Syn's Sister Event - "Around the Jazz"

January 28, 2017

The lovely Demoiselle Syn presented her Sister event to the community of Roissy. Set in a 1950s Salon, guests were welcomed on arrival and invited to view the pictures around the walls before sitting on sofas located at each corner of the room. Beautiful Roissy models then paraded around the salon depicting sophisticated fashions created by talented designers from the Roissy community.

During and directly after the fashion show guests were invited to the dance floor to swing to jazz music provided by DJ sadie,  Dominants were invited to dance by the models to music reminiscent of the 1950s providing an elegant and distinguished soiree.

For the final hour guests were treated to the plaintiff sounds of a saxophone played in a live performance by Sir Chicagosax, the founding member of the rock, jazz, blues fusion band "The Missing Links" (1964-1967) and who opened for the Rolling Stones in '65. The Missing Links after a revision, became "The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) -"CHICAGO" You can follow him on internet Behind this amazing gentleman, there is a skilled musician his music was enjoyed by all.


Fashion Event – the models and the gowns they wore

Each of the models wore a gown, created by a member of the Roissy community.

  1. Ciara  – “Victoria Gold” by Lexi Owner/Designer of "Slutwear by Lexi"
  2. Venna  - "Changes Autumn” by Juliette  Owner of “!*Dream Princess*!
  3. leilani  -  “Changes Summer” by Juliette Owner of  “!*Dream Princess*!”
  4. Aliyah – “Heat wave” by Juliette  Owner of  "!*Dream Princess*!"
  5. Sal  – “Classic Gown” by Juliette  Owner of “!Dream Princess*!"
  6. Amaya - "Changes Spring" by Juliette Owner of "!*Dream Princess*!"
  7. Xanadu – “Dream Dress” by Juliette  Owner of “"!*Dream Princess*!"
  8. chris (christophe.lemton) – “La Petite Robe Lie de Vin? By Synnova owner of "La Parisienne"
  9. fae de Smitty (facaade) – “Ladies Off Shoulder Neckline Dior Dress” by Synnova  owner of " La Parisienne"

This Sister event was enjoyed by all, the unique setting of a Jazz Salon with beautiful Roissy models displaying the creativity of Roissy designers in our community and a talented jazz musician has gone down in Roissy history as another noble event.


Roissy Journaliste

*photos courtesy of Ravene


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