Raevene Courtisan Demoiselle Initiation

Raevene Courtisan Demoiselle Initiation

July 23, 2016

Demoiselle initiation TODAY at 2:30 PM!   Please join us!
A Demoiselle initiation ceremony is at hand. Please join us as she is brought forth to serve the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise.
* Members only event
* Formal attire required
* Please be respectful and do not initiate a scene during this time
When     Saturday 7/23 
Time         2:30 PM
Where     Chateau Library
Propriétaire et Maître De Roissy Val d'Oise René
VdO Superviseur: Maitre Dusty Caldera

The Ceremony Begins...

Dusty Caldera turns to Mitia on my left, "Mitia, I take it the young lady to be initiated is at the tower?"

He nods then turns to look at the Demoiselle's mentor, "Syndra, would you please have the girl brought here from the tower and present her to us, the Dominants of The Château."

Syndra looked up to the Maitre from her kneeling position on the cushion… Yes, Maitre I will guide her here promptly… She used the strength in her lean, muscled legs and a gentle push from the palm of her right hand to gracefully propel herself into a standing position. She smoothly shook her skirt out, clasped her hands in front of her waist and made haste to retrieve the girl waiting in the tower.

Dusty Caldera turns back to the Gathered group of friends and family  "I'm glad you could all join us today...... we are about to initiate a young courtesane debutante, To ask her commitment to serve the dominant members of our community"

Syndra looks over to Raevene and grabs hold of her hand, give a gentle squeeze  Everything will be fine.

Raevene smiles at the lovely Syndra

Go ahead and sit in front of Maitre Dusty

Raevene enters the room a warm glow over her body as her eyes survey the familiar faces, turning her gaze  to Maitre Dusty and the cushion at His feet as she gracefully kneels her eyes rising to look at Him.

Dusty Caldera looks down at the girl in front of me and with a firm voice states "Raevene, You will keep your eyes on me or whoever has your leash for the rest of this initiation"

Raevene nods "yes Maitre"

Dusty Caldera: "Thank you, Syndra...." then glances at the girl kneeling before me "Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl you have brought before us today."

Raevene blushes


The Challenge & Punisher...

"Raevene, you were brought from Samois by your mentor today and by your own desire you have come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau.   Are you hear of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new exciting path?"

Raevene eyes sparkle as she looks at Maitre Dusty intently "I am Maitre, here of my own free will"

Dusty Caldera nods to her affimative answer  "Do you vow to serve with passion and with fire all of the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise, within your limits, to follow the directions of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would require your service?  It's not too late to change your mind."

Raevene smiles at Him "I do Maitre, promise to follow the direciton of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all - to serve the Dominants of Roissy Val D'Oise"

Dusty Caldera: "As René gave O to Stephen, so your master Mitia gives you to the House of Samois for further training.   You will be tested to see if you are worthy of that training...."

Raevene breathes "yes Maitre"

Dusty Caldera nods at her positive answer  "You are collared and owned by Mitia, who stands here as your protector today, who has generously offered you to the community in service to the dominant members of Roissy..   We are grateful for his generosity in allowing you to serve the community *nods to Mtia* but you will additionally be attached to the House of Samois to assist with activities there as well.

Mitia Messmer  nods back to Dusty and smiles

Dusty Caldera steps forward, reaching down to talk this thin straps from her gown over her shoulders letting them drop to the side, revealing her completely from the waist up....

Raevene nods "yes of course Maitre I understand and  will do with all of my heart", looks over to her Master then back to Maitre

Dusty Caldera gives her The command to "Stand before me, Raevene....Reveal to this group of dominants that gift that you wish to present to them In your service"

Raevene stand before all assembled - looking to the Maitre

Dusty Caldera looks at this fine figure of a woman as she stands proudly, Hooking my hands in her clothing, ripping it with a harsh pull as it falls to the floor and shreds at her feet leaving her completely naked before us

Raevene feels the strength as He rips off her lingerie - smiling briefly still looking into His eyes

Dusty Caldera roughly grabs her chin with several fingers and lifts it so that I may attach the leash pulled quickly from my pocket, Feeling the latch close quickly with a *CLICK*....

