Chrimson's Demoiselle Initiation

Chrimson's Demoiselle Initiation

WHO                                      Chrimson (felicitydamask2649)
WHEN                                    Saturday, July 14, 2018
WHERE                                   Chateau Library
MENTOR                                Diamond Gebhardt
PROTECTOR                           Dexter Howley
SECOND DOMINANT            Calvin Cage
DOORKEEPERS                      Syn and Ori



by Blue Ronsein, Roissy Journaliste
Photography by Xanadi Xue


As the familiar strains of Story of O music wafted through the old Chateau Library that warm Saturday afternoon, Dexter Howley silently drove the red limousine over the bridge and down to the Tower Door, where his passenger, Chrimson, disembarked to begin the traditional initiation ritual.

As people began finding seats in the Library, Wick, the Master of Ceremonies, used the time to lay out ground rules, explaining about lag, about rules of courtesy, and even about Sisters removing their tops and exposing their breasts.

He turned to the Demoiselle's mentor, "Diamond, would you please have the girl brought here from the tower and present her to us, the Dominants of the Château?"

"Yes, my pleasure, Master Wick" and after a few moments, she holds Chrimson's hand until they reach the room and she is in front of the pillow, “Please sit on the cushion before Master Wick, Beautiful," smiles to Chrimson.

Heart pounding in my breast I step forward and the view through the curtain takes my breath away.  A sea of faces appears before me. Taking a deep deep breath I walk forward to stand before Master Wick then gracefully kneels  as bid

Wick smiles as Chrimson is brought into the room, "Thank you, Diamond." then glances at the girl kneeling before me, "Such a beautiful girl you have brought before us today."

"Yes she is, Master Wick, inside and out"


T H E   C H A L L E N G E

The pony-tailed Master looks down on the girl, watching her closely as she kneels before me...."Chrimson, you were brought from Samois by your mentor today and by your own desire you have come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Château.  Are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new exciting path?"

Chrimson looks up into Master Wick’s eyes –brown ones full of wonder and smiling answers with an affirmative “YES! Oh yes Master I am here of my own free will”

"In the novel of the 'Story of O', as René so generously gave O to Stephen for additional training, so you will now offer yourself to the Roissy Val d'Oise community to serve and learn as you continue to grow In your understanding of your submissive nature?”

“Yes Master Wick I promise to serve all of the Dominants here and to learn and grow in my submission."

"Do you vow to serve with passion and with fire all of the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise, within your limits, to follow the directions of the House of Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would require your service?  It's not too late to change your mind.”

Chrimson shakes her head.  “I have not changed my mind Master; I am here and with every part of me I vow to serve with passion and fire and ensure the comfort of all who would require my service.”

She stands up quickly on legs that feel like stalks of grass bending and wobbling in the wind, thn moves closer and lifts her chin. Wick pulls a collar from my pocket sliding it around your neck and fastening it in place."  "It is with great pleasure that I collar you to the House of Samois, Chrimson, I know that you will wear it proudly." and Chrimson feels the collar go around my neck and I touch it tenderly with fingers, looking up at Master I smile.

He turns and faces the audience while i slip your lingerie off your body and prepare you for the next step on your path as Chrimson takes a deep breath and turns to the sea of people, then gently grips the sides of your white outfit and tugs sliding the material down your sides and over your behind. unclasping your stockings and tugging them down to the floor. revealing yourself to those in attendance. She gulps once, twice as my heart is in my mouth before kicking off my shoes  and then peeling silken stockings from freshly shaved legs . Then unclasping the bisque slips it from my body to then stand naked as the day of my birth before all. She turns to face Master, knees knocking together.

The MC slips a leash from my pocket, a symbolic leash of her submission and willingness to serve. Lifting her chin with a finger touch and clipping it firmly to her new leather collar with a very soft **CLICK**, tugging lightly on the leash to ensure it is secure.

To Chrimson, The CLICK the TUG lets me know where I am I wait excitedly but nervously for the next part.


T H E   D I S C I P L I N E

Wick moves closer to the girl, firmly gripping the leash "Do not fear what is about to happen but rejoice in the fact that you are serving the dominant members of our community in your service."

She smiles and pushes my shoulders back and lifts my chin up. "Yes Master" answering with more conviction than I believe I have.

