Fawn's Demoiselle Initiation

Fawn's Demoiselle Initiation

WHO                                     fawn (karen.kenyon)
WHERE                                  Chateau Library
WHEN                                   Monday, Oct. 29,2018
PROTECTOR                          Scorpio Blackthorn
2ND DOMINANT                  Jacco Fenutzini
MENTOR                               Kiera Rhapsody
DOORKEEPERS                      Jaymelie, Nica


By Blue Ronsein, Roissy Journaliste
Photography by Xanadu Xue

The Protetctor, as is tradition, drives silently toward the Chateau. He stops. He walks around and opens the door for the young Debutante and watches her enter the Tower before going into the Chateau to await the ritual ceremony.

Maitre Dom turns to the submissive girl's mentor. "Keira, one of your duties today is to insure the girl is present in the Chateau Library.  It is imperative that she is prepared for today's ceremony. Would you please retrieve the girl from the Tower and present her to us, the Dominants of The Château?”

“Yes Maitre,” and she stands up and hopes the sl gods are kind and won't crash me.

He looks around the room and all of the wonderful sisters that we have joining us today "Sisters, to enhance this celebration and to remain more in line with the culture of our community, you may  unclothe your breasts.  If you are a Courtesan Sister, it is at your Master's wish."

“Maitre Dom, I present to you my mentee Fawn." Dom delights as Fawn is brought into the room, appearing ready and able for today's ceremony. “Thank you, Keira..”

She nods then goes to sit quietly on my cushion smiling proudly at Fawn.

T H E   C H A L L E N G E

The Maitre looks down on the girl, watching her closely as she kneels before me….”Fawn, you were brought from The House of Samois by your mentor, Keira, today and by your own intense desire.  You have come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau.  Are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new exciting path?"

Her gaze dives through the floorboards, a slight flush appears on her cheeks, “I am Maitre.”

He nods to her affirmative answer... "In the novel of the 'Story of O', as René so generously gave O to Stephen for additional training, so you offer yourself to the Roissy Val d'Oise community to serve and learn as you continue to grow In your understanding of your submissive nature?"  What is your answer and say loudly enough for all to hear….and she says, loudly, “I understand Maitre Dom, and I am here of my own free will.”

“Alright... we all heard you.. please listen closely and answer as your mind and spirit allow.. Fawn, do you vow to serve with passion and with fire all of the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise, within your limits, to follow the directions of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would require your service?  It's not too late to change your mind. What say you, girl?”

“Maitre Dom, I am most certainly ready.”

He confirms her positive response.. Reaching into my coat pocket and securing a soft leather collar, Then reaches down to lift the girl's chin, slides the soft collar around her neck, fastening it behind her neck with a smile and pride.  "It is with great pleasure that I collar you to Roissy Val d'Oise fawn, I know that you will wear it proudly. Fawn.... please stand — and disrobe for your Roissy Vdo family.”

She turns to appraise the crowd, Quickly untying the sash, of her robe, it glides down her arms and puddles at her feet

“All clothing must be removed.... heels, head dress, and all...fawn, do not fear what is about to happen but rejoice in the fact that you are serving the dominant members of our community in your service. Fawn... It is my understanding that you are developing into a fine submissive. However, I can assure you as the sun rises in the east, that there will be times when you will stumble in your servitude to the Dominants of Roissy Vdo. Do you realize this possibility?”

“I do Maitre and accept them of my own free will”

“Do you also understand that some of these occasions will require punishment and discipline for corrective action and behavior modification?”

“I come here fully aware of the consequences Maitre, and are fully prepared

“Good girl... A test for a good submissive is her willingness and stamina to undergo physical punishment in order to rectify any surfacing behavioral problems. Fawn, are you willing to be put the test to prove yourself as a complying submissive for physical punishment?”

“I am ready  Maitre.”

“I see you are secure to the post. I will begin to administer the punishment lashes at my will and discretion. I have read your Limits information and I will abide by your limits for punishment.
Do you trust me not to severely harm you, fawn?”

T H E   D I S C I P L I N E

“I trust you Maitre” and she grits her teeth… at which point Maitre steps back with his leather flogger and takes aim at the submissive. He rears back and unleashes 5 blows to her naked flesh.

Closing her eyes, counting the lashes.

“Five hard blows to your backside, Fawn.... there are more planned.... are you still committed to your path?”

She tries hard not to whimper, biting her lip, her knees buckle, only the cuffs holding her up, flesh reddens

He views the girl's exposed flesh and takes fresh aim…administers several more direct hit blows to your back side . ”still with us, fawn?”

She nods, not daring to show her pain.

“3 more to go.... count each one as I unleash the pain of my flogger on you...

nods, one..two…moans, three

He walks to the girl, and sees she is still breathing well and is conscious. and she peeks up to him, showing she is still with him, and alert. Then Maitre Dom releases her from the post and steadies her on her feet, and she looks up...

“Fawn, you have past this test of obedience and stamina... we are all proud of you.”

Fawn attempts to smile under her grimace, “Thank you Maitre” an she waits patiently for instructions.

“Sir Scorpio will now take the leash for you next phase of the ceremony.”


T H E   P R O T E C T O R

Scorpio holds the leash firmly in my hand, looking to the girl.."You have done very well today. We are almost done. How are you so far and are you ready to continue?"

“I am ready and able Sir Scorpio.”

