Sophie Demoiselle Initiation

Sophie Demoiselle Initiation

February 27, 2016

A Demoiselle Initiation Approaches

A Demoiselle initiation ceremony is at hand. Please join us as she is brought forth to serve the Dominates of Roissy Val d'Oise.

*Members only event
*Formal attire required
* Please be respectful and do not initiate a scene during this time 

When       Saturday  2/2/2015
Time        8:00 AM SLT
Where     Chateau Library

Propriétaire et Maître De Roissy Val d'Oise René
VdO Superviseur: Maitre Dusty Caldera

As E/everyone settled in place, Maitre Dusty gave reminders for the impending ceremony. "Remember there is no TPing in or out of the Chateau or TPing others. If you crash, please log back in outside the Chateau and enter through the front doors. If you are wearing HUDs that are not needed, we ask you remove them to help with lag. This is a 'members only' occasion and everyone must be wearing Roissy VDO tags to attend. Thanks everyone. (we make exceptions for participants). Please turn your audio stream on, Rene has began the Story of O music to add to the experience"

He looks around the room to our lovely Sisters.  "Sisters, to enhance this celebration and to remain more in line with the Story of O, you may  unclothe your breasts.  If you are a Sister Courtesan, it is at your Master's wish."

Hearing Maitres words, Xanadu lifted her arms unclasped her bra and placed under the chair.

Juliette  unfastens my bra from the bodice, pulls it off, allowing my full breasts to be exposed and holds it in my hands behind me

 "Welcome to everyone," said Maitre Dusty, "and thank you for joining us for this wonderful event today, We are so proud to have you here for this occasion."

Gillian removes the bodice of my dress placing it on the floor beside me

He turns to look at the Demoiselle's mentor, Blue. "Blue, would you please have the girl brought here from the tower and present her to us, the Dominants of The Château."

Yes, Maitre Dusty, says Blue and heads off, soon returning with the debutante in tow, stopping before those seated infront of the fireplace. "Maitres, Masters, Sirs, I present Sophie to you."

Maitre Dusty nods as the girl is brought into the room, "Thank you Blue.  Such a beautiful girl you have brought before us." He casts my eyes upon the girl, watching her closely as she kneels demurely before me...."You were brought from Samois by your mentor today and by your own desire you wished to come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau."
Dusty Caldera gives the girl a piercing view  "are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new and exciting path?"

"Yes Maitre, I am," says Sophie.

He nods At your affirmative answer, continuing on "Do you  vow to serve with passion and with fire all of the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise, within your limits, to follow the directions of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would require your service?"

" Yes Maitre, I so vow."

Again, he asks, speaking slowly, giving her one last chance "It is not too late to have a change of heart and walk away from this if you wish, Sophie,  Would you care to change your decision?"

"No Maitre I will not."

Pleased, Maitre Dusty looks down into her sparkling eyes  "I will now collar you to the House of Samois and soon you will be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau" He  leans forward towering over the girl, a fresh new collar in hand and wraps the collar around her slender neck, snapping it closed with a very audible *CLICK*, locking it in place then leans back up...."You are now collared to the House of Samois"

"Yes Maitre."

He  smiles at the lovely girl "however your journey is just beginning  You must  prove your worthiness to be able to serve the Dominants of this Chateau, Do you understand this or have any objections?"

"Maitre I understand this and I have no objection."

Maitre Dusty turns to the audience in the room "Sophie has declared that she is willing to serve as a submissive for Samois. She will serve all of the dominant men of the Château and is willing to prove her loyalty and dedication to that purpose during this initiation." He  looks back into the girl's eyes and gives her her first command "Sophie, rise and turn to face the room, then remove these clothes that cover what you must give to the Dominants, and as you do, thank everyone for being here in your support and thank the Doms for allowing you this opportunity to prove yourself, then turn back to kneel before me."

