Freelander Master Ceremony

Freelander Master Ceremony

May 21, 2016

Dusty Caldera: "Before we begin, let me take a few moments and say that it always amazes me how, regardless of adversity, difficulty, or complexity the troubles that come our way, we are truly a family that pulls together and makes things happen.   That warms my heart and keeps me coming back.... I sincerely appreciate everyone's assistance and positive attitude.... Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Sir FreelanderII looks at the gathered people who are able to be here today for his ceremony...fells happy and grateful

Dusty Caldera: "As I'm sure you are all aware, the Lindens pulled a fast one on us and decided to delay our ceremony.  But let us not deter from why we are all here.  Welcome all my friends and a hearty thank you for joining us today as we celebrate the perseverance and hard work that Sir Freelander has put in to complete his journey and achieve his full Master tag, and now joins the ranks of the many fine Masters of Roissy Val D'Oise.

 "The dominant path is never an easy one.  It takes a lot of training for most of us to adapt to the lifestyle here and perfect our role-play skills.  We are given many tasks to complete as well as workshops to attend.  This extensive process, as one works toward recognition of his skills as a Master dominant, molds and develops our true dominant nature deep inside of us.

"And yes we do indeed have a lot of fun doing it.

"At Roissy Val d'Oise, we believe that becoming a Master of the Chateau is an achievement to be earned.  We ask our Dominants to demonstrate their diligence in learning about our culture here at VdO and BDSM in general, to express their knowledge and understanding of critical components in this lifestyle, and to exhibit skill in building creative, enjoyable and erotic scenes with the submissive women in our community.

"As with anything in life not everyone who begins this journey completes it. Those who do complete it do so because they don't give up, they keep moving forward despite the challenges. While many come here looking for a chance to have good role-play; those that make it through to earn their Master's tag discover they've learned much more than Just how to role-play.

"Some of us may need a kick in the ass but we all have our reasons for moving forward.  They discover a chance to learn, or re-learn, about themselves and about BDSM in a warm, encouraging, growing community that takes it's heart from the Story of O.  Freelander has accomplished such a task and should be very proud of his accomplishment.

"On behalf of René, Our gracious and generous benefactor, and Maître De Roissy Val d'Oise,Who unfortunately could not be here tonight,  I give this Master ring to you as one who now joins the ranks of the Roissy Val d'Oise Masters of the Chateau.....

Dusty Caldera walks over to him, offering him the ring. "We are honored to have you in our community, as we are with the rest of our family here. I have no doubt that you will continue the hard work you have demonstrated so far as you continue this next part of your journey in our community."

Sir freelanderII  stands and accepts the gold ring, slides it onto his right hand ring finger...clenches his fingers into fist...smiles and admires the symbol and nods with pleasure...turns to Dusty..."thank you, my friend" He steps forward...looks at the audience and raises his voice a bit..."I am so honored by you A/all are present here to make this event"

Dusty Caldera: "Congratulations!   A well-deserved honor"

Runa Hoxley: glad to have you among us, Freelander

Master freelanderII The first person i request to speak on my behalf is a man who i truly respect, wise, kind, friendly, eloquent and honorable Mentor a Dom can have and admire. I am honored he is kind to share his thoughts today.  Maitre Dusty, please take the floor"...slowly sits on his chair

Dash: "welcome to the ranks, Free"

Master freelanderII nods and thanks as he sitting

Dusty Caldera: Please introduce your first guest speaker

Master freelanderII: ((too laggy here))

Master freelanderII The first person i request to speak on my behalf is a man who i truly respect, wise, kind, friendly, eloquent and honorable Mentor a Dom can have and admire. I am honored he is kind to share his thoughts today.  Maitre Dusty, please take the floor"...slowly sits on his chair

Dusty Caldera: me once again stands to my feet, a smile or pride on my face  "it is with honor and mutual respect that I sStand here before you speaking for another fine gentleman that came to us in need of personal growth.... to learn more about himself, his behavior as a dominant man.

Dusty Caldera grins...."No this is not a one-man show"

"Freelander joined the dominant training path on December 17, 2015. He quickly progressed in his understanding of what dominant nature he possessed as well as how to utilize that during his interactions with submissives."