Dusty Caldera yanks the leash tightly, pulling a blindfold from my pocket, fastening it around her eyes so that she cannot see, denying her that privilege and fastens it behind her head in a tight knot

Raevene feels the tug of the leash and then her eyes covered that she cannot see - aware still that He is close

Dusty Caldera speaks directly to her as a matter of fact  "You will be tested as to your willingness to submit to the House of Samois, the dominants of our community."   Then grips the leash tightly dragging her to the nearby pole, making sure she doesn't trip over anything on the way.

Raevene feels the tug of the leash - His words firm and clear "yes Maitre I will serve and submit as You wish Maitre"

Dusty Caldera slides bindings From behind the pole, gripping each wrist and extending it to my waist  securing each to her wrist, then pushes her back firmly against the cold metal pieces of the pole, stretching the bindings up over her head and securing them firmly

Raevene feels her wrists being secured in the cuffs, she stands silently her head bowed waiting for insturctions and takes a breath - her ears listening intently to the sounds around

Dusty Caldera slides a long handled horsehair flogger From behind the couch, wielding its weight for the balance point and swishing it through the air a couple of times to see how it feels in my hand once more, then turns to the girl

Raevene shivers hearing the swish near her ears her body beginning to tense she wills herself to relax

"You will hear the sound of the tool I'm about to use, as it flies through the air, contacting your tender skin and delivering its message directly through your body..... Concentrate on that feeling as it gives you a taste of what you will experience as a demoiselle"   Dusty pulls out a flogger.

Raevene nods and whispers "yes Maitre"

Dusty Caldera swishes It through the air, then raises my hand back, pausing a moment  "Raevene, Do you vow to serve the dominant members of our community in whatever they ask, Limited only by your personal limits and your masters restrictions?"

Raevene clears her throat her voice clear and loud "Yes Maitre I vow to serve the dominant members of our community in whatever way that is asked - within the limits prescribed willingly Maitre"

Dusty Caldera lets my hand fly through the air, landing its first blow upon that creamy backside of this lovely new demoiselle, feeling the tendrils of the horse hair flatten themselves against the soft creamy texture of her skin, With a soft thud, delivering its firm pain as it penetrates through

Raevene hears the swish her body momentarily tensing feeling her ass tightening the excitement coursing through her body as she breathes slowly

Dusty Caldera pauses a moment to allow the effect to sink in deeply and continues with several more swats of the flogger against her soft and yet now reddening flesh

Raevene grips the chains biting her lip as she feels the blows going deeper into her being breathing and concentrating willing herself not to cry out at the pain

Dusty Caldera pauses after several strikes of the flogger..... Giving you a moment to recover and rest, my hand slowly smoothing over the soft skin now read with stripes of red, clearly indicating the effect of the tool  "You WILL give your service to the community in several ways......... this is just one!  " continuing to deliver a few more swats of the firm flogger

Raevene's voice quivers as she answers, Yes Maitre I will serve the community to the best of my ability with all my heart and being

Dusty Caldera pauses once more, my hands slowly running over the smooth expanse of her thighs and now reddened cheeks and nods..."You are taking this discipline well..... But I feel that it is not enough yet"  then slides my hand back, striking once, twice, three more times....

Raevene feels His hand moving over her the touch so reassuring but His words firm as the blows continue she feels her eyes fill with tears as she grips the pole and silently whimpers

Dusty Caldera reaches out to gently caress the warm curves of her bottom cheeks, sensing she has had sufficient experience with the new tool to her backside   "You have held up well..... I believe that you will continue to serve well in our community" and drops the flogger to the nearby floor and slides in close to the girl, wrapping one arm around her waist from behind, loosening the bindings with the other hand, and letting her drop back to her feet, steadying her until she can stand by herself.....

