Roleplay & Emoting

Roleplay & Emoting

The art of emoting is central to deep and involved roleplay. Learning how to conquer this art and make it second nature takes a little devotion and effort; for many it does not come naturally. Just as there are different personalities, so there are different styles of emoting, and there is no one way or right way. 

What exactly is "emoting"?  An emote is an action your character performs to indicate movement or emotion. If you are emoting (indicating an action rather than speaking) then you will type a forward slash (/) followed by the word, "me" then the action you wish to perform. Therefore if you type "/me cheers wildly" then others around you will see your character cheering wildly!

Use your emotes and use them often. Select a mood you are in, and play it out. 

There are, however,  a few very simple guidelines that can be easily learned and applied, which will help even the beginner feel comfortable at emoting, and find their way more easily into fun roleplay.

This workshop provides a basic foundation of which even the advanced roleplayer can build a more realistic manner of emoting. In attending this class you will learn:

  • How to NOW.
  • How to avoid godmodding (What is that? Come find out.).
  • The importance of being polite.

The true goal of good role-playing is to ==> Overall: have fun. <==, which is often accomplished by suspending disbelief, pretending to be someone else – in our case, delving deeper into our RL beliefs and lifestyle as a Dominant or submissive, and being part of an exciting story: The History of O. 

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