Chel Demoiselle Initiation

Chel Demoiselle Initiation

October 6, 2015

The night was warm for October, and a bright yellow moon crept into the windows of Samois, bathing Chel Eddy's skin while she nervously waited for the infamous red limo ride. She almost stumbled up the Chateau stairs as Sweet, her Mentor, guided her to a place where the Doms would whip and violate her in front of a room full of spectators.

Music from "Fifty Shades of Grey" and "The Story of O" droned in the background as Maitre JC silenced the buzz of assorted hellos.

"Welcome to everyone, and thank you for joining us this morning.  We are so proud to have you here for this occasion".. he turned and looked at Sweet .."Sweet  ,  would you have the girl brought from the tower,  and present her to us, the Dominates of the Chateau, and her Master  "

"Maitre, Masters, Doms and my fellow sister submissives," announces Sweet, "I present to you the Debutante Chel..  Chel. please to kneel on the cushion in front of Maitre Justyn, my dear mentee." She kisses Chel's cheek and hugs her tight.

Chel enters and follows Sweet to the center of the room, smiling and nodding to her, kneeling onto the cushion, "Thankies Sweet."

JC rises and smiles, he turned and looked at Frank.. "My Brother, Frank, please prepare your submissive .. thank you sweet "

Frank stands slowly and walks to Chel, who looks up at Frank, smiling.

"My darling you are here to be given to Roissy. Please stand in front of all of them."  Chel strikes a pose,  as ordered, "yesh, sir Frank,"

Frank kisses her shoulder then slowly lifts the hem of her outfit. Chel shudders delightfully as he kisses her shoulder, feeling the top lifting up, as Frank takes it off gently over her head. She shivers as the fabric brushes against her erect nipples, exposing her chest completely to the audience.

The man moves close behind her and slips her panties down, kissing her butt as he bends down. Chel squirms a bit as he slides her panties down her thighs, making her heart pounds even harder, exposing her nakedness to them for the first time.

Then Frank stands and turns to everyone, "Maitres, Masters, Sirs and Ladies, it is with great pride that I present Demoiselle Chel for Initiation into service to all the dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise."

He proceeds to slip her shoes from her feet. Chel holds onto his back as he removes her shoes from her feet to steady her balance since she is lousy on standing on one foot.

"This Chel for all of Roissy Val d' Oise."

Chel turns her head to glance at Frank behind her to listen. He turns to Maitre JC,  "please come examine the new demoiselle."

"Thank YOU Frank," he responds. Chel smiles and also answers, "Thankies Sir."

JC  stands and walks closer to chel.  He  casts eyes upon the girl, drinking her in...."you were brought from the Samois by your Master and your Mentor today and by your own desire you wished to come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau of every level.".."are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new, exciting path".. as he spoke, he placed a hand against her ass, the other one lifted and began to fondle her firm large breasts ....

Che glances up at J.C., smiling even more, whispering, "Yesh Maitre J.C. on my own free will and willing to serve Roissy."  She bites her tongue at the sensation of his hand on her large breasts and firm ass.

JC lowers his hand and slides it between her legs, his fingers begin to strum lightly along the length of her puffy petals, he watches closely for her reactions, as he speaks in a low deep tone to her ..."Do you  vow to serve with passion and with fire,  to  all of the Dominants of Vdo, within your limits,  to follow the Directions of the House of the Samois and the orders of your Master,  and to ensure the comfort of all those who would demand that you serve them ?"

Chel goes weak in the knees at his rubbing fingers on her sensitive spot, keeping eyes locked on him trying to focus on his words, "Yesh, Maitre, with passion and fire!"

JC grinned as he feels her slightly stumble... "you will have to prove your worthiness then girl.... he pulled his hand away, and reached up and grabbed her hair... go to the post by the wall".. he growls and beins to push her towards it.

Chel whimpers as he pulls away from her, then gasps sharply as he pulls her long hair and presses her to the post by the wall, "Yesh Maitre" she manages to speak.

J.C. pushes her up against the pole, quickly binding her wrists with the ropes that were avaiable,  he would adjust them attentively, ensuring the skin would not be pinched, then he stood back, and pulled out his thick leather belt from his pants....." breathe deeply girl,  nice and slow "

Chel turns to him over her shoulder to hear what he has said and nods affirmatively, taking a deep breath and turning her head toward to the pole, waiting for something to happen.

As his hand went up to her hair again, holding her head forward, and her hair out of his way the belt came back, then whooshes through the air, landing across her firm buttocks with a loud SMACK, leaving a nice red welt in its path.

Chel gasps at the smack, tensing her ass right after each blow, biting her own lips to manage the silence.

