Demoiselle Initiation Akka Nishi

Demoiselle Initiation Akka Nishi

April 21th, 2014

She had a glow on her face of excitement, her cheeks blushing a bit as Sir Kurt spoke to her.

Akka he spoke you look beautiful as he explained what would take place with on this day. She spoke in a soft voice, I am a bit nervous, i reached for her hand and placed it in mine to calm her fears.  She was driven down the country road setting and shown the tower, she was instructed to make her body nude and presentable. We left her to contemplate and think of what was ahead in her soon to be new journey and to reflect back on what she had already been taught.

I made my way to a kneeling pillow and knelt near one of the Master's that would test her submission. When instructed I made my way back to the tower and leashed the new demoiselle akka. As i lead her to the doors and up the stairs i turned and whispered in her ears, akka you have proven your submission worthy as a debutante, now it is your day to serve with fire and passion. Be pleasing to those you serve i whispered. We trodded along to we reached the Library, a room she would remember for many moons. As we enter I unleashed her as we neared the center of the room and presented her to the  Masters and Mistresses, then asking her to kneel before them.

SI looked toward Sir Kurt as he stood and moved forward, excusing me to go kneel quietly.

Sir Kurt looked her over and then paused, asking one question, "Before we proceed, do you willingly agree to submit to the dominants of our community? You are willing to to what is asked of you in the initiation by those who take part"?

Her legs a bit wobbly as she stood for him and answered, yes Sir, I agree.

Sir Kurt spoke to her, “come Akka and walk with me toward the fire. I want you to kneel just past the edge of the carpet on the wood floor and face the fire." he stood behind her as he pulled her flaming red hair back over her shoulders, highlighted by the flames of the fire. He takes a piece of cloth out of his coat pocket and folds it over placing it around her eyes, ties it securely behind her head and checks it to make sure it is not too tight but that she can't see, waving his hand back and forth a few times. "Very good Akka."

She spoke as the darkness begin to surround her about the strange sensations she was feeling. Sir Kurt clears his throat and says "I have known you for some time Akka, your journey as a submissive of Roissy VDO has been one to show your humility and submission to our community. It has been steady and deliberate. And you have always performed with dignity and a smile" He pauses and crouches slightly to run his hands down her back to let her know he is close. Taking his leash from his pocket, he clips it to her collar and moves her back out into the room, "follow me a few steps toward the center of the he room."

She spoke again of the sensations she was feeling, she said my skin has become hot lead... A shiver on my back... As feels a presence by my side but sees no one but hears a metal noise and is attracted to the unknown as I feel his breath blowing on my face. Black darkness covered me she said as she heard the singing of the ticking clock in her ears.

Sir Kurt stops near the ottoman and says, "turn around and kneel for me where are now Akka," as he stands behind her again. He runs his hands over her shoulders, grabs her hair and tugs a bit... "You do not see with your eyes right now Akka, but this enhances you’re other senses. Obedience is a matter of trust and communication. Listen well to the words that are spoken to you today. Follow the orders of the dominants and show your dedication to the community here." Her throat was dry as she spoke, yes Sir.

She heard the unclipping of the leash as he brushes her cheek with his hand as he examines her then turns to Marcus and nods. "I am turning you over to the first dominant. Show him and us your trust and obedience"

Sir Marcus stepped forward speaking to her as being beautiful, He pause as he towered over her and gazes a while at the newest candidate for submission to our family...scratching his beard as he takes her in, He spoke, akka I am glad to see you ready to take the next step in your Roissy VDO at Roissy VDO we stress "consensual". Do you understand what that means? She replied, yes Sir, saying she felt a new presence, a strong and reassuring voice to her ears... Yes Sir, I understand

Sir Marcus gently removes her blindfold and stands in front of her with his crotch at eye level, asking,  akka do you willingly submit to all the masters of Roissy VDO? To do with you as they please? Yes Sir, as flashes of light sparkled in blinking eyes. Yes Sir. I would...

That is a good girl. I am pleased with your answer, and your precious gift of submission. akka that may mean our own sexual pleasure, it also may mean discipline. It really is our choice, not yours, once you agree to submit to us. Reaching down he pulls her to her feet with his strong hands, and leads her to his chair. The saliva dripped to the carpet from her lips as she begin to feel more reassured as she spoke.. Yes Sir I accept being a submissive and giving my submission. My you are a fine specimen akka...I shall enjoy you very much as he allowed his hands to wander all over her body, stroking her soft skin, fondling her breasts, tweaking her hardening nipples...he squeezes her ass cheeks and jiggles them, examining her very carefully.

She responded as her body quivered beneath his touch as shivers covered her spine with a tingling sensation.  Teasingly but firmly he runs his hands up and down her legs, until he comes to her soft folds and notices a trickle of wetness forming there.... now akka you know our pleasure may not always be purely may also include discipline as well.

With those words he roughly turns her over and begins spanking her...the whacks echoing off of the library walls.

She begin to feel the heat on her butt and the indention of his handprint, she begin biting her lip to restrain from her cries.

In between whacks of his hand he caresses her exposed heat....inserting a finger to test her wetness, then resumes his spanks, her cheeks reddening...alternating between hard whacks and teasing fingers. Pleased and aroused at the sight of her red cheeks, he feels his cock pressing against his trousers....he unzips his fly and releases the pressure, then positions her so that she can slide onto him, her tightness wrapping around him as he plunges deep into her as she faces the crowded room. She begins to moans soft moans, whispering yes Sir, yes Sir.