Wick Tugs your leash leading you to the post on the side wall. "You will be spanked 6 times Chrimson. You will count each one aloud for those around to hear. Do you understand?"

Chrimson Takes in a deep breath, "Yes Master " agrees in a quieter voice as he attaches me to the apparatus, and he pulls her over his knee and draws my hand back slapping your round behind twice quickly.

Chrimson feels Master pull me over his knee and the quick slap takes my breath   shouts out "ONE!"

He draws back further and smacking your left cheek harder then before trailing my fingers over the reddening flesh

The slap reverberates around my bottom and the heat spreads and just as I relax  SMACK number two on the other cheek  S....  almost swears  "SHTWO!" I cry out

 Chrimson Begins to squirm as Master rearing back and slapping your right cheek with my palm cupped two times hard and resounding slaps. She feels the next slaps in quick succession and "oh my!  That hurts  -- Three Four"  I call out trying to take the feeling of the stinging on my skin away with my shouts

Wick leans in close "two more and then the hard part is done." He opens his hand and slapping it against an unmarked area of skin  on your left cheek rubbing as the sting hits your flesh, and as she hears Master's voice  her eyes tightly shut teeth gritting and I tense a little before dropping my head and my rump lifts  waiting for the next two smacks -- The soft rub on my skin lulls me and I jerk as number five catches me unawares.  "Oh! Oh!  fffffive"

Lifting my hand further back and bringing it forward with force, Master Wick plants it firmly against your right cheek. All five fingers splayed open and leaving my hand print there.  a reminder of this spanking for days to comeT

Tears are now streaming down my face as the smacks heat up my skin  but my body is responding in ways I didnt know would happen and I lay on Master's lap waiting for that last one  and when it comes it nearly pushes my bottom into his legs    the slap s hard it takes my breath away and the six comes out more  like a grunt than a word. "Ssssooooooooooooooox" My bottom now on fire

Smiling seeing the redness growing, he says, "You have done well with this Chrimson. You will feel this for some time i hope.  standing you from my knees and holding your arm till your steady on your own two feet." Tugging your leash once more to lead you to my brother Dex.

Chrimson holds on to Master Wick as he steadies me to stand and I want to rub my bottom  but dares not  so just turn and try and see and the glow  would light up Roissy.

"Dex, she has done well, and now i pass her to you for the next part of her initation." Returning to my seat, "she is yours Dex."


T H E   P R O T E C T O R

Diamond Gebhardt: watches and gives an encouraging smile, as she steps near the next dominant and moment.

Dex takes the girl's leash from Wick and turns her towards the room, sliding up behind her my warm hand on the back of her neck massaging her gently as I whisper in her ear "You have done extremely well in submitting to my brother Wick's punishment."

Chrimson sniffs and wipes my tears away as Master Dex takes my leash.

"This ritual is a symbol of the next step in your journey of discovery of your own submission and of your committment and devotion to serving the Dominants of this community. Are you prepared to continue by allowing my bother Calvin and myself to open you sexually as a symbol of that commitment?"

Chrimson nods  "yes Master I am prepared. Thank you Master" with a soft hiccup

"Good girl." Dex speaks to the crowd "I'm so pleased to see everyone here in support of our chrimson. I am proud to be part of chrimson's "coming out" ritual. Every girl here knows how significant this is and how much it means to you. It is about YOUR journey of self discovery. As Dominants, we are here to guide you and support you. We do not TAKE from you. We allow you a way to demonstrate your submission and serve us. This girl has devoted herself to her Debutante path and today she becomes a Demoiselle. She is giving herself to this community and we, in turn, will help her and guide her through that path."

Dex squeezes chrimson's shoulder, "Sit on the ottoman girl and focus on me and me alone."

The girl listens to Master Dex and his touch is reassuring as is his voice. She turns and moves to the ottoman and sits on it.

Dex smiles at the pretty girl and kneels next to her, touches her face "Only me, focus on me"

"Focus focus  yes Master" she whispers as Master cradles the girl in his strong arms and kisses her cheek and whispers softly and privately in her ear, "Will you give yourself to me chrimson?"

