Kindrana's Demoiselle Initiation

Kindrana's Demoiselle Initiation

WHO                                     Kindrana Resident
WHEN                                   Saturday, Apr. 13, 2019
WHERE                                 Chateau Library
PROPRIÉTARE                      René
MASTER OF CEREMONIES  Maverick Broadfoot
PROTECTOR                         Johan Dark
2ND DOMINANT                 Wick
MENTOR                              Siahnn
DOORKEEPERS                    Norma & Wytchie


by Blue Ronsein, Roissy Journaliste
Photography by Xanadu Xue

The limousine stands ready at House of Samois, where two beautiful submissives wait near the gate.

An amazing number of members, almost 50, listen as the MC suggests lag control ideas and welcomes everyone, including Propriétaire et Maître De Roissy Val d'Oise Maitre Rene, who finds his chair, sits down and nods at Maverick to proceed with the initiation.

The MC, Maverick, begins, “As we begin we can cease welcoming everyone “Johan, at this time would you find our girl at the Samois and escort her to the Tower, please?"   He nods to Maverick,  "Certainly.. " and heads out.

“I enjoy the traditions that we have here in Roissy, and I think this event is one of the most significant traditions.  It’s good to see all y’all here today to witness and support our demoiselle candidate.” And with that, he asked for a bit of quiet and went over the rules of the ceremony."

As the Protector returns, Maverick asks,  “How’s our girl, Johan?” He nodded to Maverick, "She is in the tower."

“Very good. Siahnn, please go and retrieve our girl from the Tower and bring her before us." She replies,  "It'll be my pleasure, Master Maverick."  and Siahnn gets up and slips out to get her mentee.

After a while, Maverick sees the two lovely ladies waiting to come in.  I smile and beckon to them to come forward, “Siahnn, please bring this girl before us, to the cushion in front of me here.”

Siahnn gives her hand a reassuring squeeze as I enter the library to introduce her, "Maitres and Maitresses, Masters and Mistresses, Sirs and Misses, Our O, sisters and ladies, it is my greatest honor to present to you my mentee, the lovely Debutante Kindrana, for consideration for initiation and service to Roissy!"

Kindrana follows Siahnn into the room and glances around with a hesitant smile before kneeling on the cushion before Sir Johan.

T H E   C H A L L E N G E

Master Mavrick clears his throat and smiles to the lovely girl kneeling before me.  “Good afternoon, Kindrana.  It’s a pleasure to have you here today.  I see you’re well-dressed or this occasion, looking lovely.”

“Thank you, Master Maverick.”

Pausing, choosing his words with care, “Kindrana, listen and hear my words.  Give me your attention; answer me honestly and from your heart.  Do you come here willingly, of your own volition, to take the next steps here in Roissy Val d’Oise in your journey from debutante?”

Kindrana wets her lips nervously as she listens before nodding and saying, "Yes, I am here of my own will and ready to proceed."

“Kindrana, in The Story of O, René generously gave O to Stephen for additional training.  So now do you offer yourself to the Roissy Val d'Oise community to serve and learn as you continue to grow in your understanding of your submissive nature?”

She nods, "Yes, Master."

He pauses a moment, searching the girl’s lovely eyes, “I’ll remind you that you have the choice.  You won’t hurt my feelings none if want to take a step back.  So, what do you say?” and she smiles slightly with a shake of her head. "No stepping back, I wish to proceed."

“Here, Kindrana, you may be called upon to serve the Dominants with anything from a simple drink, to some services that are much more intriguing and erotic, with a variety of tastes.  Do you vow to devote yourself to serve the Dominants of Roissy with passion and with fire?

The girl smiles shyly with a nod, "I vow to devote myself to serve the Dominants of Roissy with passion and fire while respecting my own limits."

He smiles thoughtfully and nods slowly, “Very well, then, girl.  I’m glad to hear it.  Now, please stand before me. While I appreciate what you’ve chosen to wear here today, it’s in the way.  You will go through this ceremony bared to us physically.  So now please remove your clothing to show us your beauty.”

Kindrana rises to her feet and swallows hard as she hears the words. She takes a deep breath then nods and slips out of her remaining clothing, blushing and holding it, not sure what to do with it. “You may toss that to your mentor for now,” he instructs, and Siahnn reaches out a hand for it and smiles.

