Master Ceremony Dusty

June 25, 2015

The Chateau Patio was a buzz as the community began to arrive... Dominants doning their best tuxes, submissives in colorful gowns. A hush fell as Maitre Rene arrived, all eyes going to him as he strolled into their midst.

"Good evening everyone," greeted Maitre René before turning to take his seat.

All save Maitre J.C. took their seats, who spoke,"Thank you for joining us this evening as we celebrate the work that Dusty has completed on his journey to achieving his full Master rank. It is with great honor that I recommend Dusty to the ranks of Master of VdO, I am grateful and feel  priveleged to have had this opportunity to  know this man. I have consistently found him to be a man of integrity, sincerity, and openness.

"We're all  here to celebrate one of our own who has done the work, fulfilled his requirements and given of his time and energy to reach this achievement." He reached into his pocket, and held out a box, containing a VdO Master ring, then pointed at his tag for all  to see.  "As many of you know, or might not know, after applicants receive their Dominant tag and begin work on their log of task, it is much like any other journey where one seeks to learn and complete work and yet learn a great deal about themselves and the others around them. They find the others around them, both Dominants and submissives alike teaching one another from their store of wisdom.

"Dusty , has turned in his log, and successfully completed his final task, so tonight we are here to celebrate what he has accomplished in his time here and his commitment, and to welcome him to the ranks of the Masters of the Chateau."

Master Dusty slipped on the Val d'Oise Master ring, with a nod of 'Thank you' to J.C.

"A great  Pleasure Master Dusty ," Maitre J.C. replied. "Every Dominant  discovers a chance to learn, or re-learn about themselves and about BDSM in a warm, encouraging, growing community that takes it's heart from the Story of O. 

"In Dusty's own right , he is a  champion in every way. and  his patience and his sense of priority is uncompromised.  Even more impressive, however, is the character and dignity he exemplifies in his daily presence around each of us. I feel a quiet strength from him anytime he is present in the same room as I.

" In closing I would like to thank him so very much for all he has done for VdO  and to close with a scrupture that came to mind while preparing this speech . 'Better to be patient than powerful; better to have self-control than to conquer a city.’     (Proverbs 16:32) "

Maitre J.C. turned to Master Dusty.." You may now have your speakers come forth , my Brother."

"Thank you, J.C. for your kind words," said Master Dusty, continuing, "and Rene's  generosity in creating and managing such a place where people can explore themselves and others in a safe, sane and  consensual way.  I also want to thank my good friends Hadaway and Xanadu, for speaking up for me with their kind words.

"Hadaway Broadway is a good friend of mine and we go back quite a ways before either of us came to Val d'Oise. He has a few words he would like to say.  Hadaway?"

"Thank you Dusty." Maitre Hadaway looked around. "Hello  everyone......It is a great honour to be asked to speak on behalf of Dusty. First of all welcome to you all and thank you for attending his ceremony, I know he will be very proud that you have taken the time and trouble to attend this happy occasion it's wonderful to see you all. 

"I have known Dusty now for over two years... about the time he started coming here to Val duOise. But first met him along with another friend when he was closely associated with a fine young Lady Maia who has since sadly passed away in rl.. we became close friends .. taking up many adventures together ..cycing around sL.. flying on dragons... but here he is a man of special note."

Master Dusty grinned.

"Dusty holds the traits of a true Master: he's a person who.........captures a submissive's  attention, not with arrogance, but with confidence and  quiet control.  ONE who maintains her joy, not with things or toys, but by making her smile with the gift of humor. 

"As you get to know him better you will learn he has a great sense of humour, those who know him well will already know that, ONE who seeks  to understand a submissive, not with cruelty and vague words, but with seduction and clear communication.

"He wins  the heart of a submissive, not with promises of things to come, but with demonstration that the present and every moment together are of importance. He exchanges power with a submissive, not with selfish demands, but with gratitude for the rare gifts being exchanged.

"Importantly he cares for the spirit of a submissive, never breaking it, but by nurturing it and helping her to learn and grow. He is one who owns a submissive, not with a collar around the neck, but with a cage of love around her heart and soul."

Maitre Hadaway clears his throat... "Don't worry there is not a lot more... There is a saying by Albert Schweitzer that he favours:  'The full measure of a man is not to be found in the man himself, but in the colours and textures that come alive in others because of him'. 

"Dusty brings the best out of each one of the people whose lives he is fortunate to have touched.  His guidance and patience is well-known among the family here at VdO. He doesn't tend to spend much time with people that waste his time or gives him lip service.  But that does give him more time to spend with those that truly need and want his friendship, guidance and training.

