Chateau French Cooking Classes every Friday

Chateau French Cooking Classes every Friday

Every Friday ~ 8:30-9:30 am (slt) in the Chateau Kitchen



Roissy Val du l'Oise's own Master Chef, Stingwolf, presented the first in a series of French cooking demonstrations in the kitchen of the Chateau, using voice and text. He and his gracious assistant, Julietta Atisso, prepared "Gratin Dauphinois," in the traditional French method, for an enraptured audience.

He and Julietta showed the proper way to peel and finely slice the potatoes and prepare the traditional sauté using techniques of fine French cuisine. 

They baked the dish using our own ovens-- and finally passed it around for tasting.


The transcript is as follows:

Julietta Atisso retrieves a colander, two bowls and cutting board from the cupboard. She deposits the bowl and cutting board next to the sink and places the colander next to the basket of potatoes . She picks up a potato, mentally estimating the weight and quickly piles approximately 1 kg of potatoes into the colander and sets it down in the sink.

Stingwolf : (Also in voice) Take the potatoes out firm flesh. Wash and peel the potatoes, then cut them in slices about .118 inch. Do not wash them, salt and add 3 to 4 turns of pepper. Put them in milk that has been boiled with garlic to give a light garlic flavor to our gratin. Once the mud milk, add the potatoes to cook and lower the heat and let simmer, covered for 10 minutes to slowly. After 10 minutes add 30 cl fresh cream and add a pinch of nutmeg to give a delicious taste.

Julietta  listens carefully to the chef's instructions , turns the stove burner to a low simmer under the pot with 1 liter of milk seasoned with garlic powder as she nods in acknowledgement to Chef StingWolf murmuring “Yes, Master StingWolf.”

Stingwolf: Good, julietta. We will let simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally so it does not stick to the bottom and gently to avoid making potato puree, then put the cream in a dish for go in the oven. Butter your dish before putting your preparation, bake in a water bath at 200 °. (400°F)

For garlic extract the seed and crush the garlic before putting it in the pan. Do not put garlic in the dish is oven.

Julietta returns to the oven and turns it to 400 degrees F to preheat it as she listens Chef Stingwolf's directions.

Stingwolf: ok julietta. I don't go too quick ? You put two potato layers, each time thoroughly cover liquid, for this to be very smooth.

Julietta smiles sweetly at Chef Stingwolf: "I will remember your instructions, Chef."

Stingwolf: In order not to brown, you can put aluminum foil on it. You can remove it later to brown more.

Julietta turns on the water and pulls a small scrub brush from the compartment dish drying rack and scrubs the potatoes gently under the running water, then gives them a final rinse. She turns the water off and dries her hands on the towel draped over her shoulder. She rummages in a drawer looking for a potato peeler, smiling with satisfaction when she finds a nice one with a good grip. Taking the peeler in hand, she returns to the potatoes and begins peeling them, scraping the peels into one of the bowls on the countertop, the peeled potatoes into the other.

You can put cheese on it, if you like cheese, you put the last and you broil.

Julietta quickly washes the potato peeler and places it in the dish drying rack before reaching for the towel draped over her shoulder and drying her hands again. She picks up a potato and the knife, placing the potato on the cutting board and gripping it carefully, her fingers curled to be out of the way of the knife. Slicing in a fast, even rhythm she works her way through the bowl of potatoes and places the sliced potatoes in the bowl that they came from. She washes the cutting board and knife, setting them in the drying rack and dries her hands again.

Stingwolf: Watch your baking, this must take 20 minutes to a half hour. Poke a knife in potatoes to ensure they are fluffy.

Julietta gently empties the potatoes into the pot of gently simmering milk and adds a couple of pinches of salt as well as well as a few grindings of pepper, stirring gingerly to avoid breaking the potato slices. She puts the cover on the pot, sets the timer for 10 minutes and dries her hands on the towel over her shoulder.

Stingwolf: remember--firm flesh potato--don't wash them after peel

Julietta ducks and roots around in the cupboard for a gratin pan just the right size. She retrieves it and gives it a quick wipe with the towel draped over her shoulder before setting it down on the counter. She makes her way to the refrigerator and removes a stick of butter. She slices a generous knob of butter and greases the inside of the gratin dish as the potatoes simmer.

Stingwolf: cover with milk every time

Juliette wipes a little drool from my lips

Stingwolf: you can decorate you dish as you want


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