Chrimson Relaxes against Master Dex feeling his arms around me although my bottom is stinging  and as he whispers in my ear I shiver and feel wanted somehow. "Yes Master  I give myself to you totally"

He positions the trembling girl at my feet and deftly releases my rigid manhood from my exquisitely tailored dress pants and slides my free hand through chrimson's soft hair gripping a handful and pulling her mouth on to my throbbing cock "Show your devotion to me a a Dominant of Roissy Val d'Oise and make love to my desire for you with your mouth, show me your skill little one"

Chrimson blinks rapidly as he stands and presents his engorged manhood before me.  I open my mouth  and his magnificent  manhood slides in  and my lips close around him whilst my hand automatically reaches to grasp him. "That's my good girl.. take it all, and h caresses her hair." Chrimson lets her tongue swirl around his hardness  feeling it go deep into my throat, and I gag for a moment before relaxing.

Dex pumps my hard cock in and out of her warm velvet mouth

Chrimson Brown eyes look up for a moment into his seering blue ones as his hand caress my head helping me to bob in and out and I begin to suck and tighten my lips around him as we move together

Dex moans and feels my spine tingle... not allowing my orgasm to build I pull the girl off my cock, streams of saliva trailing from her lips to my stiff member, speaking in breathless tones "Not so fast little one, I'm going to open your sex now that you have made me hard and wet. " He slides my hand up your thigh and feels your dripping pussy "And I see it had made you even wetter and than my cock!"

Salivating like a puppy dog  I look up at Master as he moves that great shaft that has penetrated my mouth and quivers at his words  my insides like jelly my thighs sticky.

Dex lifts chrimson up into my arms and turns her over, angling her hips and spreading her thighs making her wet sex gape open for my steel hard cock.

"Oh my!" I moan softly as Master maneuvers me to his liking and as he slides into me my insides clench around him and my belly tightens. Dex grips both her crimson butt cheeks and slides my long hard cock the length of her tight little shaft, feeling the head of my cock bang over and over against her cervix... giving her ass another good swat as I pleasure myself in her inviting, enveloping pussy.

Hips lift high to meet his thrusts and his sudden slap  on my already hot bottom pushes back against him driving him deeper  and I meet those thrusts  my walls now slick and heated as he drives into me my moans  sounding strange as my body responds.

Dex reaches forward and pulls on her hair, my other hand gripping her hip and holding her steady as I stretch and fill her swollen sex "That's my girl give it to me... I'm going to fill you up with my hot seed"

Head pulled back by my hair, Master pushes deeper into me  his voice harsh in my ear as his arousal shows me his power.  Moans even louder as he plunges harder and faster into my eager body.

The big man feels his spine tingle as his orgasm rises from the depths of his body, slides my thumb along chrimson's ass spreading the cream from her sex over her asshole and massaging it as my body writhes and releases... moaning and grunting loud as streams of hot thick cum fill her pussy, our movements now making loud noises echoing in the room.

Master's grunts and thrusts fill my ears mind and body with eagerness to please him and i meet him thrust for thrust  the slap of skin against skin and our moans filling the air and then that warm feeling as he fills me with his gift.

Dex pulls the girl into my lap panting and puffing "You have ~pant pant~ done very well little one. One more challenge for you. I will bring you to my brother Calvin," and Dex tugs on her leash

"Oh Master!"   breathing fast  heart thumping as he holds me for a moment  and then takes me to Sir Calvin

"This girl has done extremely well my brother. Take her; she is more than acceptable."


T H E   P A R T C I P A  I N G    D O M I N A N T

Calvin smiles, "This I witnessed"

Dex caresses chrimson's hair as I plop back into my chair exhausted

She licks her dry lips remembering the taste of Master Dex as he passes me to Sir Calvin, fluids dripping down my thighs.

Calvin Takes her leash in his hand and has her stand facing him in front of the ottoman. “Thank you Dex. Chrimson we are all very very proud of you. You have this last possible moment to decide to change your mind..if you wish to do so please say so now.”

She swallows  throat dry and licks my lips again before affirming what had been said before. "I wish to continue Sir Calvin please."

Calvin Moves her hair off her cheek and behind her ear, and a small quiver of a smile touches her lips and her hed tilts towards his hand. “Very good choice” he says and using his fingertips to lift her eyes to his he looks deep into them and gives her a smile. Leaning down just a little he kisses her softly, letting his lips brush and press just enough to reassure her. It is a short kiss.

