Master Ceremony Brinker

Master Ceremony Brinker

August 13, 2015

From her cushion in Sir Mykal's Thursday night workshop, the new group member saw a notice and  IM'd Brinker Leigh. "Sir, what is a Master Ceremony?"  According to Brinker, he sent her a landmark to the Chateau, adding, "Funny you should ask. I'm heading to one right now, and you're welcome to join me."

There, as the theme music begins to play,  Maitre JC Clawtooth stands and glances around to all the people of our  Community  that had gathered for a celebratory and well deserved ceremony for one of our own Dominants. "Thank you all for joining us today as we celebrate the work that Brinker has completed on his journey to achieving his full Master tag, and as he joins the ranks of the many fine Masters of Roissy Val D'Oise. It is true that we have a wonderful family here ar Roissy Val D'Oise and to thank you all for your wonderful contributions. You are what make this sim what it is today. And, we certainly thank Rene for his continued gift of the sim to us as it truly is our home.

"As many of you know, after applicants receive their Dominant tag and begin work on their log of task, it is much like any other journey where one seeks to learn and gain knowledge,  yet, many often  learn a great deal about themselves in the process. They find the others around them, both Dominants and submissives alike teaching one another from their stores of wisdom. It is truly a unique path. One that gives direction and allows for creative flexibility to explore one's own interest within the different areas or disciplines of BDSM. But, with anything in life, not everyone who begins this journey completes it.  Many come here looking for a chance to have RP; most who make it through to earn their Master's tag discover much more than that.

"They discover a chance to learn, or re-learn about themselves and about BDSM in a warm, encouraging, growing community that takes it's heart from the Story of O. Along with such, they find that they learn from those around them where some have experiences from rl, sl, or both.

"This evening we are here to celebrate what Brinker has accomplished in his time here and his commitment to Roissy Val d'Oise, and to welcome him to the ranks of the Masters of the Chateau."
He points to the new tag above his head......"Take a moment to congratulate him before I continue on."

Congratulations burst joyfully from everyone.

JC reaches into his jacket and takes out a ring, recently polished,then steps closer to him  "Brinker, on behalf of Rene, the sim, and all of the Dominants of the Chateau, I present you with this ring," as he turns to walk over and hand it to Brinker

Brinker: Thank you all very much-- I appreciate it!

JC: "Feel free to go ahead and introduce to us your guests as we look forward to hearing from them,"... I step back and return to my seat

Brinker: I'm honored to have Sweet here, who helped me immeasurably in several scenes, including my final scene...and Taylor Smitty has agreed to give up the back 9 holes to come and speak on my behalf as well..

Brinker: He has helped me a great deal as well. So now  I will ask Sweet if she wants to say a few words, then Taylor. Sweet?

Sweet: Thank you MASTER Brinker. Hello Maitres, Masters, Sirs and all of my sister submissives! What can one say about Sir Binker...OMG Sir Brinker!! She looks over at said Sir, and hopes he doesn't notice the mistake!!

Brinker: I always notice!

Sweet: One would think by now I would be able to spell Sir BRINKER's name correctly!! Giggles!! My inability to do so led to a very hot and heavy 4 1/2 hour final! Sir Brinker was well prepared for this time....meeting with me a couple of times to talk over my limits, and how much I could be pushed. His planning sure paid off! Sir managed to push my limits to just the right point. His After care was excellent, making sure that I was ok at all times. Sir Brinker was, and always is, a complete gentleman. We submissives are so very lucky to have Him here at Vd'O! I did promise Master Brinker I would keep this short and , well, sweet..

Brinker checks his stopwatch and laughs

Sweet: I am honored to have been asked to do his final, and I highly recommend Sir Brinker for Master! CONGRATULATIONS, MASTER BRINKER!! Thank you A/all

Brinker: Thank you Sweet...

Sweet: Most welcome,. Master

Brinker: "She has also helped me in a couple of other scenes as well, and even in my workshop." He shifts his attention. "Taylor?"

Taylor stands, hoping nobody notices he is wearing golf spikes.

