Calixte's Demoiselle Iniiation

Calixte's Demoiselle Iniiation

WHO                                      Calixte (CalixteFiore Resident)
WHEN                                    Monday, Nov. 19, 2018
WHERE                                   Chateau Library
PROTECTER                            A.F. Nightwish
2ND DOMINANT                   Damien
MENTOR                                 Xanadu Xue
DOORKEEPERS                      Lydia, Destiny



By: Siahnn, Roissy Journaliste
Photography by: Xanadu Xue

Maitre Dusty looked around the room at all the people dressed in formal finery as they settled in chairs and on cushions around the library.  They murmured in quiet voices, respectful of the Initiation they'd come to witness today.  His eye glancing over all of the Roissy Sisters, Maitre Dusty announced, "Sisters, to enhance this celebration and to remain more in line with the culture of our community, you may  unclothe your breasts.  If you are a Courtesan Sister, it is at your Master's wish."

As the Sisters complied, Sir A.F. entered the room, taking the chair beside Maitre Dusty. He said, "I'm back Dusty, I did as directed. The girl is safe in the tower. Greetings to everyone present."

"Thank you for retrieving our prospective demoiselle, A.F." With a nod to Sir A.F., Maitre Dusty raised his voice for the gathered crowd. "Welcome everyone and thank you for joining us for this initiation event. We are glad to have you join us for this special occasion."

Turning to look at the Demoiselle's mentor, the Maitre said with a smile, "Xanadu, would you please have the girl brought here from the tower and present her to us, the Dominants of The Château?"

Xanadue lifted her eyes and responded to his instruction, "Yes, Maitre Dusty." She then stood and left the library to get the girl.  Returning, she stopped briefly at the top of the stairs, smiling to Calixte before taking off her bra and slipping it into her pocket. Xanadue hugged her mentee, then entered the Library with Calixte close by her side.

Xanadue moved before the Dominants and turned to Cali, who had returned her hug and followed her into the library. "Please kneel before the Dominants on the pillow in front of Maitre Dusty " Xana said softly then smiled to Cali before turning to address Maitre Dusty. "Maitre Dusty and Sirs, it is with pleasure that I present Demoiselle Cali, who wishes to continue on her path to sisterhood" With another smile to her mentee, Xana moved to the pillow next to Maitre Dusty.

Calixte quickly found her knees upon the cushion, her eyes lifting and seeking the Maitre's as she listened to him speak.

The Master of Ceremony smiled as Calixte, prepared in lovely garments, was brought into the room and placed before him on the pillow. "Thank you, Xanadu." Then, he glanced back at the girl kneeling before him.


T H E   C H A L L E N G E

The handsome Maitre looked down on the girl with a steely gaze, watching her closely as she kneelt so submissively before him.  "Calixte, you were brought from the House of Samois by your mentor today. By your own desire, you have come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve the Dominants of the Chateau.  Are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new exciting path?"

Calixte's lips curved at the corners as she listened. Finding his eyes, she tilted her head slightly to the side and nodded.  "Yes, Maitre, it is my honor to do so."

Maitre Dusty continued, "In the novel of the 'Story of O', as René so generously gave O to Stephen for additional training, do you offer yourself to the Roissy Val d'Oise community to serve and learn as you continue to grow In your understanding of your submissive nature?"

Calixte continued to focus upon him closely and nodded again.  "Yes, Maitre, I desire to serve the community to the best of my ability and with my heart.  I seek to grow as a submissive and to learn something in everything I attempt."

Maitre Dusty smiled down at the girl, warm fingertips lightly brushing across the curve of her soft pink jawline. He asked "Do you vow to serve with passion and with fire all of the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise, within your limits, to follow the directions of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would require your service?  It's not too late to change your mind."

Calixte leaned into his hand a bit, her eyes closing for a moment and then opening as she refocused upon his face.  "I do vow this, Maitre.  I will serve with all of the fire in my belly.  I will follow the mandates and I will seek to provide pleasing comfort to all of those that I encounter. I will not be swayed, Maitre." She smiled up at him again.