JC pulls the belt back again and again , each timelanding with a resounding CRACK CRACK upon impact, her ass now beginning to show a crimson red color from the repeated harsh blows ... "good girl, that's it, you're doing splendidly," he  would whisper between each blow.

Che does not hear anything but feels the crack every time, causing her ass to tense harder and longer, keeping her mouth tightly shut to suppress a silence scream.

Suddenl the Maitre stops -- as quickly as he had begun.  He steps back and looks at Frank, putting his belt back on as he speaks, a trickle of sweat now  dripping down his face... ..."Frank, I find her delightful, and so very willing to serve. Thank you for this gift many of the Dominates will enjoy, please do continue her initation."

Che hangs her head down feeling the belt whipping has stopped, panting hard and heavy, hoping it has stopped. She turns her head over her shoulder seeing that Maitre has sat down, "Oh Thankies Maitre J.C." turning around to look at Frank, panting even still.

Then, Frank gets up and walks to JC and accepts Chel from him to continue her ordeal. He takes Chel in his arms and guides her to the center of the room and then looks over his darling with love. He removes his coat and shirt.

Chel holds onto his arm, tempting to rub her reddened ass but holds her hands away from there, looking at Sir Frank with passion in her eyes. He kneels in front of her and continues to give her his pleasure.

Chel watches him removing his coat and shirt, squirming a bit with her heart pounding along with her ass throbbing in the sensation of the aftermath of the belt.

"I place my hand over your clit and slowly rubs it as i move my tongue on the edges of your lower lips."

Chel holds her hands up in her hair, bracing herself as he gives her the pleasure, gasping sharply as he plants his hand over her wet swollen clit, as Frank rolls his tongue into her pussy and spins his fingers over her clit faster.

Chel attempts to rotate her hips to his tongue and finger, arching her back to take more of his pleasure, "OH Sir Frank!!!" And he whispers,   "I move my hand behind you tracing my thumb onto your bottom hole."

Chel moans heavily now that both her holes are stimulated with his fingers and tongue, feeling her pussy producing slick juice, lips opening even more to welcome him

"I push my tongue deep into your pussy as my thumb behind you slowly enters your anus. I rotate my thumb inside you rubbing your clit slowly now as my tongue pushes between your lips."

Che thrusts her hips wildly to his face, wanting to give it all to him.  Her body trembles with pleasure, she struggles to stay on her feet feeling the waves of pleasure nearing already due to the double penetration. Frank descibes more: "Ok, i ease my thumb out of you and stop licking you as your passion has heated me up. Chel it is time to use you now."

Chel gasps as he stops, then whimpers as she is at the edge of an orgasm, moaning to him, "Yesh Sir Frank." 

"I remove my pants and slowly push my cock into your pussy."

Chel kneels down with her legs wide open ass up, feeling at ease now that she is not on her feet, glancing over her shoulder at him, when he grabs her hips and pushes his cock repeatedly into her, taking his heat inside her wet waiting pussy.

Chel squirms her reddened ass cheek against his shaft and feels him sliding into her pussy hole so slick, so tight. She arches her back and throws back her head as he penetrates deep into her pussy, causing her pussy to milk his cock immediately in a strong orgasm. "Frank you are so wet and full of passion."  She manages to stop her head and hold it to please him even more.

"I take you deep pushing my cock into you holding it still i let my passion flow into you moaning now. Girl cum for me"

Che releases the urge and climaxes even harder and longer onto him, squirting nectar all ov the sexes and thighs and floor.

"You have done very well Chel. i stand and re-dress. Stay there for the moment Chel." I look to Rain, "I find Chel acceptable for you to take, Rain."

Chel shudders in the afterglow, smiling and keeping the pose for him, "Yesh sir Frank, thankies," she manages to speak through the breathing issue.

Rain rises slowly, having watched this demoiselle's display of courage and passion...."Well done Frank."

As Frank hands over Chel to Master Rain, Chel rests her head on the floor, trying to catch her breath for a moment before Rain takes over. His eyes are stern; his voice calm, but not unkind as he addresses this sweet girl displaying her submission to all of us....."You are doing well demoiselle.... there is some pain however along the long path in your journey.... do you accept that still chel?"

Che looks up at Rain, "Yesh, Master Rain, I'm willing to serve you as well." wondering what he is gonna to do to her.

"Good girl"...gripping her hair and arm he would raise her and place in display once again for all to enjoy. She gasps as he grips onto her hair, feeling the yank, whimpering under her breath and standing up. He trails his hand along her shoulder around to her spine and down to the crack of her ass, making Chel shiver to the touch of his fingertips along her sensitive flesh down to her reddened ass.

