Mira Sister Event - "A New Story of O on the Background of 1001 Nights"

May 28, 2016

Jaymelie: Goodevening, Good afternoon our lovely family to this very special event. It is with a great amount of pride in my heart that I am able to present our soon to be Sister Mira's event : "A new story of O - on the background of 1001 nights"!!!

Our Demoiselle Mira has dedicated herself to the writing and creating something special for us all. Something that reflects, not only her talent, but her dedication and determination! She has worked on the expansion, a new twist in O's life..

May I present to you, tonights Cast to be applauded and admired -  On a VERY short notice

  • Sir Stephen and the Sheikh - Maitre Dusty
  • "O" - Demoiselle Mira!
  • Sindbad - Sir Robbert
  •  Leilah - Sister Sana
  • Our Narrator - Sister fae de Smitty
  • The Virgin..... Well, that will be me, believe it or not *smiles*
  • The lovely Bellydancers : Sister Frost, Sister Sana, Sister Fae, Demoiselle Mira and Sister Jaymelie *smiles*

And.... as tonights honored DJ, we have the amazing Sister Sadie!!

Give them all a big round of applause!!! 




My dear family, Maitre, Masters and Sirs, Debutantes, Demoiselles and Sisters.... Dear guests... Tonight - you will all be taken into the adventure.  Sir Stephen has sold our O and sent her away...  So join us... As O travels arround the world, to meet her new owner. The Sheikh Ab-del-Shir-Khan!! 

The play, begins!

Narator: O rides on a camel tracking through the desert ......  she thinks back at her time in Paris and at that day which sealed her fate.


1. scene: Paris 1 year ago ...  Sir Stephen and O in the chateau garden.......


Sir Stephen: "OH!"   "O"

O: ..."Yes"

Sir Stephen looks at her "O, what I am going to speak to you about I have already discussed with René and the Sheikh Ab-del-Shir-Khan, you remember one of our guests from Arabia whom you served yesterday two times."


O never knew whether it was because, seized by a sudden chill, she had closed her eyes, or whether he too had difficulty catching his breath. But then he went on in a steady voice, and what he said quickly convinced O that her life will never be the same as it was.


"René and I have sold you to the Sheikh. There is nothing to discuss about. You can only accept our decision".


He would not tell that the Sheikh was so impressed even overwhelmed by O's submission, her way to obey uncompromisingly, and that he had paid a fortune for her. When René and Sir Stephen hesitated though, the Sheikh threatened them to shut down the oil-pipe-line to France.

They had no other choice but to sell her to him. The Sheikh wanted her to be a "Harem Mistress" to teach all his slaves in the harem what it means to be really submissive. And of course he wanted her  also for his personal use.


"I still want your answer"" says Sir Stepehen

"I'll do whatever you like,"  ((O responded, and the echo of what she was saying resounded in her memory: 

"I'll do whatever you like," she was used to saying to René. Almost in a whisper, she murmured:))




2. scene: Kahlila desert   - 2 weeks later:


O traveled by camel from Al-Mo-sul to her new master’s house, securely escorted for the overnight journey by Sindbad, the chief eunuch, and four armed guards. She carried with her a side bag of personal belongings: writing instruments, sketchbook, notepaper, clothes a seamstress in Saddah had made for her, and a picture of René.

They rested briefly during the night snatching a few welcomed moments of sleep. A small fire kept the night chill at bay, and to catch the damp Sindbad spread a piece of muslin over O supported by poles at each corner

She appreciated his caring, but the efficacy of the cover was lacking and she awoke before dawn, cold and clammy.

 At daybreak, Sindbad came to wake her up: ......

O is sitting on the ground and Sindbad approaches her.


Sindbad:  "Good morning O, I prepared hot mint tea, I hope you like it and here are some dried fruits and khobz, freshly baked on the hot stones of the night fire. I know this is not a baguette or croissant ....." he shrugs

O: "Thank you Sindbad, you have been very kind to me and I am always curious to get to know unknown customs or food or whatever" .. she takes the food and enjoys the taste


O quenched her thirst and ate the offered bread and fruits, before they  mounted  the camels for the final leg of the journey.


3. scene - Fatima Oasis - Harem


When they finally arrived at the Fatima Oasis O was both surprised and threatened by the extent of the buildings and gardens. As their approach shortened, O saw water—that rarest and most precious desert commodity—cascading from cracks and ledges in the rock face above a building, the flow carefully diverted into a huge overflowing cistern.

From there it streamed into irrigation ditches to nourish the long rows of fruit trees , before it drained through the stony ground, to find, no doubt, a subterranean passage to the sea.

O welcomed the cooling sea breeze, the tamarisk and spreading acacia trees, and the gracefully tapered cypress trees spiking above them. It was a pleasant change indeed from the barren desert they had traveled through.

Creaking wooden doors swung open before them,  and the doors creaked and banged closed behind them with an echo of finality.

Sindbad found Sheik Ab-del-Shir-Khan in a secluded courtyard garden.......


