Angelie Demoiselle Initiation

Angelie Demoiselle Initiation

March 13, 2015

Maitre Dusty Caldera looks out over the gathering of family and friends  "If you don't have a seat or cushion yet, we do ask that you find one before we begin in a few minutes. Once the initiation begins we need all local chat to end except for those participating in the initiation itself.

"We also ask that you do not IM the participants during their scene.  Remember there is no TPing in or out of the Chateau or TPing others. If you crash, please log back in outside the Chateau and enter through the front doors. If you are wearing HUDs that are not needed, we ask you remove them to help with lag. The only exception to this rule is the participants.

"This is a 'members only' occasion and everyone must be dressed appropriately and be wearing Roissy VDO tags to attend. Thanks everyone.  Please turn your audio stream on, the Story of O music has been started to add to the experience."

Maitre Dusty looks around the room and all of the wonderful sisters that we have joining us tonight "Sisters, to enhance this celebration and to remain more in line with the culture of our community, you may  unclothe your breasts.  If you are a Sister Courtesan, it is at your Master's wish."

Xanadu lifted her arms taking off her top and placed under the chair

Juliette pulls off the fur collar and lace bra, holding them behind me...

"We will wait just a few more minutes...Maire René  was stuck in traffic," announces Maitre Dusty.   "Welcome to everyone, and thank you for joining us for this wonderful event today, We are glad to have each of you here for this special occasion."

He looks around at all the wonderful family and friends that have joined us today  "I'm glad you could all make it to help us support this new demoiselle and her initiation." He turns to look at the Debutante's mentor, May "May, would you please have the girl brought here from the tower and present her to us, the Dominants of The Château."

May gets up ,rises brushing her dress folds, "Yes Master." Turning his hand and not look for the meeting of the new Dem.

Anjelie bites her lower lip.  She finds that this day, to which she has so looked forward, now fills her with more trepidation than anticipation.  She is nervous about whether she will be able to tolerate all that will happen to her.  What if she shouts out for mercy?  Will she be disqualified, and not allowed to continue on the path?  She doesn't know, and it makes her nervous.  She does not understand the rules fully, and the uncertainty is frightening her.

May advances followed the girl and pauses, then looks into the eyes.  "It's your day from now Anjelie, I'm so proud of you," she said, offering a kiss on the cheek, you have this much envied courage, Do not be afraid, I am with you.

"I present Anjelie, a girl who has expressed his desire to serve honorably and faithfully our Dominant Roissy."

Anjelie is trembling, and her heart is pounding, as she follows on the leash behind her beautiful mentor May.  She stops for a brief moment, takes a deep breath to center herself, and then manages to step into the room gracefully.  She looks up at the assembled community, but it is as if she were on a stage, with bright lights blinding her.  The faces look fuzzy, and she cannot make out who is here, and who is not.  Pushing away thoughts of who might see her, she sinks down onto her knees in front of Maitre Dusty, her lithe body easily settling into the submissive pose.

"Take off your clothes and sit down, face to the Master on this cushion," instructs May as Maitre Dusty turns to my right as the girl is brought into the room, "Thank you, May.  Such a beautiful girl you have brought before us." then smiles broadly as she kneels before me.

He casts my eyes down upon the girl, watching her closely as she kneels before me...."Anjelie, you were brought from Samois by your mentor today and by your own desire you wish to come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau."

Anjelie forces herself to breathe slowly and deeply, calming herself as best as she can  "Yes, Maitre Dusty, it is of my own free will that I am here"

Dusty Caldera nods As I hear your gentle response "Are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new exciting path?"

Anjelie nods "Yes, Maitre, I am willing and eager to take the next step on this journey, Maitre Dusty"

Dusty Caldera: "Do you vow to serve with passion and with fire all of the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise, within your limits and Master's restrictions, to follow the directions of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would require your service?"

Anjelie: Yes, Maitre, I do so vow

Dusty Caldera tightens my grip on the leash "You will now offer to yield yourself to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau In whatever capacity they desire of you."" Dusty Caldera look sternly in the girls eyes "You must  prove your worthiness to be able to serve the Dominants of this Chateau, Do you understand this or have any objections?   It's not too late to change your mind."