Her scent is strong.

Close my eyes as Sir Calvin moves towards me  his lips brushing mine in a soft kiss and I feel blessed to be here and to be in safe hands.

"That is always our wish....come to the center stand by the Ottoman."

She moves with him back to the ottoman, bottom still hot and glowing but feeling extremely happy. His  eyes brighten. “Well, let’s go ahead and send you down your path shall we?” he states and turns her to face away from him. “Go ahead and bend over for me, spread your feet about three feet apart and get a good grip on the ottoman.”

Chrimson Looks up at sir and promptly does what he requests. Once she is in place he reaches down and undoes his fly and tugs out his already very hard cock. Slipping his right hand under her and coming away with her on his palm and fingers he spreads her over his stiff length. His left hand slips up and into her hair and he finds a nice tight hold and steps closer and using his right hand, guides his cock to begin to circle and press to her opening.

She closes my eyes feeling Sir's hands and fingers touch me. His hard shafft cool against my skin as he presses and circles around my wet pulsating body. "good just remember you're in our care...." her sweat is sweat in his nostrils, the warm room and the breathing of the people a soft song to him. "move your ass up a little"

Chrimson lifts my bottom up towards him, feeling my cheeks of my face now hot as my bottom  as I eagerly now await his touch on my body

The head of Sir's cock begins to find her ready to take him in as he moves with more pressure, and his left foot taps her ankle just once to move it a few more inches open. Then he finds her open to him and he guides himself inside her warm depths.

The sound of my heart in my ears is deafening against the quietness of the room and the touches of his hands on my skin the thrust of his hard shaft entering me slowly but wit pressure fills me with sudden desire and I push against him eagerly

He growls once as he feels her envelope him and his hand takes a good tug on her hair and he begins to move inside her, his strokes starting slower, letting the natural pace begin. As he begins to feel her widen, his strokes begin to move in a more deliberate and pressing pace. The warmth of her depths making him smile. "You have nice long hair Chrimson...Nice to get a good hold on you"

She feels Sir sink deep into me  my body pressing against him with each stroke  The tight grip of my hair helping me to drive harder against him the rhythm making music between our bodies

As his cock buries deeper into her his hand holds her tight and close by her hair, the desire to take her grows as he loses all that is around him, the room, the people. It is just her now, the feel of her surrounding him and the wonderful scent and feel of her body and her hair in his hand. Glancing down he sees her ass is starting to shine a very very deep Chrimson..and he takes one nice swipe at it. "Say 'fuck me please Sir.'"

My body melts against him my insides tremble and tighten as each thrust goes deeper  The grip in my hair tightens pulling me harder and I amswer calling out to the walls of the room as he thrusts  "Fuck me PLEASE Sir" with all my being.

Chrimson gasps but pushes against him harder when he smacks my hot trembling bottom and the feeling is A Maz ing!

The deep rich scent of her is strong and he hopes its present to the last person in the room. He drags his nails down the center of her back just enough to wake those little nerves, but certainly leave no mark, and she arches her back as he scratches down my quivering skin the feeling making my nipples harder my belly  tighten and my insides squeeze around his hard shaft

Chrimson moans louder as my body experiences all types of pain and pleasure at this Dominants hands “Harder now…” He informs her and begins to fuck her with the determination that is deserving of such a good girl. His pelvis begins to bang into her cheeks and he tugs her hair, arching her head back, then lets go her hair and his hands take her arms and hold them and he drives inside her with intent and pride in her. "you are going to cum when I understand?

The girl pushes back hard against him at each thrust  my breathing now coming out in ragged gasps and I can only nod as he commands me to cum when he gives permission  Wondering as each touch  takes me higher until I am struggling to hold my climax I understand I call out to him.

Calvin's cock stiffens to its culmination, her tightness like a warm wet glove on him. “Turn your head to the side and look in my eyes and ask me to cum in you and let's please hear that same devotion"

Chrimson turns brown eyes to face him my neck craning around my shoulder as he pushes and thrusts into my eager body   Eyes pleading as I calll out to him  "Please! Please! Please! Sir may I...May I CUMMMMMMMm?"