Nodding at the affirmative answer, the Maitre reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a soft leather collar. As he reached down to lift her chin, Calixte pulled her long ropes of golden curls to the side so that he could fit the collar snugly about her neck. She swallowed slightly and chewed her bottom lip, her pulse beginning to beat faster as the soft collar was slipped around her neck and fastened.  

With a smile of pride, Maitre Dusty peered down at the lovely girl and said, "It is with great pleasure that I officially collar you to Roissy Val d'Oise, Calixte, I know that you will wear it proudly. Please stand and face your  community."

As Calixte bent forward, lifting to the balls of her feet and stood, Maitre Dusty stepped close behind her, unfastening the clothing that she wore, allowing it to cascade over her shoulders and down her body, exposing her lovely body to the community.  Cali felt the soft robe ease over her shoulders and slither into a pool at her feet.  Her panties followed next until she stood bare before them all. Her cheeks were a bit flushed as she turned to face the others that she had not fully noticed before. She noticed them now and swallowed.

Maitre Dusty allowed her to stand for a moment, the community taking in her beauty before he commanded, "Turn to face me, Calixte, and kneel before me."

As Calixte bent with shaking fingers and found the floor before him, kneeling once more, her eyes finding his, the Maitre slipped a leash from his pocket, a relatively lightweight, short length leash, but certainly symbolic of her submission and willingness to serve. At a soft finger touch to her chin, Cali exposed her throat so the leash could be clipped firmly to her new leather collar with a very soft **CLICK**, then tugged lightly to ensure it was secure.

When the Maitre informed her that he wouldn't blindfold her, since he wanted her to observe, Cali's fingers, which had been nervously gripped together behind her back, loosened as she exhaled softly and relaxed.

Maitre Dusty moved closer to the girl, his hand firmly gripping the leash as he told her, "Do not fear what is about to happen but rejoice in the fact that you are serving the dominant members of our community in your service." He lifted her to her feet, grabbing her arm to steady her before leading her to the center of the room.

Calixte remained pliant as he moved her about, smiling her thanks as he steadied her and took her to the middle of the room. She said nothing, but observed quietly.

T H E   D I S C I P L I N E

Maitre Dusty looked up at the chandelier overhead and said, "That will do just fine, I believe" Then, while looking into Cali's eyes, the Maitre took her wrists, and with an arm firmly wrapped around her body, lifted her up to fasten her to the chandelier above.

Cali, her eyes wide, felt the world tilt on its axis as he suspended her from the chandelier. She sucked in a breath and it squeaked out slightly, her toes curling.

Maitre Dusty, now the Punisher,checked to make sure the bindings weren't cutting off circulation from being too tight. He stood back admiring his handiwork for a moment before taking a whip from nearby and stepping closer. He informed the girl, "You will receive some discipline here, to test your mettle, your desire to complete your path being obedient and taking a bit of pain"

Calixte stopped fidgeting in the bindings as she watched him move toward a rack and choose an implement. She said only, "Yes, Maitre," the words slipping softly from her lips, her buttocks tensing slightly as she waited, the anticipation making her tense and relax and then tense and relax.

Maitre Dusty ran his hands over her smooth bottom cheeks before raising back with his hand and firmly planting the whip against her soft skin with a **SNAP**.  He changed their positions a bit to give her a bit of relief and then continued.

Calixte let out a bit of a yelp as the whip bit down and surprised her.  She ran her tongue over her lips, moistening them.  "Thank you, Maitre!" she breathed out, her eyes wide.

The Maitre ran a hand slowly over the smooth expanse of her pink bottom, watching it turn a bit darker red as the whip did it's best work.  He aimed down a bit and said, "You will count off each strike of my whip. Do you understand?"

Sucking in another breath as the whip fell again, Calixte nodded.  "Yes, Maitre!" she said, intaking another quick breath as she tried not to tense her backside.

Aiming a bit lower, to her upper thighs, Maitre Dusty let the whip snap firmly against the soft skin, aiming precisely and letting the whip fly, the tendrils landing firmly against her soft skin.

Calixte yelped out, "One, Maitre!"  her pulse beating faster at the base of her throat.

Maitre Dusty listened for her account, listening for her soft plaintive voice. He raised his hand back, his breathing clearly deep and heavy, his heart pounding in his chest as he brought his hand down firmly against her backside once more, the snap of the whip clearly heard throughout the room as it made its mark with a loud **SMACK**.

