Juli's Demoiselle Initiation

Juli's Demoiselle Initiation

WHO                                          Juli Roads (juliette.romeo)
WHERE                                      Chateau Library
WHEN                                        Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018
PROTECTOR                              Dom
SECOND DOMINANT               Rodger Barnstormer
MENTORING SISTER                Ciara Ashton



by Sadie Xue, Roissy Journaliste
Xanadu Xue, Roissy Photographer

Mistress Petra opened the evening event by bidding Sister Ciara to retrieve her charge from the dungeon.  Idle chit chat murmured though the room as the crowd anxiously awaited the unveiling of the lucky girl.  

Mistress Petra tapped a spoon against her crystal flute to get everyone’s attention before announcing in her clear harmonic voice, “Welcome everyone thank you for your attendance today in recognition and support of both our Initiate and the tradition of this Initiation ceremony.  Ciara, please bring the girl and have her kneel before me on the cushion.  Thank you Ciara."

Ciara paused just beyond the entry to turn and smiles at the girl, Juli, and was overheard whispering to her, "You are and have been my pleasure to watch and help you grow through your deb path, I see so much potential in you, and look forward to mentoring you to sisterhood, you will flourish...are you ready Juli?"

Juli swallowed hard and nodded her head, "Yes, Ciara.."

Ciara turned back and stepped through the threshold, pausing moment before speaking loudly and clearly,  "Greetings Maitre, Masters, Mistresses, Misses, and ladies of Roissy,  It is my pleasure and honor to present my Mentee, Juli, this evening. May she serve the Dominants of Roissy with Fire and Passion and grow in her submission to achieve all that she desires.  Juli, please kneel before Mistress Petra"

Juli assented and lowered gracefully to her knees.


T H E   C H A L L E N G E

Mistress Petra looked down to the girl kneeling before her, "Look up at me, Juli.  It is of vital importance that you be here of your own free will.  If you feel anything less, I must tell you that it is not too late to change your mind and not continue on this path.  Are you here of your own free will Juli - fully and completely?"

Juli lifted her blue eyes to the doome challenging her, "Yes, Mistress..I am.."

Mistress Petra continued, "Further, do you vow to serve the Dominants of the Roissy community and do so genuinely with passion and fire?”

Juli responded, her voice clear over the fire just beyond,  "Yes, Mistress Petra, with everything I am...."

Mistress Petra nodded, a faint smile on her face, "From this point, you must present your body to all so that they may see and anticipate the charms they will use and enjoy when you complete this passage and bear the title of the Demoiselle . Rise now, face your famille now and remove your clothing as your own eyes meet those appraising you now."

As she stood, she removed her clothing while her hands were just barely visibly shaking,  "Yes, Mistress Petra, as you wish.."

Mistress Petra appraised the girl’s assets with a once over before adding, "Are you aware of the splendor of your own beauty in your nakedness?  Look and see the arousal you are causing at this moment.  Always bear your beauty and the desire you evoke with both confidence and humility....lovely girl. Now come kneel before me again.”

Juli acknowledged the command and found her knees once again.

Mistress Petra slid her hand into the pocket of her jacket and retrieved the traditional soft black leather collar of the House of Samois and leaned down, her facial expression and posture denoting the gravity of the moment, and placed it around the girl's neck making sure it is snug but not tight.  “Juli, I now collar you as a submissive to the House of Samois and will proceed with the first phase of this ritual of passage, The Punishment."


T H E   D I S C I P L I N E


The girl swallowed hard, as the collar is closed about her slender neck. Commanded to stand once more, she smiles softly, "Yes, Mistress Petra.."

Mistress Petra looked down at the girl again and granted her a small smile and briefly settled on hand on her shoulder as if I say "Remember what I told you...where there is fear there is power   now stay the course.  Follow me to the larger post that I've set out just for you. Now face the post pressing your body against it.   I am going to use a whip on your ass and the backs of your thighs.  You will thank me for each lash of my whip, but do not count.  I really can't abide the counting..  Is that understood girl?"