Raevene lets out a long breath not breathing for a second then hearing the thud, as she gasps feeling the pain coursing through her body, her eyes closed, her mind fixed on HIm. She leans against Him feeling the warmth of His body reassuring, feels the floor below her standing getting her balance

Dusty Caldera reaches around behind the girl pulling the blindfold apart and releasing it from her eyes, giving her a moment to readjust to the light in the room, "It is now time for you to be tested again *then with a smirk* but a little different this time my dear", and yanks tightly on the chain pulling her across the room

 Raevene blinds in the light looking at the Maitre and following Him as she feels the pull of the leash her eyes settling on her Master

Dusty Caldera: Mitia, My brother, your girl can stand the pain of a Flogger quite well..... I turn her over to you now for the additional testing of how well she can please  *smiles*


The First Opener...

Mitia Messmerlooks at Rae with pride in his eyes

Dusty Caldera hands over the leash to her master and returns to his seat with a smile.

Raevene's eyes clear as her gaze rests on her Master, looking back at Maitre Dusty saying "thank You Maitre"

Mitia  grabs and pushes on the armrest of is seat thus helping him to get up after having been given her leash and thanking Dusty nodding and smiling, closes slowly his tuxedo, pulling the bottom of his jacket to be sure there was no wrinkles, slides a hand in his pocket and stands in front of her without a word

Raevene's eyes moves as she watches her Master as He stands, her back throbbing from the flogging, her eyes filled with tears as she blinks to take them away, breathing slowly trying to compose herself

He crouches facing her, lifts her chin placing the back of his finger under it, forcing her gently to plunge her green eyes into his

Raevene raises her eyes, looking intently up into her Master's face, calming her mind, knowing that she is safe, patiently waiting to follow His direction

Mitia remarking a small tear's drop in the corner of her pink cheek, he wiped it off in a tender thumb's motion, caresses her and whispers in a soft but firm voice " Sweet babygirl are you now ready for what will follow?" he makes a short pause " Do you still want to prove to this audience that you worth the commitment you just did in front of Dusty and Us?"

Raevene clears her throat, her eyes intent on her Master as she hears His words, she breathes quietly and answers Him in a clear voice so that He hears and understands "yes Master I am ready to follow You and I am ready to honour my commitment to the House of Samois and the Dominants of Roissy Val D'Oise.

At her words, he smiles knowing her willing, her strength... and, without a hurry, kisses her, biting softly her lower lip

Raevene eyes close as she feels her Master's kiss tensing a little as He bites her but knowing that she will be alright reassured by His tenderness

Mitia  gets back up, without first having seized her leash as shorter as he could, commanding her in a sign of his chin to stand up with him

Raevene pushes her legs up from her kneeling position standing in front of Him

As he leads her, fixed at the end of his arm, both moving like One in a coordinated symphony of steps, they reach the middle of the room just under the rack suspended to the ceiling. He stopped her and placed her just under it

Raevene quietly follows her Master noticing the short leash as she takes a position under the rack, her throat tight her body tense breathing slowly

Mitia makes a step to be closer to her gazing at her, runs his hand along her hips, her ribs and reaches her armpit, progressing calmly the course of his hand by her arm, forcing her to lift slowly and gracefully her wrist, guiding it to the lock hanging at the end of the chain. He locks the cuff and tugs curtly twice to secure it, making sure it will not open under the weight of a body. He repeats the same operation the other side, but that time proceed instinctively, observing, drinking with delight each of her reaction, reading them in her beautiful eyes, making sure not to miss any of her emotions as the sensuality grows between them

Raevene she feels the pull of the chains as her arms are held high and her ankles secured, all the time watching her Master's face

Once attached and secured to the rack, he lifts the chains to tie her up firmly, making sure that her tiptoes could touch the floor. He makes a step back to watch her dangle quietly as she is trying to reach her poise. Hands in his back, he admires the piece of art she became as she hangs

