Asfridr Verne Demoiselle Initiation

Asfridr Verne Demoiselle Initiation

September 4, 2016

A Demoiselle Initiation is about to begin at 10 AM TODAY!
A Demoiselle initiation ceremony is at hand. Please join us as she is brought forth to serve the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise.
* Members only event
* Formal attire required
* Please be respectful and do not initiate a scene during this time
When       Sunday, September 4, 2016
Time        10:00 AM
Where     Chateau Library
Propriétaire et Maître De Roissy Val d'Oise René
VdO Superviseur: Maitre Dusty

Asfridr Verne's Demoiselle Initiation

 Dusty Caldera nods as Asfridr is brought into the room, prepared in lovely garments of royal colors "Thank you, Annie" then glances at the girl before me "Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl brought before us today."
Asfridr Verne walks up the back steps with her mentor her heart pounding like never before.. pale blue eyes scanning the room as she takes a deep breath before pale eyes look to Maitre Dusty and takes the cushion before him
Dusty Caldera looks down on the girl, watching her closely as she kneels before me...."Asfridr, you were brought from Samois by your mentor today and by your own desire you have come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau.  Are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new exciting path?" Dusty Caldera nods, Stepping forward a little bit more, running my fingers through her soft hair as I continue  "Do you vow to serve with passion and with fire all of the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise, within your limits, to follow the directions of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would require your service?  It's not too late to change your mind."
"Yes, I do Maitre."
Dusty Caldera nods as she agrees to serve the community and the House of Samois, reaches into my coat pocket and pulls out a soft leather collar, slowly running my fingers down her soft cheek, tilting her head back with a light touch to the chin, a smile between us  as I wrap the soft leather collar around her neck, then speaks softly to her  "it is with great pleasure that I collar you to the House of Samois, Asfridr....I know that you will wear your collar proudly"
Asfridr Verne feels the collar being slipped around her neck.. a shiver runs up her spine having not had anything around my neck in quite some time then smiles to maitre Dusty her eyes sparkling
Dusty Caldera continues watching the girl  "You will demonstrate your willingness to serve the community through your use by these dominant men before you"  Then without further discussion, pulls a length of leash from my coat pocket, reaching down to fondle her gentle neck, clipping the leash to the collar with an audible "CLICK" echoing across the room. Dusty Caldera Reaches down to grab the girls shoulders and turns her around to face the group , Dusty Caldera Reaches up to grab the fastener on the back of her suit, loosening it with a deft movement of my fingertips and drops her top to the floor about her feet
Asfridr Verne bites her lower taking a deep breath, a flush comes over her feeling the sheerness drop to her feet
Dusty Caldera slips out a small penknife, quickly slitting and cutting open the edges of her Beautiful gown (Such a shame), dropping the thin material to the floor, leaving her completely naked. Dusty Caldera Slide my fingers into her soft blonde hair, dragging her quickly over to the nearby post
Asfridr Verne feels his strong fingers entwined in blond locks guiding her to the pole
Dusty Caldera Pushes her up against the post, her soft breasts spreading to allow the post rest between them is a push her chest against the cold firm rod, Wrapping her hands with a short piece of rope and strapping her to the post facing the wall. Dusty Caldera Slides out from behind the couch, a long yet supple whip, drawing the length of the whip through my left hand to warm it a bit and eying the full cheeks of her ass...." You will be tested for your ability to withstand some discipline my dear"
Asfridr Verne hands grab the wooden surface as if they were her life line.. luscious breasts feeling the coolness against them
Dusty Caldera Slowly draws the whip along her outer thighs, letting her feel the firmness of the tool before she becomes intimately familiar with it, Then slowly slides the length of it up along her inner thigh, teasing her a bit as it rubs gently against her soft sex, a wet stain trailing along the length of the whip, then sliding it up and over her shoulder allowing the soft tip at the end to rest against one of her breasts, allowing her to take in its texture with her eyes before pulling it back and preparing to deliver her discipline. Dusty Caldera tugs firmly on the leash, Tightening any slack that might be there and pulling it out of the way as it drapes across to back, drawing back my hand, firmly gripping the base of the whip ........ then letting fly the tendril as it smacks firmly against her ass.