Juli asserted "Yes Mistress Petra.." and murmured as she does what is asked of her, obediently.

Mistress Petra drew her hand upward and back behind her before plunging it forward to kiss Juli’s ass and thighs.  Each time the sound echoed through the silent room followed by Juli’s voice exclaiming,  “Thank you Mistress Petra!!”

Tears rolled down her cheeks as each lash licked her skin harshly...

Mistress Petra continued to strike her now writhing form and closing her eyes just slightly and briefly when the sounds she made before bringing the whip down again now alternating the strikes on her ass and the backs of her thighs She would pause to watch the welts rise and redden.  "Stay the course, Juli, stay with me.  We are almost done.  Make me, make all of us here proud by showing your devotion to your submissive nature and bear this pain."  

Mistress Petra finally dropped the crop from her hand and unfastened her from the post  supporting her to stand upright as Juli continued as she sobbed, “Thank you Mistress Petra..thank you Mistress Petra...Thank you Mistress Petra.."  

Mistress Petra lifted her chin, I "You have done well, Juli, and your forbearance and obedience have earned you my approbation."  She gave her a  broader smile now and  leaned down to place a single kiss on the top of her head.  "Come now,  my Dominant brothers await and will take you  through the completion of this passage."


T H E   P R O T E C T O R

Mistress Petra lead her to Master Dom, acknowledging,  "This girl has borne her Punishment well and honors our tradition by doing so;  Take her in hand  now my brother.”

Master Dom agreed that she had traversed the ceremony well thus far and added, “Juli... I am officially your Protector for this ceremony, but please know that title is somewhat ambiguous tonight. I am here to protect you during this ceremony and during Aftercare. That is my sworn duty, and I will dutifully fulfill that role; however, behind the title of Protector is also my role of Penetrator. I will open you for your sexual service to the Dominants of Roissy. This is also my duty and we will commerce without haste.”

Juli Roads nodded and responded in a hushed tone with a shaky voice, "Yes, Master Dom.”

Master Dom lead her with his eyes looking to the piece of furniture in the middle of the room, “Juli, position yourself on all fours on the ottoman. Look toward your family and prop your back side up and offer yourself to me.”

Juli did as he instructed, and she closed her eyes. Her bottom pressed upwards, despite the pain she must be feeling from the whipping.

Master Dom approached her unbuttoning his trousers and mounting her firmly and heavily. Juli’s taut thighs were parted; her fingertips sank into the brocade fabric of the ottoman she was straddling. She kept her eyes closed tightly, possibly afraid of what would come next.  A soft cry escaped her lips, as Master Dom penetrated her tightness…  He spread her thighs wider as he took her hard...Soft moans escaped her rubied lips involuntarily, as the pain diminished, pleasure taking over.

Master Dom pounded her from behind; his voice ragged and peppered with grunts he yelled at her, “You will take every drop of me and will climax with with me....do you understand, Juli?”

Her fingernails dug into the ottoman as she gripped tighter; she looked to be hanging on for dear life at this point...She nodded her snowy-haired head as she heard his words, "Yes, Master Dom!" Her breathing was coming quicker now as he used her roughly.

With a load moan, he climaxed exclaiming, “Juli.... cum with me now!”

Juli closed her sapphire blues eyes once more, as she tensed, every muscle in her slender body taking hold, as she exploded in a climax.  She cried out in an almost feral way.

Master Dom looked pleased, “Well done, girl. Rise now and placing my member back in its place.”

Her voice barely above a soft whisper and her steel blue gaze lowered to the fancy carpet offered to thanks to her Penetrator.


T H E   S E C O N D   D O M I N A N T

Master Dom passed the slender chain of her leash to Sir Rodger, the second dominant in the festivities.  He had an impish grin as he transferred her, “Rodger... the girl has performed well during the second phase of the Initiation. she has pleased me. I leave her to you now as we proceed.”