Hearing her moans and feeling her heat, her body writhing, is almost too much to bear...he quickens his pace. She feels his hands on her holding her in place , holding her firmly in place to keep her balanced as she rides into ecstasy. Her teeth sank into her lips as she described a dark pleasure filling her body and mind. He spoke to her again, "akka since you have given us the gift of submission...I want to give you this gift..." with those words he explodes inside of her, filling her with his seed in a crashing wave of orgasm.

He cradled her and whispered "you are a true jewel, a wonderful addition to our Roissy VDO family akka", standing up, he removes his steel chain and leashes akka, leading her to Sir Justyn (JC).JC, I present akka to you, to do as you will.

Sir JC rises when he approached, straightening his jacket as he looked at him, he extends his hand reaching as he  takes her leash from Marcus, he enfolds it tightly in his hand, then looked upon her..." let us go to the center of the room, and you kneel there before me "

She answered yes Sir as she knelt in a submissive fashion, feeling his warm breath against her naked flesh. Sir JC rested a palm upon the side of her head, he was looking down upon her fondly, his words spoken in a deep calm voice.”akka, like a lovely songbird, whose wings have finally grown, this initiation is akin to you leaving Mother's nest, to experience all this place has to offer, to fly as high as you possibly can, Yes, the flight may contain perils, but there are many here who would come and catch you before harm could befall you "

Her eyes sparkled as happy thoughts crossed her mind after hearing his words, she replied I do understand Sir.

He Smiled, " As you are here for all the Dominates to use, to discipline, to serve in your fullest capacity, we are here to aide in your growth, to assist you in making the wings of flight stronger with each passing day".... he paused and licked his lips...." use your teeth to unzip my pants, then draw out the fleshy weapon that will soon move thru yet unknown parts of your lovely body.”

She leaned forward and lifted the metal pull into her mouth grasping it with her teeth she tugged and tugged pulling the zipper of his trousers down until she revealed his manhood. Her cheeks had turned a shade of crimson red as she gazed at what was eye level to her.

Sir's manhood would spring from his pants as she freed the thick girth from its prison, he clamped his hands on the sides of her head, holding fistfuls of hair and ears, he pressed his swollen glands to her lips..." feast on my bludgeoning girth, let me feel the vacuum of your cheeks, allow the bulbous head to feel the constrictions of your throat".. After he spoke, he thrust his hips forward, pulling upon her ears as he gripped her tight.

Her slips parted slowly as she begin to kiss, nibble and suck as if feeding her hunger. The hunger that had built inside her. The salvia dripped from her perfectly shaped mouth as he invaded deeper resting in her throat his full girth of manhood. She begin to gag and choke but continued to serve and obey.

His hips would continue a steady rhythm, his sack flipping up and smacking against her lower chin, his groin would smash into her face, squashing her nose, as he looked down and watched his thick blood engorged meat repeatedly ravage her throat.." mmm, oh yes, akka"... he managed to moan out, as he felt the head being swallowed by her willing mouth.

He used her ears as his handles as he pumped the heated flesh again and again inside of her cheeks, he was not aware of the slight moans, the groans that escaped his now slightly constricted throat, after several moments of using her mouth to his pleasure, he abruptly ceased pumping, pulling his thick girth away from her..." The lovely songbird has one last path for me to travel, before she is finally released to adorn many with her lovely music",  he spoke again to her, as he used her ears to flip her back on the cushion, then he flipped her over, his arm around her, drawing her up on her knees, he pulled the arm back, and gripped her firm round cheeks, then moved the glans to the tight little rosebud of her derriere, " All of you is for the pleasure of the Dominates, I now open this door, I reveal to all the subservience you have offered for our concern, to serve every taste of those who would command you, then suddenly, without mercy, the hard thick rod sank inside this tight dark chasm.

A loud scream resonated through the room as she felt his penis as he gave no mercy plunging into her tightness. Her cheeks were blushing red, as she gazed in to the filled room.  He had laid one hand in her hair, he used it to arch her neck back, so her eyes would see those around them in the room, he arched his own back, a low deep growl would escape his throat as he began to buck a bit less rhythmically, his own orgasm now coming to full fruition, as his sack spent its entire load of hot jism inside the dark cavern of her rear door. He suddenly ceased pumping her full, he leaned back and stood up, pulling a hanky from a side pocket, he wiped his manhood clean, he stuffed it away, then pulled her off of the cushion, giving her a quick hug, after he whispered soft words into her ear, he turned and held out the leash,, moving closer to Kurt..." I present back to you, the new Demoiselle, akka".

Tears dripped from her cheeks in joy knowing she had severed them well. I saw the glow of a submissive radiating from her cheeks. Her path will never be the same as she strives to continue to learn and be trained.

Sir Kurt spoke, as he stands nodding his thanks to Marcus and JC then looks into Akka's eyes as he takes the leash from JC and pulls her toward him as he admires her hew tag with approval. "Akka by your actions today and your many dedicated days in the community you have shown you will serve the Dominants of this Chateau well. When you are with them, you consent to their Dominance. I have seen you learn and grow and blossom since you first arrived here, often helping others and making all feel so welcome. He gives Akka's collar a tug by the leash. "While Akka is in aftercare it is important that she is not contacted he glances back at the gathered crowd, as he leads her i way i hear him say, Congratulations Akka!

(Written by:  Vette)

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