Sweet Baby Blues Sister Graduation

Sweet Baby Blues Sister Graduation

March 7, 2015

Gillian Darkwatch leads Sweet in by her leash , stops and turns to face her. Runs my fingertips lightly over her shoulders and down her arms in a soothing caress then back up again stopping on her shoulders, "Sweet I will never forget the day I met you, i sat in on your interview with Vettte, so I would know how to do the ones that followed. I have watched you around the sim and am so grateful for all the many times you have hosted for me. I'm so proud of this journey that you've made here , you will make an amazing sister."

Sweet: was dleighted to help, Gillian

Gillian smiles, kisses your cheek , then slides my hands down the slope of your chest, tugging the bodice of your gown down exposing your breasts.

Sweet feels the cool air carress my nipples, making them erect

Vette: "Sister Gillian, please bring forward Demoiselle Sweet and place her at Maître Kurt's’s feet."

Gillian turns and leads you up to the podium, removes her leash and indicates her to kneel on the pillow before Matire Kurt, smooths her hand over her hair and turns to take her place.

Sweets smiles at Gillian

Vette reaches and touches Sweet's hand gently

Gillian smiles at her warmly

Vette: Honored guests; welcome all to this joyous event; for today we come together to witness the Graduation of Demoiselle Sweet, who will join the exclusive ranks of the Roissy Val d'Oise Sisterhood. It is with some sadness that we bid farewell to this Demoiselle as she leaves her path here in Samois to rejoin the wider Roissy community. But, this is a happy occasion that brings us here today as I am able to announce that as Samois loses a Demoiselle today, Roissy Val d'Oise gains a welcome Sister. As a sister she will continue to be active with Samois as it is Sisters will be Mentors and older sisters to the young and striving Debutantes and Demoiselles. Sisters will always be welcomed at Samois, it is there home and comfort center, if they should ever feel the need. I as well will be available if you ever need a shoulder to lean on or just a friendly chat. Maitre Thomas can you welcome everyone.

Maitre Thomas stands up looking at the impressive VDO crowd, of Maitres, Masters, Dominants, Sisters, Demoiselles, Debutantes, and Families and smiles and then gazes at the lovely kneeling joy whose accomplishment we are celebrating, my dark brown eyes gleaming with pride, turns to sweet and smiles more...remembers how excited she was at her initiation, "It is true that each person here is different. How one girl, in her own submission and creativity, goes about task may vary some from another girl? But, there is a common sisterhood, a common goal within the path that Sweet and many others have ventured down. It has been said many times that what makes Roissy VDO a community is that we intersect with others along the paths we walk. It is not a path that can be walked alone. Submissives of different levels find themselves becoming friends and family. Dominants on all levels become mentors and friends. Most importantly, we meet and make friends that last a lifetime during the journey to sisterhood. What does a Sister after she graduates? Here at Roissy VDO, a Sister’s life is one of helping others on their path and being a proud contributing member of our community. Sweet, we gather to celebrate with you as you have connected with us. You endured, you worked hard, and you stayed the course. The road to sisterhood is not meant to be easy as we demand perfection here at Roissy VDO. New members to our family have told me of the reputation our training program has within the SL universe. That told me what I already know, that the Sisters at VDO are the standard, the very best there is of submissives anywhere,. *pauses for effect* ....and now our own Sweet Baby Blues has now joined the elite!”

Thomas walks over and gently touches, Sweet's cheek and smiles..then going back to sit down.

Vette:Thank you Maître Thomas. Sister babs, can you please welcome everyone with a few words from Samois

Babs stands and looks out at the assembled Roissy Val D'Oise family and smiles. " It is always wonderful to see so many of you coming out to support our Demoiselles who have completed their paths and are leaving Samois to follow another path within our VdO family. Today we look to Sweet Baby Blue, who stood the test of time, worked hard and made us all very proud by graduating today. We wish her well on her new role and hope that she will follow others who trod the same path to become members of the Roissy Val d'Oise sisterhood -- a group of exceptional ladies who stood the test of time and became not only better submissives but also achieved their own personal goals. Once again thank you all for your continued support."

Sweet: “thank you , Babs”

Vette:  Thank you Babs. Maître Kurt, will you please stand as a proxy for Maître Brenton today in his absence?

Kurt stands, takes out the envelope from Brenton, opens it, unfolds the paper inside, looks up to the audience, then back to the paper and reads.

