Rina Demoiselle Initiation

Rina Demoiselle Initiation

August 8, 2014

The Chateau Library filled to maximum capacity with Maitres, Masters, Dominants, sisters, demoiselles, debutantes, and a few visitors, who gathered to witness and celebrate the opening of a submissive after traveling the path of debutante and arriving at her rite of pass into that of Demoiselle.

A hush fell on the room, as Maitre Rene entered. He stood silent for a moment before he spoke, his eyes scanning the room.

"Good evening all, good to see you," he said, followed by the eager greetings from all those present. As he took his regal seat in the left corner of the room, two sisters kneeling on either side of his chair, Maitre Chronos stood and layed  two pieces of short rope and a flogger with suede tails on the opposite side of his chair. He then turned and faced those gathered.

 "If you don't have a seat or cushion yet, we do ask that you find one before we begin in a few minutes. Once the initiation begins we need all local chat to end except for those participating in the initiation itself. We ask that you don't IM the participants during their scene as well. Remember no tping in or out of the Chateau or tping others. If you crash, please log back in outside the Chateau and enter through the front doors. If you are wearing HUDs that are not needed, we ask you remove them to help with lag. This is a members only occasion and all must be wearing Roissy VDO tags to attend. Thanks everyone."

His serious blue eyes looked around the room and it was as if you could hear his thoughts about the girl who desires to come and walk this path, thinking to himself that we will soon find out about her gift of submission as she comes before the Dominants of the Chateau. Without any other thought, he turned and glanced to the doorway to Vette.

"Vette, go and leash this girl and bring her into the Chateau for the Dominants to see if this girl is ready to journey on in her path here."

Vette nodded and slowly stood, answering "yes," in a soft voice.  She left the room, returning minutes later, followed by a beautiful naked girl, with long wheat blonde hair, who stood behind her, noticeably trembling.

"Masters, I present to you Demoiselle Rina," said Vette, motinging to the nervous gir.

Maitre Chronos stands and and takes the two short pieces of rope and stuffs them in his pocket with a piece of material. Without delay he walks to the girl and looks her over.  He takes the material from his pocket, and speaks, "Rina, blindfolds serve many purposes.........without your eyes it forces you to use the other senses that you have to think about what is going on around you." He leans down and begins to wrap the cloth around her eyes so that she cannot see.

We watch the girl as he ties the cloth and pulls it into a knot so that she should not be able to see anyone around her.

"Rina," he says.  "I promised to be your protector this evening......and you rest at ease on one hand that I will make sure that happens. But, you enter a journey to this place which brings about a testing of such by the Dominants of this Chateau." He reached in his pocket and took out the rope and tied her hands in front of her. "Rina stand up," as he took hold of her collar with his fingers and lifted her up as well.

He walks around her and looks the girl over to inspect her as he makes sure she hears his footsteps on different sides of her. He walks back to his chair and picks up the suede flogger and returns.

"Your senses can play tricks on you, or they can be tuned to feel things that you thought not possible, do you understand this Rina?" he asks her.

"Yes Maitre," she answers.

Maitre Chronos nods to her response and lets the tails of the flogger drift over her shoulders and down her back. He pushes her feet further apart to help her stance some. 

"I want you to listen to a sound in the room, maybe it is the clock, maybe it is the fire, it might be your silence, but I do not want you to lose your focus," he instructs, as he found a place on the girl's backside and ran the tails to the place where they would fall.......he pulled it back and let it strike against her ass as he pulled the tails in his left hand and let them go with the flick of his wrist.

Rina's skin grew a faint red at the touch of his flogger brushing against her skin. The room grew silent save for the tick of the clock, the crackle of the fire.

He moves slightly to put a leg in front of her and brace her, saying, "You see, your mind as a submissive must be focused on the Dominant you are serving in the moment. It is not about what others might think, they might examine you, but your task is to use your submission to serve in the here and now, do you understand this, it requires focus?"

He steadies her and lets the tails come down on the other cheek of her ass two times now.

Rina's  lips part as a soft moan escapes , and closing her eyes she whispers, "Yes Maitre, i understand."

He nods to her and we all wonder what her heart and mind tells her as the tails come down on her backside again, but harder in with three strikes this time as he pulls the tails each time in his left hand and releases them. He continued to steady her with his left leg slightly in front of her.

His voice rings out, "Then you will serve the Dominants of this Chateau with your gift of submission as you seek this next journey in your life here?"

Rina lifts her head back groaning with each kiss of his flogger, as clearly the sensations rush through her body. She stands proudly and takes a deep breath, answering, "Yes Maitre, I will serve the Dominants of the Chateau."

Maitre Chronos nods and leans over to the girl's ear, whispering loud enough for all to hear, "Very good then girl, we will continue to see," as he steadies her one last time and pulls the flogger back, handle in right hand and tails in left to let it hit both cheeks four more times. Though we cannot see her eyes, we wonder  if there are tears at all inthem.......and yet it was not always a sign of submission if they are, or not.

She cries out, the flogger stinging her soft flesh, and it is as if a perceptible shudder ripples around the room through all the submissives kneeling and witness, that the sound they here is yet oh so sweet and sensing how the heat must spread through Rina, knowing the action puts her where she needs, wants, and belongs.

