Nessa's Demoiselle Initiation

Nessa's Demoiselle Initiation

WHO                                         Nessa (vannessa.bearsfoot)
WHEN                                       Thursday, Aug.  23, 2018
WHERE                                      Chateau Library
PROTCTOR                                Calvin Cage
2ND DOMINANT                      Taylor Smitty
MENTOR                                   Lark Bowen



by Sadie, Roissy Journaliste
Photography by Xanadu

Maitresse Derry rose from her armchair and scans the crowd, “Welcome to one and all, thank you for joining us for this initiation event today, We are happy to have each of you here with us for this very special occasion.”

She turned to look at the Demoiselle's mentor, "Lark, will you please have the girl brought here from the tower and present her to us, the Dominants of The Château."

Lark looked up and smiled softly as she rose off the cushions and smoothed the fabric down her body, "Right away, Maitresse Derry."  

Maitresse Derry watched her as she left, “Thank you dear.”

Lark returned promptly, “Maitresse Derry, we have returned.  Maitres/Maitresses, Masters/Mistresses, Sirs/Misses, and Lovely Ladies,  It is with great pride and pleasure that i present to you the lovely Nessa  for her Initiation.”

Derry smiled as Nessa  was brought into the room, dressed beautifully, and placed before her on the cushion, "Thank you, Lark."

Nessa  stopped for a brief moment, took a deep breath, and then managed to step into the room gracefully. She closed my eyes and sucked in a deep breath.


T H E   C H A L L E N G E

Maitresse Derry smiled at Nessa , "Don't be shy dear, come kneel please."

She glanced at the girl kneeling before her, "VaNessa  has different meanings at its roots, the Roman word alluded to Venus, goddess of love and beauty. In Greek it meant butterfly. Either way, beauty is certainly fitting."

Derry looked down more seriously at the kneeling girl, "Nessa , you were brought from Samois today and presented to us by your mentor. By your own desire you have come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau. I must ask you now, are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this next new and exciting path?"

Nessa  took a deep breath , then kneels gently and whispers, "Yes Maitresse Derry.”

The Maitresse looked pleased, “Wonderful, I hoped you'd say that.  In the novel of the 'Story of O', as René so generously gave O to Stephen for additional training, so you offer yourself to the Roissy Val d'Oise community to serve and learn as you continue to grow In your understanding of your submissive nature?”

With an eager nod, Nessa responded, "Yes Maitresse Derry, with all of my heart and soul."

She  looked warily, ”Do you vow to serve with passion and with fire all of the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise, within your limits, to follow the directions of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would require your service? There is still time to change your mind."

Nessa crawled forward an inch, “Oh I have no intention of changing my mind. Yes, I am ready to serve with passion and fire Maitresse Derry.”

Derry smiled at the girl's reply, produced a soft collar which she deftly fastens to the girl’s neck.  She reached down and nudged the thin straps off each of Nessa 's shoulders, watching the silky garment pool at her waist. "This is lovely dear, but it has to go." She attached a light leash, tugged it gently to test the connection, then did the same to link it to her holder.”

She leaned down close to the girl, leash held firmly, speaking to her softly,  "There is no need to fear what is about to happen, just give yourself over to us. That is, after all, the reason you're here."

Nessa smiled softly and whispered, "Yes Maitresse Derry, thank you."


T H E   D I S C I P L I N E

Maitresse Derry looked at her a moment, “Stand now and take a very short walk with me please.”   

Nessa stood gracefully, “As you wish..”

She led Nessa to the post, fastened ropes securely but safely to each of her wrists, then attached both to the ropes from the ring.  She unclipped her leash for the moment and uncoiled her whip, cracking it in the air for practice. Nessa jumped at the sound of the whip.

Maitresse Derry looked at the perfect unmarked skin before her, preparing to change that, "Nessa  I saw you gave whipping a 5, so I figure at least 5 lashes, we'll see. Count them for me dear."

Nessa apprehensively responded, “Yes Maitresse Derry.”  and Derry punctuates her command with a sharp lash across the girl's back.  

Nessa closed her eyes tightly as she waited for the first crack of the whip. She screamed as she felt the pain from the first mark and whispered, “ONE!” and Derry smiled and delivered two more, "Good girl." Nessa  sucked in a deep breath, tears now graced down her cheeks, as she shouted, “TWO and THREE!”

