Dove's Demoiselle Initiation

Dove's Demoiselle Initiation

WHO                                         Dove (Ludoveca Resident)
WHERE                                      Chateau Library
WHEN                                       Saturday Jan. 20, 2018
MASTER OF CEREMONIES      Maverick Broadfoot
PROTECTOR                              Cyn Ansar
SECOND DOMINANT               Rodger Barnstormer
MENTORING SISTER                Lark Bowen
DOORKEEPRS                           Diamond  and Leilani





by Blue Ronsein, Roissy Journaliste
Xanadu Xue, Roissy Photographer

Her blue eyes seemed to glow as Miss Cyn Ansar approached the Samois gate. She opened the limousine's door and helped her beautiful charge, Dove, inside, joining her in the short trek to the Tower at Chateau d'Roissy. 

Inside, MC Maverick Broadfoot began the cermony. "Lark, would you please go and retrieve our girl and bring her before us?"

Lark Bowen hearing his instruction, rises as gracefully as she can in a tight skirt and nods, "Yes, Master Maverick.  Right away."

Mav, as he's called for short, sees the two lovely ladies waiting to come in.  He smiles and beckons to them to come forward, “Lark, please bring this girl before us, to the cushion in front of me here.”

Lark responds, "Yes Master Maverick.  Maitres/Maitresses, Masters/Mistresses, Sirs/Misses, and Lovely Ladies,  It is with great pride and pleasure that i present to you the beautiful Dove for her Initiation.  Dove dear, please kneel before Master Maverick."

Dove feels her body quiver as she gazes in at E/everyone and takes a deep breath, her eyes then moving to Master, as a soft smile slips over her lips.

"Dove, you look lovely.  I'm glad to have you here today."

Dove moves in behind her mentor, her gaze dropping to his shoes, before sliding up to his eyes, "Thank you, Master."


T H E   C H A L L E N G E

Maverick looks to the brunette before him, thoughtful. finding words., "Dove, look at me girl.  Give me your eyes, girl.  Listen to what I say, and answer me honestly and from your heart.  Do you come here willingly, of your own volition, to take the next steps here in Roissy Val d’Oise in your journey from debutant?"

She swallows deeply as her eyes lock with his. She sits straighter, her pale gaze proud as she speaks for all to here, "Yes, Master. I come here of my own free will to continue my journey with my family."

In The Story of O, as René so generously gave O to Stephen for additional training.  So now do you offer yourself to the Roissy Val d'Oise community to serve and learn as you continue to grow in your understanding of your submissive nature?

She curls her tongue over her lips a moment before speaking, "Yes, Master. I trust the Dominants and my family to help me further my understanding of myself."

Maverick pauses a moment, watching the girl’s face, " I’ll remind you that you have the choice.  I won’t hold it against you if you choose to take a step back.  What do you say?"

Dove lifts her chin, blocking out all else but his words, "I am here, Master. I am here to stay."

Here you may be called upon to serve the Dominants with anything from a simple drink, to some services that are much more intriguing and erotic, with a variety of tastes.  Do you vow to devote yourself to serve the Dominants of Roissy with passion and with fire?

Dove smiles softly, "With the fire within my very core I will serve. With the pride of who I am, I will serve." She curls her fingers over her thighs a moment before taking a deep breath, "I vow devote myself to serving the Dominants of Roissy."

He smiles thoughtfully and nods slowly, “Very well, then, Dove.  Stand before me, now”

The girl breathes, "Yes, Master." She slips to a stand, her thighs carrying her to stand before him, her legs slightly trembling but holding her gracefully.

"What you’ve chosen to wear today is lovely.  But, Dove, you will go through this ceremony bared to us physically.  You will now remove you clothing to show us your beauty."

She says not a word now, as she bends forward, slowly sliding each of her heels from her feet and setting them to the side. As fingers slide along her legs, she unhooks the garters, sliding of her stockings as well. Fingers hooked in her panties as they lower and expose her hips, before slender fingers hook in her bralette removing it and baring herself before all.

