Snow Demoiselle Initiation

Snow Demoiselle Initiation

July 11, 2016


A Demoiselle initiation ceremony is at hand. Please join us as she is brought forth to serve the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise.


* Members only event

* Formal attire required

* Please be respectful and do not initiate a scene during this time 


When       Today Monday, July 11, 2016

Time        3:00 PM 

Where     Chateau Library


Propriétaire et Maître De Roissy Val d'Oise René

Dom Supervisor Team: Maitres Dusty,Taylor, Jonathon, Rain & Nol

Dusty Caldera turns and settles down into my chair waiting for the arrival of the rest of the audience and looks over the gathering crowd of my family and friends "Please find a seat or cushion before we begin in a few minutes. Once the initiation begins, we need all local chat to end except for those participating in the initiation itself. "

He smiles as I look around the room "We also ask that you do not IM the participants during their scene As this distracts them from concentrating on this emotional experience.  Remember there is no TPing yourself or others in or out of the Chateau. Because of the lag inherent in an initiation, if you are knocked off-line through network difficulties, you may now log back in in-place and return to your seat.  There is no longer a need to log in outside the Château and make your way back inside.  If you are wearing HUDs or other attachments that are not needed, we ask you remove them to help with lag.  This is a 'members-only' occasion and everyone must be dressed appropriately and be wearing Roissy VDO tags to attend.  Please turn your audio stream on, the Story of O music has been started to add to the experience

Dusty Caldera looks around the room and all of the wonderful sisters that we have joining us today "Sisters, to enhance this celebration and to remain more in line with the culture of our community, you may  unclothe your breasts.  If you are a Courtesan Sister, it is at your Master's wish.

Xanadu, hearing Maitres words, she slipped off her top and placed under the chair

Dusty Caldera smiles out over the crowd  "Welcome to everyone, and thank you for joining us for this wonderful event today, We are proud to have each of you join us for this special occasion. " He turns to look at the Demoiselle's mentor, "Sana, would you please have the girl brought here from the tower and present her to us, the Dominants of The Château."

Sana lifts her eyes to Maitre Dusty, smiling " Yes Maitre Dusty it is my pleasure and honor to do so"  she stands straightening her skirts as she leaves the room.

Dusty Caldera looks back to the group that has gathered for this initiation  "it is not often that we have an initiation so late in the day so for many of you it may be a new experience.."

Sana leans to the girl touching her cheek, "Snow, please kneel on the pillow before Maitre Dusty."  she whispers, " serve with heart"    Turns to Maitre Dusty eyes lowered softly, " Maitre Dusty, may i present Snow"

Dusty Caldera nods as the two girls walk in. He looks down to the soft cushion as the girl Snow is brought into the room, prepared in lovely garments and placed before me on the pillow, "Thank you, Sana...." then glances at the girl kneeling before me "Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl you have brought before us today....... I do hope that it signifies your purity which is about to be taken in service"

Snow makes her way nervously into the room, her eyes dancing over those present before moving to the cushion and kneeling, eyes lifting to His, "Yes Maitre, it does."

Dusty Caldera looks down on the girl, watching her closely as she kneels before me...."Snow, you were brought from Samois by your mentor today and by your own desire you have come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau."

Snow swallows, chin lifting with pride, as ice blue hues burn with a silent fire to serve, "Yes Maitre, I have."

Dusty Caldera nods,.looking down into those deep blue eyes, Watching that soft blonde hair cascade down over your shoulders of creamy skin and smooth texture "You were brought here from Samois by your protector, and retrieved from the tower by your Mentor. Are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new exciting path?"

"Yes Maitre, with all of my heart and soul I am."

Dusty Caldera looks up across the room a little bit reminiscing then looks back down again with a fierceness in my gaze "In the novel of the 'Story of O', as René so generously gave O to Stephen for additional training, so you offer yourself to the Roissy Val d'Oise community to serve and learn as you continue to grow In your understanding of your submissive nature."

Snow sees the fierceness in His eyes and feels her breath catch, heart racing as she nods, "Yes Maitre, I wish to grow and learn with those here that are willing to teach me."

Dusty Caldera nods... noticing the startle. with which she looks back....asks the final question for confirmation of her intent and commitment  "Do you vow to serve with passion and with fire all of the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise, within your limits, to follow the directions of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would require your service?  It's not too late to change your mind.""

