Susie Demoiselle Initiation

Susie Demoiselle Initiation

September 30, 2015


The morning light filtered through the ocean facing windows... René walked into the Chateau Library. "Good afternoon wonderful family." A chorus of greeting resounded as he looks around...

"When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved," he states before

Thus, the ceremony begins. J.C. stands and makes the standard announcements: radio, direction fo Sisters, invitations to sit, reminders not to tp in and out, before instructing Lisbeth to fetch the Debutante. She quickly disappears and returns.

Lisbeth moves swiftly along the wooden floor to the soft carpet. Smiling brightly, her eyes raise taking in the ambiance of the room. Moving forward she stands before Maitre Justyn and the cushion. Leans to the girl and squeezes her hand gently, "Susie, please kneel on the cushion to my right, Maitre Justyn, may I present Demoiselle Susie to You and the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise"

Susie Asalia listens and kneels quietly her eyes downcast as she kneels. J.C. stood up glancing to lisbeth..." Thanks lisbeth, you may take your cushion now" Lisbeth lowers her eyes and slips to her knees, yes Maitre justyn

J.C. looked around the room, then his eyes finally settled upon Rain..." Rain, would you take it upon yoruself to present susie ?"

Rain: Thank you JC....."Maitres, Masters, Sirs, Ladies and Famille......It is with great personal pride that I present to you Demoiselle Susie for examination and induction into service of all the dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise. Maitre JC into your capable hands Brother."

Susie Asalia smiles softly as she hears Master's words but keeps her gaze lowered

 J.C.: " Thank you Rain".. he then walked forward and stood over the scantily clad girl .." susie, you were brought from the Samois by your Master  and a sister today and by your own desire you wished to come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve  all the Dominants of the Chateau of every level.".."are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new, exciting path, with your Master as your guide ?"

Susie Asalia: yes Maitre J.C i am. i come to here freely given to my new family in service to all the Dominants of Roissy

J.C.: smiled, his hand lowered and he gripped her hair tightly in his fist, the strong grip straining the roots of her hair as he pushed back upon her head, to force her to look upward...." It is not too late to have a change of heart, and walk away from this, if you wish , susie,  Would you care to change your decision ?"....

Susie Asalia bites back the purr from the grip on her Maitre J.C. i do not wish to change it

 J.C. could not help but chuckle, hearing her purr as he had yanked her head by the hair..... "You will have to  prove your worthiness to be able to serve the Dominants of this Chateau, and in full view of your Master, should you disappoint any of us, then we will not recommend you to move forward"  he then  leaned down and picked up a set of cuffs and, releasing her hair he straightened up .." susie, rise and hold out your hands exposing yoru wrists to me "

Susie Asalia rises gracefully to her feet as ordered, holding her hands out palms up offering all that she is to Maitre

J.C. laced a cuff first on her left wrist, locking it into place, then placed one around her right wrist, also locking it in place, he lifted his hand and placed it against her cheek, his thumb caressing her moist plump lips....." turn and face the room and remove your clothes for all to see you in your nakedness "

Susie Asalia feels the cuffs locked into place and the weight of them before He lifts her wrist so she may feel them on her face as she places a soft kiss on thumb at the carress. then turns to face the room to do as she is told. i slide my tiny hands up my body and under the baby doll hands trailing lightly against my stomach till i reach my breasts where i push up with a little pressure chest pushed out and breasts pulling up slightly as the material grazes against my sensitive nipples, breast bouncing back into place as i pull the top up over my head. dropping the top on the floor out of the way.  eyes staying downcast as i listen to the sounds in the room and hook my fingers in the tiny slip of panties, i bend over sliding them down my legs and kicks them over with the top.   staying bent over i unbuckle my shoes blushing a bit as i feel my juices begin to flow and knowing that everyone is seeing all of me as i am bent over but continues till my shoes are off and kicks them over with my lingerie and stands up. my gaze lowered but head held high and shoulders straight.