"Cum now Chrimson." he barks. His release is intense and hard. The essence surging inside her and his entire body shakes for a moment. He growls as he holds her tight in her position, as he moves in her slower and slower, his seed and her own body's scent drifting out to the room. The scene begins to reappear before him, the Chateau, the crowd…but his heart is full of only pride in her taking these next steps towards on her path. He returns his cock to his trousers.

Chrimson hears his command and I let my body relax and the most amazing feeling washes over me as my body spasms aound his hard shaft  The juices erupt from ,y body coating him and dripping down my thighs and the experience is soooo deep I cry out loudly , "AAAARRRRRRRRRR RGGGGH HHHH! ... YES!  OH GOD! that was  yes"

He gently moves her to standing and turns her to face him, kissing her once and moving her stray strands form her cheek and guides her to Wick, handing him her leash

Chrimson quivers in one long spasm before standing and recieivning Sir Calvins kiss legs now more than wobbly Holds her as she stands, she leans against Sir Calvin appreciating his arm to hang onto. He gently moves her to standing and turns her to face him, kissing her once and moving her stray strands form her cheek and guides her to Wick, handing him her leash.


T H E   T I T L E

Wick Stands and takes the leash back, noting the submissive all hot and sweaty, but smiling. Pulls the girl closer and turns to the dominants Dex and Calvin "You and her mentor Diamond have prepared this girl well for service by the dominant members of our community." Tightens my grip on the leash, placing her on her knees before me, "On your knees, Chrimson."

"We have taken this lovely debutante and disciplined her and opened her for use by the dominants of the Château and find her completely acceptable and recommend for her to fill the new role of Demoiselle. It is never easy to complete the debutante path... So many new ideas being tossed at you, giving up the power over your own self to that of another. To do the bidding of any dominant member, to study hard in your workshops and your readings, but you did it. You are an inspiration to all those that follow you in understanding your submissive nature and will.

"Congratulations Chrimson, you have proven yourself worthy of being called a Demoiselle of the House of Samois Val d'Oise.. Wear your collar proudly and take pride in the service you give the dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise. Stand and face your loving community, Chrimson"

"Thank you Master Wick."  She stands t face those who shared today with me

"I present Demoiselle Chrimson."

The crowd bursts into applause and many, many congratulations. Diamond had been smiling all the way through, a way of being as close to Chrimson in her phases of her initiation as she could be. A wink , nod, if the submissive happened to see at glance. Very proud of her knowing how nervous the former deb has been this day and happy to see her now smiling."Excellent serving, Chrimson, I know what it took for you to follow through with this and you not only did but you served truly from your heart. Well done beautiful and congratulations Dem Chrimson. I wish this path to bring forth even more discoveries about yourself, unforgettable fun, and memories."

"Thank you everyone, she declares, smiling at her mentor,  I couldnt have done this without my wonderful Mentor and each and every one of you who has encouraged me along the way. Thank you Master Wick, Master Dex, an Sir Calvin for giving me the best day to remember."


T H E   F I N A L E

"Dex please take this lovely new Demoiselle and provide for her aftercare."

"My pleasure, brother."

Take good care of her Dex as i know you will

Diamond smiles to Chrimson and blows her a kiss before she leaves the room. Chrimson smiles to Diamond and blows her a kiss

Dex hugs s the girl warmly and leads her out of the room. Chrimson enjoys the quick hug and follows Master Dex

"I want to thank each one of you for joining us here today and showing your support.  As René has mentioned, It is that support the keeps our community strong."  Wick Turns to the lovely Xanadu  "Are there any announcements for our community today?"

"Thank you Master Wick .. Today we have the following on our calendar :

"1 – 2pm Vocalist: Paul Kindhartdman in the Gardens then this evening from 6 – 8pm is DJ Sadie on the Rooftop themed Motown and of course adding .. a special thank you to Sana for setting up the library and to Sister Syn and Demoiselle Ori for being our doorkeepers today."

"Thank you Sana and Syn and Ori for all their help as well -- Sisters you may if you can find your tops re-dress. With that, my friends, my Famillle we are dismissed. please enjoy your day and as always be safe and have fun in all you do."


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