Sophie takes a deep breathand rises lowly...  turns... and slowlyu slipsout of her bodice..... unlaces her boots and puts them aside... finally rolls down her stockings... " dear Dominants of Roissy Val d' Oise and all my friends.  it took a village tomake a demoiselle. And you have ben that village. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Maitre Dusty listens to the soft words as they leave her lips, watching her then return to kneel before me and slips a leash from my pocket, a relatively lightweight short length but certainly symbolic leash of her submission and willingness to serve, clipping it firmly to her collar, then tugging lightly on the leash to make sure it is secure. He  grabs the leash and pulls tightly  "You are first going to feel the pain of discipline, to strengthen you and make you stronger in your service to the dominant men of our community"

"Yes Maitre."

He leads the girl over to the pole, taking her hands and tying a bonded rope around each wrist pulling it close to the pole and attaching it.... pulls out a long horsehair flogger, a gift from a close and dear friend, grabbing a firm grip on it as the girl leans, down to the pole.... pulls out a flogger. He  raises back my hand, the thrashing about to begin, and whispers to the girl one more time "you have one last chance to back out"

Sophie tries a nervous glace behind... but that will not work..... so she sneaks a look at Miss Lily instead and starts staring ar the pole..... palms sweaty and slippery...and fidgeting...

He raises my hand, Firmly gripping the flogger, and feeling the strength of a storm in my arm, brings it down briskly against her backside, thrashing her cheeks firmly with the rough horsehair fibers of the flogger, Letting her feel the full impact of the force behind that blow

Sophie daws a sharp breathand clenches her teeth.....  swallows har adn waits...

He  pauses a moment and looks at the  soft pink that is beginning to grow darker "you will serve the whenever you are asked, within the reason of your limits and your availability..... You will  not hesitate to bring pleasure to the dominant men of this community"  then raises my hand once more, bringing down a crushing blow of fiber against soft pink skin,  notices the pink area of her ass and back begin to turn darker, with soft streaks of red running through them as the horse hair fibers strike firmly against that tender skin, such a contrast and color but I do not hesitate and continue to deliver another blow firmly against her tender skin

She fightes for conteoll, face contorting, then, very quitely "...yes Maitre".... and then realizing that will not quite do, again louder" Yes Maitre!"

He reaches up and grabs a handful of her hair and raises my voice louder "I want to hear from you that you were willing to serve all of the dominant men of this community  in any way that you are able and asked", Bringing down another blow to that soft backside, coloring it with stripes of honor in serving me.

Sophie finally caves.. and loses her composure.... "AAAAAAAWWWAARRRAAAGGHHAaaoo... YES Maitre. I Will Serve All the men of this community in any way Im aAsked and able!"... she  stares at the pole in seeming shock..... panting.

Maitre Dusty pauses a moment as I survey the impact of the blows, feeling the girls pain as she finally breaks and yells out.... then continues to move the fibers across her smooth skin   gently caressing the warm globes of her ass,  before bringing back my hand, delivering one last firm blow to her tender and delicate body...."You WILL be available for all..."

She bites her lip for a second, gathers herself....."Yes Maitre..", beathes steadies herself...... "I will be available for all."

He raises my hand one last time "You have long prepared for this day, and your new journey is just beginning..... I do hope that you will find it most satisfying..... I know we will  *smiles*"   then brings my hand down one last time against her smooth skin, feeling the heat vicariously as the welts raise up on her back and ass

She stands taller now that she's said it. and stops staring at the pole. " aaaaaHHHHIIEEEEEEE!!!!!" She tries to blink the teasout of her eye but it will not work.

He drops the flogger To the side, slowly reaching up to unhook her from the pole   and hold her in my arms a moment before leaving her back in front of the crowd

She goes slacks for a moment, then stands tall again... follows the leash across the room and kneels... like a Demoiselle for the first time.

Maitre Dusty looks deep into the girl's eyes as she kneels before me, spent and shaken after that ordeal  "You have done well in holding your own during that discipline seen..... I'm sure that you will do well in all of your other encounters, girl..." and smiles at her  "I will now place upon you a blindfold so that you can totally immerse yourself in the next phase of your initiation."

It is then Maitre René enters the room. "Bonjour famille, Welcome friends, Winter, snow a car and me bad combination."  He takes his seat to enjoy the initiation.

Maitre Dusty reaches into my Pocket and pulls out a thick blindfold  then turns to greet  "Welcome Rene..... I'm glad you could join us"


Sophie listens quietly.