Dusty Caldera gives her her first command "Anjelie, rise and turn to face the room, then remove these clothes that cover what you must give to the Dominants then turn back to kneel before me."

Anjelie swallows hard, then nods "Maitre Dusty, I am ready to prove my worthiness, and I have no objectiions, Maitre" Anjelie stands slowly and turns around, her gaze downturned. Anjelie slowly removes garment after garment, teasingly revealing more and more of her soft, supple skin.

Dusty Caldera watches as each delicate piece of garment falls to the floor nearby, exposing this lovely lass to the gaze of all in the room... Dusty Caldera reaches back into into my pocket pulling out a thick heavy blindfold and secures it around her head, blocking the view of the events about to unfold.....whispering to the girl "Do not fear what is about to happen but rejoice in the fact that you are serving the dominant members of our community in your service."

Anjelie returns to the kneeling position in front of Maitre Dusty, and awaits his next command and gasps as her ability to see is removed

Dusty Caldera speaks in a rather direct and firm tone to her, "I will now test your ability to withstand some pain.  You will only feel the implement as it strikes your tender skin, allowing you to fully absorb the impact and the resulting pain is a courses through your body."

Anjelie moans, a tiny a fearful lilttle moan, and closes her eyes, trying not to think of what is to come next and nods and swallows, the replies in a tiny voice "Yes, I understand, Maitre Dusty"

Dusty Caldera speaks briefly to the family and friends gathered here  "The locking of the collar around her neck, is awe-inspiring for the new demoiselle; feeling the tug of her master's strong hand as he leads her can set-in trembling unlike ever before.

"To then face the grim reality of the Master who wields a whip, flogger or other disciplinary tool can make one excruciatingly nervous.  Both hearing and seeing the object hit the girl's delicate skin, see the skin redden, the welts raised, to hear her screams and watch the tears stream down her face causes all to hold their breath and can be quite the exhilarating experience."

Dusty Caldera grabs the girl's leash and tugs her with me as I settle back into my still warm chair, dragging her body over my knees and placing her flat, her backside to my right, by hand gripping her neck to the left as I prepare her for her discipline.

Anjelie listens to the words of Maitre Dusty, and indeed, she is already trembling, wondering if she will be able to stand properly when asked to

Dusty Caldera lays my hand on her backside, firmly stroking the length of her body feeling the smooth silky skin about to be violated with a rough discipline.

Dusty Caldera slides my hands slowly down her backside until it cups firmly her soft ass cheeks, squeezing hard to stimulate the sensations, patting firmly with my hand as I explore the fullness of her soft cheeks and areas in between.

Anjelie's eyes grow big under the blindfold as she suddenly is pulled over the lap of the Maitre.  Fleetingly, she thinks "well, I don't have to worry about standing up, at least not yet"

You decline patrickvendorC2040 from A group member named angels Kristan.

Anjelie feels his hand softly massage her bottom, and blushes as excitement rushes through her body

Dusty Caldera fondles the girls warm and gentle skin is my fingers, Rubbing warmly all over

Dusty Caldera slides my left hand up to at first caress her soft slender neck, then bearing down firmly, raises my right hand to bring it down swiftly across the fullness of her right cheek, the sharp **SMACK** reverberating through the room as my hand slams against her cheek, fingers fully extended and tight.

Anjelie's legs separate lightly, as if on their own, brain not involved, to give the Maitre better access, then she cries out "AAAAOW" when the sting of the hard smack takes her by surprise

Dusty Caldera brings my hand down several more times against that smooth cheek, feeling the jerk of her body with each slamming blow, the pain surely penetrating deep below the surface as I strike her ass repeatedly. Dusty Caldera pauses a moment to let her recover her composure, then slowly pulls out a leather bound paddle from behind the chair..... silently raising it into the air, then letting it fly down sharply to contact the already crimson area of her ass

Anjelie whimpers, struggling not to cry out again, but cannot keep from flinching with each hard, stinging blow to her tender skin

Dusty Caldera pauses a moment to allow the full stinging effect of the paddle to sink in, "Will you serve the dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise with all your being, girl?" and waits for her soft response

Anjelie wriggles involuntarily on his lap, trying to spread the pain. Anjelie's response comes out as a cry "YES MAITRE....aahhhh AaaahaaaI do!!"

