Babs Demoiselle Initiation

October 3, 2014

Maitre Justyn stood before the assembly and spoke. "Welcome to everyone, and thank you for joining us this evening, We are so proud to have you here for this occasion " He turned and looked at vette.  "Vette, would you bring the girl that was taken to the tower who is to be presented to the Dominants of the Chateau?"

Vette slowly rose, glancing toward Maitre Justyn and answering, "Yes Maitre Justyn."

As Vette left to fetch the girl, Maitre Justyn continued to give announcements. "If you don't have a seat or cushion yet, we do ask that you find one before we begin in a few minutes. Once the initiation begins we need all local chat to end except for those participating in the initiation itself.  We ask that you don't IM the participants during their scene.  Remember no tping in or out of the Chateau or tping others. If you crash, please log back in outside the Chateau and enter through the front doors. If you are wearing HUDs that are not needed, we ask you remove them to help with lag. This is a members only occasion and all must be wearing Roissy VDO tags to attend. Thanks everyone. "

Before long, Vette returned, followed closely behind by a tall, blonde beauty. She paused just inside the Chateau Library, gesturing to the girl as she said, "Masters, Maitres, I present to you Demoiselle Babbette."

" Thank you vette, as usualu, you are superb," said Maitre Justyn.

"Babs please take your place on the pillow in the center of the room by kneeling as i hand you leash to Maitre Justyn ," said Vette.

Maitre Justyn held up his hand and took the leash from her, then stepped in front of the Demoiselle

Vette moved slowly away and took her place on a cushion at the feet of Maitre Rene.

"Babs," Maitre Justyn commanded all eyes upon him as he spoke.  "You were brought from the Samois by your protector today and by your own desire you wished to come here to be seen by all the Dominant of the Chateau of every level. Are you here of your own free will?"

"Yes Maitre I am," stated Babs. 

Maitre Justyn leaned over, and unlocked the cuffs from her, he removed his leash and tucked it away in his pocket, he then pulled the collar out, he had set aside for this occasion and held it in front of her. 

" Do you now accept this collar, and agree to be under the protection of the House of Samois, and serve all Dominates in every way they wish? " he asked.

"Yes Maitre I do," she replied, her eyes and all focus on only him, wanting clearly just to please him.

He pushed her hair aside, then placed the collar around her neck, a small "slink " could be heard as it came together, to complete the circle, and he attached a small lock to hold is snugly, he stood up again, he grabbed the collar and then placed a hand under hers, lifting her to her feet, " Stand still," he commanded,  then placed her arms up behind her head.

"Do not break position," he ordered and grabbed her hair, bending her forward. He pulled out a blindfold from his pocket, and holding it against her eyes, tied it snugly around her head, always checking to ensure she could not see and placed a hand on her side. " I will only refer to you as girl from this point, and the blindfold os to increase awareness of all that is around you, your mind is to focus only on he whom commands you, and yopu will only respond to me, until i hand you to the next Dominate." As he spoke his flogger came out from under his jacket, beginning to lightly graze it over her shoulders, her back and her bottom.

Babs shuddered at the touch of the flogger against her skin, curling her hands into fists, letting out a small cry of surprise. 

He ran the ends lightly upon the insides of her legs, occasionally lowering it enough, that a slight upward flick of his wrist would cause it to lightly slap up against her labia, his other hand wandered, caressed along her back, ensuring she was always aware he was so very close to her. His hand grazed up along her spine, his hand slid into her hair and a fist clenched, trapping it, pulling hard enough for the roots to feel the strain, the arm holdinng the flooger came back, and with a sudden , flick of his wrist, the ends whoosed in the air to land across her ass with a deafening ....CRACK as it made contact with her virgin flesh.

Babs cried out, shaking her head as the flogger once again hit her ass, biting her lip and slumping momentarily before standing upright once again, clearly willing herself to be strong.

He released his hold on her hair, and reached into his pocket and pulled out a butt plug, moving behind her, his fingers spread the firm cheeks apart, and placed th eend against the tight puckered hole, using a screwiing motion, he continued until it was seate entirely within the rectum causing to wince and begin visibly shaking.

Maitre Justyn's voice was calm, low, deep soothing as he spoke to her.." You are lovely, and obeying perfectly, I am proud to have you here to join us and our family."

He moved back a pace, the flogger came back, and with a roll of his shoulder, a sudden flick of his wrist, the flogger landed once, then a second time with a loud WHACK across the reddening cheeks of her bottom, adding impact against the end of the butt plug with each sudden hard strike.