 J.C. had watched her, a wide grin upon his face, once she was stripped, he reached to her hair and turned her around  as he did a leash appeared in his hand from his pocket, and he lifted it, attaching it t oher collar.." now for a bit of fun, at your expense girl"

Susie Asalia purrss as she is turned by her hair and leashed she keeps her gaze down and listens as she replies...thank You Maitre J.C.
J.C. took up the slack in the leash, he walked to under the chandelier, then reached up and pulled down a chain,  he attached it to her cuffs then began to pull it up, lifting her from the floor
Susie Asalia relaxes as she is pulled up and hung by the chandelier doing her best to not squirm and damage herself more she does her best to stay calm
J.C. placed a hand at the base of her neck, it would slowly graze downward, traveling over her ample breasts, lightly plucking at each nipple before moving lower, finally settling between her legs, his digits would begin to rub along the length of her slit... " ooo, nice and juicy already "..
Susie Asalia purrss deep in her throat as Maitre's hand travels along her body, her nipple puckering and hardening to tight buds as she feels her pussy begin to moisten and drip
J.C. hand slid away form her pussy, he moved along side then leaned down and picked up a green switch he had set on the ottoman earlier, cut from the tree that grew outside of the chateau, he had diligently trimmed off the bark and knots, in preperation for this .." you will mark beautifully girl "
Susie Asalia watches intently as she see's Maitre pck up the switch and takes deep breaths but feels her body responding already
J.C. hand rubbed back and forth upon her firm round ass... " mm, it is yoru lucky day, the switch i am using is cut from the very tree, that grew in the soil of our beloved VdO .. upon his last words, the switch whisstled in the air, landing across her ass with several loud, but very frim SMACKS
Susie Asalia cries at the first hit but bites it back feeling the tears begin with each hit and her ass redden and welt but her pussy dripping in response to each hit...not able to bit the cries back any longer she hears each and every one
J.C. was enjoying her reactions, the look of the marks on her felsh from the flexible green switch appeared perfect to his eyes, he stopped and moved around in front of her.." look up at the ceiling slut".... as he spoke, he would begin to caress her clit with the pointed end of the switch, teasing her as much as possible
Susie Asalia her attention fully on Maitre and the switch as He moves me and i follow His order looking up to the ceiling as He begins to tease her clit she feels her pussy drenching the switch and her clit throbbing as i moan loudly
J.C. slid the green switch between her legs, gliding it back and forthalong the length of her slit, letting it become moist with her own fluids..." mmm, girl you will serve so very well"...he growled at her, then he pulled the switch back, and began to strike across her breasts, slowly he would make it land, allowing a few seconds between impacts, for the nerves to revive ... " do you need to cum slut ?"
Susie Asalia moans louder as she feels her cunt respond to the rubbing as she fights to hold a orgasm when she feels the sudden hit to her breasts she cries out and almost cumms but just manages to hold it as she hears Maitre's question...yes please Maitre i do
J.C. laughed and would focus on her nipples, he laid a strike perfectly across each one, adding to the plumpness that they already showed the room, he stepped in front of her placing his hands on her sides, then clamped a nipple between his teeth tightly, he would look up at her as he devoured the teat... cum now girl "... he growled at her
Susie Asalia cries out as He latches onto her tender nipple hearing permssion she cummss hard squirting all over the floor and her thights as she screams out in orgasm
J.C. could barely hold onto her squirming writhing body, the nipple forced out of his teeth in her ecstasy of an explosive orgasm, he dropped the switch and stepped back looking up at her, as he spoke to Rain.." rain, my Friend, I beleive this one is more ready than even I could have imagined, it is with great pride I recommend her for you to continue "   J.C. turned and held up the leash for him to take
Susie Asalia takes deep breaths in the short reprieve to try to get as much air as possible
