Ayla's Demoiselle Initiation

Ayla's Demoiselle Initiation

Who:          Alya Nicole (serenamaster)

When:       21 October 2017

Time:        11A SLT

Where:      Chateau Library

Master of Ceremonies:  Master Llarik

Mentoring Sister: Ciara



Master Llarik welcomed the family to the Chateau.  "Welcome everyone to our initiation of our beautiful debutante. She has worked hard to make herself ready to serve the Dominants of our beautiful home".    Sisters removed their bodices as appropriate for their station.  

Greetings and welcome everyone to one of the most important events at Roissy: the initiation of a Debutante into her service as a Demoiselle.  Your being here is a sign of support for the initiate and the Roissy family as a whole.

Maitre Mykal returned from escorting the debutante to the tower where she waited and prepared to continue her journey.  Ciara Stood gracefully, pausing to adjust her dress, beaming with pride, Thank you Master Llarik" she left to retrieve the young lady and bring her to the waiting ceremony. 



Guiding Ayla from the tower, Ciara stopped just outside of the view of those assembled for her,  turning to Ayla she give her a tight warm hug and whispered in her ear "you’re going to shine"

“Maitres, Masters, Mistresses, Misses, sisters, and family; it is my privilege to present Demoiselle Ayla as she desires to serve the Dominants of Roissy Val-d'Oise and continue on her path to sisterhood." then whispering to Ayla "please take the cushion in front of Master Llarik."


The Challenge

Llarik experiences a sudden moment of Deja vu, but continues:  "Ayla,  please kneel here before Me."   You are being presented for service to the dominants of the Roissy VdO community.  Are you in anyway being compelled or coerced to be here?

No Master Llarik, I am here of my own free will and devotion to the Dominants of Roissy.

Then I ask you now:  Is it your intention to serve to the best of your abilities to meet the needs of the dominants of the Roissy VdO community?

Yes Master Llarik it is my intentions to serve and be pleasing to the best of my ability

That is wonderful,  I am sure you will prove an eager and worthy Demoiselle in the service of the Dominants of our Community and Family..

From this moment until the end of your initiation,  you are required to maintain your focus on the dominant who you are serving.   You are to emote and respond only to them.  Do you understand this?

Master Llarik stood reaching down to remove her gown, "Ahh, Ayla, truly a fine addition to the House of Samois” Takes the Samois collar and places it on her neck.

Ayla?  In a moment, the collar will be locked in place - you are once again asked:  is it your desire to belong to the Dominants of VdO?"

Yes Master Llarik it is my heart’s desire to belong to the Dominants of VDO.

Turns the lock - the click audible to all in attendance.

"You are now collared to the house of Samois, it is now your responsibility to prove your worthiness of this collar."  Taking a leash he attached it to the new collar leading her to stand near. 


The Discipline

Master Llarik unties the remainder of her clothing, bending over to place a harness upon her then applied the arm and thigh cuffs...and finally a blindfold.   Hoisting her up for all to see she felt her heart beating fast as the last of the binds were tightened. 

Master Llarik inspected the binds to ensure her safety then lifted Ayla into full suspension. "Ayla  believes she is a fitting demoiselle,  capable of providing pleasing service to the Dominants.   We shall see if she is indeed pleasing and capable or nothing but a pretender."

Unrolling a flogger from his belt, Master Llarik draped the leather blades of the flogger along her back and her buttocks in a sensual manner.

Ayla shivered in response to the leather on her back her tiny hands make tight balls as she steals her self for what was is about to happen.

 Drawing the flogger back the length of his arm taut, bringing it rapidly forward  laying stripes along her ass cheek with an audible snap.

Before she can do more than take in a quick breath.. brings it back across her other buttock cheek

Ayla cries out as she was not expecting the onslaught of pain but refuses to let the think she was a pretender she pulls herself together and stills her for other.

Master Llarik began a rhythmic softer spanking of her buttocks with the flogger blades...  filling in the area between the brighter stripes.

Ayla biting her lip hard now as the tears fall softly only wimpers could be heard now as she endured the pain she was determined to show her devotion to them.

Master Llarik paused a moment adding two quick sharper blows higher on her back.. at the level of her shoulders..

Ayla her whimpers grow loader but she still does not give in to screaming she take it in strides mentally going to a happy place keeping her self grounded but yet not to grounded that she looked fake

Painting her torso from shoulders to feet and back again he stopped at her thigh replacing the flogger in his belt.  Lowering her back to the ground and prepares her for the next phase.

Ayla, the tears fall harder now but she holds strong knowing that it pleases the Masters and Mistresses

"Ayla, you have shown yourself capable of humbling yourself for the discipline as may be required of you in your further service to the Community.  I pronounce you worthy to be opened by and for the use of the dominants of the community."


The 1st Dominant

Master Llarik looked to Maitre Mykal "Brother will you come and open this lovely woman for the dominants of Our community?"

