Julie Tremont Sister Graduation

January 10 2015

Sister Graduation is an intoxicating and emotional event for the new Sister.  For Julie she remembers the closer she came to the end of the stage, the closer she was to hyperventilating. Once she had lowered to her knees on the cushion, she was too nervous to raise her gaze to see all the watching her and so she kept her focus on the floor in front of her self.

Here are the special highlights from her special day....


Maitre Kurt, who helped her with her final task, gave recommendation on her behalf. Here is what he said:

"Let's see, Julie's shoes, Julie's bra, Julie's panties, oh here it is, Julie's speech. Thank you all for joining us to celebrate this special day for a very special submissive. Based upon my observations of Julie since she arrived at Roissy Val du Oise, I highly recommend her to join the Roissy Val d'Oise select Sisterhood.

"This decision is based upon the example of submission Julie sets for the community at Roissy Val d'Oise. She truly is submissive in many ways, including her desire and willingness to serve, her obedience to the rules of the community, her compassion and her positive attitude.

"I met Julie on Valentine’s Day, 2014, here at Roissy. And accompanied Blue Ronsein as she gave Julie her initial tour of the sim. Julie approached her application with some trepidation. She expressed a love of the Story of O and as I recall, she was concerned about immersing herself too much into the theme and totally losing herself.

"At first, I thought she was a bit awkward and possibly not suited for the community. Nevertheless, there was something that intrigued me about her innocence and shy nature. And the awkwardness was overcome by her humility; everyone who got to know her wanted to help her along her path. Later I would become struck by her truly submissive nature and the joy she got from pleasing a dominant no matter the task.

"Exactly two months after meeting her, I was one of the dominants who participated in Julie's initiation, and she impressed me by her response to my question "who is your Master?" Her quick reply was, "My Master is Roissy! I belong to this place alone." During her paths as a Debutante and Demoiselle, she has followed her conviction.

"Knowing how special and precious Julie is to this community I set out to make her final task as real and meaningful as I could.

"Her final task encompassed all aspects of her submission to the community. There was service to a dominant, there was reflection of the Story of O that brings us together as well as reflection of the things she learned about herself and others along her path. We reenacted scenes from the book. She endured punishment and served in a sensual and sexual way. All of these she did in a way with exceptional roleplay skills that made the scene come alive for me.

"Upon completion of her final task, I was convinced she deserves the title that will bestowed upon her today. I am proud to recommend her to become a Sister of Roissy Val d'Oise.

"Now, this day is for Julie, of course but it is a day of celebration for all of us who enjoy the community that Rene so generously provides and that is kept running through the efforts of the administrators here. And in a larger sense, it is a celebration of the efforts of all of us who enjoy D/s scening and who enjoy the company of others with like interests in the lifestyle.

"Without the community and the commitment of all of our friends, these graduations and other ceremonies would not exist and the excitement and stimulation we enjoy here would disappear. So thank all of you for your participation and dedication.

"Well done, Julie, congratulations."


Sister Wendi spoke, adding her thoughts on the training of Demoiselle Julie as a friend and Sister. Here is what she said:

"I am honored to be here today to speak on behalf of Juile. I'm so happy to see my good friend Julie at last take her place as a Sister of Roissy Val d' Oise. Since she first arrived she has pushed forward to complete her path, step by step, to bring her to this day. Through some very difficult real life problems she has kept her smile and stayed with us. Her determination to stay on her path was admirable.

"Very few sisters have I met here have her quiet innocence but like most of us, she was drawn here to fulfill that inner desire to submit. She does that with a deep sense of dedication. Submission is in her heart. I never had the pleasure of obeserving a scene with her but I heard she is a hottie!! 

"I am truly honored and proud to call Julie my Sister...Sister Julie."


And as all new Sisters do, Julie gave her speech. Here is what she said to all of us:

"I am happy to finally stand here today. I guess I was one of the longest Demoiselles ever here...and it overwhelms me to wear this new tag now. 

"I am not the person for doing great speeches, and after thinking a long time what to say, I decided to just say what my heart tells me right now.
[2015/01/10 12:06]  Julie Tremont: I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful place here and I am deeply thankful for all the Dominants and Submissives here. Each of them that had crossed my way during my path here, formed me and gave my path a direction. Thank you all so much for that!

"Maitre Rene, even if you are not here today, you might here my words later, I have to thank you most of all, because you are the reason I can be here. You created the place I fell in love with the first moment I saw it. And even if I showed some bad behavior towards you, you gave me the chance to grow here...

**here Julie paused, laughing while she thought how she realized that she had muted Maitre Rene by mistake and always thought before "why does this person never say hello to me?"**

"I am glad you took it with humor Maitre. Thank you for everything!

 "Maitre Kurt, a special thank is for you. You were the very first person I met on VDO and from that day on you were always at my side. You became my closest and dearest friend in a very short time. You helped me through all emotions, and I had quite some here... My paths led me through uncertainty over fears, awkwardness (smiles), pleasure, sadness, tears, excitement, nervousness, laughter, friendship and love. Maybe much more...You never gave me the answer but always helped me to find the right one. You laughed with me, you let me feel excitement and you let me cry on your shoulders. Thank you."

"There are some people who are special to me and helped me a lot in difficult situations and therefore I want to mention them here. Thank you Madame CaroleAnne for teaching me patience *smiles and hopes she will be back soon. Thank you Dream for being so wonderful to me all time.  Thank you Wendi for always helping me with my messed up building attempts. .. and for many hugs when needed...You all taught me a lot and made me grow .

"And now I think I said enough.  One last thing...There is one person that helped me through my last stages, that guided me a lot and made me smile when I was down. A person I could trust , a person I could share my fears and sorrows with, and a person that brings O's spirit to VDO...

"Thank you Vette! I am happy we have you! Thank you all!"

Juliette Surrealdreaming

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