Rain: rising solemnly he bows slightly to Maitre accepting control of this precious treasure to continue her ritual of proof.   Master admires the marks placed on the girl by Maitre's skillful use of His switch,... "Susie you have done well in the acceptance of Maitre's discipline of you,
Susie Asalia watches Master through lowered eyelids   thank You Master
Rain: lowers the girl gently holding her so she does not fall and snaps His leash onto her collar
Susie Asalia feels Master's hands as He lowers her and she tries to get her balance on shaky legs when she feels her leash she moans even deeper
Rain: "Susie you honor your Master and our family in your courage and strength.... it now is necessary for you to continue to prove your devotion.....Do you willingly agree to continue dear?"
Susie Asalia smiles huge at Master's words...yes Master i wish to continue. it would be my pleasusre to serve
Rain: Smiles very proudly at this well trained obedient submissie...."You will face the audience susie."
Susie Asalia hearing His instructions she obiedently turns and faces the aucence her eyes lowered
Rain: gripping her hair firmly Master bends her forward placing her in position
Susie Asalia feeling Master putting her in the position she wants she grasps her ankles as He bends her over but keeps her gaze on the audience
Rain: "Good girl", Master softly whispers cupping her swollen labia coated with the sweet essence of her submission.....he rubs her juices into the inflamed marks on her ass
Susie Asalia purrss at Master's words that turn to low moans as He cups her labia's then feels the sting of her juices being rubbed into the marks and sucks her breath in at the sting
Rain: sweeping his cloak to the side Master unzips His pants pulling His swollen cock free and rubs it across her hot cheeks and up and down the crack of her ass
Susie Asalia does her best to not squirm as she hears the zipper on Master's pants, finding it harder to not squirm into His cock as He rubs her ass with His cock she hears herself and feels her body instantly responding
Rain: "Patiently you have waited these long weeks as a Debutante......keeping inviolate the gift of your body .... awaiting this day.....and today My lovely chosen one you receive the reward for that obedience." Gripping her hips he slides the tip of his cock into her sweet soft pussy.
Susie Asalia smiles happily as she hears Master's words all her attention on Master as she feels Him slip into her tight pussy feeling herself stretched open once again she moans in deep satisfation as she is stretched and her pussy instantly begins to hungrily suck as she says...Thank You Master for Your kind words
Rain: Holding her...supporting her... using her as she was designed to be used Master pushes fully into the girl pausing to let her feel the deep throbbing of his cock in her womb.
Susie Asalia feeling Master's arms supporting her as her body begins to shake with pleasure as He fills her and she feels her walls tighten and relax against His throbbing cock as she is completly filled with Him
Rain: His arms wrapping her securely he leans over her his body pressed to hers as he begins to move inside her...his breath hot on her neck
Susie Asalia her moans turn to soft cries as He leans forward and she feels all of Master against her backside as she matches His soft movements with her own
Rain: "Squeeze and release as you have been trained girl...using those strong inner muscles to give all that you are in the sharing of your body"
Susie Asalia listening to Master she feels her inner walls begin to squeeze tighter and suck Master's cock in even deeper as she feels her body building to orgasm again but she holds it till permission is given
Rain: Grunting hoarsely as this pure submissive raises his primal lust he grips both puffy nipples tugging and stroking them more fully erect
Susie Asalia as she hears Master's grunting and the grip on her nipples that almost cause her to cum but she just manages to hold she cries out...please Master may i cum
Rain: "Hold girl" he commands his hand dropping to cup her hot flowing pussy around his cock .....pumping faster ....deeper....opening this exotic flower for us all
Susie Asalia cries out at the refusal but holds her orgasm and feels her pussy spasm even harder sucking harder as i fight to control my orgasm
Rain: Pressing his fingers to her clit Master sinks his teeth into her shoulder as his orgasm begins to spurt hotly inside her.....claiming her for all the dominants of Roissy......"you may cum girl" he hisses hotly as he fills her
Susie Asalia screams out as Master presses her clit and bites her shoulder hearing permission she cummsss hard drenching Master's cock and her thighs as she is filled
