This poem was written and inspired by a workshop that Mistress Derry presented about self talk. I hope the wording will help you understand a little about the struggles I have as a submissive and a person. Thank you Mistress, for inspiring this.



by Dove

Darkened recesses of my mind,
Within which hidden fears you'll find.
Lying there patiently waiting to surface,
Knowing that soon they will know their purpose.

My mind is fogged from items known,
Yet still there is more that is yet unknown.
A dangerous creature is hidden within,
One full of rage and bound by sin.

Evil thoughts lie restlessly sleeping,
While my eyes are steadily weeping.
Crying from loss, rage, and fear,
Pushing them away, yet wanting them near.

Stormy nights are yet to come,
Storms thought gone will return like the sun.
The heart will lie bleeding, yet aching with need,
The soul will lie empty, yet full of greed.

Greed, loss, fear, need, and rage,
Twirl around me like dancers on a stage.
Which will be stronger, which will win,
Will it be love, or the sin within?

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