Dusty Caldera grips the girl firmly in my arms raises my right arm back once more, letting loose with a firm swing of my arm, landing the fullness of the solid leather–covered paddle firmly back on the soft firm cheeks of her backside, drawing the paddle slowly across the smooth expanse of her cheeks, and preparing to deliver another blow. Dusty Caldera watches the red welts beginning to rise from her smooth tender skin, the redness spreading over the full length of her cheeks, crimson marks drawn on the body of the length of the paddle as it delivers its severest Impact.

Anjelie feels tears rise in her eyes, and is unable to contain herself when the paddle blows keep raining down on her already so painful and tender cheeks  "AAAAAOOOOOOOOH"

Dusty Caldera contacts her now deeply reddened ass with several more firm solid impacts with the Inflexible paddle, the snap of the soft leather covering the paddle slapping sharply against her soft skin.

Anjelie can no longer hold the tears back, and sobs as each stinging blow lands on her inflamed and tender bottom  "Aaahaaa  Ahhhaaaaa Ahhhaa"

Dusty Caldera waits a moment more after the Impact of her discipline sinks in, the sting penetrating deep under the skin as the redness appears suddenly on the surface, then rails back to strike once more, her body unable to anticipate contact because of her blindfold, Only the swishing sound as the paddle moves through the air reveals its intended impact.

Anjelie presses her lips together, trying to be quiet.  She tastes the salty tears that are running down her face, and tries to think of kittens, not to much avail

Dusty Caldera drops the paddle to the nearby floor and reaches up to wrap my arms around the girl as I hug her firmly in my arms, whispering softly to her  "You have done well......" Dusty Caldera looks deep into her eyes as I hold her briefly, watches her as she relaxes a bit, taking care not to put any pressure on her welts, slowly lowers her back to her knees in front of me, reassuring her that she took her discipline very well.

Anjelie collapses in his arms, all tension in her body suddenly gone, and thinks "Thank goodness that is over"

Dusty Caldera grins slyly  "OH... your initiation has just begun"

Anjelie slowly and unsteadily stands up, then sinks back onto the cushion, flinching when she hears his words

Dusty Caldera: FreeLander.....I hand her to you....Please prepare your self

freelanderII "Thanks, Dusty"..stands up and constracts the bamboo prism very quick

Dusty Caldera reaches down and gently caresses her soft cheek as the rest of her initiation is prepared...

Anjelie hears sounds she cannot identify, and wonders what is happening in the room

Dusty Caldera hands the leash over to Freelander

freelanderII: gets closer her...takes the leash andgrabs her arm and lifts her up...runs his finger through her cheek down to her neck... "I am choosen to open you for the Dominants in VDO" whispers...grabs her collar and drags her  under bamboo prism

Anjelie is disoriented as her leash is pulled on and she turns around, trying to go in the right direction

freelanderII: takes a long pieces of rope...wraps it around her body above her breasts..then takes the rope end and wraps it around her body below her breast at this time..makes knot to rope bundle...brings the end of the rope down to her waist and wraps it...takes the rope end between her legs and makes a knot to rope bundle around her waist...takes another pices of rope and wraps it around her chest once more...takes the rope end over her shoulder around her neck and makes knot to rope bundle over her breasts... makes sure she tied up tightly...

Anjelie swallows hard as she feels something....a rope?.,,,being wrapped around her and tightened well

freelanderII: grabs her hand and ties her hands up to ropes hanged from prism...takes another pieces of ropes and wraps around her upper arm and ties them up to prism, too..lifts her  feet one by one and wraps the ropes around her each ankles and ties her feet up to bamboo prism....takes one more piece and ties her up to prism from her waist as he pulling the rope softly and arching her spine...and wraps another pieces of rope around her chest and ties to the prism...makes sure all ropes are tight and her movement  restricted

Anjelie gasps loudly as she is suddenly lifted up ,  hanging uncomfortably in mid-air, suspended from her hands and feet

freelanderII: goes behind her ...Looks at her beautiful clit...runs his each hands along her each thighs down to her calves...moves his hands  back, following opposite way as he scratching gently her skin with his nails... brings his hand against her pussy and begins rubbing with his middle and index fingers in circular movement as he unzipping his pants...takes his hardened penis out and gives it several strokes ...lines his hardened cock up to her front hole...

