Petra Demoiselle Initiation

Petra Demoiselle Initiation

September 2, 2015


All gather in the Chateau Library for the Demoiselle Initiation, but it isn't until Maitre René arrives that the festivities can begin.

"There’s no need to add sugar to evening coffee," he says upon entering the library, "because we all just been poked by a wonderful family. Good evening everyone."   Rene smiles and takes his seat as a chorus of "Greetings" back to him erupt.

Once the room quiets, J.C. stands and gives the announcement. "Welcome to everyone, and thank you for joining us this evening, We are so proud to have you here for this occasion" He turned and looked at Xanadu. "Xan,  would you have the girls mentor bring the girl from the tower,  and present her to us, the Dominates of the Chateau."

Fae rose , smoothing my skirt and dipping my head respectfully to Maitre Justyn left the room before Xanadu coule reply, clearly nervous in her first role as a Mentoring Sister.

"Yes Maitre Justyn ... her Mentoring Sister Fae will bring her forward for presentation," replied Xanadu.

We all sat quietly, listening to Roissy Radio playing the Story of O soundtracks.

Shortly, Fae returned , leading Petra to the cushion beside the ottoman and after giving her a soft smile of encouragement said "please kneel here so I may pass your leash to Maitre Justyn " and turning , held the leash to him. "Maitre , I present Petra ".

J.C. stood up and walked closer to petra  ,  his eyes cast upon her, drinking in her lovely naked form, he looks upon fae and takes the leash from her.." thank you fae"  , ..then he cast his eyes back down upon the new submissive.."you were brought from the Samois by your Protector today and by your own desire you wished to come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve  all the Dominants of the Chateau of every level.".."are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new, exciting path"

"Yes Maitre I am," replied Petra

"Do you  vow to serve with passion and with fire,  to  all of the Dominants of Vdo, within your limits,  to follow the Directions of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would demand that you serve them ?"

" Yes Maitre I will."

" It is not too late to have a change of heart, and walk away from this, if you wish , petra.  Would you care to change your decision ?"

"No Maitre Justryn I do not."

He pulled out a lock, dropped to one knee and grabbed her collar in his hand." I will now collar you to the House of Samois, and you will be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau"

"Yes Maitre I will do so."

J.C. placed the lock upon the collar, a soft metallic click would be heard as he locked it shut, he gripped it tightly and wriggled it ensuring it would hold fast....."You must  prove your worthiness to be able to serve the Dominants of this Chateau," as I took the flogger in my right hand and held the braided tails in my left. "Do you understand this?"

"Yes Maitre I do"

He held the flogger in one hand, he pulled out a blindfold from his pocket ,  he dropped the leash nd leaned over her, tying the blindfold tightly round her head to block her vision .." this should help to enhance what you feel girl "

Petra bows head "yes Maitre"

J.C.'s hand went to her hair, gripping it tightly he pulled upward pulling her to her feet, but allowing her to collect herself under her legs,  he flipped her around to face outward, then he lifted her arms tucking her hands behind her head, he leaned forward and whispered into  her ear..." do not move, we will test your resolve "

Petra trembling now...."Yes Maitre." (holding stilll I can the anxiety threthening to overhwhelm me)

J.C. still held onto her hair and whispered into her ear.." Now, you are to thank the Dominants in the room, and loudly,  for allowing you this opportunity to show your subservience nd be allowed to serve them " upon his last word he released her hair and the flogger did a sudden sideswipe across her pale as landing abruptly with a WHACK WHACK as it welted the tender skin .." Do not dally girl !"

Petra holding back her cries as the flogger hits her body but remaing silent despite the pain.

"thank you Maitres, Masters and Dominants for the opportunity to allow me to serve You." She  lowers head.


" Thats a good slut"... he growled at her, and pulled the flogger to the side, with a THWACK across her back and side it would land,   drawing it to the opposite side it would land again... THWACK... biting once more to  mark the pale soft flesh

Petra wincing under the blindfold from the pain (which I know will only grow worse) resolves to remain silent

He placed his hand upon her lower back, he lightly drew his  nails across the fresh welts as he moved around to walk in front of her, he flicked the flogger lightly against her body as he came round to face her directly... " you are doing   splendidly so far, little slut, now to see how well you hold up while i  flog your breasts "

The shaking grow stronger (as I can sense the stern Maitre walk around in front of me reading to strike a soft voice I whimper) "thank you Maitre"  (silently vowing to myself no tears no cries  be stalwart)