Rising from the chair, looking her over slowly and walks towards her bound form.  Maitre Mykal accepts the leash thanks Llarik as he moves closer and kneels close, running his hand over her marked ass.  Feels her form round cheeks, squeezing as he slips down between her thighs seeing how wet she has gotten.

Ayla whimpered as she felt his hands on her a blush creeps up her face as he will discover she was soaking wet from the punishment she just received.

Mykal reaches down and unzips his pants, reaching in for his cock, drawing out his growing hardness,

Ayla bites her lip as she wiggles some in her binds her eagerness to please him becomes apparent as she tries to arch her hip up to him.

Feeling her wetness he runs his hand over her pussy, coating his hand with her juices, then coating his cock as he strokes it a couple times to harden it further

Rising up, takes her hips and positions his cock to her opening and slowly presses inward, the head entering her, then thrusting deep

Ayla  gasps as she feel him push into her  the pain was searing for only a moment before she pressed her back on him.

Maitre Mykal smiles feeling her press back onto his thrusts, gripping her hips as he slams deeper, taking her hard

Ayla moans as she tries to match his thrusts

Mykal, mmm, very good, girl, pounding harder and faster, feeling his cock straining

Ayla's eagerness to please him builds but she does not now if she could explode.

Mykal reaches forward and grasps her hair yanking back as her rams one more time, hard, and groans as he explodes inside her, filling her with his hot seed

Ayla cries out in need for him in need to please him

Mykal groans as he finishes filling her, his cock softening as he slowly exits her, releasing her hair as he does so, and staeps back, stuffing his cock away and zipping back up, slapping her ass a good one

Ayla yelps at the smack to her ass

Mykal smiles down to her...well done, ayla... looks to Chip...I highly reccomend thid girl as Dem and to service the community

Mykal motions to Chip, "all yours my brother".


The Protector

Master Chip, "Thank you, Mykal." Chip glances at Ayla's slightly beaten flesh and her bright eyes -- and senses her beauty as a submissive willing to serve. "Hello, Ayla. I don't think we've met yet. Good to meet you.  My name is Master Chip, and I'm here to fuck your brains out. How do you do?"

Ayla Greetings Master Chip and a lil bit tied up

Chip walks around to the front. "Ayla, you have done well with my brothers. It's time to finalize your initiation, so before all these people, I intend to deliver the last step. Are you ready?"

Ayla nods yes Master i am.

Chip looks over  the bamboo shibari structure and makes sure Ayla is bound with the ropes and blindfolded properly.

"Can you see anything, Ayla?"

Ayla no Master Chip

Master Chip lifts her up and checks out the structure pausing to unzip his trousers, "Prepare, girl, this is part two."

Ayla licks her lips as she waits feeling him close to me

He drove himself inside the beautiful Demoiselle, slowly at first, gripping her stomach and her leg, and like the idea of meeting someone this way better than the usual how-do-you-do's

ohhhhhhh  Master that feels good Master, she groaned.

Chip twists her nipples and turn her body to pound her even more, feeling himself gaining intensity from her amazing beauty

Ayla wrapped her legs around him the best she can as she moans for them all

Finally, Chip drills her with pure lust, hard and deep, gripping her waist and pulling her toward him as he bursts forth inside her, "Ahhhh ahhh! yes! "

Ayla: moans out she us unable to hold back any longer as she cums harder

He slowly releases Ayla and sets her down carefully ... "Yes, my girl, you have finished this part of your ceremony with flying colors."

Chip "Llarik, I will pass her leash to you now, as I totally recommend her." and Chip smiles to Ayla and returns to his seat.

Removing her binds and lowering her to the ground she is led to the cushion and instructed to kneel.


The Title

Master Llarik looks over the assembled community.  "Ayla here has completed the initial phase of her training and has thus demonstrated her intention to serve the Dominants of the Roissy Val d'Oise community.

"She has further demonstrated her mettle in endurance of discipline at my hand, and has now been opened by our two Dominants and found worthy of use for the remainder of our Community.

 " Finally, she has begged to be of service to the community as evidenced in her vows given openly before this assemblage. I feel she we have a woman who is eager to learn and serve - what more is desired? -  She will grow as a demoiselle and she aspires to fully serve the family of Dominants her at Roissy Val d'Oise.  It is, therefore, My honour to present to you this fully initiated Demoiselle!"

Ciara wipes a tear from my eye as i look upon Ayla, happy for her and proud of her "Congratulations Ayla, you will make a wonderful Demoiselle,,,I am so proud of you"

"Everyone,  please offer your congratulations to Our newest Demoiselle!"

The community cheered their congratulations to the new demoiselle. 


The Finale

Maitre Mykal smiled as he rose up and stepped to Ayla, looking down and taking her leash in hand.  "Rise please me dead Dem" he instructed.

Ayla blushed deeplyas she stood to follow Maitre Mykal out of the room. 


Master Llarik stood and addressed the community, "Thank you to our Dominants and Sisters who have assisted in helping make this initiation happen,  and our lovely hostesses outside."


Dreamsdesire Starfall - Journalist

Photos by Xanadu Xue 









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