Cali waited. Not being able to see him was driving the anxiety. She felt the air move before the whip landed that time as she let out another strangled cry, "Two, Maitre!" her voice wobbling a bit as she did so. She could feel her soft buttocks begin to throb as the blood rushed to the surface, heat gathering where the marks had begun to show. She swallowed, blinking quickly as she looked over at the Senhor and the Sir and Xannie.

Taking the hilt of the whip, Maitre Dusty slowly, gently rubbed it along her inner thighs.  He pressed close teasingly and smiled. "You will find that being a demoiselle can be quite a fulfilling experience, as well as a learning experience."

Calixte jerked in the bindings as the whip slid up her sensitive inner thighs, the soft leather caressing the soft flesh. She squirmed, her face heating much like her backside.

Maitre Dusty raised his hand back once more and let the whip fly freely through the air, the rush of the tendril whistling as it landed once more on Cali's smooth bottom.

Calixte let out another soft cry, attempting to stifle it as she felt the air leave her body and she forgot to breathe for a moment.  Her voice shook again as she let out, "Three, Maitre!"  Her ribcage expanded and contracted more quickly with each breath.

Dropping the firm whip nearby, the Maitre leaned in close against her ear and whispered, "I don't want to get you too excited or painful, so that the other dominants may enjoy you."

Blinking a bit, the water in her eyes cresting on one side as a lone tear slid down her cheek, Cali whispered, "Yes, Maitre." She felt his breath puff against her ear, gooseflesh rising on her belly and arms.

Stepping forward, Maitre Dusty wrapped an arm around Cali's waist, lifting her up a bit and unfastening the bindings on the chandelier before lowering her back to the ground, letting her relax for a moment before taking her elsewhere.

Calixte bent over his arm as he tugged her from the bindings and led her toward the front.  She looked up at him, "Thank you, Maitre, for the lesson," was all that was said and she remained quiet after.

The Maitre smiled at the look of the handiwork on her backside and announced, "I believe she is of sturdy stock and will be quite an asset to this community. But now I will let my brother A.F. enjoy and have his way with her. That may be a bit more pleasurable to endure. She is all yours, A.F."

T H E   P R O T E C T O R

A.F. looked around the room, watching the large number of people present, dominants sitting and the submissives on their knees, all with eyes attentive to initiation. He nodded the Master of Ceremony said it was his turn to continue with the Initiation Ceremony and got up from his chair.

"Thank you Dusty, let me take care of the girl now." he said as his eyes traversed Calixte's body, analyzing the marks. I approached slowly, holding her chin and looking into her eyes. "It's time we know each other a little, and I feel honored to be part of your initiation as your Protector." He smiled before continuing, "I said not just today, but whenever you need anything you can count on me.” He spoke quietly while looking at her. "I want to tell you something very important," he paused to take a deep breath, "The collar is something symbolic, placed externally. But what in fact involves the submissive comes from within, exuding out."

Calixte's eyes followed the Senhor as he stood, her watchful gaze upon his own.  She moved closer as the leash tightened, looking up at his face as he spoke, her throat tightening at his words.  She nodded to him, not able to speak at that moment.

Releasing her chin, A.F.'s two hands now grasped her waist, eyes analyzing her naked body as he spoke this time, "I want you to have a lot of attention now, because I want to know how you're feeling and if you're ready to move on?" He spoke slowly and steadily.

Calixte lifted her eyes to his again and nodded, "Yes, Senhor." she said quietly, her skin warming beneath his large hands as he gripped her waist. Her cheeks turned a soft red again as his hands molded to her skin.

"Very good, you're a good girl," A.F said, pulling the girl by the leash toward the ottoman. "You are a beautiful female!" he continued in a high tone, looking around at the people, then looking back at Calixte. His fingers went under her soft lips and a smile appeared on his face.

Cali lifted her chin as she followed him, her mouth curving once more as she blinked spiky lashes at him.  She swallowed and said, "I am honored to be pleasing, Senhor." Her voice was soft and she tilted her head upwards, the corners of her eyes crinkling.