Raevene feels the chains pulling her, seeing His look and  a blush coming over her body as she hangs there exposed to all eyes and feeling her Master's gaze as He looks at her, aware of the deep sexual feeling welling up inside her as she thinks of what is to happen the sting still deep in her ass from the discipline before

The room suddenly vanished as his mind focuses on the beauty of her shape. The chandelier's light dancing on her shinny skin, playing with the shadows on her body, revealing at each second a new perspective of her curves. The aesthetic perfection of that moment catches his entire body with a wave of warmth, making lightly shiver his spine. But certainly making grow his desire, a sexual and teasing look arises on his face, letting without a doubt guessing his mood.

Raevene hangs on the chains waiting for her Master as He stands before her, she watches His eyes as they caress her body, aware fo the growing wetness between her legs and the drag starting on her arms as she is suspended before him exposed fully to Him

 Mitia  remarks her arousal. It is at that exact moment that he lifts back his eyes on her, smiling naughtily, caressing her cheek and whispering " Are you ready babygirl?"

Raevene  looks at Him and in a clear voice answers "yes Master, I am ready Master", lowering her eyes aware of her breath the excitement coursing through her body

 Hearing her clear answer and nodding in a sign of pride, he grabs back the chains and pulls on them to rise her a little more in the air in order her not feel the ground anymore and that the audience could see her better, exposing he body for everyone's eyes. Coming back near her, he puts his hand on her and pushes smoothly her body to make her lightly swing and spin

Raevene  feels her body being pulled up as she loses the security of the floor beneath her the anticipation rising through her body as her eyes continue to focus intently on Him

 Mitia  stops the motion of her body holding firmly her back with his left hand, making sure she is trapped by his grip and that she had no escape possible, he takes out from his back pocket the soft black blindfold he prepared and places it on her sexy eyes after having turned her towards The Maitre du Château and her mentor

Raevene feels the blindfold being placed over her eyes as the light goes from the room and she is only aware of His breathing against her ear and His touch

Making sure the knot he was doing behind her head doesn't catch some hair, he tightens it sharply in a quick movement, letting her know that she was under his will now. Whispering in her ear he says in a firm voice " I want you to be aware of your body and that you give us ALL of you!"

 Raevene gives a light moan as she whispers "yes Master  I will give all" her body encased in His arms excited in the anticipation of what is to follow

Mitia  bends her toughly, pushing her back forward,  pressing it down to force her to arch, exposing her round red ass and her pink dripping pussy to all. He unzips his fly and grabs his manhood already erected

Raevene gasps as she is bent forward, aware only of the sensations of her body as  she is pushed forward feeling His hands firm on her hips

Mitia  guides his shaft on her vulva, spreading her already soaked labia, stopping it at the entrance of her body. Staying there a couple of seconds, he enjoys the warm feeling and the scent of her arousal filling slowly the air of the room

Raevene moans feeling His cock against her pussy the anticipation rising through her body her hunger for his cock intense as she says "please Master I beg You to take me hard Master, let me feel You deep"

Mitia hearing her, he bends over her back slowly, caressing it tenderly from her buttock  to the base of her neck, reaching her hair with his hand, seizes several strands and pulls on them wildly forcing her to throw backwards her head as his hips push his hardness deep inside her. He moans indistinctly, closing his eyes as the hotness of her pelvis makes him feel at home

Raevene gasps as she feels His cock thrust hard into her as she gives a loud moan, as her body grips Him hard

Mitia begins a slow motion of his hardness inside her, enjoying the view offered to him as he opens back his eyes. The movement of her heart shaped ass, the red color given by Dusty's punishment on it, the moves of her chest under her heavy breathings, makes grow his desire. Without being conscious that he is doing it, he increases the hip's hits he provides using her

Raevene  breathes hard feeling the penetration deep within her as her body burns with desire and release shaking in His hands

