Master Ceremony Stingwolf

Master Ceremony Stingwolf

January 10 2015


A beautiful Saturday morning welcomed our Roissy Val d'Oise community and family to the Chateau Patio. The sounds of gowns russtling and hushed greetings and conversations embraced us as we each arrived and took our places. Master Sting sat regal in his chair, a warm smile on his lips.

As Maitre Thomas stood a hush settled upon the scene. 

"Welcome all my friends and a hearty thank you for joining us this evening as we celebrate the work that Stingwolf has completed on his journey to achieving his full Master tag, and as he joins the ranks of the many fine Masters of Roissy Val D'Oise," said Maitre Thomas. "Sting is a man that can work through things and will keep working till he gets it done. He has worked through English being his second language, which does makes things more difficult. Despite language challenges, Sting always tried hard to finish the tasks to the best of his ability. These are very admirable and good traits to have. Despite my lack of being able to speak French,,we found a way to communicate. Sting was patient with me and I was patient with him. Merci Beaucoup, for that, Sting."

All eyes moved to Master Sting. He smiled. "My pleasure," he replies in a deep thick accent. On either side of me, the submissives whispered in appreciation at the sound of his voice, their gaze dancing merrily on his handsome face.

When Maitre Thomas finished his address, he invited Sister Wendi to speak on behalf of Master Sting; it was she, who had assisted him with his final task scene. The petite red-haired submissive stood and moved before the congregation. Her sweet face glanced at many in the audience before turning so she could also see Master Sting.

"Thank you, Maitre Thomas," she began. "When I first met Master Sting I felt there was a language I brushed off my ole college German and after two months of trying to talk with him I realized he was from France.... giggles. (I'm kidding) Many Dominants come to Roissy VdO but not that many have Master Sting's perseverence. He has been here more than most others these past few months. To me that means he feels that he is a part of Roissy Val d' Oise. To scene with a Master who lives the part in his heart makes it means so much more than mere roleplaying. As we have been told so many times before... we are to respect each other's abilities, regardless of who we are and where we are from. I respect Master Sting's sincere desire to become a master of VdO. He has demonstrated to me many times that his heart is that of a Master... much more than many others that I have seen. He also has a great sense of humor. I have had the pleasure of many scenes with Sir Sting and each and every time he has been caring and concerned with my feelings as a real master should. For those reasons I am honored to call him ..... Master Sting!"

Her wide smile was infectious, and from the audience came applause and comments of praise for Master Sting, whose brown eyes sparkled.

"Thank you, Wendi," he said to her as she settled back down upon the cushion at his feet. He leaned slightfly forward to her and spoke softly, but I heard his words... "Thank you, Wendi for your congrat."

Again, Maitre Thomas stood. "Thank you Wendi, well done," he said.  Then turning to Master Sting, he said, " Sting, stand my friend."

Master Sting stood. The two men crossed the short distance between them and stood facing one another.  Maitre Thomas handed Master Sting the ornate Roissy Val D'Oise Master's ring. 

"Sting, you have achieved the honored and exclusive rank of Master, by working hard, and while allowing us to get to know you. Let me be the first to shake your hand and congratulate you on this achievement and joining your Brother Masters at Roissy Val D'Oise. I am proud of you and I am certain that all here is proud as well to have you. as a Master."

Proudly, Master Sting received the ring of honor, slipping it on his ring middle finger. "Thank you for the ring, Thomas." 

A chorus of "Congratulations Master Sting!" erupted, with great applause. 

"Thank you, it make me very happy," he said, his good-natured laugh made many also join.

Suddenly, Maitre Thomas stood and announced, "There is a slight mix up with Stings's speaker, rather Sting has two at the last minute. A Man is always lucky to have manly friends!" 

"Sting, please introduce your first guest speaker," said Maitre Thomas.

"My old friend NH first," said Master Sting. "I meet him here at the beginning and I like also my new friend Kurt with his nice stories. So NH it is to you."

Maitre NH Allen stood from his chair and smiled.... looking around at the gathered family and turning toward the new master, he said, "Thank you Sting." He turned again his attention towards the gathered family and cleared his throat. "Let me start with saying that im honored that you asked me to speak for you, master Sting..... and let me add...I hope you know what you are doing, because you never know what slips out from my lips, sometimes i dont know either." He smiled and winked at Master Sting.