Pointing to the ground, A.F. spoke firmly, "On your knees girl, I want you to open the zipper of my pants and suck me. Today (you) will begin in our community. Do what I said and when you open, you will find that I am ready to feel your mouth on my penis."

Sinking to the floor with one knee on either side of his feett, Cali's eyes lifted to his as she lifted her hands to his zipper and carefully slid it down, the sound of the teeth on the zipper separating as loud as the grandfather clock to her side.  Her soft warm hand found the thick warm muscle and she pulled it from his trousers, her lips parting in surprise.

A.F pushed his dick between Cali's lips, feeling the dampness of the saliva as she tasted. His hands gripped her head, feeling the texture of her hair as his hard limb pulsed into her mouth. The Dominant let out a low moan followed by a smile as he looked down from above. He instructed, "Good girl, I want you to swallow completely and then lick the head of my cock."

Calixte watched him, her eyes seeking his as she opened her mouth and felt the warm head on the flat of her tongue for the first time.  She let out a little groan at the feel of the velvety skin.  She obediently opened her mouth and curled her tongue around his shaft, swallowing him downward, her eyes still focused upon his.  She blinked as his cock hit the back of her throat and she gagged, her throat closing around him and squeezing him as she coughed.  Her eyes watered and turned red, saliva pooling at the corners of her lips before slipping free to dribble down her chin.  She eased back, sucked in a much needed breath and then flicked her tongue softly over the head before pressing her lips to it much like a french kiss.

His breaths hard and breathless, A.F.'s hand wrapped around the girl's hair, pulling her up so he could kiss her with intensity. As the other hand tightened over her breast, he nipped at her nipple and instructed, "Now again kneel and finish what you did, I want you to feel my nectar in your mouth."

Calixte raised up on her knees as he tugged her upwards for a kiss, a soft little mewl of need slipping from her mouth to his.  She bonelessly found her knees again, the fingers of one hand gripping his pantleg for balance as she flicked her tongue over his cock once more and then with a soft rasping glide, let the shaft slide down her throat until he was past the back of her throat and it once more siezed up on her.  Instead of pulling back this time as she choked, she pushed forward taking him deeper, her belly quivering as the fingers of her other hand gripped and dug into his thigh.. Strangled noises slipped from her lips as she bobbed him deeply and then drew back before relaxing and taking him deeply again.  She never took her eyes from him, even as they watered, tears streaking her face as she suckled at him, her tongue dipping, curling and lapping at him.

A.F. was excited and his dick throbbed. I felt the soft lips of that little girl devouring his cock and moved his hips quickly, pushing it against her throat. "Suck girl. I want to enjoy your lips. Do not let a drop drop." He said with a loud groan, "After swallowing my nectar, wipe my dick and put it in my pants."

Cali watched him through slitted lashes, her eyes glittering from beneath.  Her head rose and fell, strings of saliva connecting her lips to his cock each time she slid him from her mouth, only to dive back downward as if swallowing him whole.  She let out a soft little sound and suckled harder, her tongue curling and gripping his cock as she lifted her hands to press against his trousers, feeling the heavy balls within.  She continued to watch him, her eyes blinking rapidly as she rolled the palm of her hand over the heavy sacs pressing into his pants as she suckled deeply and waited, her nipples tightening into hard little points that rubbed against his calves with each bob of her head.

The scent of sex exhaled in the great room, and A.F.'s body, filled with lust, felt the urge to penetrate her, but he knew his role at that moment. A few drops of sweat formed on his forehead. He was ready to present the submissive with his nectar and felt an intense throbbing, releasing all the liquid into her mouth. "AHHh!" he moaned loudly. "Swallow everything girl, ohhh!" He could feel his milk flowing so hard as it pulsed.

Calixte felt him tense and then she felt the hot spurts slide down her throat and into her belly as he fed her.  She took what he gave her and pressed forward, her throat milked him with each choking spasm.  She stopped breathing for the moment, her neck and face turning a deep red as he continued to cum, her hands once more gripping the sides of his legs like a lifeline as her own body tensed and heat pooled between her thighs, matching the arousal evident in her breasts.