Asfridr Verne hears the Maitre's voice as it echoes deep in her ears  bracing herself for what will come.. feeling the leather against sun kissed thighs a soft moan accidentally escapes her lips feeling the leathers making a path of their own over her body jumping forward as the whip kisses her rounded ass
Dusty Caldera wait a moment before continuing letting the impact sink into her soft pink flesh, Reaching out with my free hand to gently rub the curve of her ass, gliding over the mark left by the intense slap of the whip..... then whispers against the back of her ear as I lean in close  "just a taste of what you will receive my dear"
Asfridr Verne shivers as is warm breath whispers in her  ear and wanting to press against his grabbing hand  yet jumps again as her body tenses knowing it isnt over yet and braces herself the sting seeing to radiate through her entire soul making her cheeks and her body flush
Dusty Caldera raises my arm high into the air once more in preparation of delivering yet more blows of the short dark and sleek whip....... bringing it down several more times, lightly at first and then with more intensity of the delights of pain and pleasure meet, the arrival of each new lash, confirming her willingness to endure the discipline of the whip.....
Asfridr Verne winces her eyes closing as tears well in her eyes knowing this is what is to happen.. her heart begins to race, as she clenches down her teeth feeling the whip kissing her backside over and over
Dusty Caldera pauses briefly between each stroke of the lash...... letting her absorb fully the feeling coursing through her body as they whip cuts its mark against her soft pink flesh, brushing lightly with my fingertips over each new mark  making sure it's not too deep or dark but simply an introduction to the delights of this form of punishment.....Dusty Caldera moves my stroke slowly up her back, lashing slowly across the waist and shoulder blades, a lighter touch perhaps as the skin is a bit thinner but nonetheless the stroke is noticeable , again gently rubbing my fingertips lightly over each mark, feeling the smoothness of her silky skin marred only by the light mark left by the whip...
Asfridr Verne feels her ass getting hotter with each kiss of the whip, the lash reminding her what she is .. jumping forward with each lash, her belly tighten feeling the tenderness of his hand yet the pain of the marks on her flesh still there deeply
Dusty Caldera drops the whip to my side, sliding in a bit closer behind her and placing a soft kiss on each shoulder, "You will be a wonderful demoiselle of Roissy Val d'Oise my dear..... Your submission and your willingness to serve will do you well."  Then reaches up to unfasten the Ropes and bindings releasing her from the post, and cradling her in my arms for a moment before tugging her back across the carpet to her next adventure in serving the dominant community.. Dusty Caldera Jerks the chain firmly dragging her back across the room To the next adventure
Asfridr Verne body shivers as her knees weaken yet the softness of his lips against my shoulder calming me letting me know it is ok
Dusty Caldera: "Cal, my brother......Show this girl the other side of our coin, the delights that awaits her when she endures properly the discipline necessary to demonstrate her submission and her obedience"  then hands the leash to Cal. Retakes my seat Plopping down into it
Asfridr Verne whispers thank you Maitre before looking to Sir Cal
Cal stands, and nods to Dusty, "It would be my pleasure," grinning slightly and taking her leash. "Come," he says calmly to her and leads her to the ottoman in the center of the room.
Asfridr Verne follows Sir Cal gracefully, pale blue eyes gazing to the long haired man  kneeling gently upon the ottoman
Cal's eyes study her body, gazing from her face slowly down her slender neck to her breasts, her belly, her gentle hips, and long slender legs. He smiles to himself, then gently says, "Kneel here," motioning to the carpet before him. He  stands up next to her, his hand caressing her cheek. His other hand on his trousers and lowers his zipper. He looks at her beautiful face as he pulls out his firmed manhood. His thumb strokes her plump, lower lip and then he pulls her mouth open... and pushes his cock inside her.
Asfridr Verne immediately does as he commands and moves to her knees, the stinging on her back side burns as she tries to forget it is there but unable to and goes with the burn... pressing her cheek against his gentle hand  before feeling his shaft invading her full lips
Cal thrusts his hips slowly, he grows harder in her lips as she caresses his length
Asfridr Verne mouth opens a bit wider, as she reaches up, small fingers wrapping around his harden shaft , stroking him gently as she moves him  in and out of her mouth
Cal's eyes look down at her face, his cock between her lips as she pleasures him. He moans softly as her fingers and lips stroke him. His hand pushes her golden hair away from her face to give him a better view...