Snow sets her chin, the long length of her neck exposed as creamy softness rolls with every swallow, "I do so vow Maitre Dusty, with all that I am I will serve all the Dominants of Roissy."

Dusty Caldera nods at the affirmative answer of commitment, reaching into my coat pocket and pulling out a soft leather collar, reaches down to lift the girl's chin with fingertips firmly planted under her chin, slides the soft collar around her neck, fastening it behind her neck with a smile and pride  "It is with great pleasure that I collar you to the House of Samois, Snow.  I know that you will wear it proudly."

Snow feels the collar slip around her neck, tightening there. The corner of slightly blushed lips turn up with pride as her eyes lock with His, "Thank You Maitre Dusty. I will honor it always."

Dusty Caldera slips my warm fingers into that soft blonde hair, grabbing a firm grip of the bulk of it, raising her to her feet as I tug it upward, speaking as she rises along with my hand  "You will present yourself to the community, all that you offer as I remove your clothing..... Turnaround and face your family and friends"

Snow feels the tug to her hair, lifting her from the cushion as she stands before Him. Her eyes look out at her family and friends, her heart racing with both fear and excitement as they lock on each person in turn. "Yes Maitre," she whispers softly as she waits.

Dusty Caldera leans in close enough to let the warm breath exiting my body caressed the hairs on the back of her neck, slides my hands slowly down her shoulders until I reached the clasp holding her top on, on clasping it and dropping it to the floor next to us, revealing her warm and tender breasts to the air around us.  Gripping each side of her panties, stretches and snaps the connection the front and back make, tugging them free with strong fingers.....

Snow gasps as the air brushes across her heated flesh, causing pink nipples to harden in an instant. The tug to panties rip them from her body, as sheer material falls, leaving her standing in nothing more than her heels and stockings. She breathes, her lips parted slightly as she can feel Him so close behind her.

Dusty Caldera wraps my hands slowly around her shoulders, cupping each tender breast in my hand, fingertips lightly teasing each warm nipple as it glides over the tips... then sliding my hands lower loosens the garters holding her hose up, slowly while lowering each stocking to the ground, lifting each leg in my hand and slipping off the shoes to leave her naked and exposed before me and smiles at the prize I've unwrapped, My hands flowing softly over her shoulders but reaching into my pocket to pull out a leash, short but strong, reaching around to the front snapping it to her collar With an audible *click* then grips the leash tightly  "you will now be tested for your willingness to serve the dominant members of our community"

Snow feels that brush of fingers, making her gasp as she is touched in such a way so boldly in front of everyone within the room. Her eyes close, softness of fingertips removing the stockings and shoes until she stands completely bare, pale flesh glistening. The leash attaches to her neck and she feels a sense of connection in that addition.

Dusty Caldera glances up to the ceiling of the Château Library noticing the strong chandelier hanging above us, pulling out bindings and sliding each cuff onto her wrists, making sure they are not too tight but tight enough to hold her as she is suspended in the air,  thinks twice about the old chandelier, wondering how long it had been tested..... And decides to use her on the pole instead, a little lower to the ground and easier to reach. His lips are frame up until the bindings wrap around the poles and she is securely fastened to the pole....

Snow follows His lead as she is taken to the pole, feeling the coldness of it as it presses against the heat of her rounded breasts. She can feel Him moving behind her, and her body shivers, goosebumps forming as she closes her eyes a moment, willing herself to breathe.

He slides a black paddle from behind the couch..... looks at the girls body stretched tightly over the lengthy pole...... Looking at her with an evil grin........ wondering how she will feel once she gets a load of this paddle.......Moving it up gently against her cheeks, rubbing slowly over the smooth expanse of her body, sliding it gently between her thighs and turning the paddle is to open her thighs even more than they already are and leans in close and whispers to the girl  "This is but it taste of what you will enjoy at the hands of our dominants....." Then draws back my hand, delivering the first firm blow of the wide paddle against the soft creamy skin of her ass with a loud *SMACK*

Snow rolls her head back as a loud moan erupts from her lips, feeling the way the paddle parts her thighs, exposing her inner flesh. At the first smack to her flesh, she cries out softly, her tongue slipping over her lips as she whispers, "Yes Maitre, THank You Maitre."