"Good girl, know that you have satisfied me." A.F. said, looking at her kneeling in his presence. "Now put my dick back in my pants and stand up. You will be possessed by Damien, so follow and serve him with passion." The Dominant gave a smile, caressing Cali's beautiful face, looking at her blond hair.

Calixte laved his cock clean, suckling every drop away from him as she relaxed back on her heels.  She then lifted her hair and gently patted him dry, her eyes remaining on his as her pulse sped at her throat.  She tucked him back into his pants and gently zipped him back up.  She knelt again at his feet and lowered her eyes.

A.F. pulled Cali by the leash toward Damien. "Here's the girl, Damien, I hope you take care of her and teach her where you stand." A.F. passed the leash and returned to his seat to watch the next step of the Initiation. His breathing returned to normal and slowly he sat again under the eyes of all the people present.

T H E   2 N D   D O M I N A N T

Damien stood slowly, brushed himself off, and accepted the leash from A.F. with a smile.

Cali slipped to her knees at Sir Damian's feet and swallowed, her eyes seeking his as she did so.  Her lips lifted at the corners and she smiled at him, widely.

Damien smiled down at the beautiful girl and said, "Please stand for a moment Cali and face me." and Cali quickly stood, her eyes on Damien as she did so.  She watched him quietly.

Damien placed his hands on her bare shoulders and smiled at her. "Cali, I was very happy when they informed me that you would be in the upcoming initiation. It seems we're in the same graduating class! This is only the beginning, but you've done so well, and we're all proud of what you've accomplished at Roissy so far."

Calixte smiled as she nodded.  "Yes, Sir.  I am honored that you have chosen to participate, Sir," she said, her cheeks growing pink.

With one arm around her, Damien guided Cali back over to the ottoman, and then gently pressed her down into a seated position when she turned with him and sank onto the soft cushion.

Kneeling down so he could look into her eyes and speak directly to her, he said with a smile, "I will add that, since the day we sorted those perverted library acquisitions together, I've wanted to fuck you silly. Let's wrap this thing up and go out with a bang, so to speak."

Calixte's face turned a brilliant shade of red at the mention of those books and she nodded, unable to speak as she was slightly scandalized by the thought of the books, still.  Especially the ones on the top shelf now.

Damien chuckled as the color came to her face, even after everything that has transpired, then stood and undid his trousers. He struggled with the zipper a bit, but finally managed the damned thing, revealing his already rock hard erection.

Eyes drawn downward as he opened his pants, Cali saw what was in store for her. Her eyes followed the large cock as it bobbed within it's trousers. She blinked a few times and then looked back up at him.  "I read the one about the cafeteria ladies.." she blurted, then her eyes refocused on his cock, her breasts feeling a bit heavier as they tightened.

She lay back, her thighs widening around his as he bent and pushed her back against the ottoman at last, slipping between her thighs.  She watched him solemnly as he pressed her back into the cushion to lie atop her, pressing the tip of his cock into the outer folds of her sex. "Are you ready for me Cali?" he asked, slowly pushing into her, feeling her envelope him, the thrusts becoming easier, more rapid, as his cock slicked with her fluids. "Cali, when I'm fucking you, I want you to always rub your clit for me, unless your hands are busy with other things. Get that cock as wet as you can."

Cali swallowed and nodded. "Yes, Sir." she said, her eyes finding his as he slid into her slowly and she rolled her fingers over her belly and then down to her clit, her cheeks fiery as she masturbated herself at his command.  Her inner muscles clenched around his cock as he pushed into her body and filled her her tight sheath clamping over him as a low groan of need came from her lips

"I like how you sound Cali. Don't stop..." Damien plunged into her depths, gazing with desire at her throes of pleasure, and beautiful figure, submitting to him completely.

Calixte relaxed for him, forgetting all about the pain coming from her rump as he had pressed a pillow beneath her.  As his cock slid in and out of her, she let out soft little panting sighs, grunting quietly each time he filled her to the hilt.  She cried out softly as her pussy fluttered around him uncontrollably, her toes curling into points that she placed on the back of his thighs.  She continued to rub the swollen nub between her thighs, almost sobbing with need.

