Master Ceremony Loki

Master Ceremony Loki

April 13, 2014

Master Loki's Master Ceremony

by Loki's maya


As you walk into the patio, you feel the warmth of the patio and its roaring fireplace.  Red velvet curtains with golden tassels that grace the background windows span the ceiling to hang gracefully unto the floor, the floor had an additional plush red and gold rug that with the fire at the hearth made the patio a warm and cozy venue for the ceremony.  Between the gorgeous curtains is a huge plaque on top of the fireplace, and to the side, a glass tower of exquisite champagne.  

The words on the plaque, The Master Ceremony of Master Loki and his personal words he lives by, "My success is measured soley interms of the value I generate in the eyes of those whose lives i touch".   

Khloe had charmingly arranged the seating with special reserved seat pillows on the chairs and cushions.  The patio was elegantly and tastefully decorated by Loki's maya.

Upon the arrival of the guest of honor, Master Loki, the ceremony started off with an introductory speech by Val D'Oise Dominant Supervisor Maitre Chronos.  He talked about the Dominant path and the work on the log of tasks that it is much like any other journey where one seeks to learn and complete work and yet learn a great deal about themselves and the others around them. They find the others around them, both Dominants and submissives alike teaching one another from their store of wisdom. 

Maitre Chronos additionally stated that not everyone who begins, completes it. For those who do complete it, it is because they didn't give up and have kept moving forward and discover to learn and re-learn about themselves and about BDSM in a warm encouraging growing community that takes it's heart from the story of O.  "Tonight though we're here to celebrate one of our own who has done the work, fulfilled his requirements and given of his time and energy to reach this achievement.", stated Maitre Chronos.  He also explained the new tradition in Roissy Val D'Oise, that besides the Master tag, Master Loki is the first of our Masters in a ceremony to receive a new ring that has been specially made by Master Nathan Zetkin for the Masters of Roissy VdO  and welcomed the guest of honor to the ranks of Masters of the Chateau. 

The floor was turned over to Maitre Rene, Proprietor of VdO who thanked the wonderful people who work hard to make our great community what it is and Master Loki is just one of the many, yet this evening it is him we celebrate.  Maitre Rene ended with these words, "Our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use our power the greater it will be."

The floor was turned back to Maitre Chronos who spoke of the opportunities as a VdO Dom Supervisor that he gets to review the Dominant's logs and their final task when they are turned in, "With that in mind, I want to say how impressed with Loki's role play, his style, his methods, and his understanding of the many disciplines within BDSM."

And to Master Loki, Maitre Chronos expressed, "We are honored to have you in our community, as we are with the rest of our family here and I have no doubt that you will continue the hard work you have so far as you continue this next part of your journey in our community. So I congratulate you personally as well and to your submissive we all know where we would be without our submissives."

The floor was turned over to Master Loki, he stood and introduced his guests.  He looked around the room feeling the joy of being able to share this special moment with friends and family.  He looked down at his Roissy Val d'Oise Master's ring feeling a sense of pride in being part of this wonderful community.  Master Loki said, "Before I speak, I have been honored with three people who would like to say a few words for and about me... hopefully not all in the nature of a "roasting" Please join me in welcoming vette, and punkin and last but not least, my maya to speak."

Vette, Samois Supervisor, took the floor and expressed the great honor for her to stand and give her recommendation and congratulations of Sir Loki becoming Master Loki.  She talked about the occasions of roleplay with him and the privilege to be asked to help him on his final task.  Vette continued on saying that he was stern and strong yet with a caring touch, and it was an honor that she was able to serve him and to see the contributions he brings with him to our family at Roissy Val d'Oise as a dominant and caring person.  

Vette closed her speech with these words, "Master Loki brings class and knowledge with him, something we can pride ourselves in here at VdO.  Many memories were made, memories that will live on for a long time and a friendship born."  She continued to also thank maya in her words, "I would also like to thank Maya for all her understanding and patience as well. We welcome you both with open arms to our Community and family."

Punkin, rising from her cushion nervously smiled to everyone as she took the floor.  She said that it is easy to describe most people in SL with just a few adjectives. You watch their actions and words and you form an opinion... hopefully for yourself and hopefully not 

too quickly.  Punkin said that she has watched Master Loki for awhile now and watched his commitment not only to the sim but to the people here, whether they be Dominant or submissive, he really gives his time, his knowledge and himself. 

Punkin also stated that she has observed he isn't here just to scene, he isn't here just for fun (although she is sure both happen regularly) but it seems to go deeper than that. From what she can gather, he is here to find a place he can be him.. a place he can be truly Dominant.  She went on to add, "I have had a moments i just needed to kneel at someone's feet, just to collect me. Master Loki was there in a heart beat. He was so caring, so strong, and so safe. My respect for him grows daily, and will continue to soar as the days go on - of this i am confident. He makes this sim a better place. He makes the lives of those he touches better, or safer, or whatever they might need at that moment. He truly understands that even a Dominant gives.. while keeping the control us submissives long to offer."