Dusty Caldera Brings the paddle down firmly against each as cheek, separately and then together as I deliver blow after blow of the thick black paddle, contrasting firmly against the warm smooth skin now turning a deeper shade of red along her upper thighs as well as her ass and reaches up and grabs a handful of that long blonde hair, holding her firmly in place as the paddle brings its blows again and again across the full expanse of her bottom cheeks and upper thighs...... feeling that pinch each time the heavy paddle contacts her body, the pain that shoots like lightning through her being, The soft skin wiggling and jiggling with each blow of the heavy paddle

Snow grips the binds that bind her in place, her knuckles turning white as she trembles from each smack to her red ass. SHe starts to slip, her body melting against the pole again and again as rounded cheeks shake from the leather contact with flesh. "Thank You Maitre, Thank You," she near whimpers as her mind begins to slip with the pain.

Dusty Caldera wonders if she is feeling the burn, the sting that travels deep into her soul, the feelings of emotion as she realizes the pain........ the pleasure....... the excitement of this forceful spanking........ Then pauses a moment, taking notice of the red intensity across her ass, reaching out with my left hand to smoothly caress and feel the warmth emanating from her bottom..... and nods that I have fulfilled the spanking that she so richly deserves to introduce her to what is about to come as a new demoiselle.....

Snow cries out softly as fingers brush over heated flesh, adding a cooling sensation to her flesh that only crept even deeper into her core. Her sweat covered head rested upon the pole as she breathed, remembering everything her friends had told her, and all of their guidance as she prepared for this day.

Dusty Caldera tosses a well used paddle behind the couch once more, reaching up to loosen the bindings that held her small dainty hands to the pole, wrapping my hand around her waist and pulling her up right again, satisfies that she's had a good taste of the discipline she will continue to receive...... and drags her slowly by arm and leash over to the other participants of this initiation...

Snow was weak as she stumbled along, barely able to stand as her mind was no longer focused on standing, but on the intense feeling that ran through her heated body. Her eyes moved to Maitre Nol, hooded, shadowed with intense heat as she shivered even more, uncertain as to what was to come next.

Dusty Caldera smiles at my brother  "Protektor..., this girl seems to have quite a tolerance to discipline, and that's a very good thing....... but perhaps you can show her something a little more in depth and intimate" smiling and hands the leash to him. He walked back to my chair and relaxes once more.

Protektor takes the leash from Dusty and looks in to Snow's eyes careful watching her expression as I lead her out in to the middle of room to the ottoman.

Snow hears Maitre's words to Master Protektor, and her eyes lift to Him, pale hues of ice barely seen as He leads her to the otomon. She trembled once again, His closeness causing her to near stop breathing as she looking to the otoman and back to Him again.

Protektor look at Snow in the eyes and leads her on to the ottoman and then has her get on her knees as I slowly run my fingers down her spine and then slowly across her paddle red ass. I trace small patterns and circles on her back I try and calm her for what is to come next.

Snow blushes as that rosy red ass is lifted in the air for all to see. The touch of His fingers over the flesh soothes her, and she feels her breathing begin to slow. Though the skin still burns and stings, a different sensation begins to move thought her body, bringing her to lower her head to the cushion before her.

Protektor climbs on the ottoman behind her and slowly unzips my pants and takes out my cock running slowly up and down her pussy before beginning to slowly slide my hard cock in to her inch by inch until I am fully seated in her then reaches around grabs her breasts rolling her nipples between my fingers and pinching them as I begin to driving in and out of her in long steady strokes.

The slow motion of His body driving into her, makes her growl softly as she bites down on the well worn cushion beneath them. WHen He is finally deep within her, she pops the cushion free and cries out a low and sultry moan, letting it vibrate through her body. THe brush of His jacket against her well worn ass makes her cry out a bit, but it only intensified her pleasure all the more.

Protektor  drives in to her again and again beginning to pick up the pace as I drive hard and deep with each stroke feeling myself begin to bottom out against her cervix every so often. I begin to pull firmly on her nipples and twist them ever so lightly as I continue to drive my hard cock in to her wet pussy over and over.