"Excellent, its time to open you" ..I say with a smile as i position you as i want you before unzipping my pants letting my cock spring free. He looks in your eyes as i am position myself between your legs, spreading them apart and sliding into you

Fawn, moaning every so gently, displays her pleasure for all to witness

The movement of his hips increases as does the pleasure i receive from being inside the girl, while in her mind, deep pink petals of female flesh part, beckoning, parting, and Scorpio, lifting your legs onto my shoulder allowing me to penetrate deeper inside you.

Soft swell of hips rise to meet his; rivers of pleasure bolting through her body...inner muscles of the love tunnel embraces your steel with a warm hug.  Then... his hands on your hips holding you in place as i feel you wrapped tightly around my cock, as she senses her sleek legs curling around your back, pulling myself up to meet your thrust.

Feeling my pleasure rise, i pull out and turn over on your knees as i ready to enter you from behind.."Time to open you some more for the family"

She nods obediently prepares for the onslaught, and he places my hands on your waist steadying you as i enter your rear with a powerful thrust, but she gasps at the report of the initial pain, allowing hr body to adjust, and accept..

He holds her head down as my pace increases more and more with each moment..."You have me so close...."  While, in her mind, exquisite pleasure coursing through her entire being.,  pain mingled with great pleasure....rising to meet your thrust.

He gives your ass a slap, not breaking my rhythm..."How does a girl ask the Dom to cum?" “Sir, I beg, may I cum for you please?”  ... and he grabs your head up by the pony tail..."Yes now, CUM right now!!"

Gasping, fingernails digging into my palms, “ohh yess, soo-o good …so close ..CUMMING NOW …Oh yes Sir...Yesssss”

"Yes..oh  YESS!!!!" he shouts out ..feeling your body shake from your release it triggers my own and i fill you full of my own cum

“fuck me yessss….mmmmmmmmmm”

Scorpio slips out, putting myself away and standing to my feet.."Thank you Fawn, you truly have demonstrated your willingness to serve the community today."

She collapses, hot spicy cum trailing down her inner thigh, and Scorpio passes the leash to Jacco before returning to my seat giving fawn a smile...."Enjoy brother"

T H E   2 N D    D O M I N A N T

Jacco begins, “Well, girl, you know what has to be served now?

She glances up to Maitre Jacco, “I do Master.” “Tell me,” he prods, “I will drink your nectar Master.”

“Good. Kneel and open my trousers, and he grabs the girl in her neck, holding her at her collar, “more girl—tell the people here what you are doing for me”

Leaning forward ...small pink tongue emerges..”lifting a bit of precum off the slit. Taking in the head of your steel covering the head.”

He slides his thumb of his free hand in her mouth and opens her mouth .. “take my cock now! don’t look in my eyes!”

My tongue darting around the base of the head, dancing over the nerves then,,,,suddenly plunges

Letting her kneel and keeping his fingers in her opened mouth he lets his cock slide inside, deep in her throat, swallowing your cock whole, face pressed to your groin.  Sucking, greedily trying to draw out the nectar

“Take my cum now.”

Drawing back to the tip of your cock, gasping for air, re plunging even deeper  Swallowing your steel, sh hears and nods, opens her throat, readies her tongue

“I will cum now in your throat, aaaahh”

She opens my throat, readying tongue, inhaling the briny cum...
drinking deeply

Then, Jacco puts his cock away and goes back to his seat

T H E   T I T L E

Dom sips forward, “Well done, jacco. Fawn, come forward and kneel for me.” He intently views the completely exhausted new Roissy VDO Demoiselle. “Fawn, you are covered with silky perspiration and trying to catch your breath...but I sense you are feeling very happy inside." “I am Maitre Dom,” she replies. Turning to, Scorpio and jacco, Dom continues, ”Gentlemen, you and her mentor, Keira, have prepared this girl, Fawn, well for service to the Dominant members of our community." The Roissy Vdo family is grateful.”

"We have taken this lovely debutante and disciplined her and opened her for use by the dominants of the Château and find her completely acceptable and recommend for her to fill the new role of Demoiselle. Congratulations, Fawn, you have proven yourself worthy of being called a Demoiselle of Roissy Val d'Oise.. Wear your collar proudly and take pride in the service you give the dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise. Face your loving community. Well accomplished today, Fawn.

“Thank you Maitre,” lowering my gaze. And Keira smiles proudy at her mentee.

“I am happy you are newest Roissy Vdo Demoiselle,” He declares.

“Thank you for your patience with me Maitre Dom.”

“Congratulations, Fawn, our new Demoiselle !” roars the crowd in loud cheers.

“Thank you all for your support and tolerance,” the Demoiselle answers

Dom waits for the congratulations to die down a bit then turns to her Protector, "Scorpio, please take this new Demoiselle and provide for her Aftercare ."

And Scorpio responds, “Gladly, come with me Fawn.”

"I want to thank each one of you for joining us here today and showing your support.  As René has mentioned, It is that support the keeps our community strong and he turns to Xanadu  "Are there any announcements for our community today?"

“Thank you Maitre Dom .. We wish to thank Sisters Jaymelie & Nica our Doorkeepers for assisting today.”  

“Thank you, Xana..and thank you all again for coming today. Thank you also to Maitre Rene for his support of these ceremonies.

“I now conclude this ceremony and dismiss the submissives.”





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