“Now kneel again on the cushion, Kindrana.”

She gently hands the items to Sia before looking back to Maverick and chewing on her lower lip, shifting her feet slightly. She then kneels once more as instructed.

Maverick puts a hand into his jacket pocket and takes out the shiny new collar.  I take it, open it, and slide around Kindrana’s soft neck.  I close the clasp with a “click” that resounds off the walls of the room.  “Kindrana, wear this collar with pride and dignity, as befitting the House Samios.  Let it be a reminder to you of your vows here to serve.”

Th nude girl jumps slightly as she feels the collar slip in place then smiles slightly, "Yes, Master Maverick." and he reaches and touches the girl’s cheek softly, “Put away any fear what is about to happen.  Instead, rejoice in the fact that you are serving the dominant members of our community with your submission. These next new steps in your path I will take with you – just you and me.  No one else will exist for us for this time.  I will walk with you through this first part of your very first next steps.

T H E   D I S C I P L I N E

Kindrana, there’s a difference between the ideas of discipline and punishment.  I do not believe you’ve done anything that needs punishment – yet.  However, discipline is part of the continual training – and some is more pleasant than others.  I will administer discipline to you, just as it was given to O when she first arrived at the Chateau.  You will not be alone; I will be with you during this time.  You have not been disciplined in this way here up until now, but you can follow me, and you will.  I’ll start by fastening you to the post here.

She listens and stands slowly, silently.

“I want you to count out each stroke,” and he reaches back and gives three swings to her shapely ass. Then he swings higher and inflicts several  more strike. Kindrana
swallows hard with a nod, her body tensing with each blow as she calls out each, "One ....two....three..."

He smiles seeing the new marks on soft flesh, and gives three more good strikes, causing her to wince, her breath becoming a bit labored with each strike. Blinking back tears, she says, "Four...five ... six."

Maverick wipes a bead of sweat from my forehead, and gives three more strikes for good measure, and she closes her eyes tightly and clenches her hands as she counts out the last three, "Seven ... eight... nine."

“Johan, I’ve put this girl through her discipline.  She seems to have borne it well.  So, I’ll hand her over to you, with my full confidence.

T H E  P R O T E C T O R

Johan Dark nodded to Maverick and rose from the chair to look at the girl. He led her over to the cushion before him to settle down. "Hello Kindrana" He smiled to her, reaching to brush a length of her hair over her shoulder. "I will open you as your protector this day..   I want you to focus your attentions ONLY upon me. No one else exists for you for the next moments.. Your thoughts, your eyes, and your Mouth are mine and mine alone. Understood?"   He looked to her. "Now, unzip my trousers and remove my length, take me into your mouth and caress me.. "

The girl trembles slightly as she hears the words and glances to Master Maverick before looking to Sir Johan, her jaw slightly tense and gaze glassy. She flinches slightly at the touch of Sir Johan's hand before listening to his words and shifting her weight slightly on the cushion. She glances to his zipper with a slightly raised eyebrow then reaches for it with trembling hands.. Unzipping the zipper, she carefully removes his member and brings it to her mouth, caressing the tip with her mouth and tongue as her hands massage the length.

A soft groan of pleasure slips from his lips as she teases the metal ting ar this tip. Feeling her drawing it into her mouth and tongue, he slowly feeds her his throbbing manhood. Pushing inch by inch into her lips, before drawing back and inching a few more inches forward. Allowing her briefly to become accustomed to his thickness.  His hands curled into her hair, guiding her down along him as he took his pleasure from her mouth.

Kindrana shudders slightly before relaxing her mouth and taking as much as she can in her mouth before sliding it out once more, keeping it wet with her tongue gliding over it.

His hips thrust slightly forward as he began to use her for his pleasure. "Mmmm yes Kindrana.. Just like that girl.. So sweet. " Every pulse of his heartbeat caused the thick veiny cock to throb in her mouth. Slickened by her saliva, he worked himself harder against her. One hand slipped from her hair down to her chin, cupping it as he used her. "Very good.. Focus only on worshiping my cock "

Encouraged by his words, she strokes with her hands a bit firmer and faster while keeping her mouth sealed around his cock and taking it in and out as much as she could.