Maitre Dusty unties the blindfold tightly behind her, wondering how she is able to sit with the heels digging into that first set of markings on her bottom but doesn't question it at this moment  "You will wear this blindfold during the next phase of your initiation.... You will now experience the other side of service to the dominant men of Roissy"

She holds her breath and hesitated for a heartbeat... "yes Maitre"

He turn to the next man in our initiation "DASH, I wish you to take this girl and use her to your satisfaction, initiate her into the realities of being a demoiselle here in our community" Then turns and smiles to the girl as I hand over the leash.

Sir Dash: I rise from My seat,, having watched events to now with extreme interest,, every motion, every gesture, so far made by this lil one,, one whom I will now meet most intimately,,   I had entered the room, and was focused on My role… discern if the girl was ready and able to serve…  but with every sound and reaction so far offered by her,  I could see that a potential treasure was being presented to Me. My eyes looking over her,,,,,, then to Dusty,   “I accept her leash, My thanks, Brother.” …gripping that symbol of possession…..

Maitre Dusty  steps back and finds my chair once more.

Sophie listens trying not to move.

Sir Dash: I stride over and admire the artwork Dusty has done on this beautiful submissive.  I move closer to the girl.  Simultaneously, I wrap the blindfolded  girl’s leash firmly in My hand //////// leaning to her ear with a whispery, harsh voice,  ”you appear to be surviving, girl, let’s see how you do next.”

 " yes Sir Dash"

Sir Dash: I walk around the blindfolded girl,,,inspecting and admiring how well she has so far been use, the artwork of the lash,, I stroke My curled fingertips down her inner thighs and along her slit..  exploring if she is dripping over her pussy and down her inner thighs,,,, I look at her, for a hint of how she fares,  how she is acclimating to all this.  How ripe she is,,, there,,, in her attempted balance and poise.

She follows tthe leash cautiously, and none too steady on her feet.

Sir Dash: I lead the blindfolded girl over to the ottoman, tossing  her down onto her side, listening to her sounds, evaluating her in how she moves, and reacts, to My touches and as a result from her punishment at Dusty’s wickedly skilled hands. I release the girl from her rope bindings, taking a moment to massage the several pressure points that ever occur,, ensuring that good circulation has returned to her wrists.  My hands,,>>  caress down the bared curves of this morsel,, the supple contours of a girl on the brink of her full opening.  By Me.    As always, this profound responsibility registers deep in Me,, and I stir, with heat. I whisper to the lil one  “, Know This!  :::  you have surrendered any say in what happens to you next.  I will have you, touch you, and I will open you for all the Dominants/  I will pleasure Myself with you orally, and when you have excited Me sufficiently, and to My satisfaction, I will use you vaginally.”
Sophie offers no resistance and relaxes ever so slightly under the massage, with her breathng slowing and her face relaxing... a little anyway.

Sir Dash: I move behind the girl, tugging the leash back.  In low husky tones I speak “lil one, I am privileged with representing the Dominants of VdO, to open you, in symbolism for all the Dominants of this Famille.”  Wicked whispers  “… little one,  when I decide to do so, I will bind your wrists behind you,, not by rope or chain, but by the Will of the Dominant, My will. Your will keep your wrists together, as if bound in the strongest iron,, or in any position I might move them to,, until I tell you that you may use your hands to support you self,   at which time you will be unbound. Please me in all this, and be recognized by Me.  Fail at your own peril. Respond that you understand all this.”

She tries to answer but no words will come, only a nod.

Sir Dash:  I yank on the lil one’s hair and drag her to her knees on the ottoman, wrapping My strong warm arms around her and kissing her softly,, while growling hungry into her ear, biting on her ear lobe…. then announcing to the room   "I am thrill to be this girl’s first Dom here at Roissy... and doubly thrilled for her to be My second Deb as well.”  Turning to the girl,,,”is your body quivering?”  I caress her swollen breasts to soothe her shaking body... warm hands descend over her… stroking/touching… methodically exploring her,, discovering where a touch creates spasms in her…I unzip My pants   adn pull outr My COCK       ."girl, I will now open you" and I pull your lips to My throbbing pierced COCK,, ramming into your mouth  with its 6 short metal studs  bouncing over your lips and tongue.. letting the girl taste  what is about to enter
Sophie Stormwalker (sophiestormwalker) tries to determine whether she is in fact quivering..... steadies herself, and finds her palms are so slippery she can baarely stay on the ottoman. So she admits it. "Yes Sir. I'm quivering". COCK grows   in her lips and mouth.
She finds Sir's erect cock by feel, and the heat that seems to be emanating from it, and carefully touches her lips to it for the first time... a soft kiss and then her mouth opens, taking it in, getnly, slowly, but ever deeper.
Sir Dash: “fee l what is about to enter you  vaginally.. taste teh studs"