"He completed his initial requirements as a dominant intern around the end of the year..... what a nice Christmas present for him..*smiles*.and quickly jumped into the role of Roissy dominant."

 "Over the next couple of months he completed 16 scenes of varying degrees and two initiations, both as protector and second dominant.  His Master final was to address some of his strengths as well as weaknesses.   I will let  him and his partner talk about that perhaps but he proved himself worthy of being called a Master of the Château."

Dusty Caldera smiles at Freelander..."You were really getting a lot of action in weren't you?"

Master freelanderII smiles at Dusty..."I guess"

Dusty Caldera: "We've had several chats over the months that he's been here and I feel that he truly has grown significantly in understanding his dominant nature.  He has a great role-play style and I feel that he will only continue to improve as he interacts with our debutantes, demoiselles and sisters in a rewarding way."

"It's a pleasure to recommend Freelander for the role of Master here at Roissy Val d'Oise.  Congratulations, Master Freelander.  *smiles*"

Dusty Caldera finds my seat again

Master freelanderII stands up again as he glances at audience...then turns to Dusty... "Thank you Dusty for your wise words and warm praise.  The next person i request to speak is a sister who i did my final task with... she is elegant, courteous, always respectful and well versed (and has beautiful legs). " Master  freelanderII turns his head and smiles at Sweet..."please take the floor and say few words"

Sweet (sweetbabyblues) stands and looks at Master Freelander..then to the gathered Family.  Hello Dear Maitres, Masters,, Misses and my sister subs...  It is my honor to be here today to speak for Sir Freelander.  When I first met Sir, it was at a sister event, where he asked me to dance. He was a new Dom Intern.. so to make him welcomed, I did.  looks at Master  Freelander and smiles.

Well we did have to set a few things straight, but he was a most accommodating.  The dancing was enjoyable.  Since then, I have seen Sir Freelander grow in his confidence as a Dom..  We did RP one time, which didn't turn out too well, but Sir Freelander is a true gentleman... we talked about the problem and managed to become friends at the same time.

I was honored when he asked me to do his final with him, and a bit surprised!!  Giggles!!  I can only think he needed a challenge!  We did have a good discussion on what was needed to be done, what were my hard limits, and the soft ones he could push.  I am very grateful for his concerns and for his planning.

The night of his final was rather interesting.. and started with a spanking for lack of greeting him.  We then proceeded to the dungeon, where Sir Freelander showed excellent talent in his use of impact tools, ice, and well.. blushes.....  It was a very good scene, with well done aftercare, which continued through-out the week.  Much appreciated!

Master freelanderII smiles

Sweet (sweetbabyblues): I am very happy to give Sir Freelander a thumbs up in his abilities as a Dom. I highly reccommend him for the title of Master! CONGRATULATIONS MASTER FREELANDER!

Sweet (sweetbabyblues) gives Master Freelander an HUGE kiss


Master reelanderII stands once more as clears his throat, steps forward..."Thank you Sweet for your nice words made me honored.  I am not good speaker, especially before audience. I will try to say something and make it short.  I always enjoyed being at Roissy. I met new friends who are really nice and unique people. As my Mentor told me, i feel trully grown up in understanding my dominant nature here by your helps. 

When i first got the Dom log and checked it out 4 months ago, i thought it was impossible to complete it. In first week i just looked at it. Then i decided to i am happy to be able to finish it, and i over enjoyed and took my lessons from each task, each scene. I made mistakes, i had regrets but i learnt from them. I hurt and have been hurt...

I almost gave up and left Roissy. I stayed away 2 months. I questioned myself, i had too much time to evaluate my attitudes, my experiences. Thanks to my beautiful friend Mira, she always listened to me and helped me during that times. As Dusty told "11. You only  fail if you quit"...I cleared up myself and now i am happy to be here and finished my path.

I would like to thank to Dusty for his help, his friendship, his patience, his mentoring and his guiding. He teached me a lot.

Dusty Caldera nods...

