Rick (Rickerr Resident) "Art of the Dot" Art Show

Rick (Rickerr Resident)  "Art of the Dot" Art Show

Roissy Art Gallery is happy to present

Rick (Rickerr) Art Show

"Art of the Dot"

Show May 23 - 29,  2015

Special "Meet The Artist" Reception: May 24, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm SLt

The Roissy Theatre & Art Gallery


Sir Rick's artistic talent speaks for it'self. The delicate, yet powerful representation of nature via the medium of pen and ink is pure and clear.  Here is what he has to say about himself...

"Art, creativity , I think, is one of the things that was instilled in my bones, soul and drives my spirit.

"For the majority of my life I treated my creativity as a parlor trick, never having any  art education, but being able to produce the most innovative " whatever" for a special event.  In that half life I just used the talent wantonly.

"In mid-life, my world fell apart, was left to my own basic devices. This was a time to learn about myself, to grow, to survive. To occupy my mind I began  writing  and doing pen and ink work... using a "dot technique" I was later to find called "stippling".   I would collect pictures from magazines of animals,  use them as models to recompose them  as I envisioned in a pencil drawing.. then use it as a model for my pen and Ink. 

"That brings me to Second Life and opportunities that are basically everywhere you look, things that pique your creative juices every minute of every day.. If you think it ... here you can DO IT!"Each of my pen and inks became a individual love affair and in the process taught me things about myself, made me a better person. As a  visual learner, my zest for art took root  and soon found myself deeply invested in a number of medias from Airbrush to Oil., Clay to Wood.... plus  opened my mind to write creatively. 

So my biography  could simply be subtitled: "The Most Blessed Man Ever" because  I thank God daily for them."

Please come meet Sir Rick on May 24th to view his work and see for yourself the true talent that he is.


Juliette Surrealdreaming

Roissy Journaliste & Art Gallery Curator


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