Marie (MaireLeblanc Resident) Demoiselle Initiation

What       Marie Leblanc's Initiation

When      April 8, 2017

Where     The Chateau

Maitresse Ayita looks around the room and all of the wonderful sisters that we have joining us today "Sisters, to enhance this celebration and to remain more in line with the culture of our community, you may unclothe your breasts.  If you are a Courtesan Sister, it is at your Master's wish."  and Ayita smiles down to Venna, and then across to Mako, "Welcome Venna, and welcome back Mako."

"Welcome to everyone and thank you for joining us for this initiation event today, We are glad to have each of you join us for this special occasion."  Turns to look at the Demoiselle's mentor. "Venna, would you please have the girl brought here from the tower and present her to us, the Dominants of The Château."

Venna smiles To Maitresse Ayita and rises gently from the cushion  tidying my gown.  "Yes Maitresse Ayita," answers softly and hurries to the tower for her lovely mentee.

Venna slips her top off and presents her to the gathered, "Maitres, Maitresse, Masters, Mistresses, Dominates, family members and friends I present to you  Debutante Marie."

Ayita smiles as the pair enter the room, scans the newly arrived demoiselle, dressed in siren's red. "Thank you, Venna...." then glances at the girl kneeling before her. "I remember some of the first times I saw you Maire, you were alway so sweet and polite. You hugged walls and stood to the side, but it has been wonderful watching your confidence grow and seeing you enjoying yourself these past weeks."

Marie looks smiling and determined towards Maitresse Ayita, whose sapphire gaze sparkles, returning the smile with a warm one of her own. "Marie, you were brought from Samois by your mentor today and by your own desire you have come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau. Are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new exciting path?"

Marie smiles at venna and Maitresse wavers and nods. "Yes I want to serve as a heart and soul to the dominates of the castle."

Ayita nods softly at the response, and continues. "In the novel of the 'Story of O', René so generously gave O to Stephen for additional training. Here today, do you offer yourself to the Roissy Val d'Oise community to serve and learn as you continue to grow in your understanding of your submissive nature?"

Marie nods and watches the other dominates, "Is a pleasure and a great honor to learn with the guidance of the great dominants of Roissy."

Ayita asks, "Do you vow to serve with passion and with fire all of the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise, within your limits, to follow the directions of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would require your service? It's not too late to change your mind ..."

Marie responds, "Serve with heart and with pleasure to the dominates of Val d'ose with all my passion, I promise to make proud statement to my sisters of Samois with my behavior with a smile." Look determined with her promise.

With that, Ayita stands and fingers reach behind her to collect the simple, glimmering collar from the chair's arm. Bends down, fingers tilting the girl's chin upward and sliding delicate, golden chain about her slender throat. Checks to ensure it is fastened tight, a smile of pride and pleasure cast toward the submissive. "It is with great pleasure that I collar you to the House of Samois, Marie. I know that you will wear it proudly."

The breath becomes somewhat agitated to feel the chain that surrounds Marie's neck and she simply looks at the Maitresse with a smile.

Ayita pulls a fine chain from her pocket, the solid links of the leash symbolic leash of her submission and willingness to serve. Once again lifts dainty chin to secure it, hearing the soft click as it snapped into place. Tugs more firmly than was needed to check it was secure. "Do not fear what is about to happen but rejoice in the fact that you are serving the dominant members of our community in your service." She tugs the girl to her feet, and positions slender frame in the center of the room. Tucks arms behind her head and anchors her in place. "Stand still, and do not move ... that last part is important."

At that, Marie feels like holding the chin while my breathing becomes more agitated to see the chain and only loose a small whisper. " yes Maitresse Ayita."

Ayita positions herself behind the girl and pulls a flogger from beneath the ottoman. Gives it a testing trail across sensitive skin of her back.

And Marie feels the flogger's strips behind my back and shiver as i lets out a small moan.

Ayita 's lips curl upward at the sound of that moan. "Mmmm making pretty sounds already and I have barely begun." With that, the maitresse swings slender arm and brings the flails down over each shoulder. Straight down, then criss cross ... striking up a nice rhythm.

The breathing becomes more agitated and Marie decides only to press the fists not to shout in the room.

Ayita spies the clenched fists, and pauses in her blows. Steps right behind the red-head, and un-snaps the matching lingerie. Tosses the bra to once side, and nail shreds one side of the panties until they too, fall. "Who do you serve, Marie?"

"I serve Roissy; I am a submissive who serves the Roissy of heart and with all my loyalty" my face becomes more blushed to notice that my clothes are removed and I am naked before the spectators.

Ayita nods in apparent satisfaction, swinging the heavy leather one last time ... this time catching the girl right between sensitive thighs in a stinging blow. "Well then ... let us see if your words ring true hmm." Tugs Marie backward, keeping her off balance as she offers the leash to Mako.

