Bend Me To Your Will by Juliette


by Juliette


Find your desire in my mouth

moist and warm

ready to kiss and lick and suck

to fill with your ambrosia

at the slightest  signal of your hand beakoning me to my knees before you.


Let your fingers explore

the nether region of my body

surrendered into your care

for your enjoyment

to expose or probe the heated hollow of my soft and receiving womanhood.


Bend me to your will

Stretch me open

beyond all levels of endurance

all self-imposed limitations

so I may submit fully into the bountiless fulfillment of your pleasure.


Show me the greatness

of your ownership

mark me as you see fit

use and exploit me as you will

by stinging snap of pain, monogram rings, brands,  or use by other men.


I am yours

wrapped in the cocoon of your arms

nestled against your strong chest

the beating of your heart,

let me be your every breath...

as you are the nourishment of my own life as your O in  Roissy.




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