The Woods by Aliyah

in the wood a girl stand she raise her eyes to the sky and call out

in the wood the girl spread her hands to the side and close her eyes

in the wood alone she stand wounder if the wood will still be there

in the wood her little heart raising when the night fall from the sky

in the wood the quiet calm her down and she hear the music of the night

in the wood anything can happen at night when the wolfs and owl wake from their sleep

in the wood a little girl stand and the night wind cover her naked body



out side the wood the world stand and listen to the cry of the girl

out side the wood the sun is shining and the sky is clear

out side the wood some one kiss his love and hug her tight

out side the wood the birds are singing and the beauty of the world is shown

out side the wood some one smile and love and care and live .



the girl from inside the thick wood look out side in the the bright world

she open her eyes trying to see from between the tree the beauty of the world

but nothing is there  and her eyes start to hurt .

from out side the wood there is an angel all glow in white and bright

this angel reach his hands and help the girl to see

" open your eyes wider my child " it order her with soft tone

" see the beauty of the world , see the bright clear sky and feel the warm of the sun "

the girl open her eyes and see the angel hands reach to her she is scared to touch

" i will not hurt you child , take it , it is for you to use and hold " the girl take his hand and smile as she feel the warm of the angel rep around her naked body , slowly step by step the girl march in to the light and out of the dark wood , she fall to the ground and cry raising her eyes to the angel and smiles , her soft pink lips whisper the words " thank you my Master " .


Written by tinypinkyzero resident 2012

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