She sucks and slowly moves her head up and down....... becoming thoroughly familiar with what's coming.

Sir Dash: I toss yo u  up from Me,,,, and I lick down your chest and abs....and push your knees apart

She follows the movement.

Sir Dash: : ::licking your folds,, sucking your nether lips,  devouring you,   "JUICE Me"

She  finds herself somehow in mid-air and totally disoriented... but that doesn;t matter now.... something is going on between her legs..... oooohhh.

Sir Dash: >>licking and sucking,, taking thsi girl  havingg her,,,   sweet nectars,,,,   coating my lips and tongue

She squirms under the sweet sensation.... shivers, and this time even she has no doubt, and then.... ooh yes everything between her legs beomes wet and warm.

Sir Dash: ....I taste the FLOOD!   My cheeks creamed by this lil one

She spreads her legs and opens herself more.... and hoping that will not make her lose her tenuous balance.

Sir Dash:  I become so aroused, I bite at her clit … My hands and nails scratching down her body~~~~~ electric!

Sophie startles and barely hols on, and suppresses a shriek..... MMMMMwwwwwwwwwwwffffffmmmm

Sir Dash: I stand, towering over the girl, I step before the still blindfolded unbound girl and cradle her head in My hands,, “and mount over you immediately,, My engorged, granite-hard COCK  lusts outward for the blindfolded girl. “Serve Me girl…. Bless My hungry COCK with thy wet pussy lips.”  I shove you onto your back, watching the girl laying, squirming and wet, in front of Me.  My pierced shaft with its 6 short metal studs on its underside, and the two sets of bling scrotum rings,,, something she doesn’t know are coming for her, poke through the  opening in My trousers. I grab at the girl,, pulling roughly on her thighs and hips,, dragging her against Me... “Are you wet for Me?”  My hard COCK  in My hand, I spank her soaked pussy over and over with the underside of My studded COCK. I continue until she whelps, I then drag the swollen thick COCKshead up and down her hot pussy lips... grabbing hard …… I press My COCKshead to the girl’s nether lips//// .and thrust My Manhood deep into this girl ,, into your virginal pussy >>>>  gawd   soo damn tight!! Soo slicked!!  Aiii  Feelign My COCK push the tip of My cock into her, a little resistance then breaking through her hymen,,, stretching her virginal tightness as she has not been stretched before filling her!

Sophie suddenlt feels her world go topsy turvy and finally really doesnt know which way is up. But she Does know what's entering her..... and jsut follows the lead of the cock.

Sir Dash: pumping COCK into this one    ..ooooo, reacting ,, with such a powerful surge, at the automatic tightening of the girl,, My  COCK swells in her pussy…I gasp,, at the unexpected rush…tight and gripping tighter…. The potential I feel in her, for giving a Man pleasure    I hold back My explosion,, for now.  as I stretchthis virginal cunt.

She feels the entry and the mess it must be making...... but tries to ease into it... holding on with her lowe lega over Sir'sshoulders to get some feel some semblance of safety.

 Sir Dash:  pulling the girl over the ottoman, My hands slide down your back,, dark intense eyes searing over the lil one.    Grapping your hair, My hips thrust hard,,, drilling My swelling COCK into your pussy… My COCK piercings bouncing over your labia as I enter her and as I pull partially out,  again and again…. My engorged Cockshead banging into her sex with every ramming thrust.

Sophie grows a little more confident having found some purchase and a very good idea of what's about to happen.... and so somethng strange comes out of her mouth.... "Komm schon, Alter, fick mich...." but it's quiet, very quiet.