"Dusty loves adventure and seeks it often in most every way possible here in this wonderful world, traveling to many parts of the SL globe. but always he returns to his family here at VdO to enjoy the company of his friends. 

"Dusty has a motto that he lives by, desiring to get to know the whole person; it states: "The foolish man seeks only the key to unlock his woman's sexuality, and upon doing so, both quickly tire of each other and both are soon alone. The soft man seeks only the key to unlock her heart, and upon doing so merely becomes her friend. The Wise man seeks the key to unlock her mind, and upon doing so, discovers he has the other two keys!"

"We will all benefit from his being part of our family as a Master, providing guidance, training and insight to the style of life we all enjoy here. 

"Rene, JC, and to all present here,  I fully recommend his promotion to Master.  Thank you."

Mrs. Cristal Caldera smiled warmly, watching her husband and Master, stand.

"Thank you so much Hadaway for your kind words and your recommendation. May our friendship continue as we each explore this wonderful life and family here at Val d'Oise," he said. "I would now like to introduce our newest 'O' Aspirant, and my good friend, Xanadu.  Without her, I would never have completed my tasks." He paused and smiled at  her, adding, "She  has said she has a few words she would like to say on my behalf.  Xanadu?"

Xanadu lifted her eyes and smiled. "Thank you Master Dusty. "

She stood and moved forward. "Maitre Rene, Maitre Justyn, Maitre Hadaway, Master Dusty, Distinguished Dominates, Submissives, Famille and Friends, I proudly stand before you and share this honored privilege as Master Dusty's task sister, the first since my graduation." She turned and smiled at Him. "It was indeed my pleasure to serve you Master.

"Gladly i will share that i was excited nervous and a bit apprehensive, but He guided me and allowed me to feel totally at ease before the final scene occurred as well as during. We spent many hours together discussing limits and getting to know one another and i must say Master Dusty exudes the true meaning of what a Roissy Val d' Oise Master should be.

"I had previously seen Him in our community several times and only had greeted. Then one day i briefly overheard Him speaking to one , who was then a familee member.. about Roissy Val d' Oise

"I must say i was quite impressed as he patiently and very articulately told her of the classes, rules and the advantages of being here .. smiles .. and with that encouragement Koskaa became one of our new Debutantes. He has a very sensitive manner about Himself which allows His submissive to be completely secure in His dominance.

"Master Dusty not only approached every preplanned aspect needed to complete His final scene .. but was always mindful to me and my feelings and was above all respectful of my limits completely. It is with complete humbleness and sincerity that I recommend Master Dusty to receive his Master's ring and stand in the honored position as a Roissy Val d' Oise Master .

"In closing, i wish to congratulate Master Dusty on His path and look forward to seeing Him as He continues to assist both Dominants and submissives in their paths."

Master Dusty smiled as Xanadu, respectfully, returned to the cushion and knelt.

Master Dusty, stood. "I am almost speechless with your lovely words and thank you so much for speaking on my behalf.  I am so very touched that so many of you are here tonight and thank each one of you for taking time out of your day to help celebrate my accomplishments and promotion to Master.

"First off, I want to thank each and every one of you before I begin because you have all taught me in one way or another what it means to belong to a  family here in Roissy Val d'Oise. Many of you have been so helpful, kind, cooperative, informative, instructional and most of all just plain friendly as I have  journeyed through this transformation and understanding of a different style of life.

"My time here at Roissy Val d'Oise actually began nearly a year and a half ago when I felt the call to explore my dominant side. Master Chronos and Maitre Marcus were my mentors at the time.

"I had always been raised to  believe women should be respected, revered, and romanced. My upbringing had taught me to never strike a woman, never abuse her physically, emotionally or  mentally. You can imagine the moral hurdles I had to get over before I was ready to move on into the dominan-submissive lifestyle that I found here at VdO.

"When I first arrived in Roissy, it was fun to "play" at being a dominant man as I was learning but I was too busy exploring and enjoying all the wonders  here in this great SL world to give it some serious thought.  After nearly completing my  Master path, I struggled with my legacy moral issues and decided to leave VdO to pursue a more vanilla lifestyle because I was more comfortable with it ... or so I thought.  The desire to explore my dominant side persisted but was put on hold.

"Some months ago I met a lovely woman, Cristal, outside the BDSM lifestyle. Over the course of some months, we eventually partnered, produced a beautiful  baby girl. I thought my life was again complete but felt something was still missing. Cristal, with her infinite patience and insight, encouraged me to continue exploring  my dominant side. She helped me realize I needed to return and finish the program here at Roissy with a full understanding of what all that would entail  for our relationship.  Cristal has provided unending support and for that I am truly grateful."  Master Dusty smiled at his beautiful partner, Cristal, sitting next to him.