J.C. roughly slid a hand between her creamy thighs, a finger would turn upward  sliding barely inside the edges of  the soft puffy petals, slowly he would rub along the length of her  slit, teasing the millions of pleasure nerves residing there .." mmm,  you will serve very welll".. he whispered, and leaning back, the flogger rose up, then with a side swipe  movement, the  flogger would land once across  each breast, he watched ech one as it jiggled form the harsh impact, leaving behind  lovely set of welts.." you will soon connect pain to your clitoris slut "

Petra (biting my lips ragged as the flogger falls on the soft skin of my breasts.....hoping only to obey and to please I struggle to remain quiet and not struggle against the fall of blows). His hands upon her sex fill her with both anxiety and a stirring she dare not name

He shook his head, annoyed at the delayed reaction to his taunting of her  sex , he stepped back and lowered the flogger , his hand pulled back, then lowering it between her legs he would flick it upward a couple  of times, the ends of the flogger now SMACKING up agasint her puffy labia

"oh," said Petra,  biting my lips harder now hearing his displeasure at my response..tasting blood and fearing I will fail.  I straighten my posture and breath head lowered

J.C. lifted the flogger once again, he used a back hand motion, sending the flogger to flail harshly across her stomach..." you will learn to be a good slut for the Dominates of the Chateau, and willinhly  offer yourself to each ones every whim"

Gasping  at the strike,  my eyes under the blindfold shut tightly as if that will stanch the pain. my breathing now labored from the paiin and the anxiety

He leaned forward and spoke into her ear, the scent of fear, anticipation and excitement wafted to his nose... " mm, slut, do not move, I will have another Dominant now take over , youare to serve him in any way he desires, and with tht he stepped around her and in front of Brinker

"Yes Maitre as you wish"

Brinker stands. "Thank you JC," says Master Brinker and moves to the kneeling submissive, taking her leash and full control of her.  

"Girl, you know that here, you serve at the whim of the Dominants -- me and my brothers. Tonight is your opportunity to begin that service, and I intend to use you now as my naked fuck toy."

J.C. nodded to him... she did hold up well, Brother, but I fear she has no idea how to fully give of the body which the DOms of the chateau now own, use her well Brother "

" Thank you, JC"

Petra feels the yank of the chain at her neck  and sense a new presence. 

" First, Petra, you will kneel in front of me and, using your teeth, unzip my pants." He pushes her head against his pants zipper.

Leaning forward tentatiely and attempting to graps the small hold of the zipper with my teeth failling the first time and tryiing again.....finally between my teeth I lower my head to make it go all the way down

 "Good slut." Brinker feels the cool air inside his fly now. He takes the girl's hand and guides her to the pole, then stands back and admires her beautiful naked body. He puts cuffs on her wrists and ankles...securing them carefully ... and after that latches her up on the pole, locking her tightly

Hearing the snapping for the locks, Petra hold my breath and await what willl come next.  my limbs places in the position this Master desires for me I wait and my lips part in anticipation I remind myself to close them and be silent as told to

He feels the girl's body and rubs her between her legs ... caressing her tender folds and listening carefully to her physical response.

A soft moan escapes my lips inspire of my resolve to remain silent...but his touch is firm and commanding and my body responds on its own.  pressed against the pole on one side and His body on the other His hand on my sex plundering it and dssolving my will to silence I moan again.

He grabs the slut and places his fingers up and down her labia, feeling her heat and her wetness against the cold wooden pole -- and he begins breathing hard

A shallow panting begins as my body responds to His touch  the writhing begins iin my limbs and I can do little to stop it now

He feels his own hardness ram its way out of his unzipped fly and into the backside of the writhing naked girl, "Now take this, girl, and see what you are used for"

Petra in a strangled voice I cry out "Yesss Master I do yes" He plunges into my body forcefully I feel His desire and mine grow, my body responding with a will of its own

" And hear this, Petra -- when you get to the point that you may orgasm, you are to ask permission and may not do so until that permission is granted. Do you understand, girl?"

" Yes Master"  the repeated pounding of his member inside me builds and grows in its intensity  I moan loudly now

Brinker pulls against the structure to grind into her deeply and forcefully, whacking her butt a few times to sting her already red welts, "I am not sure Maitre JC left you red enough, girl"

"Yes Master"  I say this even as the pain from the markings and the pressure of his body against them threatens to make me scream, feeling frantic with pain, anxiety and now a desire whhich takes hold of me, its grows and intensifies and he uses me and I feel more and more an object of pleasure

brinker clutches Petra's breasts as he penetrates her, pulling at her reddened nipples until they stand up as pebbles on her ample globes, then he pounds his cock into her even harder and slaps her butt again.

"ohhhh  ohhhhhh," she moans,  writhing against his body against the blows he administers  still I moan and pant like the slut they have told me I am

He feels himself closer to the orgasm that will explode into this throbbing, sweating slut of a girl, "Are you ready for even harder thrusting, Petra, because I am about to drill you deeper and harder.?"