Maitresse Derry watched Nessa writhe against her bonds, rearing back for two more crisscrossed lashes of her whip. Nessa tried not to scream but the pain was too much.  She cried out, "FOUR and FIVE.” and Derry recoiled her whip, looking admiringly at the welts rising on the smooth skin, "I think that will do." Nessa sucked in a deep breath. “Thank you Maitresse Derry."

Derry carefully lowered Nessa  from the post, untied her and rubbed her wrists before reattaching the leash.  Derry supported Nessa  and lead her slowly to her protector for her next step.


T H E   P R O T E C T O R

Calvin smiled and stood. Maitresse Derry passes Calvin her leash, "If you would be so kind Sir."

He slipped his fingers around his holder and guided Nessa  to the center.  He looked her over and admired her, "We are all quite proud of you...time for the next step. Are you ready?" She looked at Sir Calvin and whispered, "Ready as I am going to be Sir."

Calvin took her chin in his fingertips, leaned in and gave her one kiss. A soft single kiss. Then with a smile and a glint in his eye her moved to turn around before him, so she is facing away from him.  Using his feet he guided her feet to spread just a little wider than her shoulders. Taking hold of her shoulders he moved her to bend her upper torso level and take hold of the ottoman.  Once she is set he admires her beauty this  way, this picture of submission that is so dear to everyone in the room.

He ran his hand under her. He runs his full palm over her again and again, feeling her form. He tugged down his zipper and he took his cock out, rigid and very ready.  Guiding himself inside her, slow and firm. His other hand reached up and grabbed a hard fistful of her hair easing her head back in a gentle arch.  Nessa moans quietly and began to push herself back into him. He begins to move inside her, slow and intent, the driving thrusts starting at a slow and almost gentle pace but growing to harder thrusts of demanding measure. The moments build on each other, guiding his desire.

Her hair in his hand driving his desire, he took this creature of passion, this beautiful girl who is coming into her own in front of everyone’s eyes. The feel of thick hair in his hand and her body taking every bit of him driving his desire to take her and deliver her. The sounds of her moans fueling his driving movements, every sound she makes pushes him deeper into her.

Nessa jumped with a light scream as his hand swiped her ass. She pushed back into him more.  He growls through gritted teeth, "Nessa do you ask to have a Dominant cum in you?"

Nessa sucked in a deep breath and whispered, "Sir Calvin, may I please have your cum, I need it!" and Calvin’s hand struck her ass again..twice "Thats a very, very good request Nessa"

Nessa jumped a little once again as she felt his hand on her ass.  She whispered, "Thank you Sir Calvin."

With another tight twist of her hair he allowed himself to let go in her.  He came deep in her with a growling sound like an angry bear woken from sleep, his essence buried in her, his stamp on her path, his way of standing her up straight and narrow on a road of devotion and service.

Nessa lets out a light sigh, and asked softly...."May I cum Sir, pleeasseeee?"

Sir Calvin smiled like a razor blade cutting through black skies, "YES!"

He slipped from her, and he guided her back up to standing. His seed ran down her thigh and finally lets go her hair, turned her to him and buried her mouth in a hard driving kiss and a warm smile.

Calvin smiled and handed the leash to Taylor.


T H E   2 N D    D O M I N A N T

Maitre Taylor stood, took the leash with his eyes fixated on the girl of the evening, double wrapped the leash around his fit, pulled it tightly and moved closely to her, staring her down then he bypassed her. He kicked the cushion, slid it across the floor which sent it crashing into the chest near the post. He slid his hand up the girl’s tummy then flicked her nipple as he asked, "Well, well, what have we here. Tell me your name once more girl?"

Nessa looks at him and softly whispers as she smiled..."It is Ness or Nessa.”

Taylor moved behind her, waited for her reply as his hands wondered over her body. He licked the welts left by Derry on her back. "Pretty name, I am Maitre Taylor  and since when haven't become familiar with each other," He pauses briefly , spreads her ass cheeks, spits on his finger and pushes it in her ass, "I am gonna need to know that you will first, not run if I unleash you, and if you are willing to serve me and the Dominants of the Library."

Nessa let out a light squeak as she feels his finger slide into my ass, "I am not sure why we have not met before Maitre, and I am not going anywhere! It will be an honor to serve all the Dominants"

Taylor leaned into her neck and saids, "Good girl." He took her arm twisted it behind her back, grabbed a hand full of her hair and guided her down to the floor. He squated , jerked her legs apart, reached in his coat pocket and pulled out four cuffs. Taking each limb, he placed the cuffs, pulled each strap twice, hard then checked them for security.