"One of the first things I had to learn was that using a crop or flogger, tying someone up tightly with rope, stretching them on the cross or spanking their cute little ass is  NOT abuse if it is desired or needed. It is simply doing things that add a  more intense behavior between two consenting people to enhance or expand their  intimate pleasure and reinforce a dominant/submissive relationship. This epiphany led me to teach the workshop "Dominance for Nice Guys", an introduction to BDSM for those that were taught as I was to never abuse a woman.

"The trick is simply to have an open mind to sexuality and physcial interaction.  Be as open and honest as you can and do your homework.   Obviously anything which causes harm to your partner or yourself isn't good (well actually it's illegal) but we're all human and exploring the parts that make us a little different is what can make a hugely beneficial relationship. The fun is in that exploration!

"I asked myself if I had what it takes to become a Master here at VdO. I worked with several of you wonderful ladies to not only help you learn but to learn myself because it's always a two-way street. I've become much better in knot tying, use of various SM implements (I do enjoy the soft leather flogger), but what I've learned most is the  inner strength and patience to deliver consistent firm control in a scene that both satisfies and brings pleasure to myself and my partner. Many of the men  here also have given me invaluable support and understanding as my knowledge grew.

"To make a long story short, and to come full circle, my time and training here at VdO has been so very revealing about myself and has truly given me a new  perspective on the amazing adventures and exciting exploration that lie before me as I continue moving forward with this wonderful family and lifestyle. I want to  thank each and everyone of you that helped me to grow.  Know that I will be there to help you any way I a Master this time.

"I again want to thank  J.C., René, my good friends Xanadu and Hadaway,  and every one of you for coming to this wonderful ceremony, recognizing me as a Val d'Oise Master.  I could not have done it without all of your support and assistance.

"I will now turn things back over to Maitre J.C."

Maitre J.C. rose and looked  around..." Thank you Hadaway and xanadu, for  your wonderful speeches on Dusty's  behalf, Cristal must be bursting with pride  for you now. I will now ask Maitre Rene to say a few words, and close up this auspicious ceremony ."

"Thanks," said René  as he stood,  fingers slipped into a  jacket pocket from which he pulls a folded piece of paper.  He begins to unfold it, then gives a small shake of his head,

René smiles and stuffs the paper back into his pocket, and crosses to stand beside the chair of the new Master and speaks to those gathered.

"Welcome to this austere occasion, when one of our Dominants crosses the threshold into Master.  By being here, each of you show you are proud of our community and want to support the successes of our members.

"For this, I thank you; this warms my heart."

René lays his hand upon Dusty's shoulder and gives a firm squeeze. "Congratulations my friend! 

"You stand here before us, worthy of crossing this threshold and receiving the privileged title of Roissy Val d'Oise Master. Well done."

"Thank you, Rene." Master Dusty beamed. 

Rene smiled back. "Only as high as one reaches can he grow, only as far as one seeks can he go, only as deep as one looks can he see, only as much as one dreams can he be.

"This you have done, my good man," he said, speaking directly to Master Dusty. "Even if your journey detoured you out among other paths, you found your way back with renewed loyalty and commitment to prove who and what you truly are: a Master of Roissy. I hope you continue to reach high and seek a deeper journey, and see far in the distance as you continue to grow and dream big."

Master Dusty smiled proudly as Rene held out his hand to shake Dusty's. "It's a pleasure," said Master Dusty, extending his hand and shaking Maitre Rene's.

"Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, Master Dusty," announced Maitre Rene. 

A cacophony of "congratulations" filled the air.  

"Thank you all so very much....... it's been quite a journey and I am glad it's over for now...... but I could not have done it without our family here!" exclaimed Master Dusty as Maitre Hadaway stood and, leaning forward, shook his hand.

Maitre René took a champagne flute and  lifted it into the air. "Come join me as we offer a toast to our newest Master." He turned to Master Dusty. "Congratulations on your great accomplishment. To you! Cheers!"

"Everyone enjoy a glass of CHampagne," encouraged Maitre J.C. 

Master Dusty smiled broadly. "You are also very kind.... And I look forward to getting to know each one of you even better."

Maitre J.C. held out his hand to dusty. " Ecellent my Friend." 

"Thanks J.C.," he said, shaking his hand.

"DJ Lesaa will be on the docks a little after 6 pm to help us all celebrate this Ceremony," announced Maitre J.C.

Mrs. Cristal Caldera, slipped her hand into her husband's. "Thank you all so much for coming to Master Dusty's elevation ceremony," she said quietly.

Master Dusty turned to Maitre Rene. "Thank you so much, Rene for creating a place that we can explore ourselves and our desires."

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*photos courtesy of Xanadu

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