Thomas Xue 2017

Thomas Xue 2017

June, 2017

Some crisp June sunlight streamed into Maitre Thomas Xue's office at the Chateau when he concluded a meeting with Master Stoney and summoned Journaliste Blue Ronsein -- and his sub, Sadie Xue -- inside.


Blue:  So... let's see... question one. When did you get started here at Roissy Val d'Oise and how did it happen?

Thomas:  smiling.."Oh a history question, I love answering those. I was a member of Roissy Le Chateau, a story of O sim that was very popular in the 2009 -2012 period.  I made many friends there. Two of those friends were Sharpest Thome and his submissive TJ (trappen.westland). When Roissy VDO was created by Rene in early 2012, Sharpest and TJ came over with them and invited me to join. I liked the beauty of the sim, the people, and the relaxed atmosphere, so I joined right away.

Blue:  I never realized there was another one before Maitre Rene's. Good to know. Here is question two:

Thomas: Rene came from that O Sim, Blue. Ready for # 2

Blue:  "Interesting." and she looks at her notes, "As Maitre d'Chateau, you must get tons of complaints and questions every day.  How do you field all that drama without going crazy, and what would you say is the best way for people to resolve their issues?"

Thomas: I think Blue has been watching CNN for being able to ask tough questions.

Sadie smiles as she lays a hand on his chest

Blue's eyes twinkle, points to her Don "Lemon" dress

Thomas:  Yes, it true that I field many complaints and questions every day. I am a Manager in my profession and very much used to leading a large group. In VDO, I value the lessons I have learned. I assess, prioritize,  and then proceed to solve each issue. My confidence in myself and experience lends to my comfort level in handling many things at once.  I also have the support of my girl to help me relax and vent when needed. Most important for me is my ability to always reassess the situation and sometimes reverse a decision I have made in the past.

The best way for people to resolve their issues....I  believe that nothing can be solved correctly when a person is upset. I would recommend calming down and focusing on the specific issue and not 35 other odd things  that seem related, but really aren't.  With true focus, the solution or solutions become readily apparent.

Blue:  Question 3: We have so many interesting places here on the sim to have fun. What are your favorite buildings or locations -- and why?

Sadie's ears perk up

Thomas:  smiles...favorite buildings and places..another fun question. The Chateau Library is one favorite: Tradition of the furnishings, familiar setting. Many good conversations, and role play memories. The Ballroom is very elegant, and other favorite of mine. I also like when the sim is covered in snow and decorated for the holidays.

Blue:  It's lovely then. (A pause) Question 4: Without probing into your privacy, tell us what you can about your hobbies, work, activities, or passions.

Thomas:  Hobbies, activities, passions: Travel, being a foodie, various forms of sports/exercise, enjoying the outdoors, building computers, and my dog.

Blue:  May I ask what the dog's breed is? Yellow lab?

Thomas:  Mixed breed mutt rescued from the pound.  I would say terrier mix if I had to.

Blue:  That's very nice that you adopted from a rescue pound. *Smiles*

Thomas:  Work: Engineer by education and years of experience; now a Manager of an Engineering group.

Blue:  What is the number one emotional issue that you try to help members resolve? Is it accepting polyamory? Is it aggressive scening? Is it dress code? Is it something else?

Thomas:  "This next question gets into emotions again." He looks at Blue in her yellow dress.."Not the dress code"..laughs.

Blue:  grimaces, pulls the skirt down toward her knees

Sadie, at that point, gives gracious goodbyes and excuses herself for RL.

Thomas:  I would say the number one emotional issue has to be people worrying about what others think and do, instead of taking of care their own emotions, actions, and words said first.

Blue:  Hmmmm, good answer, thank you. Okay on the Question 6. I noticed that "Valet Pierre" is one of the "roles" in our group. Should we -- in your opinion -- do anything else to be closer to the original "Story of O" book? Example-- the role of the Valet. Or going back to all males as Dominants?, etc. (A pause) Or not?

Thomas:  smiles...Valet Pierre is me in Samois. That role is intended for me as the Roissy supervisor to oversee the wonderful submissives in our family..
Some time ago, Rene and I discussed using the term "Valet" for a Dominant, and we also conducted a survey to ascertain if that would acceptable.  The results were negative; most replied.."I don't park cars"

Blue:  Ha-- they didn't understand the book.

Thomas:  Thats true, Blue. But most of us are not French either. I believe we have a good balance of female and male Dominants in our family and don't want to see that reversed.

Blue:  Question 7: Inquiring minds want to know: If a demoiselle needs a Final Scene, are you willing? Whether yes or no, how would you describe your scenes -- aggressive, Unusual? Tease? Traditional? Or some other way?

Thomas:  thinks Blue is channeling CNN again.

Blue:  laughs Or maybe the National Enquirer

Thomas:  Aliens stole my VDO tag on page 11.

Blue:  Ha ha!

Thomas:  The answer would be No for a Final scene. I might supervise another in the role play.   But as for my scenes, inquiring minds want to know, I would say they can be aggressive, teasing, and traditional, all compiled together, depending on my mood. I am not unusual, laughs.  We used to have a Master named Shef, who launched girls out of a cannon which he rezzed in the library, Is that unusual ?

Blue tries to imagine Shef, laughs

Thomas:  I wish I had pictures from those days

Blue:  Did we have a website then?

Thomas:  No We didn't

Blue:  Too bad. Okay, the final question... and I appreciate your time and patience. ...  in your experience, what can Roissy do better, to keep and inspire its best people??

Thomas:  Thats the hardest question today, Blue, as it is a varied, complex issue. I believe that there is no one solution to keep and inspire our best people. Every senior member at VDO should embrace helping others and enjoy the community. There is always opportunity to help with improvement of the sim by doing tasks and making suggestions. The hard part is to understand that all suggestions can not be acted on. The key element is for everyone to be involved in some way and to be valued. There are a few ways that should mentioned to better keep and inspire our people. Provide more opportunities to mentor other members.
Encourage more D/s demonstrations.  This is how must people learn and our expertise can be used enjoyably.

Blue:  And that is it!

Thomas:  Thank you, Blue.

Blue:  Thank you so much, Maitre Thomas!  

Thomas gives Blue a warm bear hug


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