Maitre Chronos wraps his fingers around Rina's collar after making sure she can stand straight.

"Come Rina," he instructs.  "I am standing you in front of Maitre Marcus......serve him as he tells you, do you understand?" He pauses showing some confidence of how the girl will answer, looking to the other Dom and saying, "Marcus she is all yours."

Maitre Marcus stands, nodding to Chronos and approaches the naked submissive, snapping his leash into her collar and wrapping it tightly around his fist. With a gleam in his eye, it is as if he feels like a tiger who notices fresh prey released into its cage. Standing very close to Rina, he circles her slowly and seems to observe how her body is reacting to his presence. For a moment he glances at the warm crackle of the fire and as he does the heavy silence in the room engulfs everyone as he looms over her. Without talking, he moves around her close enough for her to feel his breath as he examines her.

Rina suddenly gasps as he pulls her by his leash. He grins at her reaction and produces a leather crop, using it to hold up her chin a bit, breathing hotly on her neck as he addresses her.

"You have served drinks in this very room with sweet submission, are you prepared to serve just as willingly with your body?"  He keenly observes every nuance of her naked flesh...heretofore always covered up with a debutante's dress.

Rina lifts her chin at the control of his crop and croaks, "Yes Maitre, it is this girls desire to serve in every way please."

He uses the crop to trace along her body, noticing the goosebumps on her flesh, flicking it across her hardening nipples, tracing it down and then up her legs and crouching down to see if he notices any signs of arousal there...all the while holding her leash tightly, allowing the chain to drag along her pale flesh, demanding, "Your answer pleases me girl!"

A soft moan escapes her lips as his crop explores her body , her nipples are taught, and down her inner thigh appears a trickle of her juices.

Maitre Marcus stands and moves behind her, using his foot to force her legs into a wider stance.

"Girl you know that a Dominant's pleasure can include the administering of discipline, don't you?" He askes, holding the shaft of the crop still with one hand, with the other hand he pulls back the tip of the crop and then releases it, letting it fly and snap on her ass, already red from Maitre Chronos' flogger, with a loud THWACK.

Rina jumps at the sound of the crop slapping her bare ass, the heat of the Maitre Chronos's flogger clearly intensifying and causing her to stagger. But she regains her balance and manages to say, "Yes Maitre Marcus , i do and i welcome it. "

At her words, he unfurls a second crack of the crop on her ass, this one more forcefully than the first. He pauses and then runs the crop between her legs very slowly, finally pressing it into her folds, noticing a surprising wetness there. Turning the leather tip there he coats it in her juices and then brings it to her mouth and offers the leather tip of the crop.

"Open," he says to her with a hot breath on her neck, waiting to see how she responds.

Rina squeaks out at the second crack biting her lip the crop teasing her wanting sex. She opens her mouth to accept his gift extending her tongue.

With a fist full of hair, he forces her into a kneeling position. 

"I liked how you accepted the tip of my crop so eagerly....now girl I want you to release my manhood....since your hands are behind you use your teeth to unzip my fly."

Rina instantly obeys and lowers herself with a groan as his hand graspes her hair and guides her. She leans forward blindly, using her nose and mouth to find where his fly is, then carefully taking the clasp between her teeth, manages to pull it down.

Maitre Marcus continues to grasp his crop and places it under her chin to raise her head as he forces his stiff shaft to her soft red lips.

"Now girl demonstrate your complete submission as I allow you to worship my cock...if you do well you will be spared further lashes of the crop."

Rina licks the tip of his hard shaft in one slow long stroke tasting him, his scent, his taste filling her senses she moans...licking her lips she slides them down the length wrapping her tongue around.

Maitre Marcus gasps at the feeling of her hot, soft mouth enveloping him...the  blood rushing to his member, causing it to throb and grow tight from the pressure. He grabs a handful of hair to control her head and uses it to allow him to thrust into her at the speed he chooses.

Rina sucks on him greedily as he controls the thrusts, gagging when he hits the back of her throat .
The pleasure washes across his face, as he clearly enjoys the slurping sounds filling the room and the sounds of her throat gagging on his large shaft, as he continues to work as deep as he can manage....sensing her appetite for his throbbing cock as precum begins to flow now into her mouth and drip slowly from her chin.

Rina  devours his hard cock bringing her hand up to massage his balls. He responds to her hands on his balls and begins to fall into the cliff of orgasm, but he wants more...he pulls out and grabs her by her collar, pulling her onto the center cushion and forcing her onto all fours.

"Reach back girl and spread your lips for this Dominant to use you as he desires."

She obeys, spreading for him egarily. surprised by his sudden moment she hollers out "yes Maitre!" and spreads for him eagerly and gasping as he presses into her, sliding his cock right in from the lubrication built up on her glistening heat. He gasps as he plunges deep,  the tight grip of her wet, warm cunt on his swollen, throbbing cock. More slurping sounds fill the room as he thrusts into her from a position that gives him access to her ass and begins to spank her already red cheeks, before grabbing his crop and delivering a few cracks on her ass as he pounds into her.