Mav takes my time looking the girl's fair skin up and down, " I, for one, Dove, am surely not disappointed in what I see. Dove, kneel for me again on the cushion." and she flushes as her gaze lowers a moment, before rising again. She lowers herself once again before him, her feet tucked beneath her hips as she does.

Maverick finds the shiny new collar waiting beside my chair.  I now take it, open it, and slide around Dove’s soft neck.  I close it with a “click” that resounds off the walls of the room.  “Wear this collar with pride and dignity, as befitting the House Samios.  Let it be a reminder to you of your vows here to serve.”

He holds her chin up as he slides the delicate collar around her neck. She hears the lock fall into place and quivers, knowing that she is fully owned now by Roissy and her family.


T H E   D I S C I P L I N E   

"Do not fear what is about to happen but rejoice in the fact that you are serving the dominant members of our community in your service.

"I will walk with you through this first part of your very first next steps.  I will administer discipline to you, just as it was given to O when she first arrived at the Chateau.  You will not be alone; I will be with you during this time.  You have not been disciplined in this way here up until now, but you can and will follow me.  Now please take a seat on the Ottoman."

Dove hears his words her lip quivering slightly, but it is with a nervous pride. She slides to a stand, before moving over to the ottoman as instructed, seating herself upon it.

"In The Story of O, her first encounter in the Chateau happened on and around the ottoman, just as I will also have you here. Also in The Story, O’s first experience with discipline involved the use of a riding crop, similar to mine. I do love the smell of old leather and mink oil."

She lets her gaze slowly drift over those present, before listening to his words. Her lips parted slightly, that subtle intake of breath as she waits...her own scent of jasmine lingering with that of leather.

"Now, Dove.  You should be in a good position on to properly receive this discipline." He puts the crop onto your skin softly, teaslingly, for aim, and Dove adjusts herself so that her body moves to a better position a softly whispered, "Yes Master." Slipping from her lips as she feels the tease of leather. The flick causing her to cry out as her body responds to the touch.

Maverick  rears back my arm for the first swing. Then pauses after three strikes, feeling the girls warming skin, feeling the welts just beginning to rise, adjusts my stance for sure footing, aiming better for ther other cheek.

Dove bucks with the impact, feeling the sting as she bites at her lip, every flick slowly causing her lips to release until she lets out a cry, the sound mingling in the air. She feels that touch, only to feel him soon flicking again, each motion causing that whisk of sound to echo into her head as her cries mingle with the hiss. Her body trembles, a light sheen of sweat forming on her brow.

He puts three more swats on the other side, then pauses, running my hand along the warm skin, a lovely pink now.  I reach between her thighs to opening them even more for me, brushing my hand up against her sex, feeing her reactions there... moves the end of my crop between her legs, teasing, threateningly.

Dove cannot help the soft mewl that comes from her lips as his hand moves over her warm flesh. The brush of fingers against her sex causing her to gasp before the leather strikes again, causing her fingers to curl into the cloth beneath her.

Maverick moves my hand up and down her leg, feeling the skin, enjoying the heat created, and gives three more strokes, the hardest ones yet

She rolls her head back at each strike, the collar glittering around her neck as her eyes drift closed and her lips part with every strike to her trembling thighs. Dove did not cry softly, as those strikes moving against her sensitive thighs, causing a wail of pain to move from her lips, but there was pride in that sound as she took the pain that he gave her with a soon whispered, "Thank you, Master."

"Dove, you have taken my blows well.  Now, take my hand, stand, and find your feet"

The girl laid her fingers in his as she stood, her legs shaking as the sensitive flesh practically glowed with blushed color. She stands before him, her eyes watching his as she awaits his command.

Cyn, I’ve put this girl through her discipline.  I see that she has borne it will, with grace and courage.  I now hand her over to you with my full confidence.