"No cumming for now, Cali," Damien grinned at her. "Fuck Cali, fuck, fuck, fuck. I'm going to need more of that some other time, but for now, there is another task at hand." he said, raising her onto her knees, also kneeling before her. He placed his hands under her ass cheeks, and lifted her up, guiding her so that the tip of his cock pressed lightly against her anus. "I want you to lower yourself onto me Cali. I need to take your ass for my pleasure as well."

Cali groaned as he shifted her, her greedy pussy fisting his cock like a hot, wet, velvet glove as he withdrew.  She breathed in more harshly as his slick cock slid out and she felt him press against the tight ring of muscle at the back.  She tensed first and then tried to relax, breathing in and out several times before relaxing and then pressing against him, pushing out as she pressed downward, sobbing at the initial pain of the breach and then settling once he was fully seated and her eyes were wide.  She remained still, fearing to move.

As Damien began to move slowly in her tight hole, he grabbed a big bundle of her long hair in one hand, pulling her head back slightly to expose her breasts more to him. The Dominant began to lick and suck Cali's nipples mercilessly, teasing her. One eye traveled to her clit. "Keep rubbing," he said with a mischievous grin.

She had already forgotten his command and flushed, her hand quickly sliding back between her thighs and over her clit.  Her eyes glazed over and she let out a long growl as his mouth found her tits.  They were tightly furled and distended and even his breath made her jump.  When his tongue met her flesh, her pussy clenched and her ass slid downwards a bit more.  She groaned as he filled her even further. She rubbed faster. "Please.... Sir..."

He allowed her to build her pleasure for some time, never letting up on her nipples, before finally saying, "You have suffered so beautifully for us, and you have shown us that you can give us pleasure, but now you must show us your own pleasure. Cum for me Cali, cum hard, NOW!"

Cali nearly laughed with the joy of his command. Her body went rigid as she relaxed the tight grip she had had on her need and let the wave of pleasure overwhelm her. She clutched at his shoulders, her head falling back until her hair swept the ground, her pussy convulsing around nothing and her ass tightening painfully over his cock as she came hard, her body writhing in his grasp.  She shook in his arms, then her body relaxed and the tight ring of muscle let up slightly around his cock as she fisted his coat in one hand.  Her eyes were dazed and hazy, glassy as she lay in his arms, her body completely relaxed for his pleasure.

Feeling her contractions around his cock and on the verge of sensory overload, Damien came hard into her, holding her close as her own orgasm subsided. His lips on her neck, breathing ragged, his thrusts finally slowed down.  Giving her a final squeeze, with his arms around her, he gently eased her off his cock and maneuverd out from under her, standing. With a smile down at her he said, "I'm very happy, Cali, with your service. Come, you are almost done, I will hand you back to Dusty now."

Calixte lay in the circle of his arms, held tightly, as he began to slow, creamy liquid slick between her thighs as he pulled from her body and she stood on wobbly legs, thankful when she could crawl into a nadu to hide the trembling. "Thank you, Sir," she said to him, her cheeks still rosy as she looked up at him.


T H E   T I T L E

Maitre Dusty stood and awaited the leash back, intently viewing the completely exhausted new Roissy VDO Demoiselle. "Calixte, you are covered with a silky sheen of perspiration and trying to catch your breath, but I sense you are feeling very happy inside." he said as he yanked the girl closer.

The Master of Ceremonies turned to Damien and A.F. "You gentleman and her mentor, Xanadu, as well as many members of our community, have helped prepare this girl well for service to the Roissy Val d'Oise community. I commend you for that effort." Turning to the group gathered in the Château library, he continued, "We have taken this lovely debutante and disciplined her and opened her for use by the dominants of the Château and find her completely acceptable and recommend for her to fill the new role of Demoiselle."

Feeling a bit like a deer in headlights that nearly got run over by a truck and ran a mile, Calixte looked up at the Maitre, her eyes still a bit dazed.  She listened quietly, her wrists resting upon her thighs.  She peeked at Xannie and smiled at her slowly before lowering her eyes again.

Maitre Dusty smiled down at the girl, still keeping a taut grip on the leash "It is never easy to complete the debutante path. So many new ideas are being tossed at you, giving up the power over your own self to that of another, to do the bidding of a dominant member

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