The twist to her nipples makes her let out a muffled growl as she feels the way His body slams into her tight walls, now slick from excitement. She begins to tremble as her knees fight to hold her in place, keeping her from falling flat to the cushion beneath them as His weight shifted again and again into her body.

His fingers grip in to her breasts hard, my fingers sinking in to the flesh of her breasts knowing that it will leave bruises but pulling her back to me again and again as I continue to drive my hard cock in to her over and over. I reach down and grab her by the back of her hair and pull her head back hard as I lean forward in to her and kiss her hard and fast in an almost bruising manner as the passion in me continues to rise.

Snow breathes fast, a near pant as she feels the bruising grips to her breasts, the motion causing her lips to open, and her eyes to roll back in her head. The pressure of His lips against her own, takes away the little breath she managed to have, and her rounded hips slapped again and again against His as He pounded into her with such forcefulness.

He continues to drive in to her as my cock begins to swell the sound of heavy breathing beginning to fill the air around us as I reach down between  her legs and begin to rub her clit then gently pinch it in time with each stroke I drive in to her pushing her passions higher and higher with each stroke and each gentle pinch of her clit.

She moans deeply, her body shaking as she is pushed to the very edge, her sensitive clit turning red with passion as His fingers roll over it and tease it. The sounds of her cries echo around the room, as the scent of well used sex fills the room. She teeters there, tiny cries starting to come from her lips, "Please Master....please." She begins to beg as she is no longer of herself.

He drives in to her hard and deep and then leans in to her and says in a deep commanding voice, "I want you to cum with me now. I don't want you to hold back, but cum as hard as you can around my cock!" as I thrust one last time deep in to her and cum hard inside of her and pinch her clit at the same time she starts to cum.

Snow screams her release, not caring who heard as she begins to buck against Him, her back arching and rounded breasts slapping against each other as she feels that final thrust of His hips deep within her. Tears of relief slip down her sweat slicked cheeks as she almost collapses forward, unable to speak as her breath comes out in a low and whimpered moan.

Protektor slowly pulls out of her and tucks my cock back in to my pants and zips up then slowly stands and helps her stand taking her over to Nol and says to him "She has done well so far but finish her initiation to prove that she is ready to serve." then hands him her leash.

Nol  stands up, feels some dizziness so he falls back in his chair, "must be the alcohol" then looks around to the Roissy family "and now hard work on top" holds out tthe offered hand and takes the leash

Snow crumples to her knees before Maitre Nol, unable to stand as her body still trembles from release. Her eyes are fogged with haze, as she continues to pant, barely able to focus on the well dressed man before her. Tongue slips over her lips as she kneels there on the floor, watching Him as He falls back onto the chair.

Protektor returns to my seat to watch the rest of the initiation.

Nol ooking at the girl "at least you are pretty and I heard you moaning nicely" and he points to come close

Snow crawls closer, until she is practically in His lap, her heated breath washing over Him as she looks up to Him with hunger filled eyes.

"Now your job to make my cock hard after such a day, not easy to manage" and he moves on the chair a little towards her so she can start her work

She ponders this task, as Maitre had obviously been drinking, but hey, who was she to deny a drunk Maitre. She grins and whispers softly, "Yes Maitre," Deft fingers moved forward, slipping over the front of His trousers as she leaned forward, letting her lips do the same to the confined cock before slowly unzipping Him and pulling Him free from His trousers.

He whispers: as he sees her starting so eagerly, "slowly, slowly every Dom shall notice what you do to get an idea of your qualities in serving later on"

He whispers: as he sees her starting so eagerly, "slowly, slowly every Dom shall notice what you do to get an idea of your qualities in serving later on"

She was so eager to please, her hues looking up to Him as she trailed her tongue over the head of His cock, flicking it there again and again. Her rosy ass lifted in the air, thighs parting a bit to show the still wet and well worn slit of her sex.

He feels his cock harden and getting bigger, "looks not bad for a starter"

Snow breathed deeply as she moved her full lips down His length, moving to His swollen balls before letting her tongue lap eagerly and lovingly over each. She then lifted back along His length, before wrapping those lips around the head of His cock and suck popping it, never letting her eyes leave His.

"Now faster girl, make the Debs and Dems jealous on the joy you give me - jealous in a motivating way!"