Vette:  Please share with us Maître Brenton’s words of recommendation

Kurt clears his throat, does his best Brenton voice and says, "I am happy to be able to share some words and thoughts about Sweet. I am sorry I am not able to be at the graduation, but believe that these words are being spoken with feeling and love as if I was there in person. Sweet is a great person, someone I am very glad to have met and gotten to know. When I first met Sweet as a deb, she asked me if I would do one of her tasks, it was one of the discussion tasks, and we sat and talked about the topic as well as starting to get to know each other. It was her last task as a Deb. A few days later we again sat and talked, learning about each other and talking about what things came to mind. It was a time I will always hold dear. Sweet has learned and grown with her time here at VDO. She, like all of us, has had issues, drama, and some heart ache. But it is how you deal with the bad that makes each of us stronger. I have seen how she deals with it and I know she has grown from it. Learned from it. She has been tested in many ways and she has come out on top each time. I was honored when Sweet asked me to do her final task. I knew we were close, I knew she trusted me, but how much she trusted me was seen when we talked about the final task and how we were going to approach the items laid out by Vette. It came down to pushing limits, limits that I knew she did not really want to break or have pushed, but she trusted me enough that I was able to have a session where she would remove her limits, a session where everything was game. She was going to submit to me completely without the safeguards of her limits. I know it scared her, but I was very happy with how it turned out, I saw how great of a submissive she can be, I learned more about her and I think she learned more about herself. When I was doing her aftercare after the task, I was so proud of her and I think I felt that she was proud of herself in being able to do something that she felt she could not do before that.  Sweet has learned so much, loved so deeply, she is part of VdO and I know she will be able to help others here on their paths as well. Congrats My dear Sweet., You have earned your place among the sisters. end quote.” Kurt folds the paper up, smiles warmly to Sweet and adds, "I endorse and agree with all that was written. You are wonderful." He turns and takes his seat.

Sweet: thank you, Maitre Kurt

Vette:  Thank you Maître Kurt. Sister Julie, please add your thoughts on the training of Demoiselle sweet as her sister and close friend.

Julie Tremont stands and turns towards Sweet with a smile on her face. “I am very happy to see you standing here today Sweet and take your place as a Sister of Roissy Val d’ Oise.There were some weeks you were struggling. But you gained your strength back and did not give up. You went through some though times here, but this all is a part of our progress. If we just have easy times here, we can not be a real Sister of VDO. Remember O’s look when she arrived at Roissy… And then remember her eyes when she got her ring…

Derek Beornssen: hear hear !!!

Julie Tremont: “Filled with pride, passion, devotion and submission. And this can only be reached by learning and experience. Sometimes we need the hard way to finally spread our wings and show our beauty. I honestly think that VDO is one of the best places to learn and to grow. None said it will be easy as you joined. But you made it. You made it to a wonderful shiny proud sister. Don’t loose the passion I always saw in your eyes and give a bit of it to the ones that arrive in future to our place. Give them your hands and guide them a bit on their way here. Oh and don’t forget that one of your duties as a Sister will be to meet other Sisters…”

Julie Tremont points to herself and grins “... at the greedy table from time to time and to laugh and to have fun.”

Sweet giggles: ”get the dice ready!

Derek Beornssen hollers: "and serve the Masters !"

Julie Tremont chuckles, grins at Master Derek, then walks towards her Sister and reaches for her hands

Derek Beornssen: whistles innocently

Julie Tremont: you will be a wonderful Sister Sweet. Just don’t forget to be yourself.

Sweet squeezes Julies hands back

Julie Tremont smiles at her, squeezes her soft hands before she returns to her cushion and kneels down.

Vette: "Thank you Sister julie. Maître Rene, you have heard the recommendations of Maître Marcus and the warm support given to that recommendation of her Sister Julie. May I invite you now, to confer on Demoiselle sweet the title and the ring of Sisterhood?"

René nods in silence, considers all he has heard, and is again happy to learn another Demoiselle is worthy of graduating. “I am again wonderfully happy to learn of these recommendations." He turns to Samois Supervisor, nods. “You may proceed.”

Vette:  Demoiselle sweet, come forward please and kneel before us.

Sweet rises to her trembling feet...a bit breathless

Rene stands up, looks at the Demoiselle before him, then along the platform., recalling all of their supportive words as I often do. Looking out towards the gathered community, friends and family feeling very proud to be a part of this wonderful famille of Roissy Val d’ Oise. Reaching into my pocket for the crumpled paper, where I had taken notes on different occasions along her journey. Smiling, looking toward all the Debutantes and Demoiselles, “you see submissives I do take notes.”