Master freelanderII: I would like to thank to girls who are in my log during walking through my path.  Thanks Trot, you have great personality.  Thanks Blue, you are so special to me.   Thanks Di Anne, you are awesome.   Thanks Laerka who i had a chance to experience my wonders with.  Thanks Swan (now Frost) for your friendship and beautiful scenes.  Thanks Ambri for most intense scene i've had.  Thanks Sana, it was good discussion.   Thanks Sweet, it was awesome final task and for your generous heart. 

And thanks to Mira, my best friend, my, who always was near me with her wise words and offering her beautiful body when i feel bad, who convinced me to return to complete my path. You are unique.

And thanks to Anjelie and Dallas who I initiated.

Thank you again girls, you all have place in my heart.

Master freelanderII: smiles and looks at the gathered people again..."I am so happy to have Roissy family...Thank you A/all again being here and supporting me today"

Master freelanderII steps back and sits..."floor is yours, Maitre Dusty

Dusty Caldera stands once more and smiles   "Thank you Master Freelander (Sounds good doesn't it?) and Sweet.  We also want to thank everyone that contributed to his growth...... participating in each one of those 16 tasks and scenes..... helping him to perfect his skill at role-play so in a sense each of you had a major part in making him the dominant that he is today.  "

Master freelanderII sounds good

Dusty Caldera: "Whenever we have a ceremony like this I always try to reflect back on what it takes to get to this level of dominant behavior so I ask myself what is a Master?

A master is.....

ONE  who captures a submissive's  attention, not with arrogance, but with confidence and  quiet control.

ONE who maintains her joy, not with things or toys, but by making her smile with the gift of humor

ONE who seeks  to understand a submissive, not with cruelty and vague words, but with seduction and clear communication

ONE who wins  the heart of a submissive, not with promises of things to come, but with demonstration that the present and every moment together are of importance.

ONE who exchanges power with a submissive, not with selfish demands, but with gratitiude for the rare gifts being exchanged.

ONE who cares for the spirit of a submissive, not by breaking it, but by nurturing it and helping her to learn and grow.

ONE who owns a submissive, not with a collar around the neck, but with a cage of love around her heart and soul.

Master freelanderII nods

Dusty Caldera: "He who demonstrates these qualities to His submissive will win her unbridled love and complete submission for the rest of His days."

Master freelanderII: well said, Dusty

Dusty Caldera looks Out over the gathering of family and friends  "we should all strive to live up to these ideals in each moment of our lives"

Dusty Caldera looks to Freelander....."Continue to subscribe to these ideals in your days will be forever happy with the lovely submissive's that"come into your life.

We are truly grateful for all that each of you contribute to keeping Roissy the wonderful place that it is.. Everyone grab a glass of champagne to toast the new Master.  To FreelanderII !

Master  freelanderII nods..." I will"


Frost (thorgrimsinga): yay Master!

Garrett Kohle (garrettkohle): Congratulations and welcome to the fold, Freelander!

Master freelanderII smiles on his face

Dallas (natalabreen): Congratulations Maser Freelander! *lifts her glass*

PattyJ McMillan: Congradulations Master Freelander  !!

Carey (carey.seranno): Congratulations Master Freelander!

Rhiannon Torlan (nighttimereaper) Smiles. Congratulations Master Freelander.

fae de Smitty (facaade): Congratulations Master Freelander , well done !

Diamond Gebhardt: Congratulation Master Freelander

Sophie Stormwalker (sophiestormwalker): Congratulations Master Freelander!

Pearl Noir (pearlnoir) applauds. "Congratulations Master Freelander!"

Master freelanderII raises his glass...Thank you again A/all

Dekegh (dekegh): Congratulations Freelander

Dusty Caldera: "I also wish to take the opportunity to also thank Rene, for providing all of this for us, for having the vision to bring us all together,  we are a large diverse group with many things to share, and It warms my heart for  having all of this to share with each and every one.  Thank you all for joining us here, to celebrate with MASTER Freelander.  Even though we were a little late. "

Dash): ::applauds the accomplishments of One of our own:::  "congrats Free"

Malana (kimilotus): Congratulations Master Freelander

Syndra (syndraoffinwe): Congratulations Master Freelander

Raevene: congratulations Master Freelander

Master freelanderII stands up...raises his glass once more...cheers!!