Anjelie whimpers as the rope rubs on her very tender cheeks and shakes her head in confusion at first, expecting more goodness...oh ...oh...

freelanderII slowly slides his penis in her..meets resistance of her tight wetness...pushes a little harder with his body weight ...stretches her inner walls, has her feeling every inches of his cock slowly  as he grabs the ropes bundle around her waist, pulling her body onto his cock...his cock slowly disappears between her cheeks...raises his hand and lands it on her tempting cheek, leaves a hand shaped redness...holds her cheeks with his both hand, squeezes and spread them away as he increasing his pace gradually...

Anjelie moans softly as as his hands stimulate her most sensitive area, then is surprised again when he slides into her, full length, without further ado. Her head flies up as her tender bottom receives a firm and unanticipated slap

freelanderII his pleasure getting bigger in each thrust, ...pressure and friction around his cock makes him more aroused...takes his hand up, against her neck....rakes her back slowly down to her buttocks...feels his fingers jump the ropes ...grasps her cheek again as he taking her pussy deeply...

Anjelie feels his fullness inside her, and moans, this time of pleasure as he pushes into her in a steady rhythm. Anjelie arches as her back is scratched, as if trying to keep his nails from reaching her oh-so-sore bottom, which they do anyway, and she whimpers in pain and pleasure both. Anjelie tightens her muscles around his mandom with each thrust, as if wanting to keep him inside forever, never pulling back.

freelanderII watches her beautiful and helpless body dancing under him and she whimpering...slides his hand around her body and grabs her breast ,squeezes and plays with her hardened nipple, pinches it and rubs her breasts...his lust builds and mixes with pleasure...

Anjelie arches, and lifts her head back, her hair burrowing his face, and moans with that mix of pleasure and pain that only a submissive can understand "ooooh  ooooh...Oh..."

Anjelie wonders who it is that is taking her, she rocks to meet his trust, clenching around him hard now.  OOOOh....OOOOOh  OOOOOOh....*she rocks harder, as much as is possible in her position, held by the ropes*

freelanderII moves his cock in and out rythmically...pulls his hand  and takes her shoulder with his one hand and her waist with his other hand...pushes his cock hard and deep as he grits his teeth..

Anjelie is fully on fire now, all excitement, the pain forgotten, and cries out with lust "YESSS!  Oh... OOOOOH!"  *She hopes that she is not enjoying her self TOO much...that *this* won't disqualify her from her new role* clenches rhytmically around him, as she struggles to meet his thrusts with nothing to push against

freelanderII brings his hand down and takes some her dripped juice on his finger from her thigh...brings it up, over his mouth, sticks his tongue out and lick his finger as he likes the taste of juice...takes his hand back to her shoulder as he thrusting her pussy with moaning escapes from his lips

Anjelie feels his hand leave her shoulder and steels herself for another slap....which never comes.  She sighs with relief. Anjelie's thoughts are again focused only in one place....where HE is...where HE is pushing in...and pulling out...IN.,..and OUT...oh...

freelanderII releases her shoulder and grabs her hair, rolls her hair on his hand and pulls her head back...arches her spine more as he grinding her wetness..

