Graduation to Sisterhood Punkin

The date was April 18 , 2014  6:00 PM, those of us that are near and dear to her as family affectionately call her punkin, her name was Alexus Baxton. The crowd gathered as her special day begun. Her life changed as she left the House of Samois and became a member of the broader community of Roissy Val d’ Oise. She was no longer under the protection of Samois, she was in the community as a trained Sister. She now wears the ring of submission, the ring of Sisterhood, A special ring she will always remember.

I think back to the day she came to Samois, the date was February 15, 2014.  I saw early signs of a submissive in this girl. She was eager to learn and eager to excel. Her hard work and diligence prevailed. She devoted many hours of her time to her dedicated desire. She soon sent me a completed debutante log and said I am ready to move forward.

March 1, 2014, her initiation was held at the Chateau Library. On that day her submission to serve was shown and was undeniable to those she served. She came into the Library leashed and unopened, she left there not as a bloom unopened but as a flower bursting wide in bloom. She traded her debutante role for the demoiselle role, her freedom was broader. Her submission was shown she continued on her path serving all those that desired her. She grew stronger with each passing day. Her dedication continued even though she often saw hurdles in front of her. Sister Khloe and I continued to encourage and give our sisterly advice.

Her dedication continued as she planned her final event for Sisterhood, which was quiet an event. Seemed everyone talked of the carnival for days after. She trotted onward, next was her final scene and workshop. She struggled finding the right person to do this scene wanting it to be the most special of all, knowing it would be her final scene as a demoiselle.

We have laughed, we have cried, but in the end when the day is over we are first and foremost family, Sisters in bond. Best wishes as you continue your dedication to Roissy Val d’ Oise.   Punkin, we say congratulations to you for your accomplishment as the road continues for you here at Roissy Val d’ Oise.

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