"Secret" by Petra Steele

Secret   by  Maitresse Petra Steele

Truths cloaked in darkness
unseeing eyes shut in fear
you dare not speak
nor  whisper
The Reaper crouches near.

The unsubtle warning
A flash of forbidding glance
Voices become speechless
A low growl of indifference, cries out
You haven't got a chance

Rendered to invisibility
Flattened impulses
Incapable of defense
This negating silence makes...
Your existence, mere  pretense

 You bite down hard but there's no taste
 Your gut tells you  you're dying..
 In your veins only sorrow flows
 You pray the moon remembers
 The one who never was.
 And still you go on denying
 disbelieving  the reality
 of the contempt that showers you in shame
 Until you start to lie
 whenever asked your name

 Your tears no longer matter
 entreaties go unheard
 And you rue the day
 When you didn't say "no way"
 Becoming a Secret who gave away their words
 Oh how do you come back from nowhere
 How do you materialize
 How do you stake your claim on life
 Your pain a proof of substance
 which none see nor  realize

 A secret is a sentence
 looking out on vistas barred.
 Making poverty of identity
 Real death won't be so hard

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