Cyn Ansar smiles and gracefully stands, letting my eyes roam over the beautiful girl, brushes my fingers cross her cheek softly.  "You did well, Dove, are you ready for the next step?"

The submissive looks to Miss Cyn, a deep swallow taken as her gaze slips to the lovely womans before her. She breathes softly, before that rush of breath slips free, "Thank you, Miss Cyn. I am ready."

The Miss slips the skirt from my gown and let's it pool at my feet, I lead her to the ottoman and lower her down to the cushions

Dove moves to follow, feeling the tug to her leash, her body laying back upon the soft ottoman that had only moments been used to punish her. She looks up at her, her fingers once again, gripping the cloth.

Leaning down to brush a soft kiss over her cheek, I turn her so she is on her knees before me, my hand rubbing lightly over her well marked ass and thighs, to soften the sting a small amount

Dove feels that brush to her cheek and smiles, letting her eyes drift closed a moment, before turning so that the flush cheeks of her ass are lifted. As she touches them, her own back arches slightly, the sting still felt though softening.

Letting my fingers wander a bit as I rub, I slide them lightly between her thighs, finding the soft folds on my way to tease her clit. stroking softly as I use my other to wiggle into the harness of my strap on, fastening it as I continue to caress Dove warm soft skin

Dove feels that brush of digits along her flesh and as they caress her clit, she buries her face in the cushion, moaning softly as her breasts sway slightly. Her nipples were already hard from the slight brush of air against them, Miss Cyns touch only making them harden all the more.

Carefully kneeling behind her on the cushion Miss Cyn keeps my hand caressing her clit as I use my other to guide the tip along her warm lips, teasing pressing lightly into her tight opening

The initiate feels the weight shift around her, though that sensitive bud of flesh being caressed causes her head to lift again. As the tip of the strap on presses slightly inside of her, a moan slips from parted lips as her body trembles in expectation.

"Deep breathe and relax Dove... " slowly pressing the hard shaft of the strap on past her opening, taking the time to let her feel her walls spread along it as as I slide it deeply, pausing a moment to move my hand to cup her breast I start rocking my hips to slide almost out then back in fully

Dove hears her words, like a distant whisper in her mind and she breathes. The breath causes her chest to expand slightly so as the shaft slips within, she relaxes. The depth of that initial thrust causes a softly whimpered mewl to come from her lips. Breast cupped and arches against Miss Cyn, her body trembling and gripping at the shaft.

My fingers resting along her nipple as I start to knead in time to my hips slow motions, taking time to allow her to adjust to the feeling of the hard toy as It moves in her tight walls

The girl feels an ache as her sensitive nipple was kneaded, causing pebbles to travel along her pale flesh. The steady thrust of the shaft passing within her gripping heat as she feels Miss' body brushing against her sensitive ass cheeks only adding to the sensation.

Purring low at the soft sounds I move faster, taking her tight pussy fully on each thrust, my hand kneading hard and deeper into her breast to match the increased pace. I slide my other under to find her clit again and roll it in time with my hands and thrusting dildo

Dove cries out in hunger as she feels the pace quicken, every part of her body tingling as Miss' hands seemed all over. She could not focus on one part, just feeling Her within and without. Everything disappears, trembling thighs aching as that powerful feeling within her gut builds.

Keeping my hand on her breast and clit teasing in time to the hard toy's motions I move a bit faster purring deeper as I feel her moving under me, faster still as I push her higher, edging her closer to the edge

Dove starts to shiver, sweat glistening on her skin as she starts to press back against Her hips. Even with the stinging of her ass cheeks, she wanted to please Her... She felt a ripple move through her as she lowers her head, curling back her lips and biting down on the cushion, a low moan coming from her as she tried desperately not to let go

Leaning down as I thrust deeply inside her tight pussy I curl my fingers deep into her pert breast and find her ear for a low, throaty whisper.. "Good girl, that's it, cum for us. show everyone your willingness to serve, now!"