Juliette smiles

René: You see here before you .... a submissive, one that has honored her path.

She was accepted into the house Of Samois as a Debutante October 19, 2014.

She progressed and moved on to the time of her Initiation on November 8, 2014 where she served and was opened by Dominates of Chateau Roissy Val D’ Oise and became known as Demoiselle Sweet. Her journey continued as she traveled along wanting to learn and absorb. January 4, 2015 sweet presented an amazing workshop, “Internet Submissives.” She continued along next with her well planned Sister Event as she presented, “Sock Hop” on February 12, 2015. Laughs, I even dressed for the occasion. Her Final Task was given to her on February 17, 2015.

It was a test of her Submission based upon her strengths and weaknesses.

Vette received a notice of recommendation from Brenton on March 3, 2015 that all was completed and she was worthy of Sisterhood. Now today she kneels before us March 7, 2015 to receive what she had committed herself too, the giving of her submission. Today she will have bestowed upon her the VdO ring and title of Sister.

You have heard about her journey that brings her here today, her day.

Her commitment that has brought her here is a true inspiration for those who still have to complete their journey” Rene smiles and looks down at Sweet, takes Demoiselles Sweet’s hand as I dig deep into my pockets searching for the ring before finding the correct one. With a little relief and a confident smile I find it and places it onto Demoiselle sweet’s finger crouching forward as I speak softly to her. “Congratulations sweet you will inspire many”

Rene sitting back...

Sweet looks down at the lovely ring: “It's sooooo sparkly”

René smiles, “So very proud, turning to Samois Supervisor, please Vette, give our newest Sister her rightful tag and let’s welcome her into sisterhood here at Roissy Val d'Oise.”

Vette:  Yes, Maitre Rene, I shall do so. Demoiselle sweet... No more will you carry that title........Cast it aside and wear this one that I give you at this time......

Sweet: Thank you , Vette

Vette watches as she changes her title

Vette:  Wear the mark of Sisterhood with pride as you go out to a new and exciting future in Roissy Val d'Oise." Always serve with passion and fire, Sister sweet..... I present you Sister Sweet!!!!!"

Babs:  Congratulations Sister Sweet

Xanadi: Congratulations Sweet !!

Rina Allen: yayyy Sweet!

Carey applauds! “Congratulations Sister Sweet!”

Marcus BlueSky claps loudly..."congrats sweet!"

Julie Tremont: Congratulatins SIster Sweet!

Facaade: Congratulations Sister Sweet !

Sweetsmiles..a tear running down my cheeck

NH Allen: Congratulations Sweet !!

Gillian: “Congratulations Sister Sweet..”smiles at you warmly with fondness

Grace: Congratulations Sweet!

Aitor Rhiadra: Congratulations sweet!!

West Destiny: Congratulations Sweet, I'm excited for you!

annie: Yay, sweety, i love you

Tristan applauds!

Sheralyn: Congratulations Sweet.. smiles happily

Kalyptein: congratulations Sweet

Juliette: ????? Aρρ?αυs? ? Aρρ?αυs? ? Aρρ?αυs? ?????

Joy: congratulations sweet

Vette:  "Congratulations Sister sweet "

Thomas claps and gives Sweet a Fist Pump..."You did good, Cali Gurl !"

Stingwolf: Bravo'

Carolina Questi-Siabonne: Congratulations, Sweet

Paige Teriatzi: Congratulations, Sister Sweet

Nara: Congratulations to you Sweet!!

Stingwolf: wonderful

Sweet: thank you all

Vette: Sister sweet, please stand and take a moment to speak to all your friends assembled here today.

Sweet rises on feet that can barely hold me up. “I would like to thank you all for coming to my graduation today. I look out and see so many familiar faces and voices congratulating me. I thank you, but I also must congratulate all of YOU! For without You, Roissy Val D'Oise would not be the family it has become to me. I have all of you to thank for my success on the paths I have traveled here. I do have to thank some a bit more, though! First of all, I thank Maître Rene for providing us with such a beautiful sim in which to grow and learn. The training of both Dominates and submissives at VdO are beyond compare. Maître Rene has done well with His dream, and I am grateful He has allowed me to share in it. OH! Getting a bit breezy here!