Sheikh: “Take refreshment, Sindbad, and then have her bathed. When I sound the gong bring her to the great hall.”

Sindbad: "Yes, Sheikh Ab-del-Shir-Khan", he bowed and stepped back still facing the Sheikh. "Come with me O" he commands her.


After they had eaten, an African slave woman bathed O under the watchful supervision of Sindbad , who afterwards dabbed fragrant oil through her hair and sat her naked on a bench to await his order.

A gong sounded. Sindbad came  quickly escorted O into the great hall of the harem.

When they entered Sindbad pushed her down onto her knees, and pressed her head to the carpet with his foot:


Sindbad:  "On your knees O, head on the carpet!"


Sheik Ab-del-Shir-Khan was waiting and   he brusquely commanded O:


The Sheikh eyes the lovely girl as she is brought back to me...Let's her vision soothe my eyes and commands her .“Slave O, display yourself, my eyes are curious.”


O stood unmoving before him, bashful and restrained, and naked. The sheik leisurely satisfied his curious eyes with those parts that call out to the eyes and thoughts of men.


The Sheikh nods to the girl....“I look forward to knowing you better, though for now, I am placing you in the well experienced hands of Sindbad, who with his usual thoroughness will see to it that you are ready for that occasion. For your part, you will do as he commands, as though his words are mine."


his compelling eyes settling on hers as he spoke. .....

Whispered conversation followed that she could not hear and then the Sheikh  clearly instructed Sindbad:


The Sheikh keeps an eye on the girl noticing the soft sinewy lines of her thighs, The golden locks as they cascade down over her shoulders, her soft breasts full and perky

“She is to have a room, and show her the harem buildings later in the afternoon. Bring her to the great hall after sundown. She will take part in the celebrations this evening.”

Sindbad: "Yes, Sheikh", he bows, "Always at your service!"

"Yes, Sheikh", he bows, "Always at your service!"



4. scene - Harem - Belly Dances


In the evening O entered the zenana, a room only for the slaves owned by the Sheikh. The room swirls with incense and perfume: oud wood from the sough, bergamot from the Balkan, peninsula, sugarbush, and myrrh from Africa. The women were preparing themselves in anticipation of the the sheikh. The excitement was tangible.

A musician began to play on a deep based dutar, each vibrating string reawakening emotions and memories. O stepped out on a balcony. Moonlight and shadows made the desert appear like a bride's flowing gown.

The wind joined with the joyful music, making the night seem alive. She turned and walked back to the zenana.

O sat down and watched the belly dancers who just began their tantalizing dances, clothed with colorful silks.

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After the dances ended and the musicians and the other guests left the room,  O was immediately surrounded by nine beautiful young women. She quickly found out that one of them, Leilah,  was the leader. She was a young, pretty, arabian girl. O immediately felt some tension. The next three days were very exciting for O. Everything was new and the Sheikh claimed O for the first 2 nights. Leilah was very jealous because she used to be his favorite girl.



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She made plans how she could stay number one. Her jealousy was burning like a fire in her belly. She knew she has to get rid of O. When O was with the Sheikh in one of his rooms, pleasing him by sucking his enormous cock, Leilah entered without being asked. The Sheikh frowned at her but she came closer, knelt beside O and began to join her sucking the Sheikh.  After the Sheikh dismissed them, Leilah started a conversation with O:



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Leilah:  "Don't think you are the only one O. The Sheikh loves to explore new slaves, but when he knows them, he gets bored. I am the only exception!

So don't think you are special only because you was allowed to spend two nights with him. Soon you will sit in the harem waiting and hoping for him to call you. But there will be new slaves, younger and much more beautiful as you are!"

O: "We will see what will happen Leilah, and I don't think the Sheikh would like to hear how you are talking about him.!"

Leilah: "Go back to Paris where you belong, You are not welcome!


5. scene Harem - Yard.


The next morning O woke up early by unusual activities going on. When she looked outside she could see several new slaves standing in the yard surrounded by some harem slaves. O joined them to find out what was going on. Slaves told her there would be a special fest in the night.



O:  “The Scheikh, what has he planned for tonight?” she inquired.

 Leilah:  "To take one of these virgins, to deflower her. All I know is that I have to make her ready” she responded with a sardonic grin, “because the Sheikh and I love each other.”

 O: “How do you know that,” O snapped back. “Has he told you?” realizing too late that her voice bristled with anxiety.

Leilah: “No,” she replied, calmly, “but I know he does, or he wouldn’t be so kind to me.”

O: “He is kind to all of us, it has no special meaning.” O added, detractingly, with less anxiety.


Nevertheless, O was hurt. Those simple words, “The Sheikh and I love each other,” echoed in her mind for the rest of the day, and somewhere within, a small part of her died. All the day long everybody was busy with the preparations for this special evening. O felt lost, she was thinking about her new life

The Sheikh was an attractive man and O enjoyed to be his favorite slave. But there was Leilah, she could feel her jealousy, she knew that she can be very passionate and even dangerous. She must be very cautious and alert.