Dove hears that whisper, that command that ripples through her hazed mind and she obeys. Cloth snapped free as a cry of pleasure erupts from her body. Her hips buck of their own free will as walls ripple and grasp at the shaft, her body finally letting go

Purring deeply as I hear her cries, feel her bucking back against  me, I hold deep inside and let her ride out the waves, then let my hands relax, caressing softly along her spine as I step back and withdraw slower then I entered her, letting her feel each slow motion before sliding free

The girl near collapses forward, shuddered breath heard as the shaft slides through her still rippling walls. As it pulls free, her head lowers to rest for a moment, her body still quivering before she manages to speak breathlessly, "Thank you, Miss Cyn."

Miss Cyn sighs as I left her to her feet and steady her a moment then brushing another soft kiss over her cheek I turn and lead her to Rodger, holding out her leash to him as I move back to my chair "Good girl, she's all yours now Rodger


T H E   S E C O N D   D O M I N A N T

Dove moves to stand, her legs shaking and barely able to keep her standing. The brush of lips felt and she smiles before looking to Sir Rodger with a hazed gaze.

Rodger Barnstormer smiles… turns to Cyn “Thank you Cyn”. Turns to Dove, reaching out with my leash, using my finger and thumb to clip the clasp to her collar. Smiling to the Initiate…"Good day to you Dove.  It is my duty and privilege to help with your opening today, for the benefit of Roissy.  You have handled this initiation very well.  This will be the last step. Before we begin, are you ok?  Do you need a drink before we begin?"

Dove feels that click of his leash to her collar and her pale gaze slips over his face, "Greetings Sir." She manages to softly whisper as her tongue coils over her slightly parched lips. She lowers her gaze a moment, taking another deep breath before lifting it to his once again, "No, Sir...I am well. Thank you."

“Very well then” he responds to the lovely lady.  Turning, facing the ottoman, he steps to the center of the room pulling her along behind him, leading her to the ottoman, “Please take a seat here” pointing to the cushion.

She feels the tug and follows, her gaze not even noticing anyone else in the room. She lowers before him, still panting slightly as she tried to catch her breath.

Smiling, gazing over the lovely girl’s curves, her skin so soft, the redness from the punishment, reaching out his hand, using two fingers under her chin he lifts her face toward his… looking down into her eyes, admiring her beauty “You will make a good submissive for the Roissy Family Dove, we are lucky to have you”.  Using his hand to stroke her hair, her soft waves, running his hand down the side of her cheek, then to her neck, feeling the softness of her skin against his palm, her radiance warming his hand.

Dove feels his gaze upon her, even before he brushes his fingers to her chin. Her gaze slides to his, pale and glistening from her release. She keeps her eyes upon his, his words of praise causing her skin to flush as she smiles softly, "Thank you, Sir." The stroke to her hair causes her to curl into that touch, an almost purr of contentment coming from her lips as she relaxes, every touch felt to the very depths of her sensitive body.

He turns to take a seat on the cushion beside her, then wrapping his arms around her lifting her to his lap, now her body on his, the softness of her ass and thighs on his legs, her breast lying to his chest, he pulls her body closer to him, leaning in to take in her scent, like the flowers of a pasture in the morning, he runs his lips on her neck, tasting her flesh with his tongue “You taste delightful Dove…”

Easily moved, sliding to his lap as he pulled her to him, her sensitive ass cheeks brushing against the fabric of his slacks. She feels the length of his body strong and firm behind her. As his lips brush her neck, her head tilts, exposing more of her flesh to his touch. Her breasts rise and fall with every breath, her nipples still hard and rosy from Miss Cyn's tugs to them. His sweet words slip to her ear and shivers a whispered, "Thank you, Sir." Coming from her as she arched slightly against him.

Her warm lips against him giving him feelings of arousal, the heat radiating through his blood, to between his legs, his manhood filling with the heat and blood, with a lust for her body, he kisses her neck lightly before standing in front of the girl, reaching down to unbutton his slacks, then pulling down his zipper, his thickening shaft pressing through the opening… he again places his hand to her face, guiding her mouth to him, looking down “Take me into your mouth Dove, let me feel you enclose my hot tool with your soft plump lips..”