Again, Babs cried out, shaking her head as the flogger hit her bottom. He lifted the flogger over her back, running it along her spine slowly, cooing to her, " Lovely, splendid, mm, babs, you will serve so well." With his last word,  the flogger suddenly lashed dwonward, to leave a trail of welts across her back, the light pale flesh showing the marks he had placed upon her. Her scream filled the room.

He put the flogger away, then grabbed her hair and straightened her up, he placed his face into her hair, and whispered to her..." I will now present you to the next Dominate, serve with fire girl ".. he kissed her cheek and guided her towards Lazarus.

She stumbled after Maitre Justyn clearly in a daze as he pulled her after him and they stoopped before the next Dom.

" Lazarus, I present you with Demoiselle girl, She is offered with my full approval," said Maitre Justyn, pushing her forward, to allow Sir Lazarus to take control of her.

Standing Sir Lazarus clicked his lead onto Bab's leash and spoke; his voice calm and certain. He does not, yet, move again. Instead he makes a demand.

"I want you to tell me Roissy's safe words for "Slow Down, and Stop."

She explained, "T slow down I would have to call a yellow  and to sop I would call a RED."

Sir Lazarus takes her by the hair and gently tugs her toward him. "Good girl, there is no shame in using them is there?"

Babs replies "No Sir there is not."

Sir Lazarus pulls her by her hair to the middle of the room, his grip tight enough to be felt, yet, gentle enough- if she does not fight him- and he walks her to the ottoman. He moves her until the leather bumps her shins. When she stops he releases her hair. He allows a moment for the assembled well wishers to take in her beauty.

"You have been brought here because you are a beautiful girl who- we are told- holds great promise as a submissive," he said, adding,  "I am here to test that.  He inspects her up and down, using his foot to widen her stance and reveal more of her sex to all. How do you feel about that?"

"I am happy for you to test me in any way you deem fit Sir Lazarus.  I am here to serve.:

"Are you ready to experience what O did at Roissy? On her first night in the Chateau she was whipped, forced down, and fucked. And she had no idea what was coming. You do. In a very real fashion, this is YOUR first night in the Chateau. Do you know what that means, girl?" he asked.

"Yes I do, Sir. I understand what that means and I am willing to accept whatever come to me."

“Good. Then we shall proceed.” Lazarus commands, ‘Unbuckle my belt and hand it to me, I wish to whip you with it.” He then stands and waits for her to comply.

Babs turns to Sir Lazarus and slowly moves her fingers quicly to unbuckle the belt. SLowly pulls it from his waist and hands it to him.

Sir Lazarus swings lower and inflicts a medium strike.  Babs cries out.   Tears fall down her cheekas I  from the intense pain.

He puts his belt back on. "Very good," he comments before he reaches to control her body and forces her down. "Now, I will fuck your face," he states, while  unzipping  his pants and freeing himself.  "Open your mouth now girl. You don’t lick, you don’t suck. You better not bite! Just take it deep for me." He arranges her.

Babs opens her mouth and takes him deeply into her throat gaggying .

"Good girl," he says through gritted teeth.

It is clear Babs can hardly breathe as Sir Lazarus pushes hard and fast into her mouth. His voice is still calm, but it has an edge of pleasure to it that was not there before. “As I use your sweet submission to fulfill my desires, know that it is not just me that enters your body, but a whole community. We have gathered on this day in recognition of your blossoming. You have worked hard to earn the right to serve us. Are you ready?  Are you willing to submit to me further- to do with you as I please?” He grabs her hair and pulls her lovely mouth away from his member so she can answer.

Babs gasps for air and nods and struggling to say, "Yes I am will to submit and to do with as you please Sir."

"Good girl. Now there is one final task I have for you. You have been whipped. You have been forced down. Now, you are to be fucked and fucked hard."

He quickly picks her up and places her where he wants her. She is wet and his now raging cock is pushed into her tightness.  

“We shall need to widen her,” he grunts as he ungently begins to fuck her.  Babs cries out at the harsh invasion, groaning.  He wants to give in… take the time to release himself to the full pleasure this girl could give him, but he knows that this is her day and time is short. He plows himself deeply into her only a few more times before standing up and removing himself from her sex.  He tucks his painfully turgid phallus back into his trousers. He brings her to her feet- steadys her and brings her to NH. A little breathlessly, he says, “This one is yours now.” He grins. “She meets with my approval.”