Taylor:  "As is typical, Dominants don't get to spend a lot of time getting to know each other. We often start our paths, firstly trying to make heads or tales of the log itself and secondly trying to find our place within the community.  Oh, I almost forgot, there are all these submissives around us. Yes, we do spend considerable time taking note of them, then talking to them. After all they are one of, THE reason we are here," he says smiling at Brinker.

Brinker nods about that

Taylor: "So, having said all that, Brinker and I never talked too much early on until JC asked me to arrange his Final scene so he could obtain the coveted Master tag. I found him to be organized, driven and focused on exactly what he wanted to accomplish. In my mind, all admirable traits.  I initially didn't have the chance to attend his workshop on Kissing", but after reading it a few days ago, I must point out it was very fresh, well thought out, and most certainly entertaining.

"Brinker, you certainly know your way around the female anatomy. Kudos brother."

Brinker  grins, "So does Dusty-- he was the male demonstrator."

Rain: Somebody had to do it.

Taylor: "Since the  time we began to correspond , I have asked around about him, mostly to the submissives,  and the consensus was that he is a Gentleman with a great sense of humor who has the time to sit and talk to the girls. Those submissives who  have role played with him, considered him to be in control of himself and of the girls. This is reminiscent of the old saying, "Iron fist with a velvet glove."

Taylor:  "I say to you again, thank you for finishing what you started, if this was easy, every man in SL would do it." He turns to Brinker and looks him dead in the eyes, "The Dominants here are expected to be a cut above, you are just that. Congratulations on this milestone, it is well deserved and remember this: Be who you are, be what you are, and be a first rate version of it." He holds out his hand, "Well done Brinker."

Brinker stands and shakes Taylor's hand. "And thank you, Sweet, both of you, for speaking on my behalf tonight.  I know it was short notice, and each of you are busy people.  I just have a few words to say to the family that brought me here tonight"

Brinker: "I truly appreciate everybody showing up for this ceremony. I am not into long speeches, so I'll be brief. I got started here when someone in my ad agency in DC told me about Roissy Val d'Oise. It was back when Thomas was administrator, and he was kind enough to start me on my journey. Along the way, I've had great joy meeting a world of nice, smart people -- and doing scenes with Sweet, annie, May, Alika, Tessa, Lisbeth, and Xanadu, among others.

"Also, along the way, I've been fascinated by our leader, Rene, to see how he's developed perhaps the most frequently visited sim in Second Life. To place this feat in context, you must realize that most sims, no matter how beautifully built or conceived, are happy if they attract 15 or 20 avatars a day-- most, as we often see, are virtually vacant all the time."

Brinker: "The good ones, the popular beaches, dance clubs, and so-called bdsm clubs, are lucky to get a good crowd once a day. Rene has attracted this familie and others here 24/7 -- to the tune of 40-50 avatars, whatever the capacity of a sim is -- not just with great concerts and entertainers, but with a fantastic program. It starts with a lifestyle, adds great people, supports them with training and good leaders, and encourages them with his personal style and charisma. We often take for granted how he has selected such high quality animations, quality furnishings, beautiful buildings, and everything else we pour our bodily fluids onto."

Brinker: "He had to design each path, and all the ceremonial ideas, and plan out exactly how things would flow as people grew and developed here. He's also had to field, as we know, much drama and politics -- it comes with all sims, true, we take that for granted.  I owned a sim once for our ad agency, and while it succeeded on a much smaller scale, I know that day-to-day drama in SL can takes a hard personal toll on you. And there's no way in hell our donations, generous as they might be, have covered the enormous sums of personal money he's laid out for us here. So, rather than elaborate about my path to Master tonight, I want to thank Maitre Rene, again, for all he's done to make Roissy Val d'Oise the best place to live in Second Life."  Brinker looks over to Rene, "Thank you, Maitre Rene."

Rene smiles, " thanks"

Rain: Well said Brinker

Brinker: Also to thank: Sweet-- the beautiful California Girl who was in my workshop and did several scenes with me, including carrying me through my final scene and making me look good. Thank you to the ever-delicious annie BlueSky, whose Master, Marcus, was kind enough to allow her to scene with me; Taylor, for helping me along the way as well, Keira, for helping me, and of course, JC, who supervised my log and gave me encouragement.

Sweet: You do look good, Master Brionker!