Grinning, Punkin added, that Master Loki's real life knowledge mixes with second life to make a delicious experience.. one she would wager that causes any girls knees to go weak... or at least it did hers.  And yes, she can actually sum Master Loki up in a few words, "Amazing. Sincere. Dominant. My Friend."

Punkin thanked Master Loki for allowing her to speak in his Master Ceremony, that she is truly humbled and congratulated him.

Maya stood up, smiling to the now familiar faces, spoke of being honored to be able to speak at her Master's Ceremony and to be able to express how she is very proud of what her Master has accomplished, in his commitment to go through the path and be part of Roissy Val D'Oise.  She stated that in the past four years, her Master has inspired her to explore and gain knowledge, to not stop learning. She said she is happy that they have found a home here within the Roissy Val D'Oise Community where he can share his knowledge and experiences and hopefully touch lives.

Maya went on to say that her Master has been very supportive of her, pushing her on her path, making sure she gets her scenes done, even pushing her to get her first RP, a serve task which she recalled him saying to go get her first task done or be spanked. A conundrum for her, should she obey or should she get spanked! but maya talked about the many times she has been told to read " Obedience" from the teahouse library and this is but one example of how he has inspired her greatly.

Maya concluded, "Thank You my Master for being part of my life and taking me in our journey within this community together. I love you and I am very proud of you, and I know you will be a great asset with what you can give to our new home, new community, our family.  I am honored to be your submissive."

Master Loki stood and looks around the room feeling the joy of being able to share this special moment with friends and family. Smiling widely after receiving the wonderful praise from three very special people, my maya, punkin and vette. He said, "thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings... I am blessed and honored".  Looking down at his Roissy Val d'Oise Master's ring feeling a sense of pride in being part of this wonderful community. Smiling and looking around the room sharing the joy he is feeling, Master Loki commences his speech...

"I feel honoured and blessed to have Chronos, Vette, punkin and especially my maya speak so kindly of me. Their thoughts and feelings shared epitomize my passionate belief that I shared on the banner behind me that "my success is measured solely in terms of the value I generate in the eyes of those whose lives I touch" I am blessed to have to wonderful opportunity to touch there lives in some positive way."

Master Loki also stated, "I am also honoured and blessed that so many of my new family at Roissy Val d'Oise are here with me today to share in this special moment when I, through the help and support of others have reached a milestone in my path of learning and experience as a Dominant. This is only a milestone, not the end of my path. I love keeping myself on a vertical learning curve throughout all the aspects of my life and my orientation as a Dominant is no exception."

Master Loki also expressed his views about D/s, "I passionately believe that Dominant/submissive relationships is not a choice we make but an orientation that you are born with and the only choice you make is whether or not to express that orientation openly in your life. Here at Roissy Val d'Oise, those of us who are oriented to Dominant/submissive relationships have found a home and a family who share in this orientation, these values, ideas and needs and passions."

Master Loki went on to thank Maitre Rene, "I would like to thank Rene, our leader and Proprietaire, for providing this wonderful home. Rene's generosity, commitment and vision mean that we have a home in SL in which we can openly engage in our Dominant/submissive orientation and beliefs. Please join me in expressing our thanks to Rene."  the crowd applaused and continued to as he also included,"Without the dedication of our administrators, our workshop leaders, our home would not function nor would it be such a rich environment of learning and growth. Please join me in expressing thanks to all of our administrators and leaders Chronos, Thomas, Vette, khloe, and Dream."

Master Loki continued on to say, "My path to date at Roissy has been filled with learning and growth as well as opportunities to help others. I look forward to continuing on my path and giving back to our community through teaching, mentoring as well as continuing to have fun. Where would Dominants be without submissives? We at Roissy are blessed with many wonderful submissives who make our lives enriched and fulfilled. Thank you to all of you who give so willingly and openly."

"My experience is certainly well aligned with the four pillars of Roissy Val d'Oise... Have fun, be respectful, be tolerant and use common sense. It is like this because all of my family here uphold these values and I am honored to be considered as one of you and am excited at the prospects of continuing to be part of this family."

And in closing, Master Loki thanked his submissive, "I would like to close with a special thank you to my beautiful, maya who without her support and encouragement I would be still thinking about whether to do my first scene or not" looks down at my maya smiling "thank you my maya, I love you baby."

The crowd cheered, congratulations rang our and cheers, then the floor was handed back to Maitre Chronos.  Maitre stood for the last time that evening and thanked Maitre Rene for giving so much including real resources every month to provide us with a sim and a 

community, he then pauses and took his own glass of champagne, "I Invite you all to take a glass of champagne from the table behind me that maya has beautifully provided for us or the silver bucket by the fireplace. Loki I first toast you in your accomplishment as you have joined the ranks of the Masters of Roissy VdO Chateau. And, I also toast all of you as our community. Cheers!"

More applause, ringing of champagne flutes can be heard through the murmur of congratulations and cheers.  The Ceremony was followed by a reception and dancing at the Chateau Gardens with DJ nan providing the music.  The event went on smoothly and beautifully.

Photocredits: Loki's maya, Aisha Sohl, May of Luna, Khloe Wyx, Wendi Boucher

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