Demoiselle Initiation wendi

Demoiselle Initiation wendi

March 2, 2014


We gathered in the Chateau Library after a very festive evening of dancing to Ricky.   Everyone was in high spirits, and joyful as Vette brought forth  wendi  to present to the Masters of the Chateau.   In attendance were Maitre Rene, and Vette,  Sir Garrett,  Matire Chronos,  Sir Henry Laurens.    As we sat in awe of this young girls passage from Debutante to Demoiselle it was clear to all of us that she was indeed ready to serve.  

I took a moment this morning to review wendi's profile and in there i found some very interesting pearls of wisdom, that soft light that is shed into the dark void that sometimes surrounds those of us behind the keyboard.   I share this peek into our new Demoiselle  wendi:

   "Your words are your touch…Since we have no physical contact nor eye contact in second life, what I say expresses my feelings as well as I can put them  into words.  I feel deeply everything I say and do.  What you say to me can stay with me a long time, I take

 khloe:  it into real life with me.  "     This speaks of the immersion that each of us at sometime or another has experienced.    It is a awesome trait to find in the true submissive and one of the most special of gifts they can offer a Dominant.  It goes without saying that the role play we observed last night was  "on the edge" and very deeply touching.

It was  a great honor to watch Sir Garrett and Sir Henry as they drew this young girls focus and attention and completed the Ritual Initiation that we have come to observe and has built our community into a vibrant home.  The cloth of many colors and with a weave of golden and silver threads that makes it unique in so many ways.    We lifted our voices in praise of this NEW Demoiselle, and celebrated her submission.   


 The closing words of Matire Rene echo'd in our ears:

Rene, stands and looks the gathered crowd, and smiles, seeing many loyal members. Thanking them for the support they have shown Wendi today as she became the newest

"Wendi, It is a pleasure for me to congratulate you on your path. I look forward to seeing you continue on and grow in your submission as your training continues. your submission was shown as you are no longer an unopened blossom but a grand flower in full bloom.   Congratulations, Wendi.

"Congratulations Wendi it is with great happiness and joy that you join your sisters in the service of the Dominants of  Roissy Val d'Oise."


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