Brinker: "Hey-- get that name right!" He makes a note

Chuckles from both Marcus and Taylor; as Kurt says, "name that dom game"

Brinker: And speaking of JC, I will now give the floor back to him, before I ramble on and on. Thank you all again for being here for me.

JC: Thank you Brinker. Maitre Rene, would you be generous enough to share a few words with us all

Rene stands and smiles at everyone. "How happy I am to see you all come in support of Brinker's Master Ceremony tonight. We are a caring famille who never thinks twice about coming to celebrate with one another. Thank you for being here. " Rene moves to Brinker and extends his hand.

Brinker  shakes Rene's hand with pride

Rene: "Tonight you are to be congratulated for your achievement.  We often think only of our submissive trainings, how difficult they are, and yet the path to Master is not without it's challenges. The achievement of success is one that always lifts the entire community. Tonight you do just that
Brinker, my friend, by your attainment of Master, you not only prove you are deserving of it but also lift up everyone into a great sense of unity. As you step into the Title of Master, my wish for you is that you become a great role model for the Dominants who are also working to achieve this status." Rene holds out his hand for Brinker to shake, and smiles.

Brinker  shakes his hand, "Thank you so much, Rene."

Rene takes a glass of champagne and raises it. "Please famille and friends, join me in a toast."

JC rises and points to the table full of champagne glasses.."Lisbeth, fetch me a glass of champagne."

Rene turns to Brinker again, "Congratulations, may you wear your new title with pride."

Lisbeth: "yes Maitre Justyn." She rises gracefully careful not to turn her back to Maitre Justyn or the gathering, grasping the bottle around the belly with a clean cloth, smiling to the bubbles teasing her nose as she pours carefully a glass of champagne, two fingers below the rim, she places the open bottle for others on the table. she pivots and returns to Maitre Justyn, slipping to her knees, arms extended up, " Your champagne Maitre Justyn, I hope it is pleasing to your palate."

Taylor ifts the glass nodding at the new Master.

JC nodded to her and took the glass then lifted it as Rene offerd the toast

Rain toasts Master Brinker.... an Inspiration to us all
Marcus: "cheers Brinker!" *tips back his glass and swigs*
Kurt takes out his hip flask
annie: here here Master Brinker
Dusty raises my glass....
Keira: Cheers Master Brinker
Steven: Bravo Brinker!!
Dusty: Congratulations, Brinker and welcome to the esteemed rank of Master of Roissy Val d'Oise!
JC rises and extends his hand to Brinker
Mykal: looks for a glass
KayLi: applause!!
Brinker smiles at everyone, I really appreciate everyone's good wishes! Thank you!
Kurt: congratulations Brinker, well done
Rain: only one glass Demoiselle Trot.... you know how you get
Zexzus: Rises my glass and say congrats to Master Brinker
Trot: yes my Master
Julie: Congratulations!
jasmin: Felicitaciones Master Brinker
kykyxx: Congratulations Master Brinker
JC: Congrats Master Brinker, and when you are ready to pursue the Maitre Path, send me a letter stating yoru desire.
Brinker: I am so honored to see you all here... and thank you again! And yes, JC, I will!
annie drinks her champagne as the bubbles tickle her nose
Kurt: i hope i am not within Annie's trajectory
Taylor throws his glass back, polishing it off
Sweet takes a sip of the bubbly..hoping I don't get tipsy and spell names wrong
Mykal lifts his glass and drinks to Brinker's success
Brinker: At least annie is not trying to sing!
Sweet: OMG!! No singing Annie, my Bestie!! Or I pass out the earplugs
Keira: I think the bubbles are getting to my head as I float above the cushion
Sweet: well, you can sing, but not sing. If you sing, I have ot pass out blindfolds
Rene returns to his seat, smiling proudly
Rain: have another, sweet; it will aid your spelling <smiles>
annie giggles and tosses her glass watching it hit Maitre's perfectly *hic*
KayLi rises and smiles..."thank you all for allowing me to be here, and congratulations Master Brinker"

JC:  PLease join us for an hour of dancing and songs with Maitre Marcus , to continue in celebration of this wonderfeul ceremony. He will begin in 15 inutes. We will gather on the Teahouse roof top

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