She grins as she moved down His length, swallowing Him deeply into her throat, feeling Him tickling her tonsils. She gagged slightly, but not once did she release from her task, letting her tongue roll along His cock as she sucked Him faster.

"Yessss, you deserve the meal" and he explodes in her, "ahhh" and grabs her "I should have stayed not so long at the bar before then I would taste another hole of you now for sure" then he fondles her hair and speaks with a soft voice, "now clean up, Snow. Snow what a nice and fitting name, like snowflakes in winter times."

She moans, the sounds vibrating along His length and into His balls until she feels Him erupt into her throat. She takes it all, swallowing it deeply into her belly, before gently lapping up any she may have missed. When she finished, she simply grinned, well spent as she whsipered, "Thank You Maitre for the meal."

Nol secretly winks to Dusty to come closer after he unsuccessfully tried to stand up to hand the leash over.

Dusty Caldera takes the leash in my hand

"Dusty. I can recommend Snow, indeed she may be a last resort if nothing helps after one was too long at the bar" then he thinks on his words how they could be misinterpreted and looks to Tara and his face turns red, "with exemptions" and he looks around facing some of the beauties in the room "some more exemptions" and after a pause "no need to name them today as it is all about Snow and looks at her "congrats" Then he sucessfully brings his cock back in place

Dusty Caldera nods as Nol completes his recommendation  "NOl....Protektor...I thank you both for your participation in this initiation......." then Smiles down at the girl..... Gently urging her back toward the center of the room...he looks down into the blue eyes of this lovely demoiselle, a bit hot sweaty and sticky but nonetheless a smile still on her lips, a pride in her eyes the way she holds herself, eager to serve and continue to serve  "You have done well, them well,Snow..."..smiles at Nol....Protektor..."It looks like you wore her down to nothing"

Snow curls into that touch, nuzzling against His fingers as she looks up to Him with utter exhaustion on her features.

Dusty Caldera looks out Into the the gathering of family and friends  "We are all here to celebrate the advancement of this lovely demoiselle as she moves forward in her understanding and training, her performance and her dedication to serving our community......And she has proven herself well and up to the task....."

Snow was nothing but a pile of mush at this point, but there was a glow about her features. A pride in the way she held herself as she listened to His words.

Dusty Caldera looks down into the young girl's eyes, there sparkly blue peering back at mine   "It is a challenge, Snow, each time we take on something that we have yet to experience, yet to understand, it as a challenge for us to climb that mountain, that experience and be successful as we do so.   You have proven yourself worthy to be called demoiselle and will be, hereforth known By that earned title.  Whether we have the ability  to meet the challenge  at first  depends much on our skills, our determination  and our willingness to try .   This girl chose to take that challenge and move forward ..... Through pain and humiliation , through perseverance and knowledge , she has once again proven herself worthy."

 "As we have witnessed a challenge being met and conquered today , proving she has what it takes , I challenge each of you to do the same , to take a look at where you are  in your training , your life and challenge yourself to move forward, to make something better of yourself , to show others that you have what it takes to beat the challenges .    "

Dusty Caldera smiles down at the girl, tired, worn, warm and reddened But still proud and ready to serve with all of her heart and mind and soul   "I present to you Demoiselle Snow.... Please join me in congratulating her and her accomplishments!"

An eruption of "congratulations" rings out.

Snow felt her eyes well with tears as she looked up to Him, then around to all those that had taken the time to be there with her today. His words hit home with her, harder than He would ever realize as her eyes fell on each person in turn, her smile growing bright as she finally breathed.

Dusty Caldera smiles down at the lovely girl.... as the compliments fill the room. He turns slowly to Protektor...." Please take this young lady to her reward... Provide for her care after her initiation" and hands the least to him and moves back to my chair, a smile on my lips and a heart full of pride

Protektor  takes the leash from Dusty and smiles softly at Snow looking in her eyes and leads her away.

Dusty Caldera watches as the girl was let off to the aftercare room, Still a wiggle in her walkAs she moves away    "Xanadu, do we have any announcements?"

"yes Maitre .. this afternnon is free for role playing .. woo hooo until 7pm with TobyKip at the Docks ~ country style "

Dusty Caldera nods..and turns back to our group  "thank you all for joining us today for this wonderful celebration, this initiation of another new demoiselle for our community to enjoy... Thank you all for coming!"

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