Lorelin original artwork

Lorelin original artwork

 January 25, 2014


Lorelin brings to us an exhibit of her original artwork.  She paints in oils, and has been doing so for a very brief time.  She started painting about 7 years ago, and by her own admonition it has been a learn as you go experience.  Some of her paintings has taken over 6 months to complete.  It speaks of her determination and desire to share her insights and vision with others.  We are truly enhanced by her talent and her insights.  Some of which I will share with with you. 

Lorelin came to VdO this past fall, and having completed her Debutante path after her ritual initiation became a Demoiselle, she will soon join her Sisters here at Roissy Val d'Oise.  When she speaks of VdO it is always of the gift she gives, the reminder to us to keep an "open mind" and to foster friendships along the way.   As many of us do, Lorelin cherishes the openness of our community and says she has always found our members to be helpful, and delightful to talk to, and has never felt like a ghost just standing alone while everyone else talked in private messages.   This indeed says a lot for what our community is, and shall always be, with the grace and unity of a dignified home for genuine roleplay and we thank Maitre Rene for His vision and His direction in keeping that vision alive for all of us. 

Lorelin is a very private person and has asked that we do not place her paintings upon the web pages to guard her anonymity.  In honoring that request I invite you to come see this exhibit and listen to Lorelin as she describes the inspiration for each piece.  How she uses light to provide warmth and describe the feelings each portrays to her.  You will find her open and ready to speak on the accomplishments she has made, as she shares the beauty behind each of these beautiful historic paintings from Italy and beyond.  They are truly beautiful.  Some of her other hidden talents she shared with me is her love of music, as she learned to play guitar, and her mastery of the game of Chess.

Her paintings are impressionist art which capture the images as if you had caught just a glimpse of it.  As you study each piece the detail of light, color and warmth is sure to please the eye and the palate.  In closing I would like to say, within each of us is a greatness, a depth of spirit, warmth and joy that we wish to bestow. I do hope you will take the time to visit the gallery and see the lovely work she has given us to enjoy. 


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