Then there is Vette... What can one say about a lady who took this girl under her wing on my first day as a Debutante? This busy Admin agreed to mentor me...and I thank her for that! I was able to get so much good advice from her. Hugs and Many THANKS Vette!

Vette: thank you, Sweet

Sweet: I also want to thank Maître Brenton for his guidance. Not only did he help this girl when she was a Deb, but he also continued to be concerned about me as a Dem. I thank Him, and He already knows this, for pushing me on my final scene. I wish he could be here today. To be sure he is in my thoughts. Maître Kurt! Thank you so much for reading Maître Brenton's words. I could not think of a better man to be his proxy! Thank you for your time!

Kurt smiles big

Sweet: “Thank you To Julie and Gillian, Sisters who have been there for me. Listened to me... Then told me to "forget about it!" Giggles! “I thank you both for being here with me today. I am grateful to have such good examples of what a sister is. Hugs to you both!”

Gillian smiles and winks at Sweet

Julie Tremont smiles and blows a kiss to her Sister Sweet

Sweet: And a very special thank you goes out to a sister who is no longer with us. I cannot thank Wendi enough for all the work she did on my Sock Hop event. From building me a gym for the occasion, to teaching me how to do simple little build things, to taking the marvelous picture for my event poster! I know she has been missed here, at VdO. Many of us here now have benefited from her kindnesses. Hugs to you Wendi, wherever you are! I smile out to a truly dear friend, Annie!! Huggies Bestie!! You have really been my "GO TO" friend when I just wanted to give up! Rest assure, I will always be here for you, as you have been for me! Once again, I wish to THANK EVERYONE for their kindnesses and advice! Those that are present today, and those that, for whatever reason, are not able to be here, I only hope I will be able to help you as you have me!

Annie smiles and blows a kiss to her Sister

Sweet: Now, get ready for Sir Hammer!! PARTY HARDY!

Vette: Thank you Sister sweet please take your place for a moment on your cushion near Maître Kurt’s. First I would like to congratulate you sweet on your new role as a sister and the dedication you have shown in pursuing your path. When you first came to VdO, and was interviewed you asked me to be your mentor. I agreed with the understanding that I may not always be able to spend a lot of personal time with you but I would answer your questions with the best possible guidance in mind.

Many times I have felt your frustrations, but I always gave you open and honest answers. Always with hopes that in the end you would see why I gave such answers, even though you did not always agree, but in the end came back and said thank you Vette for talking with me. I thank you for listening. So today sweet is your day, the time for you to spread your wings and soar. That does not mean that you will ever be abandoned. It only means some decisions only you can to make the choices.

Sweet, our path is far from over as we reach sisterhood, it is a new beginning, and we will always travel and learn as long as we allow our minds to be open and absorbent. We each came here to learn and let the submissive in each of us as subs live. A Submissive, according to all definitions a is one that is readily giving in to the command or authority of another; ready to submit to others: giving in or tending to give in to the demands or authority of others; characterized by tendencies to yield to the will or authority of others; of, tending towards, or indicating submission, humility, or servility and patience, enduring without protest or complaint.........and remain submissive no matter how hard that may be.........I encourage you to continue to grow and learn in your submission. Sisterhood is a time when a Demoiselle reaches her goal and searches to find a new sense of self and belonging. They find themselves in new positions and roles to help support the sim in a variety of ways. They often struggle with their role as a submissive because of the added tasks and roles, where they often are perceived as "dominating" as they help others. As a Sister we are called upon to stretch ourselves to serve the community as a whole, and not just individually. We help to train, to guide, to mentor, and promote growth within our home, through events, and through support skills such as workshops and mentors we have learned. To nurture others as they find their journey becoming difficult. To teach and offer assistance. We are to lead by example. The examples and impressions we give are how we are viewed. Maître Rene, thank you for all you do and the kindness you have shown to all of us for providing such a wonderful place for us to learn and to role play and our home. Thank you for the soft music for yet another graduation ceremony. I love that we can always count on you. Without you this day would not have been possible. You made VdO a safe haven for me, along with many others, and i hope to foster and inspire others to step outside themselves and embrace the community as a whole. You gave us a wonderful, lovely home, i am very Proud of VdO. It is a reflection of many things, but behind all of that is You. Thank You for allowing me to share Your dream, Your vision and Your home.You have touched my soul, and given my wings of flight. My spirit soars, and my happiness overflows. You worked with me from my earliest days, stepped aside to let me stumble, and offered a hand to help me regain my footing. I thank You for those moments of indecision, for it was then i grew, i stretched and i rose to stand and walk a straighter path. You are my rock, my foundation, the cornerstone of all i hold near and dear, Maître Rene , thank you from the depths of my heart for all you do for me and others at Roissy Val s’ Oise. To all my sisters this includes the present Debutantes, Demoiselles, and Sisters, each of you have been there, and shared so much with me. Tears, anxiety, frustration, cookies, coffee, tea and well a few "Other things". I would like to say Thank you, and remind you that i am always here to listen, to offer and to be a sounding board when you need me as i needed you. Living and loving in a poly community is always fret with terror, excitement, rumors, gossip, glitz and glamour. And VdO is no exception. We have truly some of the most fantastic Dominates and submissives that you will ever find anywhere on the Grids of SL. I love you all and i thank you for being there for me and supporting our new sister sweet. my door at Samois is always open to each of you as submissives and my listening ear open to any Dominate. Special thanks to all the Dominates of the sim no matter your rank. Many of you are near and dear to me and I wish to say thank you for the role you each have played in my life and in the lives of the submissives of Samois and for your kind words on many down days. In closing i invite each of you to evaluate your ownselves and renew your devotion to Roissy Val d’ Oise. Take a look at your own self and figure out where you fit into the spectrum, there is something for everyone here to do.

