Rhiannon's Demoiselle Initiation

Rhiannon's Demoiselle Initiation

WHO                                           Rhiannon (rhiannonmv Resident)
WHEN                                         Saturday, Mar.  24, 2018
WHERE                                       Chateau Library
MASTER OF CEREMONIES        Maverick  Broadfoot  
PROTECTOR                               Dark
MENTOR                                     Venna Althouse
DOORKEEPERS                           Patty and Rebecca



by Sadie, Roissy Journaliste
Photography by Dove

The chatter quieted as Master Maverick began the ceremony by asking Venna, the debutante’s of the day mentor, to retrieve her from the tower where she was waiting.  Venna, gracefully smiling at those gathered assented, rose, smoothed her skirt, and hurried from the room.  Master Maverick cleared his deep voice to get everyone’s attention before announcing, “It's great to see so many of us here today.  I enjoy the traditions that we have here in Roissy, and I think this event is one of the most significant traditions.  It’s good to see all y’all here today to witness and support our demoiselle candidate.”

Heads all turned as Venna lead Rhiannon into the room.  Venna motioned to the girl to the cushion before Master Maverick saying, “"Maitre's. Maitresses. Masters. Mistresses, Sirs. Misses  and all our family members.  May I proudly present to you,  Demoiselle  Rhiannon..Rhia to her friends. who wishes this day to serve the Dominants of Roissy and continue her path to sisterhood and beyond."


T H E   C H A L L E N G E

Master Maverick looked down at the girl with a smile,,  “Good morning, Rhiannon.  It’s a pleasure to have you hear today.  I see you’re well-dressed or this occasion, looking lovely. I daresay you've already been through an initiation of sorts before we started.”

Rhiannon smiles up at him, nods her head slightly and softly replies, "Yes Master."

Master Maverick turned serious, “Rhiannon, listen and hear my words.  Give me your attention and answer me honestly and from your heart.  Do you come here willingly, of your own volition, to take the next steps here in Roissy Val d’Oise in your journey from debutante?”

Her green eyes remain fixed on him, takes a deep breath, "I come here freely Master and desire to continue my path here in Roissy."

Master Maverick continued. “Rhiannon, in The Story of O, René generously gave O to Stephen for additional training.  So now do you offer yourself to the Roissy Val d'Oise community to serve and learn as you continue to grow in your understanding of your submissive nature? I’ll remind you that you have the choice.  I won’t hold it against you if you choose to take a step back.  So, what say you?”

She shyly responded, “I do Master. I come here of my own free will to willingly serve the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise while I learn more of my submissive self."

Master Maverick gave her an approving nod before continuing, “Here, Rhiannon, you may be called upon to serve the Dominants with anything from a simple drink, to some services that are much more intriguing and erotic, with a variety of tastes.  Do you vow to devote yourself to serve the Dominants of Roissy with passion and with fire?”

Rhiannon brightened at this and eagerly responded, "I vow to serve the Dominants of Roissy with passion and with fire totally."

Master Maverick, satisfied with her responses and intent asked her to stand before him.  “While I appreciate what you’ve chosen to wear here today, it’s in the way.  You will go through this ceremony bared to us physically.  So now will now remove you clothing to show us your beauty.”

Rhiannon removed her lingerie letting it fall to the floor responding, "Yes Master."

Master Maverick looked down at the lovely girl standing before him up and down, approvingly.  He smiled and commanded her to kneel once more. He found the shiny new collar waiting beside his chair.  He opened it and slid it around Rhiannon’s soft neck.  The click as he closed it resounds off the walls of the room.  “Rhiannon, wear this collar with pride and dignity, as befitting the House Samios.  Let it be a reminder to you of your vows here to serve.”


T H E   D I S C I P L I N E

He grabbed a leash in his jacket pocket and reached down and fastened it to her shiny new collar with a click. He gave it a quick tug  making sure she was secure.  As he does his voice softens, “Rhiannon, do not fear what is about to happen but rejoice in the fact that you are serving the dominant members of our community in your service. These next new steps in your path I will take with you.  I will walk with you through this first part of your very first next steps.  I will administer discipline to you, just as it was given to O when she first arrived at the Chateau.  You will not be alone; I will be with you during this time.  You have not been disciplined in this way here up until now, but you can and will follow me.  I’ll start by fastening you to the post behind you.”

Her eyes widened slightly, but she nodded, "Yes Master."

He reached into his very deep pocket and founds his favorite flogger. He moved the flogger gently across his back, teasingly, letting the falls drape across her skin.

She tugged on the cuffs a bit; she clenched her fists as she felt the flogger glide over her skin.

Master Maverick moved closer to her letting his arm sly after slowly drawing it back, “Rhiannon, this is not punishment, but discipline is part of your ongoing training.” He pauses to seemingly let the girl prepare between each loud swat.  He ran his hand across her bare skin, warmer now, showing some pink.  Then he shifted, giving a few stokes to his other ass cheek. He took a moment to stop, and caught his breath as he looked over the marks showing on the girl's skin, and smiled. 

“Rhiannon, you have taken my blows well.  Now, take my hand, and find your feet. I'll hand you over to Master Dark now.”


T H E   P R O T E C T O R

Master Dark stood up and smiled at the beauty and took her leash.  He tugged on the leash as he guided her over to the larger cushion, "Sit here lovely girl."

He slipped onto the cushion with her and pulled her right into his lap roughly, while he kissed her and let his hands roam.