Sir  NH stands and takes the leash from Sir Lazarus. "Thank you, Lazarus." He turns around, takes his jacket off and drops it in his chair. He smiles at the girl. "Lets see what you are made of,"   he says and tugs her chain to let her know who is in control.  "Lets go for a short walk, so everyone here can admire your attributes."

Babs stumbled against Sir Nh as he drug her towards Sir Bronnon. "Say hello to Sir Bronnon," he said, wearing a cocky smile.

Babs quietly said, " Greetings Sir Bronnon."

Sir Bronnon nods to this girl as she is tested and raises his camera back up to his eye. Click click click... he photographs her as Sir  NH tugs her chain again, saying, "And over here we have Mercury... say hello to him too."

"Greetings SIr Mercury."

Sir Mercury nods gravely.

Sir NH pulls her on. "And to Master Henry too, he is sitting next to Mercury."

"Greetings Master Henry," she says and  stumbles slightly as she is yanked forward.

"Greetings Bab," says Master Henry, smiling.  

Sir NH continues, "And many of your sister are here too... to mention a few, Joy right here, juliette, nara, tessa... ."

Juliette smiles softly up at Babs.

Joy smiles up to the pretty new Dem.

"Hello my sisters," says Babs with a gentle smile on her face.

Sir NH continues. "Yes they are alll here." He walks towards the ottoman and tells her to follow by pulling her chain, "Come babs."

"Yes Sir NH."

"I have been chosen to take you through your the last step towards graduation," he says almost absentmindedly. "And that I will do on behalf of all the Doms here at Roissy Val d'Oise." He forces her to bend down on the ottoman, saying, "So I'm going to open your last hole."  He spreads Babs knees, unzip his pants and drags out his erected cock. With the other hand he removes Justyns plug from her asshole, as she buries her head into the fabric of the ottoman and seems to shake herself a little as if to awaken her senses alert to everything surrounding her.

He grabs her hair, holding her head down, lowering himself and spreading her cheeks. "Do you still want to be a Demoiselle girl?" he asks.

"Yes Sir I do want to be a Demoiselle. I wish to serve Sir," she says boldly, to which he smiles.

He tightens his grab and slowly pushes his cock into her tight dry ass, firmly continuing until she has taken him full in.  Babs screams at the intrusion, her walls expanding to the hard thrusts of Sir NH.

She begins muttering as he pounds her, "Never have I felt this before, never have I been penetrated like this before... ."

He pauses for a moment and pulls his cock halfway out. "You are doing good, my girl," he praises.

Babs' noticeably relaxes and takes a deep breath slowly moving with each thrust of Sir NH. He gives her a couple of hard and violent thrusts to let her know what she is dealing with and moves back against him as he pulls her close on to him. Slowly he slides his cock out of her, pulls his cock back and zips his pants again. Taking the plug from the floor, he replace it in her tiny asshole. She winces.

He grabs her shoulder and lifts her to stand. "Good girl," he says and smiles and turning,  walks towards Maitre Justyn,, tugging her leash.

"Justyn, let me recommend this girl to become the next demoiselle at Val d'Oise." He hands her leash to to the Maitre, saying, "Here you are." and goes back to his chair and sits again.

Maitre Justyn the leash then he stands up, wrapping the excess around his fist, to put her on a short leash, the free hand then lifted and untied the blindfold letting it fall from her face, drifting towards the floor slowly, as if on its own set of wings... he yanked at her leash, standing closer to her.."Thank you NH, thank you Lazarus, then he turns and looks towards Maitre Rene, saying to Babs,  "Girl, look to the Propritor, for your final blessing ."

Maitre Rene, stands and looks at those present , and smiles, seeing the many loyal members. Thanking them for the support they have shown Babs today as she became the newest Demosielle at Roissy Val d' Oise. 

"It is with great pleasure to stand and thank each of you that continue to support and participate in the events of Roissy Val d' Osie as we live as a family of friends.

"Babs, it is a pleasure for me to congratulate you on your path. I look forward to seeing you continue and grow in your submission as your training continues to progress. You have shown a true gift of submission to the Roissy Val d' Oise Masters today.

"The rose is fairest when 't is budding new, and hope is brightest when it dawns from fears." (a quote from Sir Walter Scott)

"Today Babs was amongst the fairest as she was budding new, she faced her fears and conquered them as she submitted to the Master of the Chateau.

"I congratulate you once again Babs, and look forward to your success as you continue your path."


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