Svana Courtisan Demoiselle Initiation

June 18, 2016

     Dusty Caldera issues a short reminder  "This is a 'members only' occasion and everyone must be dressed appropriately and be wearing Roissy VDO tags to attend. Thanks everyone. (we make exceptions for participants)"

  Dusty Caldera listens to the melodic soundtrack in the background of the Château PA system  "Please turn your audio stream on, the Story of O music has been started to add to the experience. "

 Dusty Caldera looks around the room and all of the wonderful sisters that we have joining us tonight "Sisters, to enhance this celebration and to remain more in line with the culture of our community, you may  unclothe your breasts.  If you are a Sister Courtesan, it is at your Master's wish."

Dusty Caldera looks around the room at each of our wonderful members that have joined us today "Welcome to everyone, and thank you for joining us for this Initiation event today, We are so proud to have each of you here for this special occasion. I realize it is in mite early For some of you but this was the best time that we could arrange..... For everyone that needed to be involved so I sincerely appreciate your support  and we will make the best of it  *smiles*"

 Dusty Caldera turns to look at the Debutante's mentor, "Sadie, would you please have the girl brought here from the tower and present her to us, the Dominants of The Château."

Sadie  stands and presses down the folds of her skirt, "Yes Maitre, I'd be happy to."

  Dusty Caldera smiles as Svana is brought into the room, prepared in lovely lingerie, a veritable flower as she moves across the carpet and is placed before me on the pillow, "Thank you, Sadie.... Such a beautiful girl you have brought before us."

  Dusty Caldera miles down on the beautiful debutante brought before me as she kneels properly on the cushion"Svana, you were brought from Samois by your mentor today and by your own desire you wish to come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau."

Svana Wind (svanawind): I have Maitre Dusty

Dusty Caldera nods, Looking down into her soft eyes  "are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new exciting path as Demoiselle of Roissy Val d'Oise?"

 Svana Wind (svanawind): Nods her head slightly.  "I was and I do

Dusty Caldera steps a bit closer and slides my strong fingers into her soft hair, sensing a bit of tenseness as I touch her, then gripping a handful of it firmly pulls back her head to look sternly and unwaveringly into her soft innocent eyes "Do you vow to serve with passion and with fire all of the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise, within your limits In the restrictions of your master Magolla, to follow the directions of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would require your service?"

  Svana Wind (svanawind): Her head tilting back as she feels the fingers upon her chin. Looking up into Maitre Dusty's eyes nervously in a low tone " I do Maitre Dusty"

  Dusty Caldera leans forward towering over the girl, slowly releasing my firm grip on her hair, watching her eyes for any sense of regret or hesitation and speaks slowly and distinctly  "You must prove your worthiness to be able to serve the Dominants of this Chateau, Do you understand this or have any objections?   It's not too late to change your mind."

 Svana Wind (svanawind): Keeping her eyes focused on Maitre Dusty.  I embrace the chance to grow in my submission and by serving the Dominants of this community.

 Dusty Caldera listens to her affirmative answer, nods my head slightlythen givers her her first command as she moves forward to her new role..."Rise and remove your clothing, girl...."

 Dusty Caldera: "Reveal to this wonderful community all that you have to offer, all that your master wants you to share"

  Svana Wind (svanawind): Slow rising from my knees, and stepping back off of the cushion to keep her balance. Turning and facing the room of family and friends. I begin to slowly remove my stocking from my garter belts rolling the stocking down and slipping them from my feet. Reaching behind me as I slowly remove my bra and let it fall to the floor as my round breast are expose to the on lookers. Nervously sliding my index fingers on both side of the thin waist band of my panties.

 Dusty Caldera slips A well-worn leash, from my pocket lightweight and short but certainly strong enough to hold this girl under its control..... Lifts her chin and quickly snaps the leash onto the collarwith a very audible **CLICK** then tugs tightly on the leash to ensure it is secure

Svana Wind (svanawind): She inhales sharply as she feels the tug. Keeping her eyes focused on Maitre Dusty.

  Dusty Caldera lead you across the room, to the new pillory installed especially for this occasion.... Firmly grabbing the back of her neck and lowering her The stock, lowering the top over her wrists and slender neck

Dusty Caldera: Slides and behind the now captured girl, my firm hand stroking slowly over, the full length of her body  tracing the curves and dips as I follow the contours of her beautiful frame

 Dusty Caldera whispers teasingly against her ear as I lean in close  "Comfy my dear?"
  Svana Wind (svanawind): Feeling Maitres Dusty's hands running along my warm skin, and his voice whispering in my ear. I squirm and answer  in a low tone yes

  Dusty Caldera Reaches down next to the pillory and pulls out my trustee horsehair flogger, hefting its weight in my hand to make sure I have the correct balance in my grip

Svana Wind (svanawind): Taking a deep breath. and closing her eyes as I await Maitre Dusty strike.