The pressure for release builds and I try to restrain the urge to ask for release  "YEs Master" she manages, holding my body in such a manner as to offer him the least resistance and the greater pleasure. " I have wanted this." I find myself pushing back against him to receive each thrust,  my hips moving to his rhythm and pace. "ohhhh" moaning again and again now despire my self entries to be calmer

He slaps each side of Petra, bringing her pinkish skin into a scarlet, glowing mass and as each breast bangs against the other from Brinker's whacks, he build his own erotic tension and feels himself much closer to filling this girl with semen.

Petra cries out with each slap and strike of my body   I am in a different place now  there is only this

"mm mm  Master please",  straining to hold back

"All right, gutter-girl, I am about to cum, so you have permission to release when I do, but no sooner, do you hear?" He slaps her butt harder as he begins to reach a climax.

A scream emits from from lips and it sounds like I am bellowing my orgasm in front of all gathered. "ahhhhh" panting and seized with a fury of emotion and sensation.  my blindfold dampens as I feel the release in my body his hands still grasping me firmly

Brinker groans and sputters as he finally spurts his load into the blindfolded, naked cunt in front of him... "ahhhhhhhhh yesssssssssSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!"

"Ohhhhhhh my god help me......" another wave or release tears through my body upon hearing those words

He pulls back and re-inserts his cock into his pants

(His hands are gone  I feel the cool air around my body now and wait)

He looks at the girl and zips up his fly

The tears falling to my cheeks my breathing still labored my head lowered again upon hearing him speak

"J.C. I find this submissive worthy of service to our Dominants and pass her into the capable hands of my brother Marcus."

Marcus stands nodding to Brinker and moves closer to the bound naked beauty

Sensing a new figure I can hear his breath and the faint waft of his scent

Marcus  approaches the girl and stands very close, his hot breath on her neck...inhaling he smells the scent of sex, unmistakable, and reaches around her head to untie her blindfold "now girl that you have been broken, open your eyes and take in the new light of the chateau....look around at the faces and see the arousal you are creating in this room"

Petra looks about the rooom at the Maitre has order and sees the looks upon the face of those gathered.....a small and growing sense of pride and honor fill me and my eyes fill with tears again

Marcus admires the marks on her body, so well prepared by JC and Brinker, he presses against her small body with his powerful frame, reaching to tug and roll her nipples and trace the red marks around her breasts, eyeing the prize "will you serve all Dominants as willingly as you serve us tonight?"

"Yes Maitre with all my heart I will" ( feeling the stirring of my body again as his hands touch me )

He pulls back hard on her hair, looking into her face to see if she keeps her eyes respectfully downturned, approving of her answer...his hand moving between her legs, tugging her folds as he towers over her naked flesh

Petra falling silent again as my hair is yank hard by this Master whose kind and gentlemanly countenance hold a sterner force beneath as she can feel as his hands feel her sex and manipulate it. I dare not look up

"I know you are nervous girl, but concentrate on the sensations I give you and let yourself fall into them with me"....biting hard on her neck to send a sting of pain, he spreads her vulva and begins to insert 2 fingers skillfully into her dripping slit, seeking her gspot as he unzips his fly

Petra letting out a loud scream as the his teeth sink into my neck and then.....then the plungiing of his fingers iniside me, not gently but roughly and with command,  the wounds on my back and botton scream of themselves stinging and burning as he rubs his body against mine

Marcus fondles her breasts as he nips at her neck, enveloping her in his strong arms "concentrate only on my you want to feel my manhood deep inside your heat? will you give your body to my pleasure without question?" his hands roaming freely as his cock hardens like steel

"Yes Master Yes  without question I do"  the heat risiing in my body to my face which reddens from the desire I front of all I am showing how much I want what is happening to me  how it fulfills a dream started long ago, moaning now  no restraint remaining within me...  gripping the post my nails attempting to dig into it

Marcus him mad with passion....he spins her deftly on the pole, adjusting the chains so she is facing him, her legs spread wide....without another word to her he stuffs his manhood deep into her dripping snatch, feeling it stretch to accommodate his girth, pushing forcefully in with all the power in his muscular legs until he is stopped by her cervix

Letting go a loud groaning as his  member plunders her sex roughly with unrestrained desire and lust....she feels prideful for a brief moment in seeing his response to her,....  my hips move with his and the sensation overwhelms and fills me. I meet each thrust with my own lust now  eyes closed surrendering to the power and command of the Maitre who takes her. momentariy shamed by how she spreads her thighs more widely for him,  then throwing her head back and moaning unrestrained the pleasure so intense

He mashes her breasts as he thrusts, mad with desire he seeks to give her pain to match the pleasure, his strokes long and deep and the slurping sound of their wet thrusts split the air, his heavy balls slapping against the base of her sex. His eyes roll back into his head as his head is thrown back. A low gutteral growl emanates from his lips.