Rhiannon winced slightly as her abraded bottom touches the fine fabric of his trousers.

His voice, almost a growl, responded, “I have been looking forward to using you Rhia." He bit at her lips and kissed hard as his hands glided down her back.  He grabbed her sexy ass with both hands, squeezing each cheek.  He retrieved a tube and squeezed out some Gel on his fingers.  He slid his fingers up and down the crack of her ass making sure her tight hole is well lubricated.

Rhiannon gasped and her eyes widened slightly, but immediately clouded over with need.

He unzipped his pants to free his long hard cock.  He grabbed her by the hips and repositioned her on the cushion precisely as he moved around behind her, pressed his cock against her tight hole.  Her fingers reached up to touch her bitten lip; her long fingers gripping hold of the edge of the cushion, her body stiffening as he pressed his cock to her arse.  Hissing out a ragged breath, she closed her eyes and tried to relax and just breathe. He gave her ass a good firm spank as he started driving in and out of her harder and faster.

He moaned deeply as he spanked her ass again and again, each spank more harsh than the last, "Work hard to make me cum girl."

She winced with each slap on her already reddened skin.  Gripping the edge tighter, she began to move back and forth interspersed with moans.

She stilled and held her breath before trying to look over her shoulder at him.  She closed  her eyes and breathed heavily.

Master Dark grabbed both of her lovely breasts as he pumped in and out of her much more slowly now,  as he squeezes out the remainder of his seed.  He pulled her back into his lap as he zipped up.  He wrapped his arms around her holding her close to him.  He kissed her lips softly and tenderly as his hands glided over her soft skin caressing.  She closed her eyes and leaned into him, whispering softly, "Thank you Master."

Master Dark stood up reluctantly and handed the leash to Master Magolla "You are welcome. Come lovely girl.  Enjoy her well."


T H E   S E C O N D   D O M I N A N T

Master Magolla got up slowly as he takes the leash. He stood there for a while he looked at her, then spoke with a dry voice " Come girl!" and gently tugged the leash as he led her to the round shaped ottoman. He tugged her leash gently, "Get on it please.”

He reached and cupped her cheek softly, looked at her for a short moment, then slid his hands to her hair, gently gripping it as he unzipped himself, slid his semi erected cock out, and pulled her face slowly to it. He spoke with a soft but thick voice "You know what to do girl.."

She looked up at him and nodded, not even speaking a word as she wrapped her fingers around his cock, stroking it slightly before pressing her lips to the tip, her tongue immediately pressing forward to lick the head.  Opening her mouth, she moved over his cock, running her tongue over the length until her lips reach the base.

He guided her head by her hair without limiting her movements, his hips barely moving.  He matched the rhythm of her bobbing head, her soft mouth around his shaft creates waves of pleasure going up thru his body. without even being aware he pulls her head to his hips, slid himself deeper on her throat. He moaned slightly and pulled her head back in a hurry, then held her shoulders and turned her around , let her hair go and held her hip.

She grinned at him when he moved her so he could enjoy her wet pussy; her fingers touching the corners of her mouth to wipe away some of her saliva.

He held his cock and placed the tip between the lips right over her slit. He slowly bottomed her up, keeping himself deep inside her for few moments then starts pumping his cock. He looked down and watched his shaft claiming her and moans. She bites her lip, purring  softly, her back arched slightly while he slid into her, the slow, languid movement felt completely with in her, eliciting a soulful moan from between her lips.  He slid in her once more then suddenly lost control, orgasm hit him.  A satisfied smile suffused onto her lips.

He pulled back as he tucked his cock inside his pants. Breathing heavily as he zipped up. He straightens his jacket and shirt and ran his hands from both sides of his hair and collected himself.  He looks at her with a content smile, "Thank you girl!" then he tugs the leash gently as he says, "Get up please!"

Rhiannon moved off the ottoman, looking up at him as he passed her leach back to Master Maverick, "You’re welcome, Master."

Master Magolla unclipped her leash, adding, "She is an amazing girl Maverick..Just amazing."


T H E   T I T L E

Master Maverick looked to the girl and smiled with a bit of pride. “Rhiannon, I say you’ve done well today.  You’ve certainly had to deal with a lot more than our usual initiations.  And you’ve done so with grace.  You’re a credit to your training and to our community.  This debutante path is never easy to complete.  There are so many new ideas being tossed at you: giving up the power over your own self to that of another, to do the bidding of a dominant member, to study hard in your workshops and your readings.  But you have done it.  You are an inspiration to all those that follow you in understanding your submissive nature and will. You will do well to remember your vows and your experiences here today as you continue in your desire to serve.”

He looked from her out over the crowd, “Now, Rhiannon, turn and greet our familie.  Folks, I’m very pleased to introduce here our newest demoiselle, Rhiannon.”

Rhiannon bowed her head slightly, "I shall Master Maverick and thank you Master."  She then turned to face the assembled crowd.

Master Maverick leaned to whisper to Rhiannon, “You done good today, girl.  You done good.  Dark, this girl’s had a busy day.  You can take her someplace a little, more quiet for a while.”

She lifted her chin as the leash is attached to her collar and smiled at him to let him know she was ready.


T H E  D I S M I S S A L

Master Maverick gave a nod to the those gathered, “I know we ended things a little later than we like.  Thank you all for your patience today.  We’re thankful to Maître Rene for his dream of this place and for bring it about.  When you see him, thank him. 

"We also appreciate the work that the admin team does here to make this such a place to learn and play.  When you see them, thank them, too."





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