He stood, unleashed her and said, "Don't you dare move." He turned and mades his way next to the chest dragging a rickety wooden frame across the floor, trying not to snag Bri's dress in the process. He returned to the girl, dragged her across the carpet and pushed her against the wooden structure, before reaching above, he connected the chains to her cuff. "There now, all dressed up and ready to be used Nessa ." He reached below, unzipped and hungs his stiff cock in front of her face.

She looked up and sees his cock in front of her as he took his shaft in his own hand, smeared the head over her face, her chin, her nose, her cheeks, "Show me how you can suck girl."

Nessa opened her mouth wide as Maitre slipped his cock in.  He moaned with Ecstasy at the feel of her tongue, "Very good Nessa , " He placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed in deeper, "Take it all , show us your skill."

She gagged some as she feels it hit the back of her throat, but as she seemed to get used to it, she sucked him deeper and hard.

Taylor pushed it in all the way, holding the head in her throat for a moment taking pleasure in her gagging. "Very nice girl, good girl indeed." He pulled his cock from her mouth, reached down, flipped her over, readjusted the chain, spread her ass cheeks apart, leaned forward and spit on her ass hole. "Take a deep breath girl." He pushed his cock on her tight asshole until it pops inside her.

Nessa  screamed loudly as he pushed inside, tears forming  and rolling down my cheek.

He slapped her ass hard as he continues his usage of her tight hole.  He began to grunt , grinding on her like an animal.  He took a deep breath, held it and without warning explodes inside her ass, his cock flexing, wave after wave , filling her full,

Nessa  sighed in relief when she feels his cum fill her, her cheeks still wet from the tears...

He continued to fuck her hard, his balls slapped her clit, then began to slow his pace, slower, slower until he stopped, pulled back , his cock leaves her, he sits back on his knees for a moment and says, "Well done girl." He stands, zipped up , untied her and helped her to her feet.

Nessa touched her cheeks as she blushed and whispered, "Thank you Maitre."

Maitre Taylor took her wrist in his hand, and while leading her to Derry says, "Nessa , that is real freedom, thank you for your service."

Nessa glanced up at him, “It was my honor!”


T H E   T I T L E

Maitresse Derry took the leash back, looked at the assembled family, "I see here a girl who has given herself over. A girl with submission in her heart and trust in the community of dominants she has vowed to serve. May we never break that trust.”

Nessa smiles sweetly.

Derry pulled Nessa closer and turned to her fellow dominants. "Gentlemen, you both, along with Nessa ‘s mentor Lark, have prepared this girl well for service to the dominant members of our community." She gripped the leash and placed her hand on the girl's shoulder using both to direct her downward, "Kneel for me Nessa."

She continued by addressing the crows, “We have taken this lovely debutante and disciplined her and opened her for use by the dominants of the Château and find her completely acceptable and recommend for her to fill the new role of demoiselle.  It is never easy to complete the debutante path..... So many new ideas being tossed at you...... giving up the power over your own self to that of another, to do the bidding of a dominant member, to study hard in your workshops and your readings........ But you did it....... you are an inspiration to all those that follow you in understanding your submissive nature and will.”

Nessa smiled, “Thank you Maitresse Derry!”

Derry smiled back at her, "Congratulations, Nessa , you have proven yourself worthy of being called a Demoiselle of the House of Samois Val d'Oise.. Wear your collar proudly, and take pride in the service you give the dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise. Stand and turn to face your loving community Nessa.  Dear family, please join me in congratulating our newest Demoiselle."

The room erupted in boisterous exaltations.  Maitresse Derry waited for the congratulations to die down a bit then turns to the girl's protector "Calvin, please take this lovely new demoiselle and provide for her care." and Calvin smiled and guided her away from everyone to the quiet.


T H E   F I N A L E

Maitresse Derry turned back to the family and friends of gathered together today for initiation, "I want to thank each one of you for Joining us here today and showing your support. As René has mentioned, It is that support the keeps our community strong. 

Please join me in thanking Rene for the wonderful home he provides for our family.  Thanks everyone, please enjoy the rest of your day, the initiation is concluded and we are dismissed.



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