Sir Dash:  Oooo  My hands instinctively flowing thru her hair, entwining in her hair  grabbing at her hair,, and pounding into her even faster with My engorged COCK!!     “coat My COCK with your juices, lil one. Soak Me,, drench ME!”

She  groans, bites her lipand for a breath or two goes  absolutely rigid, to the point where she even lifts her shoulders off the pillow and makes an arch.... and then... then it just happens... OOOOOOOOOOFFFFFCCKKMMMMNNYYYYSSSSSSWWRRNNGHHAAAAIIIIIEEEE!!!!

Sir Dash:  I rise suddenly, standing away, pulling out of your pussy   ,, My huge COCK glistening with your juices ////  I walk behind you, pushing you down onto all fours, “feel your wrists bound behind your back, by the Will of a Dominant. And so be locked by My Will, and your needs, until I release them.” I mount behind the girl,, I stoke your still dripping pussy with My fingers,, shoe-horning My raging hard-on into your pussy as I mount you like an animal,, consumed in feral lust for you! MY fingers entwined in your lush hair,, the only thing keeping you upright and from tumbling over forward,  I press into you,,,, guiding my slathered engorged COCK back into your pussy,,, My thick  long    throbbing COCK  …………………..>>>entering you.   Steady  slowly  deliberately,, as I cover over your body, beneath Me, pressed under Me, as I pin you under Me!   no escape   no retreat  no respite offered or possible!  And I enter you again.  I drill into your hot tight virginal pussy,,  aiiiiiiiii  I throb wildly in you!! I grow harder in you!!   Filling you ever deeper   ///delving My needs    into you. .those attending Famille members  sitting close by,, see My feral eyes enflamed   as I look down on you.

Sophie allows herself to be bent over and offers no resistance in this strange unbalanced  pose.

Sir Dash:  Grinding ever deeper,  I take you faster,, deeper,, becoming lost in the essence of you,,, feeling the transformation of mind and soul and body in you.  My metaverse shrinks,, to feeling only you under Me,,, being taken by Me,, thrilling Me.  Heady excitement envelopes Me   as I have you.  “Feel the 6 studs of My cock piercing, My Jacobs ladder,  entering you >>>>>  drilling along your sacred tunnel.

 She feels herself swimming just following the pounding....  literally forgetting the world.

Sir Dash: : :::hissing:::::  “I release you from My “Will of the Dominant”  the binding of your wrists that I imposed on you,,,, your wrists are now freed,      you are to support yourself, girl ~!  Take My COCK in, know I am inside you!  Grind onto what I offer you!  My massive erection with its studs,, the scrotum rings  gouging in against your sensitive folds.  Release I grant to you,   in My wild needs for you!” >>ramming into the girl,,, this luscious treat ,,,,who may yet blossom into a most satisfying Dem, evolving before ME,,, one for whom My head and emotions now swirl ecstatically around, as I lust her, as I crave the pleasures I take from her!  I grip and pull on her nipples,, pinching harshly. And I pound and pound into this girl,,, with frenzied needs>>  “You may cum if you are able to, lil one.”

She hears a voice, makes absolutely no sense of it but at least the total disorientation is gone and that seems enough.

 Sir Dash:  Pounding wildly, unable to contain My discipline over My lusts,, My wanton lust and desire builds, heavy balls tightening from My arousal... pulling her legs over My shoulder as I ram Myself deep into her velvet pussy feeling her squeeze and caress Me………>>>>>  as I explode My hot seed deep into her,, I erupt inside sophie!!! Hot cum flooding into you>>>>>>> Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  and the headiness of having sophie,,, explodes My sensessssssssss……  I touch you everywhere,, hot sweaty flesh causing My hands to slide over you. I CUMMMMM  >>>>>>filling the girl!

"Oh Scheisse....HaaawwrrrghhhMMMMMMMFFFFCCKKKYEESSSSS!!!!!!" she screams out.

Sir Dash: gawwwdddddddd!!!!////////  and I glance for a next Dominant in line for this morsel, “Dek! My brother,, this one is hot and ready,,, join Me in this feast! It is time to continue this initiation”    My fingers~~~  are stroking over a dripping clit,,, I take a smear of sophie’s juices My hands moving back around her,, to slick the rim of her anus for My Brother’s impending carnal enjoyments.

