The Poetry of Amaya (Tanya) Rose

The Poetry of Amaya (Tanya) Rose

No Words


Look up seeing the dark eyes focused upon me
No Words
Body quivers waiting, heart thudding hard
I watch and there it is, the eyebrow goes up
I know now he saw what I did;

I hold my breath for a moment
That wait
The agony as my heart breaks
That look, 
No Words,
His arms fold in front of him,

I lower my gaze not able to look at him,
I let out my breath,
Feeling the trembling of my heartache 
No Words,
I disappointed him

His gaze doesn't leave my body
I keep praying please say something,
I feel his hand upon my chin, guiding it upward,
That eyebrow still up,
No Words,

I speak softly "Sorry Master"
His hands upon my shoulders
Lifting me up in front of him
He tilts his head toward the wall
No words,

I know now,
 walk over to the wall
I feel him behind me 
He leans in 
No Words,
The Punishment has begun.



The first words, "YES SIR"

Feel the tingling upon my skin
Feel my heart racing
Feel that breath that I hold
Feel the breath from his mouth

His body leans over slightly not touching me,
I feel his breath upon my cheek, as I hold mine, 
Looking up to his face with wonder and question,
My mind running away with thoughts, of what is to come my way?
Then he moves back smiling down at me,
My eyes still focused upon his, not turning away,
Feeling my heart still racing, 
Finally, letting out that breath in a slight soft gasp,
I speak softly to him, my words coming naturally,
They are the first of many words to come, 
The first of many things to be given to me,
The first words saying to this man, "YES SIR"
My new life begins with those words.




His Collar

by Tanya


I look up to his face
He smiles my heart leaps
He reaches down, his hand upon my cheek
That electric touch, the softness
He reaches down to my neck
His fingers gliding over my bare skin

Then he speaks, "What do you yearn for Princess?"
His hand grips my hair pulling my head back
Then he speaks, "What do you yearn for Princess?"
Swallow hard, "I beg you Master, I beg you please"
Then he speaks, "What do you beg for Princess, say it!"
The words come out slowly, "Please, I beg Master for your collar."

He smiles, my heart leaps
He reaches over and picks up a diamond necklace
Then he speaks, "Stand up" his voice deep and loving
Standing up, heart blasting in my chest
Then he speaks, "Turn around" his voice softer
I feel the coolness of the diamonds upon my skin

Then he speaks, "You are mine Princess"
I feel the click of the lock upon my skin
My heart jumps with joy as he turns me around.
I glide down to the floor at his shoes
Then he speaks, "You are mine Princess, forever."
I feel his kiss, I feel his hands upon my body 

I feel his love!




The Perfect Day
The red car arrives
He stands, arms folded, no embrace
"Do you want to proceed?"
"Yes Sir"
He orders, "Come with me!"
I obey with eyes open,
Yes, Without Question
In the tower
He orders, "Go upstairs and wait"
"Yes Sir"
Slowly ascend the stairs
Close my eyes, deep slow breaths;
I obey with yearning,
Yes, Without Question
Alone, anxious, waiting
Words roll over my mind "I made it"
My heart races, he said to wait
Mentor arrives, "Follow me please"
She escorts me to them, to the room; to him
I obey,
Yes, Without Question
She presents me to him
I glide down, his hand upon my chin
Listen to him, forget all else
Heart quivering with volcanic emotions
Questions ask of me
Answer for all to hear,  "I do with all my heart Maitre"
I obey with love,
Yes, Without Question
He orders me "Stand girl"
My cloths removed,
First time, nakedness revealed
The click of the collar
 I hear him, feel him
He orders me, "Come girl"
"Yes Maitre"
I obey with heart,
Yes, Without Question
Heavy cuffs placed
The quirt upon his hand "THUD"
Shivers radiate over my skin
Virgin skin opened, voice screams out
Last strike, pain turns to numbness
Screams turn to whimpers, eyes full of tears
His strong arm wraps around my waist
Glides me down
I say "Thank you Maitre"
He orders, "Stand girl"
I obey with trust,
Yes, Without Question
The leash is handed off, swallowing hard
Dom speaks, "Sit girl"
Back screaming, ass screaming moving slowly
He turns me, ass in the air, the room watching
Cock presses between my cheeks, pain hits
Concentrate, feel it, live it, know it
He explodes and he stands,
I say "Thank you Sir"
He orders, "Stand girl"
I obey with my soul,
Yes, Without Question
The leash passed again
The third test,  Dom speaks, "Sit girl"
Legs open, cock pressed between my lips
Breaking the wall,  pain shoots up my spine
Pain collides with pleasure
Screams to moans
I feel the lust over my body as body spasms
His cock erupts and he stands
I say, "Thank you Sir"
He orders, "Stand girl"
I obey with my lust,
Yes, Without Question
The leash passed again
Their cum dripping from my body, expose to all
He presents me to Maitre
I am presented to the community
Pleasure and Pain, yes pleasure and pain
Protector's hand upon my arm guiding me
I am treated like a Princess
with kindness
with love
with respect
I am Demoiselle
I obey,
Yes, Without Question

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