Rain: Riding out her passion he hold her securely as she spurts hotly over his cock to stream down her legs....pulling from her he wipes his sated cock on her ass and tucks it away quite pleased with this one
Susie Asalia her body shaking uncontrollably as she calms from her orgasm and feels Master pull out she does her best to catch her breath...thank You Master
Rain: As he lifts her he whispers..... I believe Maitre Taylor has designs on this gorgeous ass girl"
Susie Asalia straightens as Master lifts her, keeping her eyes down turning to face Maitre Taylor
Rain whispers: Unsnapping his leash Master Rain bows to Maitre Taylor .....Into your hands my friend....well done susie
Susie Asalia whispers to Master..thank You Master...turns her lowered gaze to Maitre Taylor and waits
Taylor Smitty nods, reaches out and takes the leash, pulls her close and says, "So susie, you are ready to be one of ours? One of the elite submissives , is this correct?"
Susie Asalia smiles and moans as Maitre takes her leash hearing His question she replies so E/everyone can hear...yes Maitre Taylor i am ready to serve all Dominants here
Taylor Smitty reaches out and traces the welts on her breast. "You wear the VdO marks well, I must say.  Come lets show you off a bit." He begins to pulls her, walking her around the room as if showing a fine work of art, parading her past JC, Rene and on around the room past all the dominants.
Susie Asalia feels the pull of the leash as she is led around for all to see keeping her head held high but her gaze down is submission
Taylor Smitty places his fingers under her chin forcing her to look up into his eyes, he smiles. "Your Master brings you here for all to use, ....and you fully understand this girl, correct? " He tilts his head looking for a reaction.
Susie Asalia smiles as He brings her eyes to His as she meets His gaze she smiles huge at His question feeling her body respond at the idea of serving...yes Maitre i do understand fully
Taylor Smitty: the smile on his face fades, then turn to stoic. He begins to breath deep, with gritted teeth. In one motion her reaches out, grabs her left wrist, twists her arm behind her back, spins her, and pushes her face down onto the ottoman. He firmly grabs both her ankles and spreads her legs then begin to pace behind her as if stalking his prey.
Susie Asalia small cry of surprise as He grabs her wrist and twists it behind her and pushes her down spreading her legs but instantly begins to relax her body as she feels His presence behind her pacing
Taylor Smitty pulls back his jacket, reaches to the zipper on his fly and flops his erect cock out. "We have seen you serve here girl, our dances and all the things you have taken part in, now I want to see how this whore fucks." He leans forward, spits on her ass and shoves his cock into her ass without warning.
Susie Asalia hearing His zipper then listens to His words all attention on Maitre's words, when she feels His saliva hit her ass. feels herself lurch forward a bit as Maitre suddenly plunges in and she screams out in pain and pleasure as her ass is instantly opened and stretched
Taylor Smitty grips her hair, with one hand, pulling her shoulder for leverage with the other, now fully inside her hot tight ass. His balls making the slapping noise against her cunt with each stroke. He begins to stoke harder, fucking, using the girl, the ottoman rocking with each stroke.
Susie Asalia her body lurching forward and back as He thrusts hearing the sounds of His balls hitting her juicey cunt as her walls tighten and loosen around His cock her cries of pleasure at being filled fill the air
Taylor Smitty continues with a steady pace, grunting, breathing deep. "Can you cum when a Dominant uses your ass slut?" He rakes his fingernails down her back.
Susie Asalia keeps pace with Maitre feeling her body building to orgasm again hearing His question she replies...yes Maitre this slut can cum when used in the ass...and screams out as He rakes His nails down her back leaving scratches there
Taylor Smitty: "Very good, then I tell you what, you beg for my gift in that tight ass and well, maybe I will allow it." He jerks her head back with her blond silky hair.
Susie Asalia cries out at the tingles as He pulls her head back by her hair and begs...please Maitre fill this sluts ass with Your gift
Taylor Smitty grinds deep inside her ass, using the fucktoy underneath him to the fullest, "His voice animalistic and unintelligible. "Grrr, fkk, take it whore...." He sprays his load in her ass, cock flexing, wave after wave of his seed shoots inside her, "Cum now whore."