Plunging his finger deep in the flesh of her hips as he grabs it firmly, his other hand pulling harder her hair as he thrusts his cock deeper, faster, rougher, he feels her cunt stretching him with waves. Squeezing the muscles in between his legs, he tries to extend that moment even though all of his body is calling for release, letting her an chance to beg him

Raevene whimpers on the chains, hardly breathing as she begs for Him to allow her to cum feeling His deeper penetration of her as her pussy grips Him with each move

Mitia  listens with delight at the sweet music her voice made begging him. He feels his body contracting and couldn't hold back anymore. Dumping inside her all his pleasure, he commands her with a loud and steady voice “ cum now my slut, cum and squirt right now... nowww!”

Raevene hears His voice her body releasing as she moans loudly giving all her pleasure as she cums hard, her body shaking the heat rising throughout her body aware only of His hands on her and His control over her

Feeling her orgasming, her belly spasming, his cock throbs inside her as he fills her with his seed. His body suddenly totally relaxed by that release, his mind empty of any thoughts, his eyes slowly opens after this too short moment of pleasure

Raevene becomes aware of the room around her, the touch of  His hands on her as His cock is deep in her as she begins to breath long breaths hanging on the chains

After having recovered, taking back his breathing, still deep inside her, he makes her stand, her back against his chest, holding her body with his arm helping her to arch against him.

Raevene feels her body being lifted as she is raised leaning against Him relaxing with His closeness

Mitia  turning her back to the audience, he lets her that way, watching that exhausted girl after having put his manhood back in his pant in a smile of satisfaction

 Raevene reassured by His arms, breathes "thank-You" to her Master aware that He is still by her as He takes His arms from her

Mitia  turning his look towards her next initiator, he say to Ayita “ I think she did prove me in that session that she worth to serve House of Samois within her limits and the one I will give her. You would made me a great honor Ayita to test her once more that she had the opportunity to prove it fully to our community”. He  walks towards her and gives her the leash letting the girl suspended to the rack, alone. He goes back to his seat without not gazing his girl with some pride in his eyes


The Second Opener...

 Raevene hears His words aware that He has moved away as she feels the coolness of the room around her keeping her eyes closed behind the blindfold

Ayita smiles towards Mitia and inclines her head. Pushes gracefully to her feet and saunters over to the pair. "Thank you ... I will be sure to treat her with the care due her position here." Takes the leash from his hand.

Raevene feels the weight of the leash change aware there has been an exchange, now aware her Master is not near

Ayita moves to stand by the girl's side, mmmming softly as gaze scans the hanging figure head to toe. "Your master has marked you and used you before the crowd here today. I wonder if you will serve just as well when it is not his hand which touches you ... caresses that pink skin." Reaches around and trails nails teasingly down the flaming cheeks of her ass.

Raevene hears the soft female voice the touch over her body as her body relaxes under her hand hearing the words and away of the promises made before all she answers "Yes Miss I am happy to serve and give pleasure as desired"

Ayita senses Rae's body relax, feeling it grow soft and pliable beneath the light touch. Allows her a moment of peace, to settle into the change of dominance. Subtly the brunette shifts her stance, fully aware that she could still not see. Draws back her hand, letting it fly with a resounding smack as it lands on abused ass. Holds it flat there, not even allowing the sting to dissipate. "You serve all, even when they do not give you pleasure?"

Raevene gasps feeling the swift slap the sting on her ass intensified as the pain moves through her body she begins to feel disoriented her head pushed down as the slaps continue "Yes I serve even when there is no pleasure," bites her lip.

Ayita's keen hearing catches that gasp, watching as head lowers beneath the onslaught of sensation. Sees those teeth capture lower lip, every reaction noted with a small smile of satisfaction. Lands another blow, then another, alternating between cheeks and sparing no mercy. "If I were to leave you here, hanging -- vulnerable, you would willingly serve any Roissy dominant who happened upon you?" Words designed to incite fear, even more so without the gift of sight.