Mako stands slowly, as I continue watching everything that has unfolded thus far and intensely scrutinized the girl, her reactions, her responses, her moods and responses. I nod to the Maitresse, taking the leash into my hand, and give it a firm tug, assuring that is it remains secured to the girl’s new collar, while catching the girl’s full attention in the process. Ayita slips back to her chair, settling in to watch the remainder of the proceedings, while Marie looks blushing and with a small smile at Master Mako.

Mako leads the girl to the stool, my eyes never leaving her, the evaluation of this girl never pausing,,,,, I nod to the girl, and I utter a single commanding word    “sit”.    I slowly walk around the girl.  I inspect her, moving my hands over her supine and youthful body,, both to admire the lovely girl before me, and to ensure there are no injuries or sores on her that should concern me as her Protector before proceeding.  Seeing none, I proceed…My examining touches change,, and become insistent,, sensual,sexual, as I please My senses of touch and view with this girl.  I slowly drag fingertips over you, following the curves of a demure girl,, about to experience her change to adulthood with all its mysteries unveiled to her now.  "you excite me, lil one... feel the rush that comes from pleasing a Man"

Marie watches master Mako totally blushed and moan to feel  hand touch my body

Mako pulls the girl tight to me,, to let her feel the press of  a man’s firm body against her sensual flesh, my compulsive hands touching her everywhere,,, intimately,,  forcing my kisses onto her, tasting her, grabbing at her as My passions increase, as Marie continues with the  kiss and  close her eyes 

He pushesthe girl to the floor before me on all fours,  eyes never leaving her.  “Open My pants, guide out My hard COCK, that you have excited on ME,,,,   kiss it,, suck it, want it, and you will please me…."

Marie smile to master mako and start suck the cock slowly aground with my tongue, and Mako's thick hard aroused COCK plunges past the girl’s lips,, in and out, repeatedly, building speed as My arousal for her grows,, giving this girl her first taste of a Man’s COCK,,, in and out,,, each thrust a little deeper,, as I have this luscious girl for my needs.   "ooooooo yesssssss"

Marie continues suck with my closed eyes around the cock with my mouth slowly exciting more Master Mako, whose strong hand grips the girls hair, tightly, shifting positions and guiding her up and down the length of me,, faster and faster,, deeper and deeper  ""rawwwrrrrrrrrr" feel my hair is grip and continue with  happiness and serve heart

"Ooooo gawd lil one,,," Mako feels the thrill that vibrates through a pleased Dominant nearing his orgasm..,, suck ME harder, want me to cum in your mouth!" and Marie open her eyes and try nods to master mako " mas..ter mako"

Spasms rip through him as he ejaculates into this hot girl's mouth,,,, explosively hot erupting .. thrusting deep down her throat in my ecstasies!!  "oooooo gawdddd yessssss"  I CUmmmmmmmmm

Marie feels like it enters your mouth and swallows with immeasurably means to breathe. And Mako  ends,, My dick now limp, dripping and drained by this hungry little one,, I lead her over to Meli… “she has pleased me well, and I give her over to your tender mercies,, for your pleasures.  Use her well, she is a delightful lil one, and Meli Nachtigal-Rae looks up and smiles.

Mako returns to My seat,admiring eyes still onthis well used girl, as I save the rush.

Meli nods and smiles at Mako, acceptin offered leash. She smiles "Marie sit on my chair with me and do as I tell you.  You must keep your eyes on mine, you are to open your legs a little wider, and you will relax"

Marie breathe in agitation and look into the eyes of my meli. "Yes miss"

Sliding my hand up her tremblin inner thigh, fingertips stroking her moist puckered labia, pausing to watch her pupils for reaction...probing inside her lips to explore her petals for a pearl within. "Do you like that, Marie? Do you reckon you can cum for me?"...sliding my index finger inside her vagina, curling it up press on her anterior wall, using my thumb to massage her tiny member...

Begins to feel the finger of Miss Meli inside touching my inner breathing restless and moan as I look at her eyes again responds. "Yes Miss Meli i like this." and Meli continues to probe with my index finger deep inside her folds, teasing her swollen clit with my thumb, lightly scraping with the nail and watchin closely for her response, then adds a second finger inside her vagina, moving rhymically in and out, a little faster, noting the shallow breathin, the tiny pulse behind her jaw. "When I tell you, you may cum for me, little one - but NOT until I tell you.  Do you understand me?"...keeps massaging and maintaining a steady relentless pressure inside her soft folds.
She utters a louder moan and looks totally blushing at Miss Meli as she smiles at the feeling of being dominated.