Sophie feels herself flooding and convulsing but almost as if she's not really there and watching it form the outside.

Sir Dash: I watch the girl, listening to her sounds, as I feel the rush of My personal sated bliss /// observing as Dek makes His presence felt to the girl,  I guide the girl, holding her,, restraining and supporting this pleasure toy,, as Dek asserts Himself to her!

Sir Dekegh stands up, looking at the girl on her fours, being opened by my brother Sir Dash, moaning and groaning, and moves forward, towards the girl’s head, one hand unzipping his pants, while the other reaching and holding the girl’s collar; he pulls the girl by her newly fastened collar to his groin as he releases his cock and brings it to the girls mouth; “open wide Sophie, you have to take this” and starts pushing the head of his cock into her half open mouth, feeling it pass touching her lips and her teeth.

She  has heard the name, knows the face.... and finds a whole new aspect to someone she thought she knew..... kissitn gently, or at least trying too while she;s bouncing around under the pounding.

He holds her head with two hands and pulls her slowly pushing the hardening cock into her mouth, feeling the warm tongue and gagging reflex on his dick as he starts moving slowly back and forth

Sophie  takes this cock between her lips, and nibbles a little more confident now.... and trying hard to keep her teeth out of the way.....but what it amounts to is the movement traveling from her pelvis up to her mout and into Sir Dek' cock..... oh, perfection.

Sir Dash: I yank on the girl… keeping her kneeling to Dek,,,,,"Yes, My brother Dek!, I am well served in this tasty meal.   Time for your helpings of dessert!”

The full length of his cock has entered the girl’s mouth, and a light moan escapes him, as the girl starts licking and sucking his organ, which starts getting even larger and harder, plowing into her mouth with every thrust, the girl’s saliva running down the sides of her mouth, glistening on his hard shaft, as he holds and pulls her from her hair, another moan escapes him, as the girl takes all of it in

She forms a tight seal around Sir Dek's cock and suckes... going deep.... moaning without words.

Her sucking and licking has engorged his cock to its full thickness and length, as the round tip hits her throat, and he pulls her head pushing his cock inside the deep throat which welcomes it with squelching sounds.

She notices the commotion, the sudden changes and vacant spaces.... imagines what must have happened and pushes herself down and back.

Sir Dash:  I hand the leash to Dek.

Taking the leash, Sir Dekegh says, "thank you brother" While his cock is pumping her mouth, he reaches with his hand to her butt, and with one finger checks her anus to see if it is lubricated, and ready to receive his dick; he feels the tight hole contract at the touch of his finger, while a strong push of the finger opens it slightly, letting the tip of the finger in, and as it tightens, the finger is pushed out; “you need to lubricate my cock to make sure it enters your ass with ease Sophie, I want you to spit on my shaft, if you want it to go in with ease”

She feels her self panting, sweatng profusely..... wet   all over from almost every sort of fluid her body can produce but one.

With her spit on his dick, and his hand on her ass, he moves around to her behind, and with both hands pulls her ass cheeks open, revealing the dark star that is contracting and relaxing at the same time, in anticipation of what’s to come next; with his knees he forces her legs open wider, as with his thumb he probes her anus, and feeling it give way, he brings his cock and pushes it into her ass, as the head of his penis penetrates the hole, and stops; her ass is too tight and needs to be opened and accustomed to receiving a Dom’s cock; he slaps her already reddened butt, and pushes his cock in, which this time slides slowly but surely into the tight canal.

She turns, feels.... tries to find where.... rolls around the tongue in her mouth until it's swimming then touching with her lips just opems her mouth and a stream of saliva flows onto Sir Dek's Cock.

The lubricated cock has found its place and is slowly going in and out of the tight hole, with every trust going in deeper, with every trust the muscles of her anus tightening and loosening the grip on his cock. She twitches under the slaps and feels his breathing go ragged again...   imagining what was going on there... but literally is past worrying.

He holds her by her shoulders and pulls, arching her back and feeling the her butt cheeks on his legs, "move little girl, move and you will know how the serve the dominants of Roissy" and  pushes her down by her neck, opening her up even more to the extent that her love canals can be opened, and plows into her with force.


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