His eyes closes as he inhaled a growling moan. His fingertips gripped her hair as he thrust harder into her with a grunt. His cock spasming as his climax overtook him, send an explosion of seed into her mouth. "YES!" he hissed through his teeth, praising and rewarding the submissive for her hard work. He slowed his thrusts, and let the throbbing muscle relax in her heated wet mouth.

She feels the intensity grow in her mouth and braces herself to feel the warm flood. Doing the best she can, she swallows as quickly as possible trying to not let any leak down her chin while still gently using her hands to gently stroke his shaft.

"Good girl Kindrana.." He smiled down to her as his cock slowly softened within her mouth. Brushing the gleaming pierced tip across her lips. He slid it back into his pants and zipped. "I will now be passing your leash to Wick. Serve him well as he opens your other holes girl.  You did wonderfully "

T H E   2 N D   D O M I N A N T

Master Wick takes the leash and smiles at Kindran- "you have done well and now i will finish your opening. Focus on me and we will get you through this easily, alright?"

Blushing slightly, she smiles ever so hesitantly before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and standing to go to Master Wick as she hears Sir Johan turn her over to Master Wick. She nods with a small smile, "Yes, Master Wick,” swallowing hard.

He leads her to the ottoman once more and places my hand on her shoulder guiding her to the cushion- and she sits down once more, wincing slightly as she bends.

The man unzips and frees his hardness pulling her onto all fours and taking position behind her- "Kindrana i will be opening you both ways.”

She, in turn, allows Master Wick to position her the way her wants, tensing slightly in reflex of what is coming next. He grips his shaft and presses it between her nether lips pushing in slow and steady- feeling her stretch open  around my  girth.- "you’re doing well Kindran; just relax and let things flow naturally and all will be fine.”

Sh moans ever so slightly as she feels his shaft press into her, closing her eyes. She relaxes slowly as she hears his words and lets his body guide hers as she steadies herself still on all fours.

Reaching for her hands and pulling them behind her, Wick feels himself bottom out and starting to thrust in and out, slow and steady at first but gathering momentum as the wetness begins to grow and she falls forward onto the cushion as she feels her arms pulled behind her, her hips naturally arching up to meet his thrusts.

Lifting up higher and adjusting angle trying to gain every inch possible with each thrust, Wick announces "soon I will move from your pussy to your ass and open you that way where i will finish, Kindrana, but for the moment enjoy the sensations your body is being given.”

The girl gasps and whimpers, meeting each stroke hungrily before she says in a breathy voice, "Yes, Master Wick," as her own wetness grows

Wick, pulling on her arms and thrusting faster into her, feels the wetness coating his shaft.- "Good Kindrana Good"  -increasing pace with each thrust into her tightness. She moans and wriggles beneath him, her hips meeting each thrust intensely as becomes more and more wet.

He thrusts a few more times inside her wetted pussy slowly, withdraws and reaches in my pocket pulling out a small tube of lube and running a line down my shaft before applying some to her little star, placing the tip against the muscle and pushing in slowly.

Kindrana whimpers unconsciously in protest as she feels him withdraw only to gasp and cry out slightly as she feels his shaft press between her cheeks. Bitting down on her lower lip, she drops her head and tries to relax as much as possible while shifting uncomfortably in his grasp.

Pushing my hardness past the resistance and into her as deep as i can before reaching down and twisting her hair in my fist and pulling her body back to mine thrusting in and out deeply — and she cries out once more as she feels his length fill her virgin opening, she tries to stay focused on relaxing and letting him direct her body to do as he wants it to, still writhing slightly in his grasp.

He slides my free hand around her body and between her legs to press a finger to her little pearl. rubbing slowly and firmly in small circles as my cock impales her ass, working in and out of her-

She gasps softly as she feels his finger upon her and a sensation of pleasure soon mixes with the pain, her breath coming more rapidly once more.

Increasing the pace of my finger on her clit applying more pressure as the pace of thrusting increases."Kindrana do you wish to cum? do you want that release before i finish inside you?"

Gasping harder as her legs open further to his finger, eyes shut tightly, she nods and whispers, "Yes, please, Master Wick."

Thrusting faster and applying more pressure, “then Cum for me and i shall finish,” he blurts to her.

She gasps a few more times, writhing in his grasp before crying out in pleasure with her own release.