"Yes  Miss Meli i understand" nods and moan

"Do NOT cum!"...locking my eyes on hers, "WAIT until allowed, girl!"

yes miss Meli. My body shakes and smiles looking at miss meli

Meli notes the red flush between her breasts, how her lips are swollen, how her eyes sparkle..."Are you ready to cum for Miss Meli, girl?" and Marie nods and moan And responds agitatedly, "Yes miss Meli. i am ready"

Meli quickens the pace, firmly probing inside her slick, moist folds, not giving any mercy as I tease and torment her most sensitive parts "You must beg for it, girl" I smile "Beg for your orgasm!" and she keeps my fingers deep inside her vagina but stops thrusting, lifts my thumb to barely touch her clit...waiting her response, at which time Marie arches my back and moan louder while looks into the eyes of Miss Meli while in the agitated breath "miss Meli please let me cum"

Meli smiles and nods..."Cum for me, cum HARD for Miss Meli and for Roissy, girl!" and Marie looks at the ceiling and arch her back while screaming 2i'mmm cuming¡¡¡¡"

Meli grips her pussy in a vice-like hold, trapped between fingers and thumb, merging sweet pleasure with a hint of pain, watching her eyes like a cat with a mouse, smiles, slowly releasing Marie from my hand, lifting my fingers to her mouth "Taste your love juices, dear girl - savor your own sensual power"

Breathing agitated and with a low smile the head and begins to lick the fingers surrounding the finger slowly, and Meli rubs her soaked fingertips inside Marie's parted lips, allowing another Roissy Jewel to taste her triumphant emergence as a new demoiselle.

Marie smile to Miss Meli and look down . thank you Miss Meli

Meli turns to Ayita and Mako "I do believe we have a fine addition to our Family in Marie - I commend her to all dominants of our wonderful chateau" and hands over the leash

Ayita pushes to her feet, taking the leash with a smile toward the two dominants. "Mako and Meli, you and her mentor Venna," pauses to shoot a smile toward the woman herself, "Have prepared this girl well for service by the dominant members of Roissy Val d'Oise. And now Thomas will speak a few words." Once again passes along the leash to the man himself.

Thomas smiles keeping my eyes focused on the girl and continues... "In Rene's absence, I shall share a few wise words which He gives each of the new Demoiselles as they embark on their new path." and Marie kneel before Maitre Thomas and look down.

Thomas moves my arm. tugging the leash slightly..."By gifting your submission this day you are now collared by the House of Samois and in service to all of the Roissy Val d'Oise Chateau Dominants. Whenever they wish to summon you will serve them with passionate devotion. " ....pauses for a moment before continuing. "Demoiselle Marie, your dedication on getting to this milestone of achievement was apparent. You have shown your devotion by completion of your journey as a Debutante, and quite swiftly I might add...The path of submissive is one that does require continued devotion and dedication. The easy part is behind you now. The next phase is that of Demoiselle to Sister. I am sure it is your goal to become a Roissy Val d'Oise Sister, is it not?"

"I promise to serve with devotion and loyalty to the dominants of de Val d 'Oise.  I want to improve and be a pride for Roissy, to overcome I wish to become a sister. And that I will achieve with the guidance of my sister."

Thomas taps my rossiy ring,.."Family? the goal of being a sister a noble and lofty achievement we have a graduation tomorrow. Now comes the mind-set of needed determination. Let your personal development be your springboard to personal excellence as a submissive. This will assure you that there is no limit to what you can accomplish."

Marie look with a smile at Maitre Thomas and taken a good breather "I promise to give my best."

Thomas smiles down to our lovely Marie, "Rene always shares a quote from the late Jimi Hendrix "Knowledge speaks but Wisdom listens. Our mind is a wonderful thing, if we do not use it, it fills only with clutter, much like a basement. " ..nods and grins. "My wish for you, Demoiselle Marie is may you always keep an open mind and be ever ready to share your submissive core on the path ahead of you. Let you continue to obtain more skills to better service our dominants. We will never experience everything in life but we can make a great attempt to do so. Listen and learn as you travel your path and continue to grow as a submissive. May you service be ever constant, never failing, never weakening. May you find peace and fulfillment and your home here at Roissy Val o'Doise for a long time." he grins "I will look forward to seeing your graduation as sister. "

Marie smile and nod. "I will apply this knowledge to my new objective and my life..."

"Marie please stand and turn to face the witnessing members of our community gathered here.." and Thomas smiles..and presents her proudly.  "Members of our beloved Community, I present to you all here today the new Demoiselle Marie of Roissy Val d'Oise."
After many exuberant congratulations, Ayita says  "Congratulations again, Marie. Turns toward Xana with a smile, hears them, and then turns back to the family and friends of gathered together today for initiation  "I want to thank each one of you for  Joining us here today and showing your support.  As René has mentioned, It is that support the keeps our community strong. I hope you all have a great evening, and see you all at Sadie's! Have a wonderful night everyone"

Submitted by

Blue Ronsein, Roissy Journaliste

Xanadu, Roissy Photographer

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