Then the feast began, O was in her own world she did not realize what happened around her, did not hear the music, did not see the delicious food, she only saw the Sheikh as he approached the “virgin”,

Leilah has chosen for him as a special gift, as a prove how much she loves him. But O knew it was only an act of revenge towards her.


The Sheikh places my eyes on the young girl's body  and beckons are closer

The Virgin stood before him, her heart racing..... seeing his eyes on her..... slowly waling closer as he beckoned her

The Sheikh smiles as she quickly obeys  "I have chosen you for the pleasure of my company this evening....... you are but a jewel of the desert of which I will partake......and enjoy"

He gently reaches out to slip my fingers into her soft hair, combing it Through my fingertips as I gaze into her eyes  "remove your clothing for me..... And let me watch"

The Virgin  kept her eyes to the floor, swallowing hard..... "yes Master... I am here to please you"

She openedd the single strap keeping her dress in place, feeling the silk slide from her body to the floor, leavin her naked

The Sheikh notices the girls smooth and silky skin, glistening under the low light of the sun as it sets peeking through the tent flaps...........

The Virgin  felt her breath quicken..... her body trembling in his nearness..... She desperately wanted to please the Sheik, the man all the girls in the Harem desired so badly

The Sheikh nods..."A very obedient girl as well, my dear."..... slowly brushing my fingertips over her soft skin , Reaching down to grasp her small wrist adorned in golden Armbands and urges her to the couch nearby

The Virgin gasped and obedient sat on the pillow

The Sheikh  takes a moment to admire this lovely girl, then slides in nearby her caressing her gently As I pulled her close

The Virgin giving her the only thing she had to give, the only thing she desired to give him. Herself and her loyalty in serving him

The Sheikh gets lost in the beauty of her eyes as she spreads her thighs slowly wrapping them around my hips....The sweet smell of her fragrance filling the air around us..... My fingers sliding gently up and down her thighs as I open my cloak, revealing my manhood to her,

The Virgin moaned deeply from his touch, the first time any man had laid his hands on her.... She trembled, her bottom lip quivering.... her sex opened up to him in this position....

The Sheikh grips her thighs, pulling her closer, rubbing warm fingers over her body, stroking lightly over the silk of her body.....feeling the heat rising from her loins as I enjoy this Beautiful flower before me

He slowly drifts my fingers over the soft heat of her warm and plump sex, stroking gently into the steamy wetness, As I leaned down to kiss the tenderness of her soft breasts

The Virgin ran her hand up his arm, feeling his strength, swallowing as she allowed herself to gaze at his manhood, her curious eyes  lingering at the sight.... She bit her lip in anticipation

She moaned again... audibly louder, arching her back, feeling his hands on her, his lip on her breast.... Her sex moist, the scent filling the room around them

The Sheikh pushes my now rigid and heated manhood Between her moist lips, feeling them part easily for me, as I drive myself between her thighs, Feeling her willingness to open and accept me fully inside, a small twinge of tear as I opened her completely to my cock....... then leans down and whispers softly against her delicate ear  "you are now a woman, no longer a silly little girl...... no longer a virgin to the ways of the world"   then smiles at her as I continue pumping gently as the length of me slides along inside her


The night passed with their two bodies entwined , making love with a passion that was rarely seen and as dawn broke over the harem  the girl was dismissed to go back to her sleeping quarters.

 Everybody had seen how it aroused the Sheikh to make love to a virgin. But in his thoughts there was still O. The next night he called her to his rooms and they spend hours with making love.

He was greedy he could not get enough of her. The more she gave to him, the more he wanted. O left him in the early morning hours, totally exhausted. It was still dark and the world in deep sleep.

Leilah has been hiding behind one of the curtains, watching the Sheikh and O. The vengeance of hell was boiling in her heart. Flames of death and despair were about her. O must be destroyed forever!

She opened her chest and at its bottom she found a small flacon filled with acid. She was wearing a burqa as she tiptoed to O’s bedroom.................

In the light of a pale moon she approached her, uncorked the flacon very cautiously, lifting her arm ….. and then ….O could not sleep this night, she laid down but she was thinking about her new life in the harem. The Sheikh was a nice man, but too many women were touting for his attention. She felt the jealousy at every turn. Suddenly she heard silent footsteps.

She did not know why, but she felt threatened. All her muscles tensed … and the moment a dark shape approached her, she jumped up, fended off the lifted arm … and a frightening scream broke the silence. ......

She saw it was Leilah as she began to rip off the burqa from her body … the acid was melting her skin at her neck and breasts …. O realized immediately that she was in great danger –nobody would believe her that she only acted in self-defense....

She grabbed some of her personal things and left the harem as if haunted by furies. She untied one of the camels and fled the oasis.

O rides on a camel tracking through the desert .....

And so gentle listeners  this ends our story , I hope you have enjoyed the presentation and deafen us with your applause ! 




Play written by Mira

Juliette SurrealDreaming

Roissy Journaliste

Xanadu Xue

Roissy Photographer


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