Feeling her release i remove my finger and  give over control feeling my cock pulse then erupt inside her ass as i groan out  releasing hot sticky cum inside her tightness. slipping back from her  and  Pulling a cloth from my coat pocket and wiping my self off before zipping back up- "You have done well Kindrana and now i shall return you to my brother dominant Maverick"

T H E   T I T L E

Kindrana relaxes slowly as she feels Master Wick pull away and takes a moment to catch her breath before tucking her loose hair behind her ears and gathering herself. She stands unsteadily and makes her way back over to Master Maverick.

The Master looks to the girl, smiling with a bit of pride. “Kindrana, I’d say you’ve done well today.   You’ve taken your first steps here, moving forward.  And you’ve done so with grace dignity, befitting a submissive.  You’re a credit to your training and to our community.”

“The debutante path is never easy to complete.  There are so many new ideas being tossed at you: giving up the power over your own self to that of another, to do the bidding of a dominant member, to study hard in your workshops and your readings.  But you have done it.  You are an inspiration to all those that follow you in understanding your submissive nature and will.”

“You will do well to remember your vows and your experiences here today as you continue in your desire to serve. He turns behind him, “Rene, I’m pleased to present our newest demoiselle, Kindrana.”

Maitre René stands and glances around the room as he lays his hand on the new Demoiselle’s shoulder and looks into her eyes

“Bonjour Demoiselle Kindrana. You have achieved a very important milestone this day. One that can only be achieved when there is an ability to concentrate or make a clear decisionwhich is an act of self-control.”

“Self-control is required of a good submissive for is shows that she is disciplined. No self-control in a submissive is like a wave on a stormy sea. Self-control allows you to home in on the voice.” Kindrana clears her throat as she kneels while looking up at him and says quietly, "Thank you Maitre Rene."

Rene pauses and smiles at her. His hand slides up her neck until his fingers rest on her vein. He feels the pulsing of it and lightly tightens his grip around her neck. He will not make this a long speech, this wonderful girl needs her aftercare.

Rene looks at the Kindrana as she kneels in front of him. He touches her hair softly; he is so proud. She did do it very well.

He looks up and looks at them all, “I have had speeches where I have compared a sub to flying planets or snowflakes” – he smiles —  “A submissive are a wonderful diamond – treat her well and she will grow and obey, treat her bad and you will flee. Her Diamond crystal structure will make you bleed.”

“Well, the first thing we must always remember is that it is YOUR choice to be a submissive. Liberty is the right to choose. Freedom is the result of the right choice!”

Rene looks back at her, his hand moving up to cup her chin, and Kindrana smiles slightly with an agreeing nod to his words.

“You’re more aware of the consequences of your actions under the trained eye of Dominants… And trust me, our Dominants will alert you to when your self-control is at its worst— since that's when you’re least likely to think of it.”

Rene smiles at her and gently strokes her cheek with the back of his fingers. “I look forward to seeing you continue to grow through the next level of your training. I congratulation you,  and for forward to seeing you at your Sister Graduation. Until then, serve all our Dominants with passion.

“Thank you, Proprietaire Rene. I intend to make everyone proud.”

“Good. Find your place within our community where you can share your special talents by becoming actively involved.” And Maitre Rene steps back and sits down in his old, comfy chair.

Maverick nods, "Thank you, Rene"

And looking to Maverick, Mitre René nods his head to continue.

“Now, Kindrana, stand, turn and greet our familie.”

T H E   F I N AL E

After a long round of congratulations,  Master Maverick smiles and motions with his hand, “Now, Johan, this girl’s had a busy afternoon.  Would you please take her someplace a little more quiet for a while?”

She looks to Sir Johan and waits for further instructions.

"Certainly Maverick.. Wick.. René, thank you for your presence, and your generous gift to the community " He took the leash in hand and looked to Kindrana.. "Come little one, let’s get you clean and warm.”

Maverick turns to Xanadu, asks about announcements, and following that, “Thank you, Xanadu.  Folks, let's give Kindrana some time this afternoon.  Let's not message her right away.  She's had busy day.”

“We’re thankful to Maître Rene for his dream of this place and for bring it about.  When you see him, thank him.  We also appreciate the work that the admin team does here to make this such a place to learn and play.  When you see them, thank them, too.”

“Y’all have a great rest of your day.  We are dismissed.”


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