Xanadu Xue 2017

Xanadu Xue 2017

On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, Journaliste Blue Ronsein sat down
to interview Adjointe de Samois Xanadu Xue.


Blue: : Question 1: When did you get started here at Roissy Val d'Oise and how did it happen?

Xanadu: Thinks back almost 3 years ago .. I was a famille member for a few months .. then one day on my visit i met a couple of others who were contemplating about joining .. and we just talked .. people were friendly and we all submitted out apps that day.

Blue:  So you heard about Roissy through friends?

Xanadu:  No, i read the Story of O and had always known I was a submissive .. grins so i came here to learn and find out more about me.

Blue:  As Adjointe de Samois, you must get tons of complaints and questions every day.  How do you field all that drama without going crazy, and what would you say is the best way for people to resolve their issues?

Xanadu:  First of al i must say .. in this position i have to remain impartial and fair to every one .. yes we have drama and there will always be that ... the point is to realize everyone has issues and here they should be dealt with individually .. for instance .. if you have a dispute with someone, be an adult;  tend to it .. don't cause needless drama that would upset others . smiles .. as for me it is part of me -  i am a type who likes to see that everyone is happy .. so i try to be there for every one. Thinks .. and when i need a break i step back a bit, relax and then come back and continue.

Blue:  Wow, I must say, I admire your patience. But that's a great answer.

Xanadu:  grins, you know me i'm basically pretty open

Blue: Yes! Now on to question 3: We have so many cool places here on the sim to hang out. What are your favorite buildings or locations -- and why?

Xanadu:  Maitre Rene has made Roissy not just for himself but for us all to safely role play, shop, dance, and just be .. i think my favorite place would be on the bridge between the chateau and the docks .. because the atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable there, and you see pretty much the feel of this community .. although we are a higher classed sim and we are structured by the rules of the land .. still we can relax. I wil add, my comfy place is here at Samois.

Blue:  Yes, I like that bridge too. I'm amazed at how many places there are here that are relaxing for just looking at things. Anyway, on to the next question: Without probing into your privacy, tell us what you can about your hobbies, work, activities, or passions.

Xanadu:  I dont mind your probing .. my rl has been a series of ups and downs recently but all is good now .. my main hobby is painting .. i love to paint birds and flowers the best -- not good on portraits .. i am a licensed manicurist and as far as activities, I used to be very active in sports .. softball was my choice .. My passions, grins, well i have many .. i think my most to heart is my family .. i wont delve any further but family is what make us what we are.

Blue:  I wonder-- have you shared any of your paintings with us?

Xanadu:  Smiles, no the last i painted was a swan .. i do this for gifts to others --  i dont have much i have kept.

Blue:  Question 5: What is the number one emotional issue that you try to help members resolve? Is it accepting polyamory? Is it a dress code worry? Is it something else?

Xanadu:  I think as for me it was my super shyness .. many come here as i did to learn and have never experienced any sexual role play .. that was a hurdle for me as i know it is for others .. realizing this was a completely open sim which allowed the sexuality to be openly viewed (cammed or in the immediate area) .. but its also a mindset -- we are, after all, Role Playing. Then came the realization of the poly atmosphere .. i will say it took me some time to realize that every one here has a place .. and there would be some we would tend to be with more then others .. a most important part is the steps in our paths is that they are arranged this way for us to form a foundation while interlinking our task chores and scenes with others .. this was the purpose behind the logs .. and they give us the understanding and the realization of the growth we have made as we learned.

Blue:  That is very interesting -- I never would have thought shyness was an issue. Good answer, thanks!  I think people who read this will have much better understanding.

Xanadu:  smiles i hope so .. we have such a great group of people here, and i can't think of any place else I'd be wililing to spend as much time as i do here.

Blue:  Okay... question 7:  I noticed that "Valet Pierre" is one of the "roles" in our group. Should we -- in your opinion-- do anything else to be closer to the original "Story of O" book? Example-- the role of the Valet. Or going back to all males as Dominants, etc.

Xanadu:  grins yes i like the thought of the Valet Pierre ... that would be daily rp .. winks .. but we'd need a dedicated location for this to take root .. then again another community uses this, and that is kind of like -- their trademark.

"We are a community where we can role play freely while trying to emulate the style and characteristics of the 1950s French aristocracy (the period in which the novel was written) and stay in character as much as possible based loosely on elements and the culture contained within the Story of O .. It is important to keep in mind that VdO is a D/s sim. Sexual role play being enacted on the sim should always be between dominants and submissives. "

Blue:  Question 7: Have you ever pushed (been pushed) to the point of Yellow or Red? Tell me about that.

Xanadu:  smiles, yes indeed but i have role played around it so i havent even called a yellow. My hardest one was in my finals .. but .. my trust was in the Maitre over seeing them and i reached further within and found that i was indeed stronger then i thought .. so no i have never called a safe word. chuckles, but trust me i will if i ever feel that it's needed.

Blue:  All right, Xana, just two more questions. Question 8:  What are the top 3 things you look for

Xanadu:  Foremost -- dedication and committment to the sim and their paths .. if they are involved in many other areas in sl then they aren't giving themselves fully to the purpose of this community --  that being, we are an educational lifestyle community .. we have many here who want to help others and assist when they can .. and the key is not only participation but to be supportive .. Maitre Rene has been quite generous to us .. he asks nothing in return but loyality.

Blue:  Okay and finally, in your experience, what can Roissy do better, to keep and inspire its best people??

Xanadu:  That's a good question, Blue ...the common reason is, if they don't know what path they should be on, and whether or not they are adult enough to follow the sim rules. People must realize that several here are trying to do the best they can .. again, it takes their patience, presence, and participation too.

In a day i get several questions about the rules .. and they offer suggestions and that's awesome .. that's part of being a community .. but they also need to see we can't change everything in a day or even a week. Change is a gradual happening -- the only thing we can do is evolve with it. It goes without saying .. we must be doing something right as we have people still applying.

Blue:   Thank you, Xanadu!


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