Raevene squirms under her onslaught, her body on edge - the pain intensitying, hearing her words "Miss I will serve within my limits and those set down by my Master" tenses willing herself to relax and enjoy the sensations, breathes deeply eyes closes suspended  "if my Master allows yes all will be served"

Ayita's palms cease their rapid attack, moving now to rub gently against the reddened flesh. Massaging the pain in, forcing it to be accepted. Bends down and presses a gentle kiss to the nape of the girl's neck, wordlessly showing approval of her response. Keeps them like this for several long moments, before fingers deftly unclasp the chains from wrists and ankles. They caress the skin beneath, working the nerves slowly to make sure there would be no damage left. Only then does she position her captive kneeling on the carpet.

Raevene feels the relief as the smacks on her ass stop her body edgy her mind in a spin so relieved to feel the smoothness of the female hand soothing her as she her body reacts to the calming touch a wetness between her legs and a; warm feeling coursing through her as the Domme's lips touch her neck the yearning in her body more acute, as she settles into nadu relieved of the chains that have head her willing her mind to still as the conflicting feelings of pain and pleasure course through her

Ayita crouches down and looks her fill of the willing submissive. Fingers dance down toned belly to draw teasingly through the glistening lips, just once. Makes a small sound of approval at the wetness she finds. Slips it free of the warm flesh, drying it upon creamy breasts. Only then does she untie the blindfold, and guide her back towards the Maitre. "This girl has been found pleasing to me, and I return her to you for the completion of her ceremony." Offers him her leash.


The Demoiselle Title...

Dusty Caldera nods and takes the leash loosely in my hand, Looking down at the beautiful new demoiselle at the end of it  "you have endured the test of your initiation and have been recommended to be given your new role as demoiselle ofRoissy Val d'Oise, Raevene...."

Raevene's eyes blind as the blindfold is taken from her aware the warm sensations through her body as the Domme caresses her breathing a soft thank You to her as she moves her gaze from Miss Ayita to Maitre Dusty looking up at Him

Dusty Caldera looks deep into the girls eyes, lightly stroking the soft hair now in shambles around her head and shoulders, "You are as an emerging butterfly from a cocoon, blossoming out after a slumber of growth and understanding, into a beautiful new creature ready to give her all for her community and her master.   *smiles*"

Raevene eyes widen as her face beams up at Maitre Dusty thanking Him

Dusty Caldera leans down close to the girl, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear, lifting her chin to face my eyes  "You have proven yourself worthy by discipline and use...... to deserve your new role and will hereby be known as Roissy Demoiselle..... As you continue along your journey self discovery and skill building."

Raevene nods "thank You Maitre I am proud to take the ranks of Demoiselle of Roissy Val D'Oise and will serve to the best of my ability with my heart

Dusty Caldera looks to the group upfront  "Mitia, again we thank you for sharing this lovely girl with the community, Ayita, Thank you for helping to test her dedication and willingness to serve.    Syndra, thank you for your guidance and training in molding this young girl to become a lovely demoiselle"

Mitia  nods at Dusty " it's my pleasure Dusty"

Ayita smiles in acknowledgment of his words.

Syndra: Congratulations Demoiselle Raevene, you make me very proud!! Enjoy your journey! :)  -blows kisses

Raevene looks to her Master and smiles,  saying thank YOu to Miss Ayita and to the lovely Syndra who has been wonderful.  Raevene looks up again at Maitre Dusty - "thank You for Your leadership and support Maitre"

 Dusty Caldera: "I'm sure there have been many others also that contributed to her growth and for that we applaud your efforts toward developing her into the young demoiselle she is today.  For that, each of you deserve a hand as well...... But for now join me in congratulating our newest Demoiselle or Roissy!"

Juliette SurrealDreaming

Roissy Journaliste

Xanadu Xue

Roissy Photographer


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