Anjelie mumbles without thinking "oooooh...that feels SOOOO gooood oooooh ooooh oooooooooh" then immediately wishes she hadn't and hopes no one heard her. Anjelie lets out something between a whimper and a moan as her hair is pulled back, and she sinks even deeper into a feeling of total submission....having her hair pulled does that

freelanderII keeps impaling her clit...feels he is not far to his end as he pulling her hair harder and  lifts his head up, feels the pain in his stomach...enjoys to watch her helplees body shivering as he rubs her thighs and calves another slap on her cheek

Anjelie feels helpless as she cannot properly meet his pushes, flailing in the ropes...her vagina SCREAMS that she must meet him better, and she tries, she tries....and clench, she can, and does....hard....enveloping his shaft with dark, warm, wet caresses, whimpers as there is a sudden sting in her cheek again, yet this one only serves to highten her excitement

freelanderII stretches her tight pussy as he holds her cheeks tight....leans over her "you may cum girl , do it for me"

Anjelie only manages "Mmmmm" then her body arches and she stiffens, and cries out as the wave of pleasure floods her, starting where HE is pumping into her, and rising up through her belly, and her chest, and finally exploding in her head, shutting out everything, sounds, sensations, there is NOTHING but the pleasure fireworking in her head "OOOOOOOH!   OOOOOOOoooooh!  Ooooooooh" She sees stars for a moment, then slumps for a short moment before inhaling sharply and again clenching around him as she senses that he may now be close

freelanderII keeps pumping her cunt  for a while...he cannot hold back anymore...pulls her hair harder...releases his sperms in her with unvoluntarily moaning...empties himself and takes a deep breath ...slows down and stops...takes his penis out and rubs it on her thigh to clean it...steps back and puts his penis back in his pants...leaves her hanged on...

Anjelie exhales loudly  "Hooooh"and slumps in the ropes

freelanderII turns his head to audience and raises his voice “I believe, this girl will serve to All Doms in VDO passionately” ...looks at Llarik..."she is yours brother, enjoy" whispers as he hands the leash over to Llarik...takes his way to chair and sits down..

Anjelie tenses as she realizes that there is yet more to come...pain or pleasure or both, she does not know

Llarik (llarik.quinnell) stands... and walks over to where the lovely initiate remains blindfolded and restrained. Whispers to her.  "It is  My singular pleasure and charge to open you for the rest of the dominants of the Val d'Oise.,"

Anjelie nods

Llarik (llarik.quinnell) repositions her.  Tilting her backward.. so I have access to her lovely breasts and lips.

Anjelie's neck aches as it is bent so far back

Llarik (llarik.quinnell) frees His cock for use in the lovely face of the newest Demoiselle, Pressing Himself to her lips.  and seeking  the depths of her throat,  wrapping her hair around His hand.

Anjelie opens her mouth as widely as possible, and takes in his manhood.  it feels strange, upside down and she is disoriented for a moment, then lets her tongue play over his member, first over the exposed glans, then letting her tongue run as far out as she can, down to the root of his penis.  She is licking, not sucking...

Llarik (llarik.quinnell)  His other hand...  and lips seeking her breasts. one nipple held tightly in his teeth  the other rubbed firmly between his thumb and forefinger.  as he slowly takes her throat.. learning her capabilities and enjoying the sensations of her tongue, the ropes.. and her hair restraining her well.

Anjelie feels his thick, strong member against the roof of her mouth, gravity pulling it away from her tongue.  She whimpers lightly as her nipple is suddenly bitten into "ooow"

Anjelie starts to feel a tinge of excitement again, as her nipple is gripped by his teeth Anjelie proceeds from licking to sucking, closing her mouth hard around him each time he enters the depth of this other warm, dark and moist cavity

Llarik (llarik.quinnell) presses deeper into her thoat as He tongues rapidly at her one nipple -pulling and rolling the other one.,..

Anjelie twists a bit in the ropes as he is manhandling her nipple, then inhales deeply and tells herself firmly "This is what you signed up for, girl, now deal with it!"

Llarik (llarik.quinnell) enjoying the exquisite sensations of her throat and tongue, He judges them to be excellent for the use of all.. and reluctantly  deems her throat opened and pulls free. He steps back... and arranges her bonds to finish her opening.

Anjelie feels the deeper thrust deep in her throat, relaxes her throat as much as she possibly can, and breathes through her nose....she avoids choing, and is able to again suck hard as he thrusts into her mouth

Llarik (llarik.quinnell) brings her legs high.. exposing her fully to Me.