Rina seems paralized by the sensations as he enters and  buries her head in the cushion, whimpering as he fucks her,  the slaps on her ass heightening her desire....her cunt on fire loving every minute of it.

Unable to stop the flood of passion overwhelming him, Maitre Marcus unleashes an avalanche of his hot, pearly gift deep inside of her....waves or orgasm convulse over him as he pulses his seed deep, as if from some unknown pool of lust within him....as the waves subside he gathers himself.....

"Girl," he groans. "You may not cum unless given permission by the next dominant"....pulling out, he quietly zips up and allows her a moment to compose herself while he tucks away his crop

Breathing deeply,  his warm gift running down her thighs mixed with her own desire, Rina  whispers...."yes Maitre, thank you Maitre."

He carefully leads the blindfolded girl over to Sir Lazarus' chair and unsnaps his leash from her collar, tucking the steel chain into his pocket.

"Girl you will now serve Lazarus with your gift of submission," he says, turning to Maitre Chronos, nodding approvingly of the girl's service before returning to his chair and collapsing there exhausted.

Maitre Chronos nods to Marcus, as he watches the girl go to Sir Lazarus.

Having collected the girl and clipped his leash to her collar, SirLazarus unties wrists and blindfold.

"I want you to see your friends and famille as we dance together," he says, watching Rina blinke her eyes and rubs her wrists, nodding to him. 

He rests his palm upon her cheek, looking down upon her fondly, and speaks, his words are spoken in a deep calm voice. "I stand here for the dominants- as I use your submission to fulfill my desires, know that it is not just me that enters your body, but the whole community. That community has gathered on this day in recognition of your flowering. Many remember your giving nature, humility, and the hard work that won you the right to serve us. I ask you again. Are you willing to submit to all the masters of Roissy? to do with you as they please?"

Tears come to her eyes, "Oh yes please Sir, this girl wishes for nothing more."

"I am pleased with your answer and honor your precious gift of submission. Submission may mean sexual pleasure. It may mean discipline. It may mean both. Once you have agreed to submit to us, the choice is no longer yours.  Are you content with this?" he askes her.

She nods, and says, "That is my wish Sir...to belong to the Dominants of VdO, to be theirs to do with as they see fit...i am belong to VdO."

"Then this is what I intend. I intend to stretch your virgin ass using only the juices I see flowing from you. Unzip my pants."

Rina trembles reaching over and unzips him releasing his already hard cock she runs the palm of her hand over it sliding her thumb over the tip to feel the precum there. 

" I intend to thrust in hard an quickly. I wish to hear you cry out from pain mingled with pleasure."

She takes a deep breath relaxing her body to ready for his invasion of her tight budhole

"I intend to bend you back so that all may see the beauty you bring," he says, having watched the others take the girl he has long watched blossum, he has no where near the stamina of the Maitre. He intends simply to pleasure himself in her as he pumps into and out of her ass.

Rina screams out as he plunges into her tight ass pushing through tears come to her eyes as the pain rips through her.

"Good girl. More, I want you more." He slaps her breast.

Rina crys out sobbing, "Yes Sir! i am yours to use Sir as this girl is owned by the Dominants of this Chateau!"

Sir Lazarus begins a deep rumble of a groan.  With sharp breathes he inhales her scent, and does not bother to hid how near he is to cumming.  He drops his hand down to he clit and rubs frantically. Clearly the ripping pain becomes pleasure to Rina as his body slamming into her burning ass with each stroke.

"Can you cum on command," he askes through gritted teeth.  He slaps her other breast.

Rina nods frantically, gruint, "Yes please Sir!, may i cum?...please!"

"Very well, my pet. On the count of ten," he grunts, and begins a countdown. "10... 9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1 NOW!"

Rina's  body convulses and Sir  Lazarus spasms within her body and shakes. He pulls out of her, sated. He tucks himself back in his pants as he addresses Chronos. "Chronos, I present back to you, the new Demoiselle, Subrina!"

"Very good," says Maitre Chronos as he stands and walks to the girl, "Come Rina......you have proven yourself worthy to serve the Dominants of Roissy VDO, so let me be the first to congratulate you as a Demoiselle." As everyone congratulates Rina, he whispers, "Rina, walk a few steps, and stand next to me as Rene will speak to you now."

Maitre Rene stands and looks at those present . He smiles, seeing the many loyal members. Thanking them for the support they have shown Rina today as she became the newest Demosielle at Roissy Val d' Oise.

"Rina, It is a pleasure for me to congratulate you on your path," he says. "I look forward to seeing you continue and grow in your submission as your training continues progresses. As you travel your path I would like to share a quote from the late but famous Ben Franklin.

"The doors of wisdom are never shut.

"Rina, .your mind is the doors of wisdom, let it always be open and absorbent as a sponge. Listen and learn as you travel your path.  You have shown a true gift of submission to the Roissy Val d' Oise Masters today. I congratulate you once again Rina and look forward to your success as you continue your path."

Rina beams at Maitre's words so proud to be part of his family and vision.

Maitre Rene smiles.

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