Master Sting was one of the first doms I made friendship with when I arrived here at VdO..... Taylor, Lazarus, Sting and myself was the gang that occupied the tables at the landingpoint.  I remember we had a lot of fun, teasing our girls, when they dare to come close to our table.  We also spent time knowing each other better and what I in particular remember is Stings knowledge about French wines and food traditions..... and his interest in boats.  Among our dominants he is known as being polite and open minded..... I and others have had many great discussions during our time on the path.

"Here i must add, that Sting is a very cautious dominant.... I have often seen him in the dungeon with 2 subs..... in my mind I was thinking.... ahhh, he has backup if someone should crash...."  He pauses and winks at Sting, smiling.

"What do our subs say about him?.... well.... I hear words like "kind and caring", "honest and patience"... "focused on the sensual side of BDSM and very understanding." Ohhhh..... a word just crossed my mind..... the "ferryman!"

"Well... as I remember it was himself that introduced that word back at Halloween.... and a couple of days that as his name... at least among the gang close to him,  but that name disappeared again.... for a good reason.... he is NOT the ferryman!.... "  

Maitre NH turned and smiled and winked at Master Sting again. Then he grew serious and said, "Sting is without doubt dedicated to this sim and have taken his path very serious, he is caring deeply about our girls. In closing, I can only say, he is and will continue to be a respected and a natural part of our community, and I highly recommend him to the title of 'Master', and salute him for his efforts. He is valued among us."

Turning to face Master Sting, Maitre NH, held out his hand and as the two shook hands, he said, "Congratulations, Sting, your promotion to Master is well deserved and adds value to this community."  Then turning to the audience, he added, "Lets give him a hand," to which the audence broke out in a resounding applause.

Master Sting, clasped Maitre NH's shoulder.  "Thank you, Nh," he said, wearing a warm and proud smile upon his face. 

Maitre NH returned to his chair and sat down as  Maitre Kurt™  stood, and looked at all those gathered. He looked to Master Sting with a nod, clearing his throat and began to speak, “Today we honor Stomg who has worthily earned the title Master of Roissy VdO.  There are many things that impress me about Stingwolf but I'd like to talk about two of them. First his loyalty to his friends. Sting has always made me feel like I was a good friend. We all need friends and we all need friends like Sting. He always makes me feel like I am important. And as I notice him with some of his other friends I sense a strong loyalty and a strong bond of friendship. Dominance and submission is what brings us to Roissy Val d'Oise. But it is the friendships that keep us here, where we find our sense of belonging and value.

"It shows that he cares when he can point out things that I can do better without being condescending and without holding it over me. It shows that he understands and lives the values that this community strives to nurture and uphold. It shows there is goodness and kindness in a person when others are happy to see him arrive.

"We are here because in some way Sting has touched each of you as well and we want to celebrate with our good friend. Today we celebrate not only a Master but a great friend and member of the family of Roissy VdO.

"Now for the second thing, of many, that impresses me. It is his dedication to the community here. Sting can be found here at Roissy most any time of the day. He is at dances, workshops, story time, he is at the landing visiting and can be seen at the greedy table. He is well known to all of us and shows an interest in furthering and promoting the community.

"Although we are individuals with individual commitments and time schedules, we are also responsible to show our allegiance to Roissy Val d'Oise, to show we care and that we appreciate the gift that Rene so generously bestows on us. Sting exemplifies this."

He turned to Master Sting as he concluded his remarks, then turned back to the group and chuckled as he said, "I should add one other thing. Sting not only lives the The Four Pillars of Roissy Val d'Oise, he has added four of his own:
Have fun.
Have Sex.
Be respectful.
Have Sex."

Laughter erupted.

"Be tolerant.

Have Sex.

Use common sense and of course
Have Sex.

“So to you Sting, I salute you, your preparation, your accomplishments, your perseverance, your dedication, and the example you are to this community. Your title of Master is not only well earned but very well deserved. I only ask that since you are always UP for a scene, you not wear all of the girls out, but leave some for us. Congratulations Sting," he paused and smiled warmly at Master Sting, then turned,  and said, "Now the time is yours Thomas." before sitting back down.

Maitre Thomas stood. "Unfortunately, Rene could not be here at this moment, but I have some words he sent to be read. Rene's words..."I want to thank all for a wonderful Master ceremony. Special thanks goes to Thomas and all the staff members of Roissy Val d' Oise. Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.

"Rene's words "Not everyone who begins this journey completes it. Those who do complete it do so because they don't give up, they keep moving forward. Many come here looking for a chance to have RP; most who make it through to earn their Master's tag discover much more than that.