Susie Asalia her ass tightening and loosening sucking hard on Maitre's cock as she hears His words she feels her body respond and push back more to get all of His cock fully when she feels His load fill her she screams out and cummss like the whore she is drenching the ottamon and His balls with her juices
Taylor Smitty: takes one long held breath, feeling her spasming from the inside. He continues with steady strokes , allowing the girl to complete her climax, then slows the pace, until he stops. He slowly drags his cock from the tight hole, stands upright tucking his cock back in then pulls her to the floor. "Well JC, Rain, I can promise you this one is ready to serve. I see good things in her future." He turns to susie, winks and says, "Good girl."
Susie Asalia moans as she tries to catch her breath as she calms from her orgasm feeling the air hit her ass as Mastire pulls out then stands and feels Maitre pull her to the floor  thank You Maitre
J.C. rises and wipes his brow ..." whew hanks Taylor, and thank you Rain".. he inhaled a deep breath.." Rain, would you present the girl to Rene with our approvals ?"
Rain: With pleasure my friend
Taylor Smitty: Hands the leash to Rain and sits
Rain: "Kneel before Maitre Rene girl"  "Maitre this dear submissive has been found worthy for service to all dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise and it is with pleasure I present her to you"
"Thanks, my friend."
René stands and, stepping forward takes the leash from Rain.
Susie Asalia smiles softly
He gives a little tug on Susie's collar as his eyes scan the room.
" I want to say thanks to those of our family who are not admin but who do so much for our community often you go unacknowledged but..........  know you are greatly appreciated for all your hard work.  I'm happy you have  all  come in support of welcoming a new Demoiselle into our Famille  I appreciate each of you. Thank you for sharing in this Initiation today."
René looks down at the girl kneeling before him and again gives a little tug on her leash. "How do you like having a collar around your neck Susie?"
Susie Asalia purrss at the tug to her leash...i love wearing a collar Maitre Rene
"This collar says you have willingly surrendered to the Roissy Val d'Oise Dominants and now serve their desires,  are you ready to serve them?"
Susie Asalia: yes Maitre i am ready
"Good," says Rene. "Your training now begins a new path,  one that will take you deeper into your submission."   He looks in her eyes and smiles. " A girl comes to our community and seeks to deepen in her submission,  she yearns to delve deep into the very core of that inner need,  to nurture that need through her training,  through her service to our Dominants.   When that inner core is nurtured,   she blossoms like a lovely flower,  her fullness becomes revealed,  her essence perfumes the very air around her like an aura."
Rene pauses and smiles at the new Demoiselle. "How wonderful it has been to watch you open as a flower,   a purple flower,  which at one time in nature were quite rare. Did you know this Susie?"
Susie Asalia: no i did not Maitre
"Our ancient  ancestors probably never saw a purple fruit, flower, bird, fish, any living thing," he continued. "  because purple is very rare in nature.   In the east,  it is said:  "Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you."    This is my wish for you--"
Susie Asalia smiles huge..thank You Maitre Rene
He continued through the interruption, "--your fragrance draws to you many wonderful and new experiences as you continue the next portion of your submissive training.  I look forward to seeing you continue to progress and grow,   there is still much for you to learn.  I would like to see you become more involved with our community.  Find you place here--"
Susie Asalia: yes Maitre Rene and i will always do my best
Again, he simply continued speaking, "-- not only in serving our caring Dominants  but also by sharing your own skills in ways that will support our community--"
Susie Asalia: will be my pleasure Maitre
"--it is up to you to make your life amongst us as full as you wish it to be."  René  smiles at her. "I congratulate you once again Susie and look forward to your success as you continue your path."
Susie Asalia: thank You Maitre Rene
René  hands the leash back to Rain and returns to his chair.
And thus, the ceremony drew to a close.
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