  Dusty Caldera stands up and moves back a little bit from her body to allow me room to maneuver, The excitement  building in my soul as I prepare to deliver the discipline to this young girl

 Dusty Caldera raises my hand back to my shoulder, then firmly grabbing her ass to judge my aim, rubbing over the full length of her before, withdrawing my left hand bringing the flogger Crashing down firmly against her soft pink skin

Svana Wind (svanawind): My hands unable to brace myself . I once again take a deep breath as I feel the sting as he strike my skin.. Feeling sting and begin to get hot

 Dusty Caldera Centers my aim  a little more toward her right hip, another crushing blow firmly landing on the soft pink skin, my arm flexed with tight muscles as the flogger once again finds its mark

  Svana Wind (svanawind): as each bite strikes against my soft  skin as the heat and sting grow stronger. I begin to pull and twist my body to move from the next strike. Yelping and moans as he proceeds

  Dusty Caldera pauses a moment And speaks briefly to the girl  "you will serve the dominant men of this community  with all of your being and your power and your will!"   Then strikes several more times, each stroke throwing the tendrils over her soft skin, the lines of redness growing thicker and deeper in color with each succeeding below

  Svana Wind (svanawind): As the next bite strikes her eyes begin to water. Letting out a yelp of pain as she  yanks on the beam lightly. Her form jerking as she  feels the pain increase.

  Dusty Caldera demands from her once more In a rough and firm voice  "will you Submit your self to all of the members of our community that desire your service?"

Svana Wind (svanawind): In a very low tone, taking a deep breath I agree with all I have to offer to serve those of this community.

 Dusty Caldera smiles at her positive answer, gently  taking my left hand and rubbing the smooth skin of her backside  certainly pocked with red slashes as the tendrils of the flogger did its bidding against her velvety skin.... then drops the flogger to the side, Reaching up to unlatch the pillory and pull her from the stock, gripping her unsteady body as she tries to stand, keeping a firm grip on her leash

Dusty Caldera smiles at the girl, "you have bore your pain well..... You have indicated that you will give service to the community and as such have partially earned the right to be declared as a Roissy demoiselle for the House of Samois"

 Svana Wind (svanawind): Feeling the stiing and feeling a bit tired I agree to prove myself worthy

  Dusty Caldera grips the leash tightly and moves her back across the room to the dominanants...."Gentleman, This girl has proven her worth partially by giving herself in service to the dominant men and women of this community....... she will now submit herself to your use..... And I do hope you truly enjoy it"  *smiles*

 Dusty Caldera: Shiner, my brother.....Please take this girl and use her to your satisfaction........ I'm sure that  she is well worth The pleasure that she will give

 Shiner Monday standing up and gazes at the lovely Svana as I now put me hand on her soft shoulder

Dusty Caldera nods As he takes a girl and returns to my seat to relax

Svana Wind (svanawind): Looks into Sir Shiner's eyes
Shiner Monday gazes into svana eyes ans we talk to the ottman and  grabs her hair and insists that she sits down

Svana Wind (svanawind): following him towards the ottoman waiting for him to open her tight wet pussy

Shiner Monday unzips his pants and removes his throbbing I am about to show Svana how she will service all the Doms here   

Svana Wind (svanawind): Spreading my legs wide so he can plunge his manhood deep inside my tight wet pussy.

Shiner Monday Slowly pushes his throbbing cock into the wet and wanting vagina of Svana such a beautiful woman

Svana Wind (svanawind): Feeling him slide deeper inside my wet pussy as he thrusts
as I spread my legs so he can feel every inch of my wetness wrapped around his cock.