"Rene's words "They discover a chance to learn, or re-learn about themselves and about BDSM in a warm, encouraging, growing community that takes it's heart from the Story of O. Tonight we're here to celebrate one of our own who has done the work, fulfilled his requirements and given of his time and energy to reach this achievement. Congratulations Sting and welcome to the community and famille."

Maitre Thomas (thomasx.xue) smiled to Sting. "Our new brother!  Now, Sting, has a few words for us."

" Thank you Thomas," said Master Sting, rising to his feet and moving to the center of the patio and gave again his attention towards the gathered family and cleared his throat.  "Thank you for my appointment AS master, I would like to give my support to our VDO community, set up by René, whom I thank. You have already seen that to me, sensuality holds great importance, it is a communion between the dominant and the submissive who practice according to the needs and desire of both partners. It is a gift that provides the dominant subject that is even deeper than the bid.

"The dominant must respect this gift, He should be a guide and give his submissive what she needs.
She should not be manipulated, but real knowledge given from one to the other. I remember the definition of BDSM: BDSM is a realized activity between consenting adults and focuses on practical bondage and discipline (B & D), dominance and submission (D & S) or sadomasochism (SM), which causes no physical harm or moral practitioners or the public present.

"You are not without tools to implement the definition of BDSM. The most common way to apply this definition is to talk about BDSM as secure, healthy and consensual (BDSM "safe, sane and consensual"). This is not really a coincidence that these two overlapping terminology.  If you prepare a BDSM activity, ask yourself first how you will ensure that this will be consensual from the beginning to the end (between both partners) and verify that it will be healthy for those present (no pecuniary damage) and finally the most simple, practical organizing security activity (no mental or emotional harm).

"Well, that's simple. Finally be aware that within the BDSM, everyone can be dosed as he sees his practice between B & D, D & S and SM. The danger of submission is to confuse needs and desires (or fantasies). In short, a subject may accept or even ask for things that do not look like her. A submissive who wishes to explore Her desires and inclinations must choose a Master who she really trusts, One who will guide her with respect and safely.

"D & S is often called the next "mental" BDSM. To the physical contact that may not be necessary (hence particular development interning, if a person obeys instructions on the net, it is already an act D & S). D & S can also be realized by a sense of romantic affiliation with or without B & D practices. Rather, the D & S can also materialize through practices strenuous, so that confine to sadomasochism. In reality what matters is that the mental side (and emotional) of the relationship takes precedence over the rest. D & S, each partner takes pleasure or erotic satisfaction is due to dominate his partner, either due to being dominated. For the dominant as to the subject of interest of the object is the exchange of power takes place consensus.

"What characterizes the modern D & S is that the more dominant domination is established and the responsibilities of the Master (or Mistress) increase. It is the dominant, who becomes the guarantor of emotional well-being of the submissive. This is where we can talk about equitable power sharing between two people in a secure environment, healthy and consensual. In this case, the Master (or Mistress) is a guide that is capable of guiding the relationship to avoid including any moral injury. The pleasure of submission is that the submissive appreciate not having to own will (to some extent) and do not have to make choices. But it is not to turn into a vegetable without will. Contrary to what we usually think, persons subject generally have a lot of character and will. But these people need to "let go" of relying on a trusted person. Seen from the side of the tender, in exchange for a coveted position of submission and trust it can actually place it in its dominating submitted or submitted must meet the dominant obeying him and giving him a number of satisfactions. But the dominant obtain these satisfactions is in itself a pleasure to the extent in exchange there is a strong emotional closeness with the dominant.

"In short, an emotional return, evidence of "recognition" by the dominant data are essential. Indeed, on the side of the person being playing with, concepts such as self-esteem, the emotional closeness necessary, the right to exist for someone etc ... We are used to representing this assay as a triangle, BDSM triangle. We will discuss in future workshops, but one thing at a time.

"Thank you, my friends and witnesses, NH Allen, Wendi, Thomas, Juliette, Nica, May, Blue, and many others as Lisbeth, Nara, Babs, Xanadu, Kurt, and those I do not mention (forgive me).

"Rene thank you for this Roissy Val d'Oise, with you we will all ensure that it is the wonderful place of discovery that you wanted to implement.

"Thank you at all for this wonderful day.  I will be the same as I am."  With that he flashed the audience one of his charismatic smiles as the room errupted in a chorus of "Congratulations" and applause.

Maitre Thomas held his champagne class up high. "A Toast," he said. "Sting..."félicitations mon ami, well done and welcome to the brotherhood of Masters at Roissy Val D'Oise, Cheers!"


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