Gripping her hair, he bends her over to display her virgin well-whipped ass to all.  "Show all of the dominants this gorgeous red ass girl"

Chel gasps at the sensation of her hair being pulled but remains calm to obey him, managing to steal a glimpse of his face to see what he has said, "Yesh Master Rain." He cups his hand over her filled sex coating his fingertips...."I am going to open your ass for the use of myself and all Roissy dominants chel." But she keeps her eyes on Rain, nodding affirmatively to his question, "Yesh Master, All my holes are available to serve anyone in Roissy." He liberally applies her own juices and those of her Master, his finger opening her sweet red ass.

Chel moans softly to the finger tease where he applies the flavored mixes onto her ass pucker. He ulls his finger from her and pulls her to the ottoman to continue her examination, softly kissing the girl to ease the coming pain.

Che returns the kiss for the first time, savoring the flavor from Rain, feeling the tingle sensation on her ass and pussy altogether with her heart pounding hard against her chest. But he twists his hand in her hair..... "I am Master Rain, girl" and throws her to the ottoman to take her.

Chel gasps as he twists her and throws her, "Yesh Master Rain!"

pushing through the tight ring He pierces this virgin territory, his cock stretching her. Chel throws back her head arching her back, taking all of his hard cock into her tight backtunnel, causing some discomfort inside her. Yet he begins to thrust hard and deep....reaching to pull her nipples...."God girl you are tight."

Chel moans heavily as the discomfort becomes pleasure, triggering her to press her body backward against his hard and deep thrust, mind being distracted by his hand pinching on her erect nipples.

"Good girl chel.... he feels her begin to respond her natural submissive knowing how to please...." Then she whispers with whimpers, "May I, Master Rain, cum??" feeling the waves of pleasure nearing her again with her ass stretched and penetrated.

The platinum-haired Master slaps her ass hotly...."no you may not, girl......not until I have had my satisfaction....hold." She cries softly at the spank on her sensitive reddened ass, whimpering and nodding affirmatively with her ass being stretched even more and deeper into her guts.

"Much better Chel.... now you are working ......clamp tightly and pull my seed into your hot little ass and I may let you cum"

Chel rocks her body back and forth to increase the pleasure of pumping his hard cock in her anus, milking his cock involuntarily in the bliss of being filled in the ass.  Her clit throbs and cries for attention wanting to release the urge, as Rain begins to grunt --  the white hot curtain of passion rising in his loins...he reaches to cup her meaty pussy, squeezing hard as he begins to fill her ass......

Chel bites her lips hard as he cups her meaty pussy, holding the urge even harder, whimpering and whispering, "Please!!  Please!! Master Rain, May I cum???"

Pulling his still spurting cock from her ass to spurt up her back he hisses......"Now demoiselle you may cum." Chel explodes immediately as he pulls his cock out of her spasming ass, squirting nectar everywhere on the ottoman and her thighs, legs shuddering uncontrollably.

He pulls away and wipes his cock on her ass, then leans over the girl pleased with her willing gift and nips her shoulder ......"You will do well chel"....then turns to address her Master.

Chel shudders delightfully as the cool air replaces Rain's presence, "Thankies Master Rain!" panting a bit. He lifts the still quivering submissive he hands her to Sir Frank......"She is a treasure indeed my friend....Maiter JC I am satisfied she will serve well. He touches her cheek soflty... "nicely done, Chel."

JC smiles and looks over to Frank..." all yours my Friend"

"Thank you Rain" Frank answers, and turns Chel to face everyone again. Weak-kneed, she manages to stand on her feet, her pussy throbs in the afterglow, smiling at Frank, "Yesh Sir Frank."  She turns around and looks at each face.

At that point, Frank takes Chel into his arms holding her close. Chel smiles and nuzzles into his arms, "Mmm Thankies Sir Frank." He nuzzles abck, "You are a beauty now for all the doms of Roissy, honey.And she smiles brightly and nods, "Thankies Sir Frank."

"I thank everyone here for witnessing Chels acceptance to your service."

As he takes Chel to treat her in his love, Frank says,  "thank you everyone," unleashing a boisterous assortment of hurrays, with loud cheers for the new Demoiselle with bright congratulations and toasts to her great initiation and the way she performed all along.

As JC directs Frank to bring Chel to aftercare, he stands up, " Thank you everyone, for showing your support, and being here for them." As Chel thanks everyone with her big smile for their congratulations and support, Frank leads her from the room for her much-needed aftercare.

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*photos courtesy of  Xanadu


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