Diamond Gebhardt 2018

Diamond Gebhardt 2018


WHO                   Diamond Gebhardt
DATE                   June 20, 2018






CY:  Are you ready for an interview?

DIAMOND:  As ready as I can be, is there a script you are passing out for me? "chuckles

CY:  No you can say what ever you want-- that is why I am asking you. First -- Is the title of Aspirante a new title here at Roissy?

DIAMOND: Not so new really, it was first started up here when Maitre JC was Dom supervisor and Gillian was head of Samios. the first aspiring O was actually Vette, who is no longer here. So not so much a new title as it is just people now pursuing it.

CY:  Okay glad I am interviewing you as I don't know any of this and I am sure others don't either. So what incentive do you to do this?

DIAMOND:  What incentive do I have to do this? Well I would have to say for me it is a further learning path, in knowing the submissive nature, as well as help out here in the community

CY:  What do you need to do to get to the next level?

DIAMOND:   The O path isn't banning us from having owners, during the path, no of course, you cannot have one but after, if one makes it through, she is free to collar if someone wants her. does that help?

CY:  So if a sister has an owner she can still take this path?

DIAMOND:  Unfortunately no. So far and I'm sure Xan will correct me and maybe even spank me if I am wrong, but you have to be unowned to do this Path, yet able to collar after you finish if that is the choice at that time.

CY:  So if she is owned during this path after she is an Aspirante, she is still has that title but finished?

DIAMOND:  You can not be owned during this O path, Sir Cy

CY:  What would happen if she did get owned during the process

DIAMOND:  She would most likely we demoted back to sister? but that is a guess

CY:  Okay,  We can move on. Do you think being an O you would learn more than  another, that was owned and still spent the time in the community?

DIAMOND:  It depends, we are all individuals , I really can not speak on ownership, I haven't been owned before, but I would say that this path for me at least I am learning more about myself in depth. Meaning where my mind dwells along with my need , want to serve, so personal growth is the main thing, and how to to serve the dominants of the community is another. I take this path on as one to become to both, taking one moment at a time and enjoying it as well as the lessons that comes along.

CY:   Good answer Diamond

DIAMOND:  Thank you Sir Cy, it's one of my truths..and that should have been become closer for both, gives him a smile

CY: how long do you think it will take you to finish this path?

DIAMOND:  Honestly I'm not sure of that answer but there isn't any time frame on it, just as there isn't on any path here at VDO. This being said, I don't want to take three years to finish, I got a few things yet to go, so it's coming along nicely , so far.

CY: Mmm then what kind of things are you asked to do at this level

DIAMOND:  General terms -- it is simply to serve the dominants of the community as they wish, and be helpful with in the community. There are tasks such as what you might already know, if you heard of or seen the notices about the O workshops, and Events? Other than that I'm cannot tell you, I would have to wipe your memory clean if I did, Sir Cy

CY:  Well tease me, I thought you had to have a million sex scenes with me. I have to be nice, Are there any disadvantages or disadvantages for you of working at this level and the next level

DIAMOND:  She smiles, "Sorry but I don't think I could do a million of those, oh now you tease"laughs again and smiles, nodding to being nice"Well, so far no, except that sometimes people really don't understand what this path much. I am learning about it daily , myself. I don't see any disadvantages to either at this time. The only one I can see perhaps, is someone you're close to who don't understand or support this

CY:  Okay, I hope we have shed some light on this and some how more can be brought out on what is happening. Thank you Diamond for giving me this interview, it has helped me so I hope others can understand as well.

DIAMOND:  Hopefully so, I am asked alot about the collar rule , so glad you asked that question, a pleasure, Sir Cy, anytime..smiles

CY:  I can see you’re a real asset to the community, and I know that better personally now

DIAMOND:   Very kind of you to say Sir Cy, as all of you dominants are needed here and wanted, believe it or not, thank you




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