******one of those rare but endearing sl moments... shared with you for the memory*****

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Maitre Marcus mashes her breasts as he thrusts, mad with desire he seeks to give her pain to match the pleasure, his strokes long and deep and the slurping sound of their wet thrusts split the air, his heavy balls slapping against the base of her sex. His eyes roll back into his head as his head is thrown back. A low gutteral growl emanates from his lips.

Hearing the Maitres groans and grunts her passion threatens to overwhelm her completely her body moves and jerks to his pace which is now wild and relentless.......she cries out again and again  wanting more wanting it not to stop

Marcus feels his balls tightening, filled with his hot gift "now slut do you deserve my precious seed inside of you? beg for it and I will consider letting you have it" his thrusts quickening as he knows he cannot hold back much longer

" Oh yes yes please Maitre  please honor me though unworthy I want all that you have to give me, Please please Maitre"  frantic with her own desire and overwhelmed by his she weeps her entreaty to him. " Please Maitre Marcus  allow me to feel your release please." the pressure of her own desire threatens to betray her and she tries with all her will to hold back for his word. she arches her back taking more of him inside her feeling his member pound her cervix repeatedly

Marcus growls louder and releases, relaxing his muscles as he spurts in heavy gushing streams....his hot lava filling their tight connection and oozing out of her sex, dripping onto the floor. He grunts with each heavy spurt, the waves of orgasm overwhelming him....he moves until the waves subside, then pauses still inside her, lifting her chin to speak to her "now girl your orgasm is denied for now, so you can think about what it means to serve the Dominants of Roissy"

Petra lowers her head even more and hold back as he has ordered her...".Yes Maitre Marcus, only as you wish it Maitre"  the feeling of his seed shooting into her womb and flooding it fills her with iindescribable pride and she moans but this time with the greatest of pleasure  she feel sso honored to have served the Maitre

He  smiles as she obeys his command, knowing she is on the edge and thinking Brinker will get the benefit of that in aftercare, he slowly pulls out of her sex, a thick glob hitting the floor. He wipes his member on her silky thighs, then stuffs his still swollen meat in his trousers and zips up. Unbinding her chains, he carefully and gently lowers her to the floor, and guides her patiently over to JC

Petra kneeling silently now before Maitre JC she turns her head to Maitre Marcus and whhipsers  "Thank you Mairtre Marcus for the honor of serving you."

"JC I find this girl worthy of our distinct band of Demoiselles....I recommend her to our elite group"....turns and collapses into his master's chair

J.c. grinned wide and took the laesh from him.. " she did seem to enjoy the use of her body  exremely well, and will be a good submissive to the needs of the Dominates".. he rolled up the excess leash in his fist, and tugged it to make her kneel even closer to him.... " petra, crawl to Maitre Rene and kneel, keeping the offering kneeling position  while i presnt you to him

Petra dutifully falls to her hands and knees and crawls to Maitre Rene's chair, her head lowered and heart pounding

"Rene I present to you, our newest Demoisille, she has received high marks from the DOms whom she served "

 René smiles "thanks JC"

René stands and, stepping forward takes the leash from J.C.,  he gives a little tug on Petra's collar as his eyes scan the room

" I'm happy you all have come in support of welcoming a new Demoiselle into our Famille.  I appreciate each of you. Thank you for sharing in this Initiation today."

René looks down at the girl kneeling before him and again gives a little tug on her leash.

"How do you like having a collar around your neck Petra?"

."" I am honored to wear it Maitre

René smiles. "This collar says you have willingly surrendered to the Roissy Val d'Oise Dominants and now serve their desires... are you ready to serve them?"

"Yes Maitre Rene I do,  willingly and freely."

"Your training now begins a new path,  one that will take you deeper into your submission.  I look forward to seeing you continue to progress and grow, there is still much for you to learn."

"Yes Maitre."

"I would like to see you become more involved with our community.  Find you place here, not only in serving our wonderful Dominants. but also by sharing your own skills in ways that will support our community."

"Upon your wishes I shall Maitre."

René smiles at her.  "It is up to you to make your life amongst us as full as you wish it to be." René  looks at her and smiles.

"I congratulate you once again Petra and look forward to your success as you continue your path."

René  hands the leash back to J.C.  and returns to his chair.


To view a Photo Video of Petra's Initiation CLICK HERE ~ gifted by Sadie


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