Vette smiles as I blow a kiss to each of you as i look to Maitre Rene, "Master Rene that concludes the ceremony, as the House of Samois is proud to see another of its Demoiselles take her place in the wider community. May I now invite you to close the proceedings witnessed here today?"

Rene stands........

René: Fall. Stand. Learn. Adapt the thinking

Turning to the newest Sister smiling…”This is your day Sister Sweet! Now is a time for you to reflect and celebrate on your past, present and future. A time to rejoice and celebrate. Sweet, it is with pleasure to call you a Sister of Roissy Val d’ Oise.

With the many new approaches and the year off to a good start, let us each work together and share ideas. Let us grow as a community as we seek to move forward.

Sweet: Thank you, Maitre Rene

René My door is always open if you wish to share ideas or just need to talk. In closing, you are all invited to play more active roles. If there is something you can offer the sim, please fill out a notecard and drop in my red mailbox just outside my office so that I can review. We are a family, and we can't do this all ourselves. I am humbled to know each of you. I encourage each to stay up to date on all events and workshops by checking the website/calendar frequently at http://www.roissy-vdo.com/calendar/ or the main website at http://www.roissy-vdo.com/ I thank you for sharing in your time and showing support today as Sweet became a sister of Roissy Val d’ Oise. I encourage each of us as members to take a look deep inside ourselves, be the example setters for others as we lead and guide, always keeping in mind the closer we bond the stronger we become.

René grins, and chuckles, "and the stronger we dominates bind them the more obedient the submissives become.”

Juliette laughs softly

Rene raises his glass

Julie Tremont grins loudless

Vette smiles

Blue Ronsein applauds for Sister Sweet, "Yayyyyy and congratulations!!"

René: Come everyone and raise your glass with me in congratulating and welcoming her into sisterhood here at Roissy Val d'Oise.

Marcus BlueSky: SALUT SWEET!

Kurt: Congratulations Sweet

René:  It's time to live up to your success, smile and take a bow ! Congratulations Sister Sweet!

Juliette: Congratulations Sister Sweet, may your new journey be fulfilling! Cheers!

Miles Deep cheers and whistles loudly for Sweet Baby :)

Aitor Rhiadra: confratulations, well done sweet!

Gillian raises my glass at Sweet... Congratulations Sweet

Sweet smiles

Annie: -.,_,.-:*'``'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*

Joy: Cheers sweet... our new sister.... Sister sweet

Julie Tremont: There you so Sweet! Congratulations!

NH Allen raises his glass "congratulations, sweet!!!"

Sweet: Thank you Maitre Rene

Rina Allen: Congratulatons Sweet!

[12:13] NH Allen smiles

Brinker Leigh: ?????? A p p l A U s e ! ?????? ????

Carey: “congratulations Sweet” raises her glass. “cheers”

Grace: Cheers congratulations Sweet!

Tristan smiles

Vette: Congratulations Sweet!!!!!!

Babs: Congratulations sweet cheers

Blue Ronsein

Roissy Journaliste

*photos courtesy of Xanadu


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