Sir Rodger thanked Master Dom and made his way over to the ottoman, positioning himself in front of the initiate, the lovely girl. He looked down on her, on her white hair, on her beautiful body, her flush skin.

Juli lifted her sapphire blue gaze and smiled gently to the Dominant, Sir Rodger. "Yes Sir Rodger.."

Sir Rodger reached down to the lovely girl, took her hand, and sat sets on the cushion in front of her.  Reaching down, placed his hand on her shoulder, he reached under her chin to lift her eyes to his.  “It is my charge to finish of your opening this evening Juli.”   

He stood and his eyes appraised her curves; he parted his slacks to expose his muscle to her.  Stretching his hand to behind her head, he pulled her head to him, to his phallus, slipped it between her lips, filling her mouth and throat with his subsistence.  He forced it deep into her warm wet orifice; he slid it in and out, paused on the outside.

Juli stared at his hardened member for a brief moment in time, before he guided her head down, her scarlet lips parting to allow him entry inside her wet willing mouth. Instinctively, her right hand goes to the base of his mast, wrapped delicate fingers around it, she strokes him slowly, as her soft lips caressed his girth.

Sir Rodger suddenly stood and faced her again.  And now, the last step.  “Please turn and place your feet on the floor Juli.”

Juli visibly trembled and nodded her silvery-haired head "Yes, Sir Rodger.." She did as he asked, with perfect obedience....

He pushed her down onto the ottoman, her red scarred ass and back to him, his hands knead at her thighs; his fingers inches from her ass.  His digits squeezed into the soft round flesh of her ass as he forces his rock hard soaked tool into her tight portal.  He began to work his means in and out opening her extensively the heat of her torso burning like a fire on his shaft, pushing him to climax.

Sir Rodger turned to Mistress Petra, "I leave this girl to you Petra, to finish this initiation.”

Juli stands as commanded as she is led to Mistress Petra who instructs her to kneel once more on the cushion.


T H E    T I T L E

Mistress Petra leaned down to cup her chin in my hand and smiled to her then once again before  straightening her spine to continue.  Her ees panned those in attendance, "You have successfully gone through all the phases of this ceremony and borne yourself with dignity, humility and courage, and most importantly, obedience.  You have earned the recommendations of myself and your other Dominant Initiators to  pass on to the Demoiselle phase of your submissive training at Roissy.  May you carry forth these qualities into your future training and service to the Dominants of our community.  Understand that you serve best when you serve with commitment and devotion, not only the Dominants but in service you do to aid our community in all aspects.  Rise now Julil  and face your famille as  Demoiselle Juli,  your Initiation is now complete ."

Juli beamed with a look of pride and joy illuminating the features of her face as she exclaimed, "Thank you, Mistress Petra...thank you so much.."

Mistress Petra returned her smile, broadly this time and joined the crowd in a thunder of applause. “Congratulations  well done Juli!  Everyone please congratulate our newest Demoiselle, Juli."

Juli Roads sucked in her breath for a quick second,"Ma Famille..merci beaucoup...For everything, I thank you all. I could not have finished this path without the love and support of all of you. Thank you for being there for me and I will serve with my whole heart, without hesitation." She placed both hands on her heart and lowered her head subserviently...


T H E   F I N A L E

Mistress Petra motioned a hand towards Master Dom, "Dom as Juli's Protector,  please lead her into the aftercare room for some much deserved respite and ministration.  Thank you Dom.   Congratulations again Demoiselle Juli!"

As she was lead from the room, Juli turned back to say, “Thank you for everything Mistress Petra!”

Mistress Petra gave her a nod and returned her attention to the crowd, “I thank my fellow Dominants for their participation today and our thanks go out to all of you for your attendance and support of our newest Demoiselle, Juli and this tradition.  Allow me to thank the Admin team for the work they do on all our behalf and many thanks to Maitre Rene for creating this vision we call Roissy Val D’Oise and for his continued generosity.  Be well everyone. Please go safely and enjoy the day/evening."



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