Dusty Caldera smiles...raises my glass with the rest "Ccongratulations again"

Master freelanderII: Thank you my friend

Dusty Caldera Turns back to the my family and friends  "we continue to grow with dedication and loyalty to our wonderful community. and each of you have a part In making that happen........ Thank you!"

Master freelanderII turns to crowd.."Thank you A/all again"

Dusty Caldera spins back around....."Is it party time yet?"  *grins*

PattyJ McMillan smiles

Sweet (sweetbabyblues): Sir Angel will be Spinning his tunes on the Tea House rooftop at 6 pm in celebration of Master Freelander's new title!

Dusty Caldera nods..."GREAT!   Look forward to seeing you all there!  Let's hope  the Lindens are asleep by now"

Sweet (sweetbabyblues): Maitre, they are west coasters. Shall I go up to San Fran and kick em?

Master freelanderII looks at Sweet.."honor me with your dance, beauty"

suzette raises her glass in toast "I wish you health, I wish you well, and happiness galore. 

 I wish you luck for you and friends; what could I wish you more? 

May your joys be as deep as the oceans, your troubles as light as its foam. 

And may you find, sweet willing submissives, where you call Home."

Dusty Caldera:  grins..."Perhaps we better let them ride this time......."

Anjelie: I believe we are lucky that they were awake, this was unplanned maintenance, meaning something broke, and they were there to fix it

Sweet (sweetbabyblues): Yes, Master Freelander.. after that, all these lovely ladies get a chance!

Dusty Caldera smiles..." What a touching sentiment Suzette.  Probably true, Anjelie..."  *smiles*

Dallas (natalabreen): Lovely ceremony, congratulations again Master Freelander. So glad I could be here.

Dusty Caldera announces  "We are dismissed!"

Master freelanderII: tHANKS mALANA

Carey (carey.seranno): thank you Maitre Dusty. Congratulations Master Freelander!

Quiet Huet gives a tip of the hat and a thumbs up to Freelander ... Congratulations !

Rhiannon Torlan (nighttimereaper): Thank you Maitre Dusty and congratulations Master Freelander.

fae de Smitty (facaade): Thank you Maitre Dusty  , and Master Freelander :)

Frost (thorgrimsinga): smiles

Dusty Caldera: Freelander, I'm sure a reboot might fix that title issue

Master freelanderII: i will relog now

Raevene: a lovely ceremony thank you everyone

Dusty Caldera: Thank you all for coming

Garrett Kohle (garrettkohle): Well done, Freelander!

Sweet (sweetbabyblues): welcome Back, Master Freelander! Happy you made it backso easy

Dusty Caldera: There is that shiny new tag!

Master freelanderII: there you go

 fae de Smitty (facaade): Goodnight everyone !

 Dusty Caldera: Good night Fae

Remington Rothmanay: 'night everyone

Master freelanderII: Good night Remington

Sophie Stormwalker (sophiestormwalker): good night Sir Remington.

Garrett Kohle (garrettkohle) looks at Pearl with waggling eyes "Quick Robin, to the Batmobile!!"

Quiet Huet gives a tip of the hat and a thumbs up for making the ceremony happen no matter what SL throws at you Dusty

Dusty Caldera grins..."I was right on the edge of  rescheduling until I saw all of you lovely people begin to show up..."

Master freelanderII: well, i got nervous when i had problem

Quiet Huet: Good call ... as always

Pearl Noir (pearlnoir) giggles into his balled fist and winks. "Have a good night everyone. Congrats again Master Freelander."

Master freelanderII: Thanks Pearl.  Good night E/everyone

Quiet Huet: See you all in a few

Carey (carey.seranno): smiles, please excuse me, see you A/all soon

Master freelanderII: Let's go to dance,  excuse me, a lovely sub waiting for me...grins

Sophie Stormwalker (sophiestormwalker): Enjoy Master Freelander. Congratulations again!

Dusty Caldera: Do take care everyone



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*a special thank you to Malana for providing the transcript.

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