thanks for that answer.. I think people can learn from you there. Okay... last question!

Marcus smiles warmly

Blue:  I know this is a broad, difficult question, and it's come up lately, as you know, with all the undercurrents going on... What can Roissy do better, to keep and inspire its best people?

Marcus: Yes that is a difficult question, and there are no simple answers. We have to ask ourselves why people come here. My contention is that it is for rp. Events and dances are nice but we are a bdsm rp sim. So getting people to scene is paramount. I created a workshop on "How to Start a Scene" to help newer Dominants navigate the steps needed to get started. I know Rene and JC have been working hard to figure it out also. Each of us has to take a responsibility to create more rp scenes. I think that will go a long ways. Beyond that, I think it is important for people to reach out to each other. Doms helping other Doms. Sisters helping debs and dems. Building people up instead of tearing them down. Talking to people and getting to know them instead of gossiping about them behind their back when you don't even know them. There is an excellent book I recommend to everyone in business called "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. The basic idea is to be sincerely interested in others. Put them first. If our members do that we will succeed like no others.

Blue scribbles her notes, double checks stuff, notices how you keep your shoes so shiny, and scratches her ear. "Again, such a good answer, Maitre."

Marcus: scratches his beard and wonders if he rambled too long.

Blue leans up to take your picture, "smile?"

Marcus: "cheeeeeese"

Blue: "Click!" And no, you didn't ramble at all.  Well, I am gathering the notes now -- and i thank you VERY much for this time.

Marcus: my pleasure blue

Blue Ronsein

Roissy Journaliste

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