The naked girl bites her lip as she felt his lips move almost tenderly against her throat once again. She felt him thickening behind her and a groan would come from her body only moments before she shifted and pulled himself free. Her gaze would move to his cock, as he pulled her forward, and she took in his masculine scent. It radiated through her and she moaned, the sound causing lips to vibrate as she pressed them against his length, slowly opening them around the head of his cock, her lips locking before sliding down his length, tongue pressed against the underside of his length.

Feeling her lips slide the length of his member, first the tip, the head, then the skin… warming it with her lips, wetting it with her tongue, her teeth scraping the flesh, her taking him in deeply, reaching down behind her head, weaving her fingers through her thick hair, squeezing it tightly before pulling her head closer to his body, pushing her onto him firmer and deeper… he lets out a slow, moan of enjoyment “mmmm”

Dove feels that grip to her hair, moments before she is pulled forward, his cock sliding down her throat and causing her breath to hold for a moment. Her throat constricts around him, a coughed groan coming from her body as her saliva slips to coat his length. Her fingers grip at his base, holding him firmly as she swallows him as best as she could, letting her tongue continue to coil as she desperately wanted to taste him.

Enjoying this girl’s lips, her mouth, the sensations that he feels transversing through his shaft, tantalizing his body, he arches his back, thrusting his tool deeply, as deeply as he can, feeling the urge of fire, then  letting his restraint free he lets go his load of thick fluids into her mouth, enjoying himself completely…

She feels his throbbing length exploding in her throat, and she takes it all, feeling that thick fluid slide down into her throat. Her body trembles as she lets her gaze slide up along his body, seeing the look of pleasure in his eyes. She continues to suckle until she knows he is drained before pulling back and letting his glistening length slide free, her tongue moving over her lips as she does, "Thank you, SIr."

Enjoying himself he stands, sliding himself out of her mouth, taking his handkerchief from his pocket, wiping himself off, pushing his member back into his slacks, pulling his zipper back in place, offering her another clean handkerchief “Thank you Dove…. You have done very well.  I believe you will be an asset to the Roissy Doms.”  Looking in her eyes, directing her “Stand please”.  Turning toward Maverick he leads her to Maverick to finish this initiation.  “Here she is Maverick, she has done well with her opening.”

Dove slips to a stand and moves to follow, taking the handkerchief and wiping her lips as she looks to the others that had been with her to aid today, her gaze soft, even though she still felt it all.


T H E   T I T L E   

Maverick Broadfoot looks to the girl, smiling with a bit of pride. “Dove, I say you’ve done well today.  You’re a credit to your training and out community.” It is never easy to complete the debutante path.  So many new ideas being tossed at you: giving up the power over your own self to that of another, to do the bidding of a dominant member, to study hard in your workshops and your readings.  

But you did it.  You are an inspiration to all those that follow you in understanding your submissive nature and will.  Remember your vows here today and continue your in desire to serve.

Now, Dove, turn and greet our familie, as I’m very pleased to introduce you here as our newest demoiselle, Dove.”

The whole library sems to burst with congratulations and frenzied well wishes from everybody. Dove lowers her gaze and simply smiles.


T H E   F I N A L E

"Come with me please Dove", Cyn beckons, "and thank you all for comng"

"Yes, Miss"

Xana pipes up from hr cushion, " and a special thank you to Sisters Diamond and Leilani for their support during this initiation as doorkeepers and also to Sadie for keying our music"

Maverick concludes the cermony, "Folks, let's give Dove some time this afternoon.  Let's not message her right away.  She's had busy day. We’re thankful to Maître Rene for his dream of this place and for bring it about.  When you see him, thank him.  We also appreciate the work that the admin team does here to make this such a place to learn and play.  When you see them, thank them, too."

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