Shiner Monday feels her walls close around his growing muscle as he thrust a bit harder and faster into her. my hand explore the rest of her body

Svana Wind (svanawind): Moaning as he moves deeper and faster. Moaning as his hands slide to my breasts, wrapping my legs around him to keep him close and deep

Svana Wind (svanawind): feeling his tongue flutter to my sensitive nipple arching my head back enjoying the pleasure of serving Sir Shiner

Shiner Monday wached her head arch mack as I suck on the other erect nipple...I thrust deeper and harder as my juices start to flow

Svana Wind (svanawind): My pussy getting wet, and feeling his cock sliding deeper, as my orgasm gets stronger moaning enjoying the attention given to my nipples

  Shiner Monday's mouth flutters wildly over both nipples alternating betwen them as my cream flows into her

Svana Wind (svanawind): moaning louder feeling his mouth on my nipples... wanting more

Shiner Monday: as my cream moves from my shaft into Svana's womanhood
 Shiner Monday: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss

Svana Wind (svanawind): feeling him releasing deep inside I can feel his spasming as I also cum

Shiner Monday feels her juices along my cock I smile s looking into here eyes as my drips flow out a bit more

Svana Wind (svanawind): feeling the warm runing between my thighs and my body spasms over and over

 Shiner Monday I whisper in her ear ....very good you satified me as i kiss her cheek and stand up....I help her get up and zipp up my pants

Dusty Caldera: My brother Magolla........Please take control of your submissive and continue using her to demonstrate her  willingness to submit to the community

Magolla raises from his chair slowly and takes the leash from Shiner with a small nod.Looks at the girl at the other side of the thin leash and smiles. Talks loud and calm while he is still looking deep into her eyes.."From the first moment you made me feel you are mine.. until now.. I have never felt anything but love and pride about you girl.. and i thank you for that..Thank you for the most precious gift that anyone can receive..You!.."

Svana Wind (svanawind): Looking back nto her Master's eyes. You have given me so much and I belong to you Heart, mind, body and soul. I will always serve you as you are my heart and I treasure everything about you.

Magolla smiles and gently tugs her leash to ottoman. Then he talks dry.."Over the ottoman girl..On your fours"  ...Magolla looks at the ottoman then the wooden trap.. then changes his mind and tugs her leash firmly there. He  holds her neck firmly and bends her to the wooden trap as he closes it on her and pinns her down

Svana Wind (svanawind): Feeling his hand forcing my head and body to be bound so I can not move knowing he will use me for his pleasure

Magolla he stands there and looks at her for a while. Her beautiful curves and glossy skin shining from the dull light. Walks into her and strokes her freshly used pussy slowly as he unzips himself.

Dusty Caldera chuckles, thinking that piece of furniture should be called a FILLory instead of a pillory and winks at Svana....

Svana Wind (svanawind): Hearing him unzip, and his hands caressing my skins. I can not wait for him to use me and claim me once more

Magolla moves closer as he takes his cock into his hand.Holding one of her asscheeks and spreading as he places the tip of his cock over her small ring. And slowly starts giving pressure.

Svana Wind (svanawind): Feeling his cock as it slowly begins to inch in my tight hole. taking a deep breath waiting to feel his thrust

 Magolla gives his weight over his cock and feels it stretching the ring and slowly moving in. Feeling her tight hole sucking him in slowly. He feels every inch of her as his cock goes in deeper. Holds both sides of her firm ass and starts to pump her ass..

Svana Wind (svanawind): Moans loudly.... as I feel his cock sink deeper moving inside my warm tightness. Pushing back into his cock, asking him to use me for his pleasure

Magolla he feels the tight and warm flesh moving up and down his shaft as he starts using her ass..Watching the beads of sweat trickling at the curve of her back..

Svana Wind (svanawind): Moans louder as she gives herself completely to his pleasure. Master please use this girl as you enjoy and that makes you happy

Magolla tightens his grip around her hips and looks down.. watching his cock sliding in, stretching..moving back and forth.. dragging her stretched ring with it...pushing and pulling her tight asshole with his shaft

Svana Wind (svanawind): groans as I feel the warmth of your cock moving in and out. stretching  and thrusting arching back pushing into your cock wanting more.

Magolla feels her body moving, squirming under him pushes him to orgasm. He drives his cock down inside her ass as much as it goes and stay there as he starts to cum..

Svana Wind (svanawind): moans as she feels the warmth feeling her my legs getting weak from holding the wieght and being well used

Magolla holds both sides of her ass and pushes himself out of her..He looks at the body he just used while he zips up..Then tugs her leash..."Get up girl.."

Magolla he walks To Dusty and smiles.."She is ready!.." and extends him the leash of her..

Dusty Caldera takes the leash back from Magolla..... Then looks down at the lovely But well used submissive before me   "Thank you my brothers for initiating this lovely debutante......Demonstrating her willingness to serve the community with her submission to the house of Samois and her willingness to serve.

Shiner Monday: It was a pleasure being part of this event


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