Anjelie inhales and smiles as he pulls out, thinking she will now be allowed to rest her aching shoulders and hips Anjelie gasps as instead her position is changed, and she is pretzled up in the ropes in a position only a contortionist could be comfortable in.  She lifts her head so as to be able to breathe, and wonders just what will be next

Dusty Caldera: "We will continue in just a moment...."

Anjelie listens to Maitre Dusty's words, and wonders what it is that will continue

Dusty Caldera settles down as the action continues

Llarik (llarik.quinnell)  lubricating His cock in her dripping cunt,  He lifts her to where he can, using the slack in the rope, twist and turn her down onto his erect cock... sinking slowy, but inexcerably into her ass.

Dusty Caldera: Welcome René

Anjelie eeeps from surprise and instinctively tightens up her anus as if to protect it from him, then screws her eyes tightly shut under the blindfold, and reminds herself of what she is here to do.  She inhales deeply, relaxes to the extent she can in her uncomfortable position, and slowly pushes down, opening her ringmuscle to let him in. Anjelie feels him fill her in the is painful but not excruciatingly so, and she realizes she is enjoying it....she feels so....full....

Anjelie tentatively clenches her rose hole opening, wondering if that will please him

Llarik (llarik.quinnell) as she slides down.. He pulls up briefly, and inches into her rosette..  when she is fully impaled.. and her sphincter begins to give way..  He begins to fuck deeply in and out of her back door...   Taking her ass  her final opening in the name of the Roissy Dominants -  but His for the moment,  His to enjoy... leans over to briefly kiss her lips. as he fucks harder and faster between her reddened cheeks...

Anjelie moans loudly as he starts moving in and out of her, and she feels empty now...her womanhood is screaming to be filled.....the back hole fills her with lust and she can tell it will not lead to fulfillment for her.  She wants to SCREAM as she wants to be filled properly, yet she submits to the fact that this is what he wants. Anjelie tugs on her ropes, wanting to touch herself, to give herself some relief from this sensation of lust that is destined to be unfulfilled

Llarik (llarik.quinnell) continues to take My pleasure between her well spanked ass cheeks... working in and out for My pleasure... enjoying the body of anjelie as her legs press into My shoulders.

Anjelie wonders if he enjoyed her tightening her rose hole around him, and tentatively does so again, not too hard....

Llarik (llarik.quinnell) an animal growl escapes His lips as He pushes fully and deeply into her an  fills her ass with His seed....

Anjelie feels her bottom opening getting suddenly very warm, and rapidly tightens very lightly but rhytmically around him.

Llarik (llarik.quinnell): taking a handkerchief clean himself before lowering her to ground...and unbinds her ropes.. and leads her back to Maitre Dusty; hands the leash to the Maitre.

Dusty Caldera takes the leash.... stands and takes the leash back from Llarik, looking down at the well-used submissive all hot and sweaty but smiling at the other end, yanking the girl closer and turning to the dominant protector "You gentlemen, and her mentor May,  have prepared this girl well for use by the dominant community of Roissy Val d'Oise.

Dusty Caldera tightens my grip on the leash and leads her used and sweaty body over to René, placing her in front of René, forcing her down on her knees "ON YOUR KNEES, GIRL...." then bends down to slowly remove the leash from her collar, sliding the leash back into my pocket then removed the blindfold from her eyes. ... letting your eyes become accustomed to the lighting in the room once more.  "René, we have taken this lovely debutante and disciplined her and opened her for use by the dominant men of the Château and find her completely acceptable and recommend for her to fill the new role of demoiselle."

Anjelie stumbles as she her leash is tugged at, her legs unsteady, and takes a moment to steady herself. Anjelie blinks as the light in the room briefly blinds her.

Rene smiles to Dusty. Thank you my friend.

Anjelie sinks to the floor in front of Maitre Rene

He looks at the new Demoiselle kneeling before him and says, you have been used hard this day and need to rest.

He smiles as he feels the warmth of her cheek against his thigh and absentmindedly strokes her hair. Are you comfortable Demoiselle Anjelie?


*photos on this page courtesy of May of the Luna


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