Asfridr Verne tongue rolls around the tip, closing her mouth tightly over your hardness before they loosen a bit her head pushing it making you go deeper in me through.. my fingers meeting my lips with each move. Asfridr Verne pale blue eyes look up to you with a mouth full of your cock as I enjoyably suck you deeper. Asfridr Verne pushes forward reaching down cupping your balls as your cock hit the back of my throat making me gag before I relax it bringing you a bit deeper as if I were going to swallow you
Cal  cranes he head back, eyes closed, moaning loudly as her lips suction on him. Hard and throbbing he thrusts himself into her mouth in rhythm with her bobbing head. And then he pulls away.... standing back and taking her hand, "Lay on the ottoman," he says.
Asfridr Verne moans softly as a vibration moves over shaft, head moving back before feeling you deep down my throat again before he pulls his cock from my mouth,  tongue rolls over my own lips and lays back against the ottoman .. the feeling the ottoman piercing my backside
Cal settles between her spread thighs and his ready cock finds her sex.... and penetrates her roughly. His body suspended over her on his arms and his powerful hips take her deep and hard with a hastening pace.
Asfridr Verne feels his body move so easily over mine her heart begins to race as she gasps as he plunges into the tightness of my inner walls pushing her back on th ottoman sparking eyes looking to him
Cal's hips thrust spreading her hips wider. His thickness taking the statuesque blonde with fervor. The tightness of her cunt around him bringing a wildness to his eyes and gasping breath as he labors. Small beads of sweat form on his brow and his face begins to tense in anticipation of a release.
Asfridr Verne heels find the cushion digging in deep, her ass lifting from it as thighs seem to widen a bit more.. her ass lifting from the cushion meeting each of his thrusts, feeling little droplets of sweat find their way to drip on me..
Cal's hand squeezes one of her large breasts as his lust grows. His swollen cock deep inside her, cunt walks milking him... and he cums.... holding himself inside as he explodes and gives her his sticky, hot seed.
Asfridr Verne heart begins to pound heavily as fingers dig into the ottoman, her ass lifting and falling,  taking in a deep breath a soft moan escaping her lips nipples hardening into rigid peeks from his large hand against my breasts....Asfridr Verne ass lifts again and again feeling Sir Cal plant his hot seed deep inside and his cock jerking giving me every last drop..
Cal slides himself slowly in and out of her, giving her the last of his juices. Then stands up, pulling a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his brow. He takes her hand to raise her off the ottoman.
Asfridr Verne inhales deeply removing herself from the cushion standing before Sir Cal wondering how her hair looks then forgets about it knowing it will only get worse
Cal takes the leash tight in his hands, and leads her to Wanderer. "She is good, brother. You may complete her opening."
Asfridr Verne pale eyes gaze from Sir Cal to Sir Wandered then back so Sir Cal whispering softly thank you Sir Cal
Wanderer standing slowly from the chair,,,,taking the leash from my Brother...."thank you Cal" looking at the girl before me...seeing the need in her eyes to serve  I tug on the leash gently as I lead her back to the ottoman
Dusty Caldera: One moment folks .
Cal  has the girl kneel before him, "It looks like you get to catch your breath."
Asfridr Verne looks up to Sir Cal... thank you Sir
Cal wipes his brow and mouth once more with his handkerchief and hands it to her to use.
Asfridr Verne smiles taking the handkerchief from Sir Cal and looks down but wipes her forehead instead
Cal runs his fingers through her golden hair, enjoying the sensation on his skin.
