Kotori Amakura's "Private Collection"

Kotori Amakura's "Private Collection"

WHO              Kotori Amakura (oomiyuoo)
WHEN            Friday, July 20, 2018
WHERE           3rd Floor, Art Gallery
CURATORS     Juelle & Brianna
HOSTS            Dee



by Sadie Xue, Roissy Journaliste
Photography by Blue Ronsein

Art Lovers from across the grid gathered  at the reception welcoming to Roissy, Kotori Amakura, the latest artist to open in the Roissy Gallery.

The pure -vitality- of Kotori's work brings tears to the eyes.  Vibrant colors, shades of grey, rough, soft, light, dark - it's all there.  Her artistry runs a breadth of emotion and heart, and the shivers come right after the tears. This display is a must-see.

To view more of this exceptional artist's work, please check out her Flickr page:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/133999452@N07/

Congratulations Kotori on a wonderful opening  at Roissy Val d'Oise.

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