Asfridr Verne leans in to his gentle hand looking up to him with a smile while her eyes saying thank you
Cal smiles as he sees Wanderer
Asfridr Verne shifts her body to face Sir Wanderer
Wanderer taking the girls leash from my Brother  "thank you Cal"  tugging gently on the leash as I lead the girl back to the ottoman.   asfrid you have offered your mouth and your vaginal parts to my Brother Cal.....I will now open another part of you  ...please place yourself on the ottoman on all fours
Asfridr Verne does as commanded , moving herself to the ottoman her knees first on it before her arms fall forward  to it leaving her ass high int he air for Sir Wanderer
Wanderer stepping up behind her,  reaching down opening my fly taking out my hardness for her,  my hand reaching inside my vest pocket and removing a small vial oils warmed by being inside my vest, pouring them over her  silken flesh,,,,my hand massaging them in,  her cheeks spread wide I a see that small tightly puckered star,  rolling my thick cock over her ass through the oils and then starting to press it into that small hole..slowly at first...stretching her
Asfridr Verne feels the warmth of the oil being dripped down my backside as it makes a path of its own until Sit Wanderer hand pressing in against different parts of her flesh
Wanderer  slowly deeper knowing her pain will turn to pleasure
Asfridr Verne gasps as the tip of his cock begins to  invade my ass.. feeling it stretch a little at a time
Wanderer slowly deeper stretching her even more ,,,all the way inside her now,,,,holding motionless as she adjusts to that feeling inside her and then I start to move,...long slow strokes  at first...opening her tight cock shiny from the oils
Asfridr Verne holds her breath as he begins to enter her deeper and deeper , releasing what breath she held as he opened her  to fit his shaft
Wanderer  groaning as I feel her working to relax and take me deeper...I start to move faster and faster.....slamming into her now,,,,,balls slapping against her,,,,,reaching around her my hand fills with her full breast..squeezing hard
Asfridr Verne fingers grip the cushion as he moves faster feeling him invade her backside  over and over as she pushes back against him.. her back arches and lifts her head breasts tingling from his manly grips
Wanderer my eyes half close as my head goes back straightening my bode driving myself deeper inside her even more    "ARGGGGGGGGGGG"  releasiing my hot seed into that tight hole,,,,filling her with its cock staying semi hard as I start to slow
Asfridr Verne pushes forward almost off the ottoman  as he went fully inside me his cock jerking as the hot seed coats my back end
Wanderer  my voice soft and low...still inside her,,,,almost a whisper  "you have done well asfridr,,,thank you"  I slip my cock slowly from her ...standing now
Dusty Caldera rises to my feet
Asfridr Verne  squeezes her ass feeling his cock leave
Wanderer using the leash to pull her up gently,  walking her towards Cal  "Brother would you please see to the girls aftercare?  she is a treasure,  reachng down placing my cock back into my pants.   stops and turns to the Maitre, handing him the leash instead.
Dusty Caldera they approach back toward me  "Thank you Wanderer and Cal for truly testing the willingness of this girl to serve the dominant community here at Roissy"
Cal  nods to Dusty
Asfridr Verne pale eyes gaze low before Maitre Dusty
Dusty Caldera turn my attention fully on the girl before me, a well used and I'm sure quite sore young lady that has demonstrated her desire to move forward.  Dusty Caldera kneel before me,. As
Asfridr Verne gently kneels before Maitre Dusty for the first time her sun kissed thighs not touching
Dusty Caldera smiles As the girl demonstrates her obedience, my fingers sliding out to brush lightly through her blond curls as she kneels before me  "Asfridr, you have been tested as to your willingness to become a demoiselle of Roissy Val d'Oise and have shown that you have exactly what it takes to be a wonderful addition to our demoiselle community".  *smiles at her as I stroke slowly through her curls*
Asfridr Verne cheeks flush hearing his words as they lay still in her heart thank you Maitre
Dusty Caldera Waits for the congratulations to die down.."It is not an easy journey to learn about yourself and your submissive nature. many take a long time to complete it but it is so very revealing and in revealing things about you it empowers you. It helps you grow to know more. just as a flowering but grows into a beautiful and fragrant plant, I'm sure that you will continue to grow and flourish here among others that truly appreciate your sweet talents"
Dusty Caldera whispers: "Where your new tag proudly my dear for you have certainly earned it, your perseverance your willingness to learn and change yourself has done much to bring you into your submission. we welcome you as a new Roissy demoiselle
Asfridr Verne smiles looking up through the palest of blue eyes to Maitre Dusty. whispering softly thank you Maitre
Dusty Caldera smiles down at the lovely girl  " go and flourish among the many other wonderful flowers that we have in our garden here at Roissy. Give of your service and your knowledge to those in need. And know that you have done very well as you continue your training"
Asfridr Verne smiles to her mentor Annie her lips mouthing thank you for everything Annie
Dusty Caldera leans forward and on clips my leash from the girls neck, lightly trailing a finger along her chin as I do, planting a soft kiss on her forehead  .." Welcome to your new role, Asfridr....You could not have gotten here without the help of this community and your mentor and the house of Samois.... Always be grateful to them for their support and guidance" Dusty Caldera turns to my left, Cal, take this new demoiselle for some well-deserved aftercare"
"Certainly" he says standing
Dusty Caldera hands him the leash  "I think she likes bubble baths"  *winks*
Asfridr Verne: yes Maitre Dusty everyone has been so kind and so helpful so thank you all for all you have done to help me along the first part of my journey
Cal takes her leash from Dusty saying, "We can arrange that, Come with me."
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